• Someone in the hallway: (calls a kid gay)
  • Me walking by: I'm gayer
BTS as shit my groupchat says

Seokjin: “Will suck dick for new pink vans”

Yoongi: “Cannibalism is for cool kids”

Hoseok: “I have the lords protection”

Namjoon: “The sky is like earths plastic wrap what a weird thing”

Jimin: “Didnt do shit but get caught for cheating and party but i did win homecoming queen twice so”

Taehyung: “the eyebrows is what sells it”

Jungkook: “i have performance anxiety i can’t pee in front of spiders”

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could i ask what are your brush settings? your lines are so nice!

sure !! i dont rly use alot but heres my current brush settings

main brush: (that I use for almost everything, esp lineart)

and a sketch brush i sometimes use, if i just want to doodle/do some warmups

thats abt it, if i still have some other brushes id like to show ill just add them to here .w.

Hey guys, I just wanna let you know my depression/anxiety posts are not how I feel now. I am satisfied with my point of life atm. My posts are based on previous feelings and such. I’ve been getting messages of people worrying about me and I just wanna say I appreciate it alot, we need more people like you, thanks for worrying xx ❤

Jeonghan IZE Magazine Interview

Q: you seem to tease the members as a way of taking care of them which makes you look like a young boy.

YJH: Ah, if i like you, I’d tease you alot. That’s the way I show affection. The kids might hate it, but because i like it, i keep doing it. But Dino said something (to me): You should act like you hate it (being teased) so the fans would like it! 

Trans: guojeu

170114 'Al Arabiya' Interview with Leeteuk - ‘The most... ‘ Questions:

- Member who takes care the best of the other members?


- The most lazy member?


Leeteuk:” when stylists bring our clothes.we all chose what we want. Kyu as long as it’s his size it..”

- The funniest member?


- One of the most handsome members?


Leeteuk: “ All of them are handsome, alot say it’s Siwon but I choose Donghae~ “

- The smartest member?


- The one who is always hungry? 


Leeteuk: “ kkk He is happy as long as u give him food..”

- The most sensitive & blunt member?

Yesung & Kyuhyun.

- The most stylish member?


- The bravest member?


- The best candidate for being a father?


Leeteuk: “ Maybe me but I’ll choose Donghae. He have alot of idea about marriage.. when I once asked him about his dream ( donghae) he told me he wants to be a great dad..”

The fastest to memorize choreographies?


Leeteuk: ” The member who can’t learn fast is Donghae. he keeps forgetting steps. the most difficult member during practice is Heechul, coz of his age..” 

MC: 6 members are in army, Who do u miss the most?

Leeteuk: “ I miss all of them. I went to an army event to help members. when they’re in vacation we practice together. I can’t choose one. I miss all of them . I miss each one of them. they are all in the army& I miss them all ..” [c] [c]

Sexy Concepts are Not Invitations For Sexual Harrassment

I got in an argument with my friend, I was saying that even though alot of these kpop female idols fancams are helping bring attention to groups (like EXID), so many people leave dehumanizing, sexually inappropriate comments regarding these women in the comments. I’ve seen some disturbing comments under Hani and Seolhyun fancams, even under a fucking tzuyu fancam (she’s only 17 you freaks). My friend said “well if EXID and AoA wanna shake their asses in skin tight shorts then they’re asking to be seen as a piece of meat”. I straight up just left that person hanging.

 First of all, many of these female idols are forced into sexy concepts, because sex sells and the companies try to capitalize that. That’s why tzuyu had to do sexual smart phone ads, AoA did miniskirt when seolhyun was 19 and chanmi only 18. And even if they chose to do sexy songs and concepts, like EXID, where L.E. has been writing provocative songs like Cream and what not, that doesn’t make it ok for people to say these disgusting things about them. I’m not talking about comments like “wow she’s hot. OMG her body tho!!!” I’m talking about the people who straight up say they wanna rape hani, they wanna rape seolhyun, they wanna sleep with tzuyu. Can someone see how wrong this is???? There are creeps who some how think it’s ok to want to rape a girl just because she’s dancing sexily….These people overlook consent, never mind the fact that tzuyu is a kid, they just disgustingly say these things. and i haven’t even said the most graphic stuff i’ve seen people write about these girls in the fancams.

  When will we live in a society where a woman can express her sexuality freely without being afraid that some dude takes it as an opportunity to sexually harass her. I urge you if you guys see these comments please report them immediately and if it gets really bad maybe notify a fansite and eventually notify the company to take legal action the same way JYP is against twice harrassment

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why do you like 3b so much?? i see your tags alot and you always say how much you love it but cs is together and living together now and are way closer than they were in 3b, why do you miss 3b so much when you have everything now?

Listen. Season 3 is my favorite OUAT season of all time and it always will be. And not just for CS but for EVERYTHING. I love seeing my babies together right now. I love seeing them grow and commit themselves to each other and I love seeing all of these little milestones on their road to becoming a family.

But there is just something about that period of time with a couple….RIGHT before they both finally give in to their feelings. Where one or both of them are just fighting off these feelings to the point where they get downright mean to the person they have the feelings for. Everyone was so mad at Emma during “Kansas” but I was laughing my ass off because she had it SO EFFING BAD for him and it was so obvious and she was SO MEAN about it oh my god.

Like…their talk at Emma’s kitchen table during NYCS…RIDDLED with feelings and thoughts left unsaid, filled with tension just bubbling to the surface. When Walsh knocks at the door and Killian wants to just send him on his way and she tells him no, that she cares about him and what they had was real AND HE PROCEEDS TO BROOD AND GRAB THE WHISKEY BOTTLE. Dear god.

And Killian just KNOWING she’s got feelings for him b/c of the way she kissed him. That wasn’t just a thank you kiss, that first kiss had pent up PASSION AND FEELINGS that she had been holding back since the beanstalk and he felt it, he KNEW she felt it. Which is why he’s all “And I will win it” b/c he knew he’s halfway there al-fucking-ready. I mean goodness, it’s not 3b but has there been a better scene to date than the Dark Hollow scene in S3?!! I MEAN.

Look, you sent me off on a fangirl rant b/c if there’s one thing that gets me talking, it’s OUAT S3′s Captain Swan, lord have mercy. Colin and Jen’s chemistry and the way they acted their scenes was freaking perfect. The writing was perfect. (Except for “A Curious Thing”. We don’t talk about that episode ever. EVER.) And they capped off that INCREDIBLE season with the most badass finale episodes this show has ever seen. I will never not be head over heels in love with the entirety of S3.

As much as I love when my couples get together and we get to see them in a relationship like we are now… I still long for the days when Killian was still wearing that pirate coat, struggling with who he is and who he wants to be, so in love with this beautiful woman who yells at him and breaks him down and makes him better. I’ll forever be in love with watching him try going back to being the ruthless pirate but being unable to b/c Emma Swan has touched his life so richly that even though he may never see her again, he can’t go back to the way his life was before her. (The year without Emma is my FAV concept this show has ever done and I wish we could have explored it more.) – and my favorite time on this show and in this fandom will forever be watching this soulful pirate, the last person you’d ever expect, show up for Emma physically and emotionally time and time again when she’s so used to everyone leaving her; watching her walls come crumbling down little by little with every selfless action he makes for her and her family.

That is why I love 3A/3B, anon. It was such a special time for CS, for this show and for our fandom and I miss it so so much.

What I like about Fairy Tail

I’ve seen alot of people saying they don’t like Fairy Tail, and I respect that of course it’s their opinion. Which means this is also my opinion, please don’t try to take anything personally.

1. The characters

Fairy Tail is full of interesting and different characters. I don’t mean just the main group, but everyone.

I love the heartwarming way the characters act together and I also love their bonds and relationships. I enjoy seeing animes where there isn’t alot of love triangles constantly being throw in your face, or drama between characters. My favorite character is Lucy Heartfilia, she’s cute, smart, nice and tries to protect her friends dearest to her. I know she isn’t the strongest wizard but she doesn’t care, she still tries to help out her friends in need.

I love the members of Fairy Tail, aswell as the other guild’s. They are so interesting and unique and it’s so nice.

2. The ships

I know, everyone has different ships within fairy tail and that’s alright but these are my own ships. Natsu and Lucy are adorable, and they have a relationship based on mutual trust, and friendship. They are one of the most developed relationship I have ever seen in an anime. You can really see the difference from the first time they met to now. Levy and Gajeel always had a bit of sexual tension, and I always expected them to get together before everyone else. Its the “bad boy and good girl,” trope that gets overused but in fairy tail it works pretty well. Jellal and Erza are one of the most obvious ones that make me scream. They knew each other since they were small babies and they obviously care for each other. He sees Erza as his saviour and light in the dark and she gives him hope. She sees him as the small child that once was her best friend. I really do hope they end up together because they would make one bad add couple. Juvia and Gray is the obvious Senpai ship. Juvia is obsessed with Gray and Gray tried to deny her. Yet, the character development is crazy. He sees her as a strong wizard and a caring person, and even though she does annoy him he still cares about her. I do think Gray has changed his mindset about Juvia since she joined the guild.

Some ships I do ship, but not really based on alot of evidence is Mira and Laxus, and Happy and Carla. They are cute but I haven’t seen any development.

3. The magic

I love the magic in this anime, it’s so pretty, cool and interesting. Espically the different types of magic, I thought it would get boring since there were multiple people with the same magic but no, it’s the opposite. The idea of only a certain amount of people having the same magic is fascinating.

4. The humor

Fairy Tail is definitely comedic, it’s very funny. I have enjoyed the humor in this anime for a while now and I have never stopped. Its hilarious!

5. The drawing style

Yes I know the anime and manga are different but I love the manga. The drawing style is so simple yet so beautiful. I have never gotten tired of how pretty and detailed hiros comics are.

6. The length

For someone just joining Fairy Tail it may be bad that it’s so long! But for me, I’ve been here since the beginning and I love it. I like longer manga and anime series and it also doesn’t end right away…which makes me sad.

7. The plot

I have always enjoy the plot in Fairy Tail, the twists and turns and character development and cool magic and cute outfits. Who wouldn’t love it? I enjoy the intense plot and interesting facts about this other world. I love it

Those were a few things I love about Fairy Tail, hope you enjoyed. If you want me to make another list of something, let me know.

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If you had one word - just one word - to describe yourself, what word would you use?

Man, that’s a tough one, bro, I dunno.  I guess alot of my friends would say I’m a typical bro, you know, I like all the bro things that bros do, I kinda bro out alot, especially since I met him, yknow?  Even though it don’t really feel like it’s only since I met him, it’s more like it’s been happening in slow motion for my whole life, if that makes any sense, you know?  Like a sleeper thing, like it was asleep in me, and just like, woke up, sorta, when I met my bro.  So I guess I’d say bro, that’d be a good word to describe me, cuz it doesn’t only describe me but it describes my bro too.  Two halfs, one whole.  You dig?

Okay, sure.  I’m not really sure I - exactly follow your train of thought, but okay.  Next question.  With whom in your life would you say you are closest?  It could be a roommate, or a –

That’s a easy one!  Totally my bro.  We do fuckin everything together.  We even share clothes.  Work out together, climb shit together, go hiking, play ball - football, baseball, basketball.  He says he’s gonna teach me how to skate, too, so we can even play hockey together.  How fuckin sweet is that?  We’re gettin big together, like crazy.  Already pretty ripped.  Been takin these awesome supps that my bro gave me.  You outta try em, bro.  You work out?

I, sure, yeah.  Go to the gym.  Not real regular, but I work out some.  But this isn’t about me, it’s about you.

Oh yeah.  I forgot again.  Just sayin, bro, you could probly use some of these awesome supps.  You look like you could be pretty big.  If you wanted to, yknow.

Have you always been such a workout junkie?

Huhuhuhuh workout junkie.  That’s a funny way to put it, bro.  Dya mind if I call you bro, bro?  I guess I just kinda call everyone bro now.  Huhuh, even chicks.  It’s cool though. 

So …

Uh, sorry bro.   What was the question again?

Have you always been such a … uh - did you always, yknow.  Uh, workout.  Alot.  I mean, your guns are fuckin huge.

Fuck yeah, right?  Look even better when I flex.  Been workin the bis extra hard lately with bro.  See?

Wow.  Fuck.  That’s, uh, yeah.  Fuck.

Yeah bro!  Uh, you sportin a little wood there, bro, huhuh, you like what you see?  Yeah, it’s cool, bro.  You wanna just kinda stick your hand in your shorts and mess around a bit, that’s cool, bro.  How ya feelin?

Uhhhh … fuck … good, bro … real fuckin good …

Fuck yeah bro!  Maybe you can come workout with me an my bro sometime, shape up your guns.  Hey, so what’d you say you were interviewin me for anyway?

Uh, the school … paper.  Fuck.  Fuuuuck.  Your friends, they wanted to know … fuck …. where you’d gone …

Yeah, bro.  Uh, what friends?  What paper? 

Yeah … what friends.  What paper.

Yeah bro!  Hey, I got a hat for you.  It’s just like the one my bro gave me when I met my bro.  It’s cool, right?

Fuck yeah …

Says “REBORN.”

Reborn, bro.

Fuck yeah!   

Omg guys!! Finally im back to posting art more regularly. I finished this super busy and hectic semester atlast and now I have lots of time for art. Holy shiiiiit!! This blog has 950 followers thats insane! Thank you everyone likes and reblogs my art. You have no idea how happy it makes me to know that people enjoy my art. I say this alot but I really do mean it.

This is a sketch of Feyre and Rhysand cause I wanted to sin on my first post since October 😆😏! I might paint this in guoache and watercolors. Enjoy!