Eternal Snow

“It’s cold out here tonight isn’t it?” Danse asked turning his head to look over at Lunaria who just nodded her head and smiled as she leaned her head back feeling the moonlight rest against her skin. “Back before the war began, I used to find the highest place at home and sit up there. I wouldn’t do much, just stand there and think about things. I would think about the war…about Shaun and what might happen to him..what Nate and I would do when the war was over.” Lunaria said shrugging her shoulders for a moment.

“I remember this one December, Nate and me had gotten into an argument, it was something stupid, like us loosing our cat or codsworth rusting out because we had forgot about him one time in the rain. I had decided to go for a walk and I ended up walking to the same exact place that Vault 111 is right now, it wasn’t there at the time…well it was but it was hidden underneath all construction work. I snuck in the through the gate and walked over to the cliff edge, the same exact one we are standing on. To be honest I wanted to go into the vault right at that moment..and never wanted to come out again. I was scared and worried and didn’t even know what to think.” Lunaria said laughing bitterly for a moment reaching her hand up and wiping the tears out of her eyes, she held her hand up stopping Danse before he could comment and sighed for a moment. “My mother named me Lunaria, and sometimes she would call me moon’s aria. The moon shines bright no matter how dark it is, you can still see it even when it’s a new moon, and a song can course through it, causing things to change. I’m glad…that I was able to come to this brilliant future and meet everyone.” Lunaria said laughing a little bit. “I’m rambling aren’t I?” Lunaria said before blinking as felt Danse’s arm wrap around her and hold her against him and glanced up at the sky and blinked as she noticed that snow had begun to fall