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where is your proof of those vkook comments on iu post? stop saying nonsense. jikook and vhope fans are just jealous,


I don’t have receipts of the Taekook comments on that IU post cuz that was months ago and I don’t even remember which page’s post it was.

BUT I have something else for you

You know that pic Tae posted of him and Park Bogum yeah?

Two Instagram accounts I follow posted that pic and a video of them as well, and guess what I saw? Vkook shippers being unpleasant again. I saw at least 10-12 comments about Taekook when the post had nothing to do with them.

These are only a handful of the ones I saw :):):)

I ship Vhope and Jikook the most, yes, but Taekook is my original OTP so I love them too. I’m being completely unbiased and not “jealous” at all.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, ship whoever tf you want, but keep in mind that there is a difference between your fantasies and reality. You need to draw a line.

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I saw this comment on twitter and i had to tell you. It's not my quote. "I don't want Momo in an environment where she's becoming accepting of losing. You can see it on Mina face too."

someone was definitely not pleased

THAT PIC OF MYOUI IS ME,,even their choreographer cried (he knows their performance deserved better! @ jyp! enough of sending momo to these kinds of shows! youve done enough with sixteen already!)

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Did you see that TWD twitter had some bs pic of Rick and Supercuts for international gf day? She was never Rick's gf; Jessick was barely even a thing. I unfollowed them. They have no respect for Michonne posting that shit.

Hey. Sorry it took so long to get to this.

Yeah, I saw it. I had to unfollow that page too for the exact same reason. Whoever is the admin is just a shit-stirrer. Besides, that was the Skybound TWD account, NOT AMC’s so, whatever; I can live without their nonsensical posts.

The Anderson widow was never Rick’s girlfriend. She was a glorified rebound who was put there so that Rick could project his issues of PTSD onto her. She was a dirty little secret that he never told anyone about; a person he erroneously kissed that one time in that dank garage; a secret that he indulged in to play out some weird make-believe because he was suffering from a type of regressive behaviour from being inside of Alexandria.

She was a plot device to explore that; their ‘love story’ was a poorly-written, unnecessary and contrived arc that had no place in the show. People need to stop pretending that Jessie was more important to Rick than she was.

Remember when Rick took the guns and was ready to waste the Alexandrians (and by extension Jessie) if it came to it, but Michonne kicked his arse and then changed his mind? Remember when he didn’t want to include any of the Alexandrians in his plans for survival? You know, this scene where she was telling him something important about team Family and the Alexandrians being in there together and all Rick could do was look her up and down?

Originally posted by girl-ninja

It was Michonne who called him out on it. Michonne cared more about the Alexandrians, and by extension, Jessie than Rick fucking did. There, I said it; that’s the truth: Michonne cared more about what happened to Jessie and her people than Rick did (yet Jess*ck shippers want to continually disrespect Michonne). Rick would waste Jessie and 100 others who looked just like her to save his family. He could not care less about them until Michonne called bullshit on him wanting to exclude them.

How the fuck was she his girlfriend when TPTB couldn’t even be fucked including a small glimpse of him even ‘grieving’ for her after he cut her arm off and let those walkers eat her? I mean, the more I think of it, the sicker it is. Why would someone ship that?

Rick was there flirting with Michonne, being overly happy and domestic with Michonne, bringing candy back for Michonne and making sweet love to her an episode after his immediate family killed the entire Anderson family. Yet, they are trying to make us believe that he cared about Jessie and that she was his girlfriend? No. I’m sorry, but no.

Jessie brought out the shitty, creepy side of Rick. I’m not saying she did it intentionally or by manipulation because she didn’t, but that’s how he was behaving in response to his PTSD being triggered and it was directed towards her.

When he is with Michonne, he is at his best and most sane. There’s no comparison, there’s no doubt. If Skybound’s TWD account or any other fans want to claim that the Anderson widow was his girlfriend, then go for it. I feel kind of sorry for you if that’s what you think happiness is and I’m not even being shady here.

If that creepy, unhealthy, less-than ‘relationship’ does stuff and things for you, congratulations! Celebrate Jessie having the title of #Girlfriend; it’s a small consolation since they treated your favourite worse than shit just so we could see the lead male work through his mental issues (yet Richonne shippers are the ones who hate Jessie?).

Michonne, the Queen of the Apocalypse and all round BAMF is Rick’s #Soulmate; that’s got a better ring to it anyways, yeah?

Thanks, Anon!

P.S. the only reference to this ‘relationship’ with Jessie was to Carl when he was explaining how him being with Michonne was ‘different’ i.e. healthy, happy, a real relationship, that they’re in love etc. Gosh, even Rick explaining what happened with him and Jessie to Carl was not important enough to show on screen. All he said was, “This is different.” Most likely because he would have told Carl that he made a mistake and kissed Jessie that one time and that he should never have done it to lead her on like that. It was different with Michonne because he actually loves her and wants to be with her.

P.P.S Here, Anon, this is from GAH’s Valhalla Entertainment account to make you feel better:

i was about to be really petty and “expose” this asshole bc i saw his high school pics but then i had to sit back and .. realize how shit i looked back then too. and then i was like.. better not..

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i cnt believe jyp had 2 hire that man to keep jjp under control.. ksjdjs but i was talking about this actually !!! it was like two days ago,, they went on a date Again? twitter. com/hannywxv/status/764400142984241152 i hope jaebum has wine hair under there too >:-|


NFIOFMFKFDNDFJDF NUT1!!! WHAT TH Ehell… i love couples… also jaebum’s hair looks black :/// but its okay lets keep it healthy right boys… anyway this changed me 

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SS's diversity was what boosted their b.o.. so i'm worried abt ww they have i think 2 moc who we don't kno if r gonna be relevant (they're not on the trailer) but they rlly butchered the amazonians by not casting any woc which was ridiculous in a movie preaching girl power i only saw a black one in the battlefield on the faaaaar left in one shot + any amazonian who wasn't in that themyscira pic from the EW cover is not gonna have too much screen time to :/ dc can't catch a break

Well, first of all, if the Wonder Woman movie had zero diversity then it wouldn’t deserve the diverse audience that Suicide Squad got, which was a great thing to see. So it wouldn’t be a case of “DC can’t catch a break” so much as DC was being shitty.

However, maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’ve made a few posts about the nonwhite Amazons in the movie, here and here. It’s also been obvious from set pictures that there are a number of actresses of color playing Amazon women. Ann Wolfe’s role in the movie has yet to be revealed, but it’s been heavily speculated that she’s playing Philippus as she’s been spotted with the actress playing young Diana as well as seen hanging out with Gal Gadot and the other Amazon actresses (x).

It was a problem for them to reveal that picture of the Amazons a few months ago because a lot of people had a problem with the lack of women of color in the picture, but it was only four of them. As I’ve just pointed out, there are women of color in the movie playing named Amazons. I also don’t think you should base too much of your worries on the trailer. Yes, the trailer didn’t show many women of color Amazons, but the trailer hardly showed any Amazons AT ALL. Hippolyta got one line a quick shot of her. Robin Wright didn’t even have any lines, and it took me a while to realize that Amazon was her. Other than that, we just had the group shots of them fighting. I can’t say if they’re doing badly with the diversity of the Amazons yet because we’ve hardly seen any of them.

I also don’t think you should discount the importance of a Native American man and a Muslim Moroccan man playing two of Diana’s comrades. Native American men who fought and died in World War I have been ignored in history books for far too long. It’s incredible that this movie is showing a Native American man fighting alongside Wonder Woman. It’s impossible to ignore them in this movie and that’s really meaningful to me as a history buff. A Muslim man playing a soldier alongside her is equally important. Wanting women of color is important, but men of color who sacrificed their lives in this war have been neglected in movies for decades and I’m so happy this movie is not doing that.

Edit: You can tell that Said and Eugene’s characters are important to the film because we do see them fighting with her in the movie (they’re quick shots) and they were the ones in the photograph with her in BvS. Clearly they’re important to the film. Also, the trailer really just focused on Diana and Steve, no one else, since they’re the leads. Robin Wright is one of the biggest names in the movie and she got no lines in the trailer. Don’t hold too much stock in what they showed in the trailer.

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bro ive been following you for awhile even though ive only watched like 2 star wars movies and whenever i see star wars stuff i think of you so today i saw a pic of a pin with jar jar binks on it but he had a really muscley chest and i thought about sending it to you bc itd make you mad but i was too chicken and now i regret not sending it


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Since red is like Barry's color, what do u think about some subtle red stitching in a white wedding dress for Iris. Lol I don't know a thing about clothing so bear with me 🙈. Also I saw a pic of a groom that had a white tux with a gold & white tie

And the handkerchief thingy in the pocket had some gold lining. I was thinking something similar but with red. Or a red bowtie 🙈🙈 idk lol, what do you think?

Ooh see I always imagined that the wedding color is red but I can’t see Barry in a white tux. I always thought Barry would wear a red tie and there would be red flowers all over and tiny accents of gold. And the handkerchief can be red too. The bridesmaid dresses would be flowy, which is a stark contrast to Iris’s form fitting and a deep red. And roses, red roses!

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Hey mate, I went gushing in my tags about your pic, but felt like sending an ask too about it, cause I seriously love it so much. Your Trans Lúcio pic with Junkrat and his binder in the wash makes me so happy, because like, I've always had that dysphoria issue with my own body and how I can't transition due to health reasons. But seeing the positivity for Lúcio's body as he is, it makes me feel so much better about my own body. Let boys have boobs, as you said! Thanks so much for making it!

oh my goodness ever since i saw this in my inbox it just has made my day!!! it really means so much that my art could do that for anyone!!!!! (& im so upset that i dont have my tablet or else id draw something just for this ask omg!!!!!!)

and YES its really so important!!!!! like. as a dfab trans person meself. boobs are seen as such a girl-only thing (which is bs???) and even in fanart transmasc people are only ever really drawn with flat chests which makes me so sad!!! as someone who has tons of dysphoria abt my chest and who cant really use a binder! plus its just so cute like!!! boys with boobs!!! yes!!!

anyway this totally made my day/week/life THANK YOU SO MUCH i might cry!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness!!!!!

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I’M SORRRRY I wasn’t on as much because I was writing :) 

On the bright side, I had a very productive night!!! *quiet cheering because it’s 1am*

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hello! I was curious about how you go along and take flat lay images? Do you use natural light? also, how did you get started in the community? I'm trying to start a blog but I don't know where to even begin. Thank u!! (btw love ur notes and stuff)

Thank you!

So, for the flat lay pics I use natural light and then I edit the photo in photoshop to brighten it up and make it look more like in real life (I use “selective color adjustment->whites” and “luminance/contrast” usually).
I actually started my bujo journey in Instagram, I saw a lot of bujournalists that inspired me and so I decided to start mine. After a month of testing, in March I began posting pics of it on a new insta account that slowly grew and then I decided to open a tumblr blog too. I’m really grateful for all the people that are supporting me in many ways because otherwise I wouldn’t have had all the motivation to keep going <3

The first time I saw that pic I laughed,
I found it hilarious.
Now I hate it

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back when i followed you, you had brendon urie as a profile pic. i never listened to panic at the disco so i thought it was a picture of you (until i saw what you looked like)

people have said this about my jude law icon too. i cant say i mind

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Hi! I love hearing about all your animals! They all look very sweet and it was actually a pic of Leliana I saw on FB at the beginning of the year that led me here! I had never seen a snake like her and wanted to learn more. I had a question about the new babies too. I don't know if it's just my screen but they're dorsal stripes look kinda creamy colored? Are they going to keep those colors or will they change as they grow older and shed more? I love seeing their little snoots lol

Aww that’s awesome! :D I love that people have been brought to my tumblr from other websites, haha. Leliana is my pride and joy <3 The dorsals are a bright yellow/cream color, but will slowly go from yellowy to more cream colored as they age :) And aren’t they adorable?? They are some of the best presentations of kingpins and jigsaws that I’ve seen <3 The lesser is adorable as well, though I am excited to see how the colors change when they shed :)

My art has improved, even if I didn’t realize it! I saw a picture of Barnaby (OC) on FB’s memories thing, that I posted 3 years ago.

Like…woah, I figured that since I don’t practice enough to see huge strides, any improvements I made were pretty small and not too noticable. But I’m wrong. :D

I’ve sort of been at this point for 4 or 5 years now that I’m comfortable enough with my art, not IN LOVE with it, but I do like it. I have fun with it.

Wish I had posted the pic in question up here on tumblr, but it seems I never did. I would have reblogged it. Might be able to find it on my computer, but I doubt that. xD

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today i saw like a hundred pics of thomas in several different suits and it's just too much poor tay had no choice...i totally get it

He has the perfect body for suits… he always looks SO GOOD!!!!! specially in blue 

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hey I'm in toronto and i tried crossing over from an sb and went completely independent -used eros mainly with only my webcam pics and stuff- my rate was 500 p/h and everyone i saw scheduled 2 hrs- but i was quite slow.. like i didn't purchase that many bump ups and stuff, do you think the rate was too high or should i have had professional pics? cause i wanna give it another shot! Also whats your thoughts on agencies?

Honestly I’m surprised to hear you booked anyone for 500/h in Toronto, with webcam pics especially. It’s so saturated there 😁
So yah good for you! You must be a babe.

If you want my opinion I would say get professional pictures and keep the 500 rate. Professional pictures pay for themselves and will give you a more high end look.
Then at least if things aren’t busy enough you could lower your rate later on. That’s a lot easier than lowering your rate and then trying to go higher afterwards. And last time I looked at agencies in Toronto they were charging 300/h and the girls only kept 200. Unless of course you can find a high end agency. Either way the money will never compare to being indie

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You've seen him two times??? You lucky, but where did you saw him

I’ve seen him two times, yeah. 😍 I was lucky to see him playing Richard III on the summer of 2014. He was superb. I had the enormous privilege of meeting him after both performances and he was exceedingly charming and kind. He signed and dedicated my theatre programme with a funny reference to the little chat we had! 😊 Too bad he didn’t take pics with the fans, but it was understandable. It was late and he was knackered - and we were so many! Btw, he’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.

Day 120

We woke up this morning to the lovely sound of the river flowing next to our tent. I love how we could look out our tent window and see the little waterfalls.

We packed up our gear and ate breakfast. CB went down to the river to fill up on some water, but not too much because we had our first big climb in the white mountains today, a five mile hike up to Mt Moosilauke!

After he filled up with water we strapped our packs on and were about to leave camp when CB saw a huge toad, so he bent down to take a picture of him, then we were off! (CB: I got a picture of a frog the previous morning hiding under our tent from the rain…I say they are good luck or good omens for our day so why not take a pic of them!)

We walked past the Jeffers Brook Shelter and past a few small streams. We hiked over a bridge that had more water flowing under it; most likely connecting to the waterfalls that were by our tenting spot, then we made it to a road. The trail wasn’t marked very clearly so we weren’t too sure if we were heading in the right direction, but we knew we had to head up, so we continued up the road which was a gradual incline. There were two hikers not too far behind us, we hoped we were going in the right direction as they were just following us! Finally we saw a blaze and knew we were on the right path!

The trail lead us back to the woods where it started to get more rocky and steeper. We passed a few side trails on our way up the mountain. There were some streams and springs on our way which we stopped at to take a drink, then kept moving. It was neat seeing the trees get shorter and shorter as we climbed higher and higher up the mountain. Some parts of the trail were rock stairs. These may sound helpful, but honestly sometimes they just make climbing more difficult because the rocks are so large you have to lift your legs up so high to hoist the rest of your body up, which takes a bit of energy and strength - we obviously can do it, but sometimes just a nice dirt path would be easier! We were happy to leave camp early today (around 7:15) because by the time we made it to the top of the mountain it was only 9:45! There was still so much of the day left, we hiked up that mountain pretty fast!

The top of the mountain was beautiful! We haven’t been up this high in a long time - the elevation was 4,802 at the top of Mt Moosilauke. There was a side trail that we took to the tip top of the mountain, there we could see all around us in every direction. It was just unbelievable! Pictures definitely don’t do it justice. We stood there for awhile taking it in. CB saw another toad hoping around so he took a picture of it (CB: biggest one yet!). We saw some mountains off in the distance that we thought we might be hiking to, but we just didn’t know. There are so many mountains every where you look!

We eventually went back to the trail and kept on hiking. We were hiking along the top ridge of the mountain. There were pine trees on both sides of us edging the path to the other side of the mountain where we would eventually be descending down.

As we were hiking we thought about the other people who were at the hostel yesterday. Some of the older guys intended on slack packing this mountain today. We heard them planning on eating their sub sandwiches at the top of the mountain together whenever they got there! They were really worried about the climb up today, but happy to know they only had about ten miles; plus they were sleeping at the hostel again tonight! Anyways…

We started hiking down the mountain. It was really steep, like really really steep!! Plus it didn’t help that the trail down the mountain was right next to a waterfall - now I know what most of you are thinking - beautiful right!! Well not when all the water droplets land on the rocks making them slick! So we hiked down really slowly! It took forever to get to the bottom.

Around noon we were still hiking down the mountain, we decided to take a break for lunch next to the waterfall / cascades. We set our packs down and were unpacking a few things to get our food bags out, while this was going on CB almost lost our only cup. It dropped out of his bag and started rolling straight for the cascades!! Thankfully it stopped right before going over the ledge!! (CB: then I went to get it and started sliding on the slick slate rocks thinking I might be lost down the slopes too!)

We have a bunch of those mountain house freeze dried foods to choose from for lunch and dinner. So today for lunch we ate lasagna. It was delicious, we have never had those freeze dried foods before because they are pretty expensive, but they are good! Plus it’s nice that one package will feed both of us and leave us feeling pretty full!

After lunch we strapped on our packs and continued down the mountain. I can’t believe how long it is taking us. It is only three miles down hill to get to the bottom, but it’s taking us hours!!

Finally we reached the bottom. There we filled up on water again and chugged a bunch so we didn’t have to carry so much. After CB was finished filtering water he dunked his head in the river. It hasn’t been crazy hot, but all our constant movement and climbing we sure work up a sweat. After cooling down we crossed over a footbridge and headed towards NH112.

When looking at the guidebook it looked like the rest of the day had just had a few bumps and would go pretty smooth. We knew there was a steep climb once we crossed the road. The trail literally went straight up. It was so steep. There were rock stairs here again but man it was still a tough climb! I was huffing and puffing the whole way up. We passed a few people on our way up. (We also passed those older gentleman who were slack packing!). We said hello and kept heading up the trail.

Once we made it to the top the trail leveled out. We had some small ups and downs but those were only a few hundred feet - not like our crazy climb this morning!!

So we were hiking and hiking down a path that was surrounded by trees and forest brush. There weren’t many blazes or signs to gauge how far we have hiked. The afternoon started feeling endless. We started to compare this section of trail to Massachusetts; how in Mass there were little bumps shown in the guidebook, but when we were climbing those bumps they were huge steep climbs!

Once we made it to Mt Wolf we still had three more miles before camp. We ran into a thru hiker who was debating about hiking to the top of Mt Wolf to see the view, it was another trail which was about .3 uphill to the top. I said to him “ehh I saw a great view this morning from Mt Moosilauke, I’ll pass on this one!”. CB didn’t mind skipping the view either so we said goodbye to the guy and headed down the mountain.

We were about two miles from camp when I started to lose it. My clothes were so saturated from sweat that sweat was dripping off my shorts and running down my legs. It is the most uncomfortable feeling in my opinion! So I was lifting my leg up to climb up on a boulder when my foot slips and my shin crashes into the damn boulder. I undid my pack, threw it on the ground and sat down for a minute. I needed to take some deep breaths and calm down before I could hike any further. I finally collected myself, put my pack back on and we hit the trail. I was in the lead walking fast so we could get to camp (it seemed like this damn afternoon was never going to end!!!).

We came to a sign that said the camping spots were one mile away. I wasn’t very happy about that, I couldn’t believe how long it was taking us to hike over these bumps!! So I attempted to walk a little faster!

Finally we came to some power lines. I knew that after we crossed those we were .6 away from camp. I took a seat on a rock waiting for CB to catch up (he was taking some pictures near the power lines, it was a beautiful view into a valley with a huge rock slate to our left - too bad for all those wires!!).

Then we kept hiking. Finally we were at the campsite area (Eliza Brook Shelter - it’s the last free camping/shelter area in the whites).

We picked a nice spot away from most of the other campers. I dropped my pack and got out my camp clothes and some soap. I told CB I’m going down to the river to freshen up.

Down at the river I went upstream a bit and found a nice deep spot. I hopped over some rocks to get there. Then I sat down, took off my clothes and took a dip. It was so refreshing! Finally I wasn’t all hot and gross.

Back at camp CB set up the tent and went down to the river to filter some water (there was plenty of time between my river shower and him filling up on water; no need to worry about drinking my gross sweat! Haha!).

Then we both sat down and ate dinner. Another mountain house freeze dried meal - beef stroganoff! It was so tasty!

We sat outside for a bit relaxing. A few other north bound hikers strolled into camp. We said hello as they passed.

Finally we went into our tent. We both were pooped. We hiked 15.9 miles today. That’s a pretty big day considering the terrain. We only have 381 miles to Katadhin thought!! Getting closer and closer every day!