My BSL sign language page (autism centred)

[image description: a sketchbook page with diagrams of British Sign Language Signs on it. The signs shown are “help”, “loud”, “bright”, “non verbal(mute)”, “break” and “disabled”. The title reads “Useful signs for the Neurodiverse”. End description]

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My A&E Headcanon

Sure. This is outrageous and possibly delusional, or so people like to tell me. HOWEVER….

I am an optimist who always wants to believe in the inherit goodness of people.
So, this is how I see it.

Look at it big picture style. From a writers point of view, the destruction of Emma Swan’s character, and a lot of other shit since the end of season 2, could be intentional. 
We think they’re awful and idiotic writers, but are they really?

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They have said on more than one occasion that Once was a story about story-telling. It’s about WHY they, as writers, want to write stories. It’s about what makes the story important. And, in this story, the AUTHOR just happens to be the shared son of two of our leading ladies, Emma and Regina. They also said Once is about the traditional things that we take for granted, like Snowing’s true love. The subtle point that they’re making is that True Love is something any HETERO person can easily take for granted, because they have the privilege of growing up with the security of those stories. It’s always been about them, and the GA don’t even realize that it might NOT be about someone else. 

It seems to me that A&E might actually be attempting to make amends for centuries of lost (or at least suppressed) gay fairy tales. Not by providing hundreds of little gay stories all at once (jeezus, no, ABC and their gen. audience would lose their minds!) but by providing this long, developed, slow burning story of true love between two women, where no moment of growth is left out. One story where the evil queen gets to become good, and the scared princess gets to become brave, and then they ride off together into the sunset with their son. Ahhh…. bliss. 

However, faced with compounded influence from public opinion/reactions, to cooperate mouse-head mandates, I’m sure their creative liberty has been stifled and/or manipulated more than once. The writers are playing with Disney’s most protected and valued trade asset and that’s their Princess line. (Not to mention, allllll of the Disney movies ever made evvver.) Any huge changes involving those assets are going to be closely monitored and controlled. Which helps to explain why every time we see blatant SQ on screen, it’s made to be dual-purpose, always providing an “opt-out-now” interpretation, just in case the Mouse has to back-pedal for the sake of reaching its core audience. And the more we shout out about SQ, instead of just letting it quietly seep in upon the unsuspecting GA, the more frustrated the writers get, because they have to side-step and under-cut even more.

Hence, they are now in season 5 having characters say shit basically like “I don’t have to explain myself or my surroundings!” 

(See: Underbrooke is a budget-cut causality… probably)

At this point, it basically feels like they’re telling us to just go screw ourselves. They’re tired of us making things harder for them, and then demanding that they explain their choices. Obnoxious, right? But believable. 

Think about it. When Once first came out, what was the socio-political atmosphere like at the time, and the years preceding, for the LGBT community? Transitioning and tumultuous.
Prop 8 hadn’t even been repealed yet!

And A&E have been working on the concept for this show since before LOST even aired. If the writers were actually planning (as my headcanon desperately wants to believe) to tell the first fully fledged gay Disney princess story, to the general audience of ABC (whose demographic features a LOT of right-wing Christians) they were going to have to be subtle and gently ease them into the relationship organically so that they didn’t recoil. Hopefully, this way, they would see that it is ok, that it is no different, that love is love. A valiant endeavor, from the company that literally in many cases owns the trademark on true love, happiness, and fairy tales. 

But, try as they might, they didn’t account for two things:

  1. The obliviousness of the gen. audience towards sub-textual LGBT cues and codes and lenses, and the subtlety of the performances.
    (it’s a lot more gay sunny in LA, and it’s not unimaginable that the writers could easily forget just how repressed grey other parts of the country can be.)

  2. The obviousness to the rest of us who saw SQ the moment Emma and Regina met: 

Regina: You’re Henry’s birthmother?!
Emma: Hi…

(Swen-conception log date: Oct. 23, 2011)
((like, seriously, guys, did you think we wouldn’t see this??))

And ever since, we haven’t been able to stop “harping” on the subject. Demanding it’s attention, and the writers are just like “sssshshhhhh! You’re giving it away! I can’t even tell you to sshhh b/c that draws even more attention to our quiet brewing love story! arrrrggghhh you guys suck!” Cue 5 years of ship wars and bickering over “delusional concepts.”  So much for a smooth introduction. 

So, in retribution, they give us half a season surrounding a dumb af magical mushroom and a man-who-would-be-king with a short sword complex. Like, lately, they’ve thrown up their hands to say “Wonderful. You guessed it. You’re getting your damn story, but now we’re pissed go so choke on this shit and STFU so the PEOPLE IN THE BACK CAN HEAR US. THIS GAY STORY AIN’T JUST FOR YOU. THEY NEED IT TOO.” 

You see, A&E probably just expected that we would trust them with this story. Like they were saying, “Just sit back and relax. Let the gay wash over you. Try not to get too excited…” (yeah, right) They assumed that we could just trust them like that. As if they were automatically entitled to our trust. It’s an arrogant assumption, ignoring a long history of televised betrayals of trust for LGBT+ audiences. And they, like some other writers *coughThe100cough*, just don’t get it. 

YET. Steps have been taken, both on the screen and off, to promote a healthy view of SwanQueen. Or, at least, it looks that way to me. 

Last Christmas, for instance, Lana Parrilla was picked to be one of the hosts for the special Christmas “Candlelight Processional” in Disneyland. Lana, who has been more than ok with being open about sex and sexuality, has more than once publicly counted herself as an LGBT+ ally, and has been seen in many gay themed situations, both on screen and off… led the CHRISTIAN pageant. On a SUNDAY. Lana, who WAS the Evil Queen… was essentially being endorsed to the GA as someone to admire, to trust. (Not that there was ever a valid reason NOT to adore that amazing woman! Bless her!) But there was even a incredibly staged photo op that day with John Lasseter (http://waltdisneystudios.com/corp/unit/6/bio/245), the mouse himself, and Lana, after her presentation:

It’s good PR, showing that Disney likes and supports her.  Notice, they could have used Ginnifer Goodwin, the already beloved Snow White. But they didn’t.**

They’ve been setting up the road to SQ acceptance for years now. Slooooowly. And, all the while, they’ve also been steadily knocking down all the “obstacles” surrounding the SQ relationship, covering all angles from age, to family ties, to the dichotomy of good and evil. 

Emma and Snow have in several instances talked about how they are family, but that they aren’t at the same time. Snow even broaches the curse-caused-age-gap, in the script, saying that they are actually the same age.
Rumbelle is a continual knock down against age gaps and dark v. light conflicts,

We JUST knocked down the ewww-familial-ties relationship, thanks to an awkward yet SUPER NEEDED chat with Milah.

(and had a SON with your son, don’t forget that!)

And to all those knuckle-headed GA audience members who like to claim that anything gay or lesbian is explicitly sexual in nature and not for children to see on a family show…
… Well, Cruella and “James” kinda just took the explicit cake, IMO. 

SwanQueen is gonna look like “Lesbian Bed Death” next to that display. 

And then there’s the lovely “argument” that a relationship with Regina would only be abusive or unhealthy. (Despite the fact that Regina has been Emma’s only constant rock of support since season 4, but that’s not my point right now.) Regina’s turn from cruel and abusive into caring and supportive is a crucial part of their relationship arc and why, as I stated at the start, I am starting to think that they are destroying Emma’s character on purpose. We have to see Emma in a bad place when she’s with Hook so we can juxtapose it with the good place that she ends up in with Regina. The Brother’s Jones was a blatant example, placing no-trust CS scenes back-to-back with implicit-support SQ scenes. Apparently, some of the GA viewers are so thick that they need that one spelled out in plain maintext: 


The final block in our path, the GAY one, the one that says GAY IS NOT OK… it’s about to be removed with our first (supposedly Russo Test-passing) gay romance. Disney, on its network not cable channel, is about to endorse a gay relationship. (HUGE)  And the overt maintext subtext of anything Mulan related has already been there to set the table for the gay Thanksgiving. 

HELL. The 100th episode (which, as a writer, is second in importance ONLY to your Pilot episode) directly mirrored Regina to Emma, MULTIPLE TIMES.

They’re clearing the path. SQ is on it’s way.
It has to be. 
What else could they POSSIBLY be doing??

I’m refusing to be deterred by the recent bts spoiler pictures. The episode’s title suggests that Henry might be using the quill. We could have numerous AU plot-lines with this one, or even a groundhog day kind of episode. Who knows?? All I know is that was a TON of happy Swan-Mills Family pictures (and ONE CS kiss) released at once. Are they really giving away the CS ending? Or is it just a red herring..? Yeah, the plot-teasing is more cruel than season 1 Regina, but if my assumption is correct and we’ve gone and spoiled their “surprise”, I can reasonably understand. They have to keep us watching somehow, right? What better way than pissing us off into a theoretical madness as we desperately try to prove our point? 

Smiling Swan-Mills family, dolphins, rainbows, and secret doors…..
These guys are jerks. BUT.
I’m tellin’ ya. It’s coming.
And I won’t give up til it’s over and all hope is dead.

Share if you agree.
And WOW THANKS (for reading)! 

 <3 StregaOmega

**same day edit, 3/30/16
I stand corrected. Of course, GG wouldn’t present the Candlelight Processional. She’s Jewish. And I am was admittedly ignorant.  
Thanks, at @sgtmac7

The signs as jello pudding flavors

aries: butterscotch
taurus: chocolate
gemini: pistachio
cancer: cheesecake
leo: oreo
virgo: lemon
libra: french vanilla
scorpio: rice pudding
sagittarius: white chocolate
capricorn: devil’s food
aquarius: coconut
pisces: banana cream

Ace of Base’s Nazi Past

The Internet has left us with unprecedented skepticism towards innocence. In the age of Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner, it seems literally impossible for any public figure to exist without at least one skeleton clawing its way out of the closet. We even expect simple pleasures, like reggae-inflected Swedish pop group Ace of Base, to have a few secrets kicking around.

Well, they’ve got one.

Ulf Ekberg, a founding member of Ace of Base, started his career as a neo-Nazi skinhead.


The signs as Pillsbury products

aries: sugar cookies
taurus: biscuits
gemini: pizza crust
cancer: crescents
leo: cinnamon rolls
virgo: toaster strudel
libra: pancakes
scorpio: garlic breadsticks
sagittarius: monkey bread
capricorn: chocolate chip cookies
aquarius: pie crust
pisces: french loaf