“I Rep That West” - Ice Cube Now HE Knows What He’s Talking About ! Fuck All You “Rappers” From Today ! You Ain’t Got Shit On The Real Old School Thugs Or Rap ! #90’s Rap FTW !

Don’t you know that I rep that; why you got to let that
Boy in the buildin’ don’t you know that
He about to kill ‘em! - Don’t you know that - he about to hurt y'all feelings
Can’t find where am I as well play the villain?
I’m a get him! (get him!) - Why? Cause I can’t baby sit him;
I’m a whip him! (whip him!) - Treat him like bad ass children.
Is it evil? - Y'all better call them people
How I get down - just ain’t legal!
Money loong! - Sorta like Louis Vuitton
I run this shit right here - call me: “Marathon”!
BOOM! - I blow like a cherry bomb
You a small donation, bitch! - I’m a telethon!
WestCoast million, what is he really on?
Is it that shit - that n***as go silly on?
Hell no, the pyroclastic flow is evident (WESTSIDE!)
And y'all know what I represent!
—  Ice Cube, I Rep that West

Rappeur : Ice Cube

Titre de 2010 : I Rep That West

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