i still can’t believe time passed so fast and wham! its 15 years of arashi already. you guys consist of a huge part of my teenage years when i can still remember i drew and wrote the word “arashi” on almost everywhere i can see, i pasted pictures of you in my diary, i saved thousands of pictures of you off the internet, i waited for more than 2 hours just to download a 100mb file. i can still remember how you guys made me laugh so hard and so long until my stomach hurts, and how every single day without fail i will listen to you on my way to school and back home. how i fall into the dark hole of tumblr and have never quite gotten out ever since. how i see the wars and friendships in this fandom as it matures. how i sat there in a dark corner during days when you have concerts in japan, thinking why am i not there. those were the days that had gone past so fast.

and i know nothing lasts forever. alot of things happening in rl also stopped me from fangirling so hard and so much anymore. i know i can never be my teenage self again who did all those “crazy” things. but. i am truly grateful for your existence. for all the laughter during my darkest days. for always shining so brightly. for motivating me. for making me believe that, all the pain and hurt shall pass someday. 

from the day i knew you guys back in 2007, till now.