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Hey, I know this was ages ago, any this may have been asked before, but where did you get some of the ideas for the fraymotif circles? Mind, Space, Void, and Light I get, Hope, Blood, and Heart, maybe, since Heart sort of looks like it has hearts on it, Hope looks like there's a star, and Blood could be blood droplets, but Time, Rage, Doom, Breath, and Life are all a bit more vague to me.

I just used the shapes I saw in the aspect signs and they got a bit abstract sometimes.  shrug

i saw a sign for a barbershop that said “walk-ins welcome” and i thought, “wait the spirits of children who became starlight to escape their pain are welcome??” and then i really and truly considered my life

The signs as inexplicable feelings

Aries: Onism (the frustration of being stuck in just one body that inhabits only one place at a time)

Taurus: Vemödalen (the frustration of photographing something amazing when thousands of identical photos already exist) 

Gemini: Rubatosis (the unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat) 

Cancer: Chrysalism (the amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm) 

Leo: Liberosis (the desire to care less about things.) 

Virgo: Altschmerz (weariness with the same old issues that you’ve always had – the same boring flaws and anxieties that you’ve been gnawing on for years.) 

Libra: Mauerbauertraurigkeit (the inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends who you really like.) 

Scorpio: Opia (the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable) 

Sagittarius: Nodus Tollens (the realization that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore) 

Capricorn: Jouska (a hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head.) 

Aquarius: Exulansis (the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it.) 

Pisces: Sonder (the realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own.) 


The Rally/March was INCREDIBLE - Mom and I were up towards the front so we couldn’t really see just how much of a crowd there was at first, but when we walked around it stretched allllll away across the street =) 

Here’s another poster that made me smile, partly because the lady was so sweet and also because FUCK YEAH, REMEMBER THE LADIES. 

The Signs as 50% Off Quotes

Aries: “This is it. This is the year I get my penis back from that dolphin who stole it”
Taurus: “Why he touchin’ my man! WHERE HE GOIN’ WITH MAH MAN!” 
Gemini:   “Oh no. I got a flashback boner”
Cancer:  “Swim team nothing! I want that boy to be my bride!”
Leo:  *Booty Booty Booty Booty rockin’ everywhere* “Bitch you gonna be mine”
Virgo:  “I’m sinning tonight!”
Libra: “Painting sure is fun. You know what else is fun? Killing your best friend.”
Scorpio: “What’s up sluts! Guess who just got out of prison!”
Sagittarius: “THEY’RE MY OSTRICHES!”
Capricorn:  “Do not be alarmed! I’m about to be hilarious!”
Aquarius:  “USURPER!!”
Pisces: “The loser has to commit… Swimpuku.” 

my experiences with the zodiac


my fiery, wide-eyed, passionate twin soul. an incredible desire to learn and grow and change the world no matter the lengths. a temperament that scares some people away but invites others closer in. bad coping mechanisms. a tendency to isolate and hurt those around them when they feel hurt or betrayed, but a moderator when they are removed from the situation. needs to feel worthy and celebrated to live to their full potential. feeds off of validation and praise. gets what they want out of life because there is no other option. motivated, strong, assertive. unafraid of challenges. a beautiful laugh, a heavy cry. an imaginative mind that knows no bounds and a wit about them that intimidates peers and intellects alike. a force to be reckoned with. belligerent, angry, restless, hurtful, insensitive, brash. a true connection with them guarantees you a number one fan. no person scares them more than they scare themselves. unsure of who they are, unsure if they will ever know and the idea plagues them. self-doubt masked by perseverance. strong leader. does, more often than not, know the answer. is right more than others would like to believe. dependable and brazen. has trouble handling their emotions because they emerge at such dangerous volumes. an enigmatic soul. unequivocal.


my favorite person once upon a time; my disappointment; my frustration and hurt. overwhelming need to make people happy but hurts people all the same. a good soul deep down with no idea how to translate it into action or behavior. loyal when they are happy, disloyal when unpleased. difficult to make happy. manipulative and controlling with a victim complex. incredibly difficult to get through to. wants the easy way out and will go to great lengths to find it. a gentle and kind spirit. jealous and brooding. uses emotions to hurt other people. hesitant to take responsibility for their actions. a deep rooted self-doubt. unable to communicate well with others. friendly, relaxed, easy-going. does not think they deserve much. a terrible habit of indulgence. spectacular talents and abilities but often no desire to do anything about it. unmotivated, wants everything on a gold platter. puts themselves first always to make up for their toxic insecurities. self-deprecating. relationships are fleeting, but the ones that do stay are for life. truly wants the best for the ones they love. very aware of faults and unaware of the good that is in them. the easiest person to be friends with. light-hearted sense of humor, clever, charming, a ray of sunshine. a warm smile.


my third mother and the kindest soul. intelligent, perceptive, resourceful. eloquent speakers and thoughtful listeners. incredible at whatever they choose to do in this life. can be careless, inappropriate. a self saboteur. riddled with anxiety. unsure and uneasy. evasive and tense. honest when it works for their benefit. calculated and flies under the radar. both wants to be noticed and unseen at the same time. a tendency to show different sides of themselves depending on who they talk to. adaptable and observant. understand the world’s flexibility and how nothing is promised or guaranteed. have fun with challenges and enjoy confrontation to some degree. like to sit on the sidelines unless they’re the one orchestrating the tension. misleading and distant. nothing they do is unintentional. mother-figure, protective, will take the burden for the ones they love. does not mind being a punching bag for other people. wants to be a leader but self-doubt is their biggest nemesis. narcissistic, self-involved, highs and lows of self-esteem. feels like they have to prove something to the world. trouble with becoming too dependent on someone or something. an extended hand in your darkest hour. a gentle embrace when you feel the most vulnerable.


my sisters separated from me at birth; my long lost family. sensitive and intuitive souls. moody but welcoming. warmth radiates from them. they are careful and supportive. emotionally draining and exhaust their resources. devoted to their passions and to people they love. are sometimes more attached to the ones they love than they are to them. this does not, however, sway their devotion. hypocritical and intrusive. can be clingy and devious. like to stir up controversy. critical and judgmental. will stand by their closest allies even if they are in the absolute wrong. undying love for the ones that have proven their loyalty to them. frequent criers. bogged down with life. feel everything strongly. special. can give up easily if the challenge is too great. reckless. bad at keeping secrets. people are drawn to them. they secrete joy. their souls are filled to the brim with love. have a tendency to be withdrawn and cold if they feel unwanted by the ones they love the most. easily hurt, easily betrayed. can be emotionally manipulative. if they love you once, they love you for the rest of their life. the friend we all need but few can afford. a beautiful radiance about them. a hearty laugh and an ugly cry.


my unwavering support system. authoritarian, strong, abrasive, assertive. does not take no for an answer. thinks the world of themselves. can be vain and pompous and takes pride in being misunderstood. dramatic and smug, patronizing and at times ignorant. gracious hearts. a humbleness that comes out only in the closest of company. is afraid of losing the people they love. is afraid they may drive them away. a noble character. believes they are always in the right and those that disagree are wrong. overwhelming when angry or frustrated. quick to turn on people. doesn’t want to listen to anyone. will find their way but sometimes at the expense of others. they rise and fall with the sun. need positivity and cheer in their lives to function. can not deal with sadness too long. do not like to dwell on the bad. must be in charge in some aspect. good liars. masquerade their feelings. tendency to feel weak when they show any kind of emotion. do not like to be asked what’s wrong. intimidated by almost no one. bold, passionate. a golden halo on a fall day. a silent cry.


my idealized version of myself and who i wanted to be. naturally intelligent, vast vocabulary and can make you believe anything. dreamy, romantic soul. very sure of their capabilities. enchant the people that they meet. have a grace about them. meticulous and refined. argumentative and unyielding. need to feel they are the most important. expect people to celebrate them. shrewd and fussy. a sense of dread and impending doom. can be suffocating. will control everything and everyone around them if not put in their place. believe in themselves. pretentious. obsessed with beauty. stuck-up and uppity. lawful good. get away with murder. bright smiles and happy laughs. has moments of extreme lows. does not know how to deal with self-doubt. fakes confidence until they really feel it. purity and cleanliness. wants the finer things in life. materialistic. delusional at times. live in a dream world. terrible at saying goodbye. the lonesome ear that listens to you. a phone call in the middle of the night.


my soul and spirit’s missing half and who i could become. expressive and artistic and quirky. clever idealists. indulge in avoidant behaviors. more emotional than they let on. don’t know how to help those that they love. will let their guilt eat them alive. bad at showing people they care. are extravagant in their behaviors and manipulate the manipulators. always one step ahead of everyone else. diplomatic and moderate. want justice. sulky. does not recognize their bad habits. in denial that they might need help. wants to do everything on their own. fragile, gentle souls that can sometimes have the harshest of outer layers. protect themselves at all costs. afraid of the world. misunderstood but doesn’t want to be. isolated. wants happiness but can’t seem to find it. gets caught up in toxic behaviors. prone to unhealthy lifestyles. communicative only professionally. the person who would spend hours talking to you, an unexpected but very much needed hug.


my easiest friendships and childhood memories. unstoppable and dynamic. self-assured and overly confident. complex and mysterious. like to keep people guessing and waiting. can be inconsiderate of other people’s feelings. cunningly brilliant. deep souls. interpret the world in their own way. want success but not at the cost of their relationships. one of a kind. moody and obsessive. very unpredictable. arrogant and closed-off, immune to their critics. undying willpower. tenacious souls. hypnotic, even. have some people under some kind of spell. easily annoyed. do not deal with all emotions that well. are sometimes better off alone. devilish and sneaky. not always naturally likable; take some time to adjust to. make friends easily when they let it happen. a best friend, a partner in crime.


me. uncomplicated and candid. faithful, eager. terrible at committing. running away is their first thought. good at leaving people behind. will walk away and not turn back. unapologetic. many passions and interests but no direction. want to do everything. a deep sense of need to go everywhere and be everything. takes things too far and can leave people feeling empty and used. steam-roller. domineering and strange. unrealistic goals and expectations for everyone. problems with feeling empathetic for people. reveals emotion too sparingly. odd fascination with leaving people confused. strong. a true individual. relationships scare them. always looking for a way out and less responsibility. does not welcome expectations from others. does not want to prove themselves to anyone. need to feel inspired to do any work. good listeners. your free therapist, your ticket to a place hundreds of miles away at 3 a.m.


the better version of who i am, the worst version of who i am. unbelievably ambitious. will work themselves to death. only know success and praise. incredibly humble. great listeners. pessimistic to the core. have to fight for optimism. true skeptics. stubborn and complex. are misunderstood and it frustrates them. can be silly and funny when they are caught off guard. stoic and serious. analytical and hard working. believe you can achieve anything if you try hard enough. will always give their best shot. afraid of embarrassing themselves. insecure. act above conflict but will observe with a judgmental eye. will remove themselves from arguments if their pride is on the line. not good at expressing how they feel in fear of being judged or criticized. steadfast. have everyone’s best interest at heart. smarter than they let on. watchful. a letter you write in the middle of the night, a look from across the room.


the shining beacon of hope in my life; the thunderous downpour in the aftermath. very strong convictions. generous and individualistic. eccentric personality with little to no fear of what the world might think. dramatic and rude. thinks humor is a scapegoat. aloof. will abandon people they love for selfish reasons. risky and selfish. invasive, nosy, and not very approachable. can be intimidating. do things they regret later on. don’t think about consequences until they reap them. can change the world if they use their abilities for good. don’t know how to not take it so personally. if not constantly validated and reminded of their worth, they will succumb to their overbearing self-deprecating habits. either the most dependable people in the world or the least. will let you down but feel tremendous sorrow for it. creative thinkers and scattered minds. a drive to nowhere in particular, a day spent at the poolside.


my inexplicable mentor, my heated arguments. compassionate and trusting individuals. adaptable and empathetic. escapists. can be absent-minded and more preoccupied with what’s going on with them than anyone else. oblivious to anyone’s issues outside their own. too inside their own head. vague and gullible. sit in idle too long. impractical people and temperamental. bring out the worst in people (but also the best). surprise you. over emotional. wise and romantic. want to communicate so badly how they feel but can’t find the words to put it into. can turn people off quickly. artists, need to create. find their way somehow and sometimes against all odds. the most insecure. coping mechanisms can be unhealthy and dangerous. does not live in our reality. dreamy. tendency to be unhappy. a long cry in your car, a reassuring laugh.

the signs as ppl i saw at the airport at 4 am
  • Aries: the pilot that had a bottle of pepsi and a bottle of coke in his hands and looked at both for a long while before buying them both, mixing them into the same cup, and downing the whole cup in one swing.
  • Taurus: the old guy who accidentally threw his phone in the trash and got his two year old granddaughter to dig it out of the trash
  • Gemini: the guy across the waiting area from me that bought a whole bag of black licorice and poured it in his mouth
  • Cancer: the lady that has spider earrings in February
  • Leo: the obvious just-married couple that started making out aggressively in starbucks
  • Virgo: the guy trimming his nose hairs in the bathroom
  • Libra: the guy whose flight got delayed by and hour and he just kinda. collapsed into a chair and he looked like he was about to sob.
  • Scorpio: the very nice lady that asked me how old i was and how highschool was and offered me a cookie from her purse. it was stale and had a bite taken out of it.
  • Sagittarius: this 5 year old girl that was wearing five jackets while her parents wore shorts
  • Capricorn: that guy in gate 69 who would dab every time someone said "69" over the intercom
  • Aquarius: this girl talking on the phone to her husband and trying to explain how to make a perfect eyeliner wing
  • Pisces: the guy who obviously lost his luggage and was wearing a too-small powderpuff girl shirt and bags under his eyes.