dominantenthusiasm  asked:

Thank you for stating the truth about Sex ("A Message to het/bi virgin boys). I have always, from my first sexual encounter, espoused this unpopular opinion. Now I've had tremendous sexual experiences, sure. But the really worthwhile ones were few and far between. By and large, when in long-term, serious relationships with women, I have always gradually come to resent the act as an obligation to fulfill her ego, as a physical chore, as a series of repetitive acts than only become numbing routine

You’re welcome.

If I didn’t know dozens of people who think the same, I maybe would have considered that I am doing something wrong.

But my experience simply shows that men who think sex is the best of the things - are so shallow and hollow that they have never discovered or tried anything more pleasant in life. Or maybe they just have more “bright” hormonal balance than I do. Whatevs.