Okay  honestly I know Legends has been awesome in providing crack episodes to us but really they’re missing out on some great stuff: 

  • It’s great and all that they’re traveling to different places but when are they gonna travel to ancient Greece? Or Rome???? GIVE IT TO ME. 
  • Forget space pirates give me pirates pirates. 
    • You KNOW there’d be a badass lady pirate and Sara def is into her.
    • Mick is probably made captain of a pirate ship somehow. 
  • Seriously. I just - cannot believe that they put the historical periods into a montage (besides Camelot). Just give me ALL the historical periods and “Sometimes I Remember I’m A Historian” Nate going “mmm….not historically accurate.” 
  • What’s that? Them going into space and fighting/being friends with aliens? 
    • Ik we kind of went into it in Invasion but like, let’s make it more explicit this time. 
  • @hedgiwithapen has de-aged headcanons like??? Imagine teen Martin comforting 3 year old Jax and then they merge by accident and now you have a 3 year old Firestorm lighting shit on fire while teenage Mick finds more stuff for them to blow up. 
    • Good god I’d watch a WHOLE episode of toddlers running the Waverider and ykw?? It probably wouldn’t be that different. 
    • Fine okay so this REALLY only works with Firestorm, Nate, and Amaya but it’d be fun, or if the team somehow found themselves with each other’s weapons I’d start laughing. 
      • Amaya and Sara can now merge which is great. 
      • Ray is left alone on the ship and is like “OH SWEET I GET TO BE CAPTAIN AGAIN”. 
      • Jax has Mick’s heat gun and Mick has the steel powers and both are thriving. 
      • Nate gets Amaya’s powers but for some reason can’t figure it out and ends up running away from danger half the time. 
      • Stein grabs the atom suit and for all his knowledge can’t figure out how to use it, and ends up destroying it. 
        • Mick laughs because he remembers Ray told him an idiot could use it.
  • Where. Is. My. Bodyswap. Episode. 
    • As per @calmandcalculating Mick and Sara swap bodies and have the same stance. 
    • Jax and Rip probably swap and they’re like “………….great”. 
      • “If you damage my body I’m killing you Rip.” “No worries, Mr. Jackson.” 
    • Nate and Ray swap but they’re pretty much the same person so does it even make a difference lmfao. 
    • Somehow Stein/Amaya/Gideon all swap and now Gideon is in Amaya’s body, Amaya is in Stein’s body, and Stein is an AI and he’s startled but now keeps annoying people by popping up with his unwanted opinions all the time
    • It all starts when Ray Palmer and Nate Heywood, Horror White Boys ™ bring a Ouija board on the ship. 
      • Ray thinks it’s ridiculous and Nate just laughs because he doesn’t believe in it so both are down to play it. 
      • Sara doesn’t know if she believes or not but honestly she thinks she can kick a demon’s ass so it’s okay. 
      • Stein and Mick probably end up possessed. 
      • Actually tbh maybe this wouldn’t happen because Jax is smart and would break the board. 
        • He probably does this every time Ray & Nate bring something stupid on board. “Oh a tape that kills you if you watch it? Yeah okay HOW ABOUT NO”.
        • Oh you went to an antique shop and found this creepy puppet??? “Nope, nope, nope, not today. Hell no, you two are out of your minds, get that shit away from me, nOOOOPEEEEEE-”

blabluek  asked:

Hello! I would like 1A of Elena getting worried sick about Nate. Thanks!

umm, warried sick…
First of all I remembered a scene that Nate came back from sea in UC3.
That time, Elena was sooo goooood woomaaan. (*^o^*)

By the way, Nate is cured all hurts soon. lol
So I drew injured Nate!
(I’m sorry if this art is different from your image.)

Thanks for the request!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

One Last Ride  (Sam Drake x Reader) Chapter 1: You Promised

I’m starting a new fan fic, will probably get a few chapters?
Story will consist of (fluff, angst, action, drama, nsfw)

I’ve gotten so much inspo from my fav fic writers on here so i thought i’d give it a try. Your feedback would be awesome! comment and like (:

Summary: Nathan Drake calls you for a job he needs help on and could only count on you (besides Sam and Sully of course) to help him on this based on your other jobs together. 

He promised. 

He promised no more dangerous jobs, no more dangerous men shooting at you, no more dangerous lost cities, and no more dangerous treasure hunting that at the end of the day you left with nothing.

But there you go, answering his phone call once again. 

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Imagine: Eliot finding out Moreau has died

Wordcount: 1168
Triggers: Abuse Implied

Hardison shuffled through the mail, shaking his head slightly as he divided it into four piles.

“Junk, junk, Parker, junk, junk… The hell?”

The hacker held up the envelope in the light, making sure he was reading it correctly before calling into the apartment. “Hey Eliot, you got a letter here from… San Lorenzo.”

Parker perked up from her seat on the table, looking towards Hardison in confusion. The genius hardly had time to shrug in response before pounding footsteps came from further in their headquarters and the hitter darted into view.

“Give it here.”

“Eliot, what–”


“Okay! Okay!” he responded, dropping the envelope into his friend’s outstretched hand before backing up with arms raised. “Geeze, man!”

The agitated soldier didn’t reply, snatching up the letter and tearing it open as he crossed to the other side of the room. Both Parker and Hardison were left to watch as he pulled the paper out and unfolded it, one slightly shaking hand holding it in front of his face while the other was wrapped tightly around the now-destroyed envelope it came in. It hardly took thirty seconds before he crumpled it up into a ball, storming out the door to the brewpub and slamming the items into the trash can as he went.

There was a brief moment of stunned silence, before Parker stood up and crossed over to the garbage. Pulling out the wadded ball, she brought it back over to the table and pulled a corner out until she could smooth the paper enough to read it.


You asked me to write if their was any change in Damien Moreau’s status here in San Lorenzo. Last night, he suffered a heart attack in his prison cell. President Vittori ordered him to be sent to the nearest hospital, where they found him dead on arrival.

I have seen the body and confirmed it myself; Moreau is dead. He will no longer be a torment to San Lorenzo or anyone else.

General Lawrence Flores

The thief blinked quietly at the paper, glancing up at Hardison as he finished reading over her shoulder. Standing up, she moved around him and to the door, going down the stairs and to the kitchen of the brewpub below.

Eliot was facing the stove, away from her. Knife in hand, he quickly chopped and diced onions, only stopping briefly to sniff and wipe his nose on the end of his sleeve. Carefully, the blonde eased herself onto one of the bar stools and folded her hands in front of her.

“…Eliot,” she cautiously began, causing the hitter to glance over his shoulder at her. “You remember when you said not to ask you what you did for Moreau, because you’d tell me?”

“…You really wanna ask that, Parker?”

“No,” she admitted. “But I do want to ask… something else. Remember when we did the Not-Dogs-Playing-Poker job, when Sophie fake-died the first time? And you said something about her seeing another Nate before Nate… Was that Moreau, for you?”

Eliot paused a moment, before sighing and turning back to the onions.

“I had a… different relationship with Moreau than with Nate,” he said as Hardison quietly entered the room and paused in confusion before crossing to sit next to Parker. “You remember how I told Nate I needed something, but I didn’t have to search anymore? Moreau was… the first time I thought I found it.”

“And that’s why the Ram’s Horn and San Lorenzo jobs set you off so bad?” Hardison asked. Eliot whipped around, snarling and turning to Parker.

“When’d HE get here?!” he demanded.

“Look, man!” Hardison quickly cut in. “I’ll admit I was pretty pissed off you left me in the pool, but you know how when Nate drinks, he gets all hellfire rainin’ down on the bad guy’s asses, loud and ready to whoop your ass? Well you did the exact opposite. You like… shut down completely, you hardly said a word unless somebody spoke to ya first. You barely wanted to go McPunchy on anybody, like you were afraid to.”

“We read the letter,” Parker added. “We wanna help you. We just… Don’t know how to do it until you tell us.”

The soldier’s eyes switched from one pair to the other, trying to read them without letting them read him. It took a moment, but Eliot sighed and turned around. He put the knife on the cutting board, turning and walking to lean on the back end of the counter with his hands on top of it.

“…I learned the hard way with Moreau never to trust somebody that’s charming the second you meet him.” His eyes weren’t directly on either of them, down somewhere between their shoulders as his voice was only just loud enough to hear. “He made me feel like I… belonged. At first. So when things started going south, I was tryin’ so hard to hold onto that that I did anything he wanted t’ keep him happy. Things I… shouldn’t have done, for anybody.”

He sighed, both of his friends knowing their silence was much more valuable here than any words they might say before he finished. “Nine months in when I looked in the mirror an’ realized I was lookin’ at a shell instead of a person… I knew I had to get out. Took three more t’ finally do it.”

There was a pause, all three of them in silence for a moment before Parker reached forwards and clasped both her hands around one of Eliot’s fists resting on the counter. He looked up, the thief greeting him with a sad grin as Hardison reached out his own hand to rest on the other three. The soldier glanced over to him, hacker catching his eye and giving him a single, solemn nod.

“…Thanks guys,” Eliot barely whispered, pulling his hand away as he sniffed again and turned around to bring his sleeve up.

Parker drummed both her hands against the table. “So, what’re we cookin’?” she asked. The hitter turned back to her for a second before a grin and chuckle made their way out.

“I dunno man, I might just freeze these for somethin’ later,” he admitted.

“Okay, ooor,” Hardison suggested, “you could make those wicked omelettes you’re so good at.”

“I’ll crack the eggs!” Parker instantly volunteered, jumping up and darting around the counter.

“What–? Girl y’ always break the egg, what do I got to do?”

“No, you are not cookin’, we’re not using that damn laser you ordered to make an omelette.”

“But we could use it.”

The trio continued to playfully banter back and forth, Eliot rolling his eyes and shaking his head but still with a smirk across his face. In a brief moment between quips, Parker gently bumped her shoulder against his and Hardison reached a hand around behind him, hand resting on the hitter’s opposite shoulder and giving a gentle squeeze.


Typical Sunday (OGOC)

I feel somebody grabbing my waist, pulling me into them and I slowly start to wake up. Realizing I don’t have a boyfriend I’m confused, my head unable to comprehend what’s going on, nor what went on yesterday night. I turn my head to the person to find out it is actually Swazz, peacefully sleeping with his mouth half open. I laugh to myself. This is not the first time we wake up cuddled up somewhere after a party. I look around and realize I’m in Nate’s room, Nate’s bed to be exact, and it is way too hot under the covers. I feel slightly uncomfortable so I carefully wiggle my way out of Johns grip, sitting up a little. “Morning”, Nate grumbles. That’s when I realize he’s also there “Oh hey”, I smirk. He’s laying on the other side of me, already out of the covers and half naked, scrolling through something on his phone. “What time is it?” I ask him, rubbing my forehead. My head hurts and I wonder how much I drank this time. “1:34” he reads the time on his phone. I nod, looking around the room for my clothes. I’m only wearing my pantys and bra, but I’m not too surprised about that. “Can you pass me my shirt?” I ask Nate when I feel Swazz waking up next to me. I catch it and am about to put it on when a hand snatches it from my fingers. “Swazz!” “What”, his raspy voice groans “I wanted to put that on” Nate looks up from his phone smirking at us. “No you didn’t”, John points out, clearly still drunk. “I did”, I argue, turning to him completely and then climbing on top of him to get my shirt back. He’s still too tired to function, his eyes half closed, so I pull it from his grip effortlessly, putting it back on. I hear a clicking sound and I swing my head around to find Nate looking at his phone, smirking. 

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“Don’t you dare say you love me” Pt.2 -Nate Maloley

Chapter 1

*One Year Later*

(y/n) POV

I decided to leave Nate. Some girls thought I was crazy but hey if you saw the love of your life and bestfriend fucking each other in your bed, you’d probably leave him too. I let him keep the house and I decided to move about 20 minutes away. Nate got weekend visitations, but been on the Skaterade Tour for about a month now, and he should be back in time for (y/d/n)’s birthday party on Saturday at around 4p.m.

Originally posted by maloleykush

It was now Saturday morning and I decided to make pancakes for the kids. We were having having her party at the local park. (y/d/n) literally insisted, I tried suggesting other place but she had to have her way. I wouldn’t care it we had it there or not, but it’s the first place Nate had our first date. A picnic lunch and swings, the perfect date i’ve ever been on.

The kids and I got to the park about 30 minutes early so I could decorate and stuff. “Mommy, can we go play”, they both asked. “Yes, but don’t get dirty”, i said put the streamers around the little gazebo. Then my phone went off, indicating someone just texted me. It was Nate.

Nate- “Hey, I’ll be at the party today”

You- “K”

Nate- “Present ideas?”

You- “She’s your daughter too, you should know what she likes too”

Nate- whatever 

You- (read at 3:39)

(y/d/n) came running up to you and you squatted down to her height. “Mommy is daddy coming to my party”, she asked. “I think so baby”, you said. “Mommy don’t tell anyone, but that’s my birthday wish, for daddy to come to my party and come back home”, she said whispering in my ear. I just smiled at her cute little chubby face.

Family and friends started to arrive and (y/d/n) was so excited to see Nate’s parents. “Grammy and Papi!”, she screamed with excitement. She embraced Nate’s parents and kissed all over them.”Happy Birthday sweetheart”, they both said to her.  Then all I see is a sugar filled little boy tackle Monte. “(y/s/n) how is my favorite boy”, Nate’s father said. “Good Papi, lets go swing!”,he exclaimed. “All right, all right”, Monte said. I smiled and saw the joy written all over their faces. Just as I was about done putting all the chips out, I felt a hug from the behind. It was Kami, the sweetest lady ever. “Hi, honey how are you”, she smiled. “I’m good, how about you and Monte”, I asked. “We’re good, Stew got into the state of Nebraska”, she smiled. “I haven’t seen him in so long. How is he?”. “He’s good, he’s thinking of proposing to Carrie soon”. “Wow, I remember when they started dating”. “I remember when you and Nate did too, you to were so cute together”. “Oh Kami, you’re funny”, I chuckled. “You think Monte and I could take the kids tonight”, she asked. “Sure, actually yes please. I have a date tonight anyways”, I said raising my eyebrows up and down. “Get out of town! Who is it”, she asked excitedly. “His name is Shawn”, I smiled at the sound of his name. “I’m glad your happy honey”, she smiled. I could tell she really wasn’t. I mean me and Nate were together ever since junior year of highschool and finally got married after 4 years of dating. “Thank you Kami”, I said kissing her cheek.

“Okay everyone time for the pinata”, I yelled. A flood of kids ran over toward the gazebo. “Okay, okay (Y/d/n)’s first”, you smiled. While tying the blindfold around her eyes, I look around for Nate. He’s nowhere in sight. “Okay baby swing away”, you said. “Alright, (y/d/n) swing it baby!”, a familiar voice called out. (y/d/n) took off her blindfold and saw her prince charming. “Daddy!”, she cried out. “Daddy’s back”, your son also yelled and began running to Nate. They both tackled them, making Nate lose his balance and fall onto the ground. I couldn’t help but giggle. That’s when you saw a blonde figure out of the corner of your eye. You walked over to the kids and Nate, and helped him off the ground. 

“Hey Nate”, you smiled. “Hey ba- I mean (Y/n)”, he said stuttering. “Who’s your friend”, I asked. “Oh this is Rebecca”, he smiling. “Nice to meet you Rebecca, I’m (y/n)”, you said extending your arm. “Whatever, Baby when can we leave this lame ass party”, she said rolling her eyes. “Woah, watch your language, c’mon kids lets go get some cake”, I said taking the kids hands.

Nate’s POV

I was super ass late to the party. And I was bringing Rebecca my “girlfriend” as she likes to call it. She was just some random groupie with a huge ass, I just used her to try to get over (y/n) but no one could do that. And now I thought I’d use her to make (y/n) jealous. I walked toward the gazebo seeing (y/d/n) about to swing at the pinata. “Alright, (y/d/n), swing it baby”, I yelled. That’s when (y/n) eyes caught mine. My God, she hasn’t changed. She look hella good. “Them shorts, damn lil mama”, I thought. “Daddy”, I heard two little shrieks. I saw the two out of the three loves of my life running toward me. “Hey guys”, I said loving on them. “Hey Nate”, (y/n) said. “Hey ba- I mean (y/n), I stuttered.”Who’s your friend”, she asked. Was she jealous? Was this working? “Oh, this is Rebecca”, i said. “Nice to meet you Rebecca”, she said extending her arm. “Whatever, Baby when can we leave this lame ass party”, Rebecca said. “Woah, watch your language, c’mon kids lets go get some cake”, (y/n) said. 

“Rebecca, I told you you didn’t have to come. These are my kids.”, I said. “Fine”, she said storming off toward everyone. “Nate, I’m so glad to see you”, my mom said kissing me. “Hey mama”, I said. “Daddy, daddy I have to tell you a secret”, (y/d/n) said. “What’s up babygirl”, I said sitting down and putting her in my lap. “You can’t tell anyone but my birthday wish is for you to come back home”, she said smiling at me. When she told me this, I made eye contact with (Y/n). She just smiled at me. I can’t believe I hurt her like I did. I can’t believe I let her go. 

After everyone was done singing to (y/d/n) she blew out her candles and made a wish. The rest of the party went on and she open presents, played more games, and ate some cake. Everyone was about to leave, so it was just me, (y/n), my parents, the kids, and Rebecca. “Mommy, can we go play before we go home with Grammy and Papi”, she beggd. “It’s getting dark baby, ask someone to walk y’all down there”, (y/n) said. “Rebecca, will you take them”, I asked. “Umm, no its okay, I’ll don’t wanna make her do that”, (y/n) said. “No, it’s fine”, she said. 

(y/n)’s POV

Now it was Nate, his parents, and me cleaning up. “Kami, come help me clean up the plates and cups around the park”, Monte said while winking at Nate. Oh Lord they have something planned. “So (y/n), have you been seeing anyone lately”?,Nate asked. “Um, yea actually”I smiled thinking of shawn. “Do you mind me asking who it is”, He asked. “His name’s Shawn”, i smiled. “He good to you”?, he asked. I looked into his mud puddle eyes and gulped. “Yea, Yea Nate, he’s really good to me”, I said. He nodded his head. That’s when I heard a sharp scream come from the swings.

“Mommy, mommy help! I’m bleeding! There’s blood, Owww!”, (y/s/n) screamed. Nate and I started running toward the playground. Nate had longer legs so he got there a little faster than me. “Rebecca What the Hell, I told you to watch them!”, he yelled while picking (y/s/n) up and holding his head. “Sorry I was on Instagram”, she said nonchalantly. “Leave, right now”, he yelled at her. Nate handed me by baby. “Mommy, it hurts”, he hiccuped from all the crying. Looking at his head, I analyzed that he needed stitches (lol @shawn). “We need to go to the hospital Nate”, I said worried. “Hey hey hey, look at me baby. It’s gonna be okay. I’ll drive you okay”, Nate said calming me. “Mom and Dad, take (y/d/n) back to your house, we’ll come there after the hospital”, Nate shouted from my car. We got into the hospital and they took (y/s/n) to get stitches. You then called Shawn to tell him that you had to reschedule. 

13 stitches. My poor baby’s head. We put him in the car seat and drove to Nate’s parents. As we drove he fell asleep. “Thank you Nate, for taking me and comforting me”, you said. “If I wouldn’t have fuck up, this wouldn’t have happened. (Y/n) I miss you”, he said while putting his hand on my knee. We were now parked out his parents house. “Nate, don’t”, you said as he got closer to your face. That’s when yall’s lips connected and you felt the sparks. The same sparks you felt in junior year, on your wedding day, and now.

mvngled  asked:

first impression, i remember when it was the Nate Mania where like. everyone & their mother was playing nate ?? and you were one of the original ones i followed, & i was . So Nervous because i'm the Most Insecure Person on the planet, but you seemed like a pretty chill person ?? my now impression, is that you have so many interesting muses that i still haven't interacted with, but i still think you're pretty cool so !! i definitely want to thread with you more, you seem really nice (^:

   – ( I remember Nate Mania! I think I was like the first or second Nate ( flashbacks to release-thekhrp. better days for sure ) to come around, and seeing all of the others pop up like extremely scared me bc I’m insecure as all get out and I was worried that my friends would leave me for better nate’s and it was just like constant internal screaming. BUT! I’m really glad the other Nate’s came about bc then I wouldn’t have met Riley or you and I’m just really happy to know y’all and you’re all amazing and I just really love my friends. 

   You’re so cool and you’re an amazing writer and so creative and just. I love. Everything. Bless u. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 )

Secret Admirer//(N.M) in

The day was cold and crisp, goose bumps rose upon my skin. Sending shivers down my spine as I waited for the uber. Dark clouds were above the party goers as they came out of the club highly intoxicated. A man descended from the alley with a joint in his mouth.

“Take a picture it will last you longer lil mama” the man said as he slowly approached me. Looking at my body up and down as If I were a piece cake. My breath quickened as he was only a few steps away.

“I would take a picture but it isn’t worth remembering” I countered back with the last bit of confidence I had. Thunder was heard over head as a storm passed through. His eyes bored in to my shivering figure.

“Feisty lil mama… But a picture would totally be worth remembering or I can give you something that you won’t forget.” He said with a cocky smirk plastered on his face. I scoff at his words and give him a glare.

“What makes you think I want anything from you. For all I know you could be a walking AIDS machine”

“Maybe if you took a chance on me you would know” he said while walking under the street light. His joint all done by now. “I’m Nate by the way” he starts walking away towards a car parked in the alley.

“I’m Y/N” I say voice shaking from the cold. Knowing the uber would never come for me.

“Nice meeting but seriously take a chance once in a while” Nate said as he walked away again lighting another joint.

“But with if taking a chance gave a my friend a broken heart. Ruined her whole high school experience. And could never trust a guy in her life ever.” A solo tear came down my face as I remembered the memories. Nate stopped in his tracks turning around walking back towards.

“Well tell your friend the chance she took wasn’t really a chance but a bad decision. And by the way whatever happened it shouldn’t bother you anymore” Nate said as he held out his hand I front of him. “I promise y/n. if you go out with me. What ever that bastard did won’t matter because u won’t break your heart like he did. He didn’t know you loved reading, stargazing, and nights in” Nate hand moves to caress my cheek while gazing into my eyes.

“How do you know that stuff Nate?” I asked confused on how he knew about me.

“Remember how Jake always invited you along to parties. As you both walked in the party all eyes stared at you. A beautiful girl along a selfish bastard. Nevertheless the most adored couple in high school. Not even 10 minutes into the party you would disappear” Nate took a deep breath before continuing “book in hand on top of the roof. Watching the party unfold below you. Eyes searching for Jake as he talked to his friends not once looking for you. Your lack of presence never seemed to bother him.”

Memories came back as he continues to talking. A gasp escapes my mouth as soon as he finishes.

“Nate.. Did you send letters describing me and how I deserved more? That night someone stood in the shadows of the tree watching. Curiosity got the best of me and I went to see the face of the unknown stranger. You where that stranger that captured my heart from the beginning. Why didn’t you tell me those letters and roses sent to my house belonged to you?” I touched his check as he liked down. Lifting his chin he had tears in his eyes.

“If I told you…. You would have dropped Jake like nothing. I know he cheated on you but he loved you. I could destroy the most adored couple of the school”
Nate finished without taking his eyes off of me.

“Don’t you think that was my call to make Nate. I fell for the person writing those beautiful letters to me. Secrets and our wildest dreams exchanging through those letters. Jake could have loved me but that love we used to have for one another started fading.”

Nate stood there speechless. I took that as a sign to leave. Walking away Nate seemed to finally come out of the trance he was in.

“Y/n..” I continued walking even though I heard him call my name. Soon my arm was pulled and embraced into a muscular chest. As I looked up I felt lips onto of mine. Nate sees my hesitation and start pulling away taking my unresponsive as signal. My hands grasp his neck pulling him closer making him look me in the eye. Not once looking away from me his plump lips find mine again. Our lips moving in sync as the rain pours harder.

I smile into the kiss before I start to giggle. Nate pulls away confused at the sound of my giggles.

“May I ask what is so funny y/n?”

“I finally found my secret admirer.. but what I really funny about this my admirer was always standing next to me.” The words come out as cheeky grin appears on his face. He pulls me back into his arms swaying back in forth.

“Another thing is we have a cheesy kissing scene in the rain” I whisper as I place another kiss on his perfect lips. Nate hums in response before placing a kiss on my forehead.

“The next letter I will be writing to you. Will be the letter that holds my vows to you. Through sickness and in health may this love be everlasting.” Nate takes a breath before continuing. “It will take a while but I promise we will get married. I let you go once and it won’t happen again.”

That night We spend together at his place. The future is near and we don’t know what it holds, but one thing I’m sure about is that Nate will be in it. Life as u know it has changed for me because I have the person I love most by my side.

Playing With Fire - Part 3


main masterlist

a/n: hey guys! here’s the next part. holy guacamole thank you so much for 200+ followers in only a couple weeks. this part is intense lol. happy reading x 

Pairing: Cameron Dallas x Reader x Nate Maloley 

Summary: After finding Nate in his apartment, Cameron is extremely confused and seeks Y/N (reader) to explain what the heck is going on. 

Word Count: 2,800+ 

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I just remembered Nate Ruess’ angelic voice and this song is wonderful? Idk, if you needed reminding that Nate Ruess sounds like a literal angel here you go.

Wanting More {Calum Hood} Part One

Requested: No :(

Summary: It’s a cliché with a bit of a twist, best friend, Calum likes Y/N but wants to be more.

P.O.V: (Y/N)

This part is just an intro so it’s kinda short. There might be two more parts, request and like if you want more.

part two | part three



I exhaled a large sigh as I tossed my backpack onto my desk chair and plopped myself down on my mattress. This day couldn’t have gone any worse. My fingertips massaged my temples in attempt to wipe away the recent events. Not even five minutes passed before my bedroom window was being lifted upwards. Turning towards the commotion, I saw a curious brunette peeking his head into my room. His lip was tucked between his teeth and I laughed as he hurled his body through the small entrance.

“You know, I’m starting to think I’m to big for this,” He grunted as he picked himself off of my carpeted floor. I sat up, crossing my legs as he fixed his muscle tee.

“Maybe you should consider using the front door every once in a while,” I said picking the white duvet. He widened his eyes as he folded his arms in protest.

“Now, what would be the fun in that?” He gave me wide grin and I thought back to the first day he climbed through that window. I had just moved into this house when I was around 8 and he decided to visit his fellow neighbor by climbing through the window. Of course, I was frightened by the young stranger but immediately welcomed him with open arms when he showed up with a packet of twizlers.

When I didn’t return the smile and continued playing with my covers, he frowned and walked to the spot on the bed next to me. The mattress dipped with his weight and I turned so we were facing each other.

“Bad day?” He asked crossing his legs and our knees rubbed together. I nodded my head while I shut my eyes and I remembered the school events.

“Well, are you gonna tell me about it?” He laughed while nudging me with his foot.

“Ugh fine, if I have to,” I rolled my eyes and forced a smile. He cocked his head to the side and took my hand in his, waiting for me to continue.

“You remember Nate?” I asked while looking down at our connected hands. His face grimaced and he removed his fingers from mine and folded them in his lap.

“Yeah, I recall hearing about a certain douchebag,” he growled while biting on the inside of his cheek.

“Well, you know how I was going to ask him to homecoming?” I questioned, ignoring his reaction. He always acted like this when I brought up the crush I’ve had for 3 years. He would get very protective and claim that I’m ‘too good’ for the football (soccer) player.

“(Y/N), I said it once before and I’m not going to hesitate from saying it again. You shouldn’t ask him, he needs to grow some balls and ask you,” He slouched his back and joined me in playing with the engraved flowers on my blanket.

“Well, you remember how him and I have been texting about going to homecoming together? So today, I walked up to him and began discussing it with him while he was with his friends. And as soon as he saw me, he acted as if he didn’t even know me! Even though we’ve been tëxtïńg, he pretends like he doesn’t even know who I am,” I pouted and looked up at Calum for the first time.

He had been looking at me with a small frown. His facial features held anger and a little bit of disappointment.

“I warned you about him,” He said leaning back and putting his hands beside him to hold himself up.

“He just acted like I was completely invisible and I was humiliated!” I put my head in my hands, I wasn’t all that upset, I was just angry. I was angry at myself.

“This is what I get for falling for a jock,” I said, laughing and removing my hands from my face. Calum’s face grimaced for a second and I winced slightly.

“Sorry Cal, no offense to you; being the football captain and all,” I said lightly. He just shrugged his shoulders as if it didn’t matter.

“How come you aren’t embarrassed to talk to me in school? I mean, you’re the hottest, funniest and most charming guy in school and you hang out with me in your free time,” I asked while his face turned a bright red.

“You think I’m hot?” He asked while cocking an eyebrow. I pushed on his chest and replicated a face of disgust.

“Ew, no. You’re my best friend!” Lie.

“Exactly, (Y/N), you’re my best friend. I’d never be ashamed of you. That guy is a prick for thinking anything negative about you,” He just laughed and shrugged his shoulders once again.

“That ‘prick’ is one of your best friends, Cal,” I countered.

“Yeah, a friend that is going to get his ass kicked,” he argued and we just laughed at the thought. Although Nate was a little more muscular, Calum was way taller, so it was inevitable that Cal would be the winner.

We sat in a comfortable silence as we listened to each other breathe. It was so quiet that I could hear the clock on the kitchen wall downstairs tick. It was so quiet, I could hear the sound of my own heart beating in my body.

“So, you’re coming to my championship game tonight, right?” He asked, changing the topic. I punched him in the arm, offended that he even had to ask.

“What kind of question is that, Cal? Of course I’m coming! When have I ever missed one of your games?” I asked, masking a face of hurt.

“Eighth grade,” he said, crossing his arms like a child.

“I was in the hospital!” I laughed and he just huffed and turned his head. “Because I had a deathly allergic reaction!” I laughed harder now and Calum broke. Of course, it wasn’t funny when it happened and he quit his game as soon as he found out I was hurt.

“Okay, so you promise to come?” His laughter died down and I nodded my head in reassurance.

“Pinky promise?” He asked, holding out his small finger, I chuckled lightly and reached out to loop my pinky with his.

“Promise,” I replied.

48) "I'll do anything to make you happy" (part 3)
  • Anon 3: Title "I'll do anything to make you happy."
  • Sammy's POV (continued)
  • J: Nate, Mike and I had a deep talk with her one time at like I think 3 am. When G and madison were on a date and Sam was in New York.
  • Mike: I remember asking her why she likes hanging around us! All of us, all the guys! Us, Nash and the guys, Derek and the guys! Why does she like it? And she openly said "Sometimes I feel like you guys are immature, but at the same time I like it because you guys bring out the goofy in each other and me. Meaning, you guys are truly all best friends. No matter who you are with, where you guys are at, you guys are still rides and still act the same and I respect that. And the way I see Sam with you guys, it makes me smile. Cause I can see it in his eyes that you guys mean so much to him. You guys aren't just his friends, you guys are his family, his brothers. You guys also make me feel like part of the family too. You guys never fail to make me smile, ever." She likes to observe things sometimes and I love her for that because she doesn't always have to talk. She'll just absorb things that's going on and still be content with us, even with the dumb shit we do and say. She's easily entertained just by watching us. And she's like a sister to all of us, so we love her.
  • Nate: I remember asking her how she does it. Being who she is and keeping up with us especially you Sam. How does she ALWAYS make time to hang out with us and have fun when I know damn well she has a busy ass schedule. She said something in the line "It's hard but it's doable. I make it doable because, I like you guys. and I care about you guys so I'm going to make time. and Sam and I are in a relationship. So I put in the effort to make sure he feels important in my life again, even if I do put my career/school to the side for like 2 seconds. I'm willing to do that for people that I want to keep in my life. It's never a problem for me to put people before my future. You guys send positive vibes in my life and I want to keep that around for awhile. Especially Sam. I'm planning on keeping him around for a while now. So I hope you guys are willing to have me around for awhile." We all laughed but she was so serious about it.
  • J: As for I, I asked her a pretty serious question. I asked her about you Samuel.
  • Me: What did you ask her?
  • J: I asked her how she does it. How she has the will to TRUST YOU and still be with you. No offense Sammy, but you do act like a fuckboy sometimes. And I just wanted to know how she trusts you and everything. This is when I think G walked in. She said, "it's hard. because I know he can act like a fuckboy, childish, or single. But here's the thing, when I like a guy, I put in my all into him. Even trust him with everything I got. and I HOPE that he won't make me regret it. As stupid as that sounds, for a girl who got cheated on twice, I still try to trust him. It's different if HE does something, or when a FAN does something. I know how to keep my cool, I know when to react. But I have it in my heart, to at least trust him. Because if I don't trust him, what's the point of being with him? Y'know? I love him. I'm not willing to lose him over some trust issue. He knows I have trust issues. But in reality he has never given me a reason to not trust him, I'm just paranoid. Finding trust in someone is hard, don't get me wrong. When I first met Sammy, I thought he was a fuckboy too. When he first asked me out, I was like this kid, never will I trust him. We could never date. But here we are now. I don't know how he was before, you guys known him longer, but I feel like he changed. He's becoming, a man. That's why I can trust him." And Samuel, I think she was right. You have changed. You have given her reasons to trust you. You are turning into a man. My level of respect for her and you is over the top. More than anyone I respect in this world. I think G asked her something.. didn't you?
  • G: Did i? I did. Right when your siblings walked in, I asked her, why she loves you? What she loves about you? If she just likes the physical things you do, or the little things you do. Like when she misses you, what does she miss. all of that. Her answer gave all of us, even your siblings a more reason to love her. She said,
  • Ben: We loved her even more cause of this.
  • G: She said "I like Sam. The way he makes me feel when he just looks at me sends shivers down my spine. The smile he puts on my face when I'm just walking around the house or when I'm having a bad day. The lame jokes he says because he thinks it's hilarious. I love the twinkle in his eyes when he's passionate about something. I have physically seen the way he looks at me, like I am some prize he won that he will forever keep. I was glancing at the mirror, and I saw him looking at me, not like a piece of meat, like I'm his prize possession. He cracks a smile that just melts my heart. He makes sure I never shed a tear and if I do, he tries to make sure no more come out. I don't JUST like his hugs, or his kisses, or the way our skin touches and how comfortable that is. I love the way he sings and listens to music. I love the way he dances. The way he laughs and the things he laughs at, no matter how stupid it is. I love the way his little dimples mean so much to me. I love the way he talks about things that he is interested in. I love the way he loves talking to his parents on ft. I love the way he's close with his brother and sisters. I love how he has close friends he can trust and he talks about them nonstop. I love how we can sit in silence, and it's still comfortable. Then after a little, one of us cracks a giggle and we start laughing. I love that he remembers things about me, even the little things. I love the way he eats. I love when his eyes light up when he gets a glance at me when I walk in the room. I love the way he wakes up in the morning and goes to sleep. I love that he can trust me. I love that he talks to me about everything. I fucking love Sammy and his little smile that can make my day 100x better. I love that we vibe sooooo well together. I love that he's changing who I am, and how I see the world differently now. I love that he's on this journey with me."
  • Me: Wait when was this conversation?
  • J: Like two days ago before we all got here. And you were in NY.
  • Me: She said all of that?
  • Y/N: And I meant every single one of it.
  • *turns around*
  • Me: Y/N? What are you doing here?
  • Y/N: I decided to spend Thanksgiving here in Omaha with my second family. My family is ok with it. When I told my family about our fight they were on my ass of how immature I was being even if it was for them. They put me in my place. And they were right. I should've at least compromised with you. And I'm sorry for that. Sorry for being a hard ass. I just haven't seen my family in a while. But it's ok, cause Christmas, we are going to Y/H/T for MY family. Then we come here the 27th for YOUR family. Stay here for 3 days then. LA for New Years, with OUR friends.
  • Me: No baby, go home. I'm sorry. You should be with your family.
  • Y/N: Bitch too late I'm here already. What's up guys?
  • Y/N: And btw I did say all of that. I love you Samuel Wilkinson. And *I'll do anything to make you happy.*
  • Me: Mmm anything?
  • Y/N: Slow your roll cow boy. I just bought an airfare here today. You ain't getting off the hook that easily.
  • Mike: Aww you guys are gonna be here for New Years?
  • Y/N: Don't worry Mikey, I bought you a plane ticket to come with us to LA too.
  • Mike: Fuck, can you be my girlfriend???
  • Me: MINE!
  • Y/N: Yours.
Caught Feelings - Nate Maloley Fanfic // 6

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 




 It’s been two weeks since I ran off, almost got attacked and Nate asked me to be his girlfriend. Things have been going great but with his upcoming tour uproar hung I seem to be getting nervous for what is going to happen with us.

 "Hey lil mama.“ Nate says walking Into the kitchen kissing my forehead.

 "Hey baby.” I whisper taking a sip of my water.

 Nate then bends down and kisses my stomach rubbing it gently and talking to our child. I smile and run my fingers through his hair as he does so.

 "You’re so cute Nate. I’m going to miss you when you leave Friday.“ I say stopping my movements and wiping away a few tears. Damn pregnancy hormones.

 "You know I was thinking about that.” Nate says standing up and picking me up bridal style walking us over to the couch.

 I smile and snuggle into his chest inhaling his sent. Nate continues what he was saying as he sets us down on the couch me in his lap. “Why don’t you come with me?” Nate says with a grin. 

 My eyes light up and my head snaps up. “Are you serious?” I say now grinning.

 "Yeah can’t have my actual lil mama running around doing things by herself can I?“ Nate says rubbing my thighs soothingly. 

 "Oh my god yes of course I will go with you.” I screech wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him closer so I can feel his plump lips on mine. 

 Friday morning came and Nate and I were both packed a long with Derek and Swazz we all headed out to the tour bus and boarded with grins spread across all of our faces.

 "Damn this is awesome.“ I mumble under my breath placing my hand on my stomach.

 "Y/N and I get the giant bed in the back.” Nate yells walking back there throwing the bags on the bed.

 "What that’s not fair!“ John yells. 

 "Gotta give the pregnant lady room.” I giggle walking back to the bed flopping down next to our suitcases.

 "Whatever.“ John says rolling his eyes with a smirk. 

 We had decided to tell the boys the whole situation with me being pregnant and well who’s baby it was. Of course they had figured out that Nate and I were friends were benefits. The boys seemed to be super chill about the whole fiasco. The first stop on the tour was San Fran, and I was quite excited. The bus was leaving as all of us settled down playing on our phones.

 The bus could be cramped and at time filled with smoke but they tried to keep it to a minimum since I was carrying a impressionable baby. The ride there was bumpy and I seemed to get sick a lot. Curse my motion sickness mixed with my pregnancy. In the morning we had arrived in San Francisco and it was gorgeous and sunny. We hadn’t told the fans about Nate and I yet and especially not about the pregnancy. We stretched it and headed to the stage and the main area where the meet and greet would be held. 

 I dressed in a flowy floral maxi dress with my hair in a French braided up do. I could hear the fans cheering from outside the venu I smiled to myself as I watched Nate walk in wrapping his arms around me.

 "You look finnneeeee lil mama.” Nate chuckles in my ear kissing underneath in my sweet spot.

 I giggle and turn around right as I’m about to kiss Nate his manager tells that it’s time for the meet and greet. He sighs and places a quick peck to my lips before running out. 

 I peer around the corner to watch Nate meeting all the girls. Of course I can’t be seen or some of them will flip out on me. I get a lot of hate from his fans and the stress of it all will send me into a panic attack. I don’t need that now.

 I walk down the little grass patch to the building where Skaterade is being held. I smile and push open the door walking down the vacant isles to the giant black stage lined with speakers. I walk across the stage and stand up to the front. I hear whispers coming from behind me and I turn around to see some teenage girls. 

 "I don’t think you guys are supposed to be in here.“ I say giving them a soft smile. 

 "Stay away from Nate.” One of them says walking closer to me.

 "What.?“ I say backing up away from them. 

 "We don’t want you near him. He is ours.” Another one sneers at me jumping at me causing me to jump back.

 "I don’t want any trouble.“ I choke out not being to hold my tears in. 

 They keep getting closer to me as I approach the front of the stage. I trip and fall backwards and as I do so I scream out for Nate. I remember hitting my head into the ground and everything going fuzzy then black. I payed on the ground clutching my unborn child laying in my stomach.


Here is part 6! 

I hope you guys enjoy! 

Part 7 out Friday or Saturday


Playing With Fire - Part 10 (Nate)


a/n: THANK YOU FOR THE PATIENCE ON THIS. LOVE YOU ALL. holy crap I can’t believe this is the last part of playing with fire. my heart </3 I plan on making a sequel in the future idk we’ll see. this is for all my nate girls

Pairing: Nate Maloley x Reader 

Summary: Fast Forward months later, Y/N is happy with Nate. Even though everything seems perfect, is it ever really? 

Word Count: 2k

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jinglcjanglcjinglc  asked:

“ i remember our first kiss. ” (Nate and Nora; i'm a sucker)

Nora gave a sad smile, her eyes starting to burn with fresh tears. Shaun had done such a good job at making him so much like her husband, witch made what she had to do that much harder with each thing he told her from their life. “Nate… I’m so sorry…” She took a deep breath and read the notes from her Pip-boy. “Unit 77-N0, recall code Alph-82-Bolt.” Nora looked away now, unable to watch him shut down.

She put a hand to her mouth to stifle a sob as her legs gave out and she dropped to the ground. It wouldn’t have worked, it couldn’t have worked. He wasn’t her husband, no matter how badly she tried to believe he could be if she just..looked past the fact he was a replica of her husband.

She couldn’t stop the tears anymore. She hugged her arms around her waist and screamed into the cold night air, doubling over enough that her forehead touched the ground. She couldn’t tell how long she had been there, just crying and screaming as bad as she had the day she had been realised from her pod.

When she finally ran out of tears to cry, and her throat felt like it was on fire with every breath she took, Nora slowly sat upright on her knees, her hand going to the pistol on her hip. She drew it with a shaking hand, bringing it up to the side of her head. Turned her head to look at the deactivated synth that wore her husbands face, but it hurt too much for her to look long. She took a deep breath as she looked up at the star filled sky, and pilled the trigger.


Hey guys, as you all know I’m so excited for 4B and so here is a list I made of things to look forward to in 4B; the stuff that I cannot wait for!! I hope you all like it, it took a fair bit of research!!

** These are not ‘spoilers’. These are all confirmed information by Marlene/ABC Family them self! Except for numbers 5 and 7 which are leaked info, the rest are all confirmed and public info! Enjoy! **

1. Answers regarding Alison: why is she running around as a red coat, why did she fake her death, who tried to kill her, why doesn’t she want to be found, what did she do the night she died, etc.

2. Answers regarding Ezra! Is he A? Is he board shorts? What’s his connection to Ali? How long has he been involved in any way?

3. The contents of Ali’s diary will be revealed = ANSWERS

4. We will found out who killed Ian. I predict it was Alison to protect Spencer!

5. Apparently Emily attempts to stab her father, Wayne. That will be interesting to see the dramatic stuff going down in the Fields household! (At first I didn’t believe this leaked info, but then I remembered Emily did stab Nate back in season 3, so it’s not like ‘stabbing’ is ‘uncommon’ hahaha!)

6. Aria will go on a downwards spiral like Spencer did in 3B. However, it’s for a good reason. I wonder what this good reason is!

7. Aria will find out about Ezra on a ski lift! That’s crazy!!

8. Mona gets a love interest.

9. Caleb gets his official departure from Rosewood and into Ravenswood in episode 4x15.

10. MORE ALISON. She’s alive now, so there’s flashbacks plus current stuff.

11. CeCe has some explaining to do: why was she the 2nd red coat. Does CeCe have bad intentions?

12. Closure on the whole ‘who killed Wilden’?

13. Paige will find out about Alison being alive in 4B. It will be interesting to see how this effects Paily.

14. NO TWIN THEORY. 100% CONFIRMED, but Sasha Pieterse teased that someone else may have a twin, other than Alison. 15. We will found out how Ali and Ezra met. 16. We will discover other contenders for Big A! Wren? Melissa? JENNA!? 17. SOMEONE HAS A TWIN and will most likely be revealed sometime during 4B! 18. There will apparently be a tragic death in the 4B finale. 19. Someone has known that Ali has been alive this whole time and we will found out who this is and how this effects the major story lines!!