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Hwoarang and Lili

As a romantic ship:
I don’t know them enough | wtf | why | just NO | tolerable | they’re okay | cute | awww | babies | hot | I will go down with this ship | OTP

I know this is a fairly popular ship in the fandom, but it really doesn’t do anything for me, alas. I don’t see Lili as being Hwoa’s type at all and vice versa - I think they’d be totally disinterested in one another as romantic prospects. (Also, isn’t Lili like, sixteen in canon? step away from the schoolgirl, Hwoa.)

However, I do like them…

… as a platonic friendship:
I don’t know them enough | wtf | why | just NO | tolerable | they’re okay | cute | awww | babies | hot | I will go down with this ship | OTP | why is this not canon

I really would love to see these two become friends. I think their being from vastly different backgrounds would make for a lot of friction and bickering initially, but I’m sure they’d eventually find common ground (in their shared interest in Kazama stalking, for example) and develop that type of friendship where almost every exchange is made up of teasing and really-harsh-but-affectionate insults. They’d totally go on Kazama tracking adventures together, you can’t tell me otherwise.


SINGULARITY - [listena mix for exploring future dystopian societies

the hypothetical moment in which artificial intelligence will have progressed beyond humanity, radically changing society and reinventing what it means to be human

HOW AM I GONNA BE AN OPTIMIST ABOUT THIS? - a mix containing over 30 versions (remixes/mashups/covers) of an overplayed yet awesome song



I’m ordering a bunch of new wool next week, so it seems like an all right time to do this. c:

Hi, I make needlefelt plushies! They’re very soft and durable, and I’m going to give away one free commission for one!


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RivaEre Manga

This will hurt so prepare yourselves

Original: リヴァエレまんが
Translation and typesetting: sassygayyata

note: please if possible rate the artist’s work and don’t repost this and please excuse the bad grammar if there will be any

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I believe in you. I have ever since I joined the guild.