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It's a shame the Deadman Wonderland anime was so short, though. And they cut out some key characters, so there's no continuing even if they wanted. But the manga was A+. Glad you're reading it. Though, why don't you read it online?

i watched the anime before reading the manga so i was so damn pissed at the end of the series. WHY DID THEY END THE FRIGGIN ANIME LIKE THAT, THATS SO STUPID.

cause i’m DUMB AF and i usually forget to read my manga crap online. i’ll try to read it online if i remember.

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Oh my word I still remember when 90210 premiered, I think I was in 6th grade, and probably watched it on our tv in the basement so my parents wouldn't know! Brenda and Dylan forever ;)


Yeah I ended up watching it soon after the series was done. This was before streaming sites so I watched the episodes on some channel (TBS idk) and they would have the marathons of it for a several hours each day and they went through the seasons so I was able to watch the whole series, and that’s why it took a couple of months.

It was, I wouldn’t say amazing and good because I’m not a fan of that genre, but it was good, it was so drama and soap opera like but you know. I guess that’s what it was.

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Do you remember who broke the news of the X-Files revival? It wasn't that Munn guy was it? I hope it's just his bad attitude and not true, though I did watch the interview where Chris Carter said ending the series for good would be like signing his own death warrant... and that had me weary that he'll never be brave enough to give our two heroes a deserved rest, a peaceful if not happy ending.

Sorry, I’m going through old anons tonight. Pat Munn reported on rumblings of a revival before it was official, but he definitely wasn’t the only outlet or journalist to do so. When it was official, of course, everybody got it at the same time. I’d just ignore his moody ramblings for the most part; they’re unprofessional and transparently a ploy for attention. 

I don’t remember that Chris Carter comment, though. Point me to it? 

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Hi, Boss! I was your Xena first-timer from months ago! Well, now I'm nearly at the end and it's been a ride! I've fallen in love with it. Quick question, though - I remember finding a post before I watched the series saying that it would be a better experience to watch the final episodes in this order, and it's how it was originally intended: Many Happy Returns, Friend in Need (1 and 2), Soul Posession, When Fates Collide. Do you agree?

Oh hey!! YES.

If you watch it that way, it’ll certainly be better for your heart. I know that a lot of fans suggest to watch it that way (I think because of the way Gabrielle’s scrolls are written out), but I don’t know (or didn’t know) that was the original intended order of episodes. ‘When Fates Collide’ is a waaaaay better series finale than what happened so if you watch it in that order, I guess it wouldn’t be so bad. 

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Alright so I see you like books and have read the divergent series, I loved these books and wasn't so much looking forward to the insurgent movie due to its trailers, is it worth watching? Or did they pull a Percy Jackson and fuck shit up?

Ok so I decided not to re-read insurgent before the movie because I don’t like reading them right before I see it because then I notice all the little differences.  So I went to see it not really remembering much of the book.  But I really did enjoy the movie.  The thing is they changed quite a bit of it, but it still ended up the same as the book.  So they didn’t do a PJ because I still liked the movie just don’t go into it thinking it is going to be exactly like the book! Hope that helps:)