i saw falsettos last night for the first time!!! ive been dyin to see it, it was 100% worth the wait


So on holiday I was wasted (as per) and I’d gotten talking to this guy that was genuinely really sweet, and he noticed my scars and was being weirdly analytical about them and me and everything. Anyway, I ended up telling him about my ed, thinking I’d never see him again, right?
A few days after we come home he starts messaging me again saying he’d love to see me again and bla bla bla. Now naive me was here thinking “he was probably wasted too, no way does he remember what I said about having an ed” pfffhhhhhh…

I saw him last night for the first time since holiday with a couple friends, and we were (I was) wasted again and we were just chatting random shit& he was saying how nervous he was about asking me out to this place near to where he lives, because he wasn’t sure if I’d want to eat after or not. So he’d spent like days trying to decide if he should suggest we go out for lunch after or not just in consideration of the fact that I told him I may have an ed.

ITs not just me right, that’s kinda caring and thoughtful ??? eh idk, I just like that he wasn’t all like “you shouldn’t do that to yourself” or like “love your body how it is bla bla bla” but he just accepted it’s a part of who I am

So i saw you last night, for the first time in almost 8 months. I dont know why i came to see you.. I’m so impulsive sometimes. But i’m so glad i came. We sat and talked about life. Just like old times. I wrote my name on your window sill. You showed me a song. We ran our fingers up and down each others arms. You called it “snuggle buggles.” It got late, around 2:00, and i decided it was time for me to go. You seemed so sleepy. Before i left, we hugged each other. You said i smelled like me. I was too intoxicated with your presence in my arms to respond. I didnt want to let you go again. I just wanted to tell you i loved you. I wanted to press my lips against yours. Because who knows if that would be my last chance to do it? But i didnt. I said goodbye, and you said goodbye, and i walked home. I know you arent mine anymore, but i know theres still a flame glowing between us. And i hope that flame never goes out, because i’m never going to love someone the way i love you. I hope you are in my life forever.
—  l.f.
Month 4

I saw my SD last night for the first time in over a month! :) I was worried over the break that maybe he had lost interest, but he’s totally hooked. I officially hold the record for the longest time he’s ever had a sugar baby. So proud of myself haha. He still has some issues that he’s trying to work out with his wife, so I don’t know realistically how long our arrangement is going to last, but I know he cares about me and will always have my back, so it’s nice to know that I’ll be able to rely on him if ever need be in the future. I got my full allowance which was really nice, since last month I got gypped! My SD asked me what I’ve been doing with my allowance, and I tried to sound like I wasn’t buying anything too frivolous lol. 

Thanks to my SD, I’m finally at a point now where I’ve paid off all my debt, completely furnished my apt, and have everything I need, so I am going to work my hardest to save any allowance I receive from this point. Since I started sugaring and getting allowance, I definitely have been treating myself a lot more (shopping, going out to eat, careless purchases) so now that I’ve had my fun, I really need to focus on saving as much as possible. I don’t want to be left without a SD and with only a full closet and a cute apartment to show for it. I need to keep my $$$$$ in the bank. 

The current car that I have right now is really old and has a lot of problems that are not worth fixing, so I’m at the point now where I will probably be needing a new car very, very soon. It’s something I’ve been stressing out about for a few months. My SD has a spare Audi in his garage that he doesn’t use, so he said I could use and have that when mine breaks down. I honestly would feel really uncomfortable driving around in it, and there would be no way to explain it to anyone, so I don’t really like the idea lol. I really just want a basic Toyota or Honda or something cheap to fix and not flashy, especially since I live in a really ghetto apartment building. I guess we’ll see what happens when the time comes!

Also kinda funny, my SD actually told me that he’s surprised that I’m not very demanding. What does that even mean? Should I be asking him for more? Force him to take me shopping more or on a trip? Lol I’m totally satisfied with what he provides me, and I’ve always been a very accommodating, go with the flow kinda person, so I haven’t really thought about asking for anything more. hmmm.

Wooooh this is a long post. I don’t know if any of y’all are actually interested in this shit, but I mainly like writing it all out as like a diary that I can go back and read later. :) Anyway, hope everyone has been doing well on their sugaring adventures so far this year! <3

I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember...

But when I saw The Force Awakens last Thursday night was the first time that I felt, in 30 years, that I was a welcome fan.  SPOILERS behind the cut, not huge ones by any means, but some vague ones.  And this will be tagged into oblivion, but as a female fan there was a reason why this movie meant EVERYTHING to me.

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I saw tøp last night for the first time and I feel like a new person is this a normal experience

definitely a normal experience. it doesnt stop after the first time though…every time i see them brings me as much, if not more, joy than the last one