HI THERE well so

i just got handed the keys to a shiny new apartment, my first one.  Im not moving in completely until august 29thish, but when i get there im going to have basically no furniture other than my desk and some chairs im getting for free.

with my current income its going to take 2-3 months to save up for an actual bed, so when i move in completely this is my sleeping situation (definitely not awful!! just not preferable!!) so I wanted to try taking on some NYOP sketch commissions to work on as warm ups between my larger commission work and my job-work ;u;

SO starting at a minimum of 5 USD I’ll draw you ~*whatever you want*~ (other than porn sorry), OCs/fandom character/whatever, and basically, the more you spend, the longer I’ll spend drawing it (if that means getting to a point where I add colour, i’ll add colour and what not!) you can see more examples of these types of commissions from me here

just send payment via paypal to alt6913@yahoo.com with a note of “nyop commission”, your tumblr or email, and details on what you’d like me to draw! and I’ll email or message you to confirm ;u;

i think thats covered it… signal boosts are greatly appreciated!