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Can you explain the appeal of rwby?

Well for me the main appeal are the characters.

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There’s also the freaking good OST

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The fight scenes

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Also shoutout to the fandom

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Like at first i didn’t care much for this show. I remember dropping it before Volume 1 ended a while back but then eventually rewatched it out of boredom one day a short while after Volume 2 ended and somehow I was hooked the second time around.

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I understand why people would drop the show. I won’t lie and say that it’s for everyone. But this show has made me feel a wide range of emotions as i watched the series and not many shows have been able to do that for me.

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Crowley reassurance

Just remember. Crowley is fucking incredibly smart. In the end, he will win over Lucifer. He won’t die. You know how I know? Why would they make him a series regular recently to kill him off shortly after? News, they’re not going to kill him. He might be put through some shit that will be hard to watch, but find solace in the fact that he WILL come out on top. Trust me. It’s happened to him before, and he’s recovered before. He’s valued as a character just as much as Castiel, Dean and Sam even though most fans won’t admit it. Crowley is one of the 4 main reoccurring characters. So worry now if you must, but find comfort that he will make it. He will. Because he’s fucking Crowley.

Five years ago today the author Brian Jacques passed away. Some of my earliest memories are finished the novels Mossflower and Redwall at the scholastic book fair of Dewitt Clinton elementary school. I remember running home every day to watch the PBS series of the novels. I remember falling in love with the way words paint images on the psyche and the way characters shape us long after we’ve put the novel down. I remember that every novel in the Redwall universe ends with an invitation to come back again someday for a visit.

In middle school I was writing Redwall fanfiction before I even knew what fanfiction was. Brian Jacques along with a few other authors shaped what I’m studying currently and want I hope to be doing in the future. He once wrote in a motivational writing speech

“You know, you’ll disappoint me, if in a few years time, I’m not standing on line at a bookstore, waiting for you to sign my copy of your book. Come on, all it takes is you, and determination, self belief, and of course, the flame, which came from that first tiny spark.

Your pal,

Brian Jacques”

And that is now one of my main goals. To tell stories that people want to hear. I always remember this day because it defined so much if who I am and I always return to the Redwall novels when I need to remember there is beauty in the world.

Hey Gravity Falls fandom! Remember when we thought our suffering was over and we had a good finale?


Alex couldn’t even give us that.

Now before you go ‘What the hell? The series finale was amazing!’ (which I too loved and still love) let me explain.

So I was sitting in my kitchen with some chicken soup while watching a rerun of Star vs. the Forces of Evil on Disney XD. Pretty normal right? So the episode ends and I think ‘Now that I finished my food, I can retreat to the cave I call my room.’ As I’m about to turn off the TV, a Gravity Falls promo comes on with the obnoxious announcer saying “Thought it was over? Miss Gravity Falls?”

So my attention was grabbed and I watched the promo and it was all well and good. Alex was being a dork saying how when he was Dipper’s age he wanted to learn how to speak backwards. 

But then.

Then it happened.

Remember that part of the finale when Bill was in Stan’s mind sobs and is encompassed by blue flames and all that fun stuff. Remember when Bill was yelling in gibberish as he changed forms, trying to escape.

They played it backwards.

And you know what it said?

“I invoke the ancient code that I may return!”



i’m in tears. severus snape was the first harry potter character i was ever genuinely intrigued with, the character that got me hooked when i first saw the harry potter movies, it’s where literally all of it started for me. reading headcanons about that character or looking at edits or rewatching my favourite scenes with him helped me through a really shitty period of my life, and even though that connection isn’t as intense today, i still look back at it sometimes and realise that whatever happens, this will always be the character that introduced me to something i love and would never want to miss in my life. since i watched the movies before i read the books, it was alan rickman’s portayal of the character that made it all possible, it was his interpretation of it and his performance in the end that made me fall in love with the harry potter series. and i will always remember him for that. this is such a sad day, and i still can’t believe i’m sitting here, that i have to write this, it makes me so incredibly sad that i’ll never see him in person. thank you, alan rickman, for being a significant part of my life, for being such a great actor and person and for making so many people happy. rip alan, we will miss you so much.