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Hey. Wondering if u know anyone who has an mp3 of Gen's podcast? I have a pathetic crush on her but my wifi is crap. I love the way she talks, so natural & unaffected. I don't even know if ppl can "rip" mp3s from podcasts the way some amazing ppl rip videos from FB & post them on Youtube. It's how I watch all the vids Jared & Jensen post on FB. My wifi refused to play the podcast & I tried saving it but it only lets me save a Webpage. Anyway thought I'd ask. Thanks a million! <3

I did download it for a friend, here’s the link 


ahahaha I want to die I made a post on fb last night following a really terrible conversation with my mom, and I basically just said I’m tired of letting other people make me view myself negatively because of my sexuality or gender id

and she posted on my wall abt how when I’m “feeling down this way” she’ll treat me to dairy queen

like she refuses to apologize or acknowledge the fact that SHE is the one who is making me feel like shit????