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“I Rep That West” - Ice Cube Now HE Knows What He’s Talking About ! Fuck All You “Rappers” From Today ! You Ain’t Got Shit On The Real Old School Thugs Or Rap ! #90’s Rap FTW !

Graphic T-Shirt Friday!

It’s the weekend of the West Point Half Marathon! Naturally, I have to rep my West Point roots (my dad went to West Point and I’ve been to way more Army-Navy football parties than I can count).

I am sort of terrified of this half. I am not even close to the shape that I wanted to be in for this race. I was hoping to not just have my regular level of fitness but I was really focused on getting in some hill work so I can run them better:


Obviously, I’m not there. I did manage to run 10 last weekend:

And it was okay. I mean, I survived so I think I’ll make it to the finish line of this half but I can’t say it’ll be the best race ever.

 Luckily West Point might be one of the prettiest places in the world so I think I can take in the sights. EVEN BETTER: my mom and youngest sister are flying i in tonight and going up with me! My mom will be running the half with me. She picked up running a couple of years ago  and ran her very first half marathon last October in 1:57!  Her goal here is to beat that time. I told her I’d hang with her as long as I could and then she’d have to take it on her own. She’s been doing real training and has mountain lungs so I’m confident she’ll be just fine. 

Again, my goal for this race is to survive and not hurt myself. I have the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in a few weeks that I hope to be in better shape for and then Pikes Peak 10k (Maryland, not Colorado) at the end of April. Spring racing will round out with another half marathon in Germany in May. Not sure I’ll be in shape to PR at either but at least I can use them as benchmarks! 

My loose plan for the year is to use the spring for base building, summer for speed training, and hit the Chicago Marathon hard in October!