((I recently saw Kubo & the two strings!!! It’s. ridiculously good oh my g o d
but with school starting I’ll have to try to focus more on studies than this blog– these are both class doodles

sorry, but I’ll hopefully be able to update on the weekends ! ))

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hi it's the ungrateful 707 anon and i'm here to repent.... i misclicked an option and 707 did NOT like it and i was just so heartbroken i??? i reset the game?? completely?? i deleted my account to start over??? why did i do that


at least you can start clean now! i wish u good luck!

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Another one with which I can relate. This is more like my opinion on how I’ll probably end up alone, taking care of myself. Just enjoy :D

…And I’ll let this go
Keep it to myself
If no one knows, I’ll be fine
But even so, it’s hard to walk that line
…‘Cuz everything you plant will die
Those you trust will make you cry
And no one here can tell you why
So, who’s afraid to live? 

Not I.

♪ ♥

Becoming an adult is slowly realizing all the “normal” stuff that happened to you as a kid was actually fucked up and then coming to terms with how your upbringing left you an emotionally stunted person unable to form healthy relationships

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Hanji is a gift. She doesn't get enough appreciation (I see her as a girl but that's just me ☺️) I hope to see her more like her cherry self again soon. I know it will be hard, since she lost so many people in the last chapter. But she has Levi and the others still, and I think she will be a wonderful commander. Also, thanks for making her. She's very relatable, for me at least. And an inspiration really. I love Hanji, and I love you too

Thank you! I love you too!

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yo sorry im a little confused atm regarding this lancekeithshiro stuff rn, actually not specifically that cause idek their ages lmao but im just confused about how u were answering the questions about them, like instead of saying they dont have canon ages you were saying stuff like 'they're just fictional characters!' and 'people have different definitions of underage ;)' and like? are u trying to say that you'd ship a child with an adult if u wanted? im guessing thats not what u meant but?

i don’t remember specifically saying that ‘they’re just fictional characters’, and I haven’t found the need to use their ages (canon or official or not) in any of the answers (it feels like a weak point of argument at this point tbh) – but ANYWAY no I wasn’t saying that specifically. Like those exact words? Nah, what I was mostly saying was that I’d ship whoever if I wanted. It just so happens that some people consider those ships (such as lance/keith/shiro) shipping a “child/children with an adult”, or at the very least “underage characters with an adult”.

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Have u heard anything interesting lately?

Yes, I’ve heard Danielle saying Briana’s name aloud 4 times in less than 1.5 minutes while Louis has said it a total of 0 times in the past year+. 

I wonder how happy she is :)

  • Me, @ my Brain:Can we just calm down and let me sleep for once? I'm running on fumes here
  • My Brain @ Me:Self Sabotage! Self Sabotage! U gotta pick one, but you get a choice! physical sabotage or mental?
  • Me, staying up until dawn for the third night in a row:this is fair and balanced :)
Rio 2016 #1

So @initiala mentioned writing some Olympics-themed smut. (Copacabana Dreams part 1 and part 2 - it’s smoking hot and very much rated M.) And this made me think that we need All The Olympics AUs. So I’ve written some.

Here’s the first (and least directly related to the Olympics. It’s really just a background event), in which Emma’s been pining for her best friend Killian for years, but will she let a misunderstanding get in the way of her happiness?

Rated T for language

Word count: 3,144

Emma couldn’t remember who suggested the Rio Olympics opening ceremony party, but it had seemed like such a good idea at the time.

They’d done the same for London 2012. Back then she was still kinda new to the country and her friends’ unexpected display of patriotism, delighted nostalgia and a fuck ton of booze had made for a legendary night.

Not to mention the way a certain Killian Jones had grabbed her hand and forced her to dance, holding her tight.

“I fucking love-” he’d paused, staring directly at her. Her breath had caught in her lungs, certain that this was when he’d finally kiss her.

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This is 95% a joke and 5% of a feeling that tends to eat me over at times

pbtbt this is nothing important, dont worry

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