I’m at the Women’s March in Charlotte and I just saw a sign from a little kid that says I have 2 moms and they’re an interracial couple and I’m sobbing


anyway I got the Familymart Japariman for lunch today and they were the last ones. There was a sign on the door about how the Kemono Friends cards they come with were sold out, but I don’t really care about that because I just wanted to try the Japariman because I like cheesecurryman and I like chocoman, which is what they are. The chocolate one has some rum infused in it which I was worried about cos I don’t like the taste of alcohol much but it was very faint. Honestly tasted pretty much the same as regular ones but regular ones aren’t pink and yellow.

Anyway when I asked for them the guy visibly flinched, it’s ok dude, I don’t care about the cards, I saw the sign.

Had a dream that McDonald’s had a big ad campaign that just said “WE HAVE IT” in black cryptic writing. So I went to a drive thru and said “I saw the sign. Can I have it” and the speaker was silent for a solid ten seconds before saying “do you think you’re ready” in my voice and I screamed and drove away