You know what I loved most about your mother? She could always help me find the light in the darkness. She made the world - my world, anyway - less - what was the word you used? - “murky.”

They tell me that living is like this: bills, three square meals a day, a hobby, and more bills. Sleeping in a bed with someone every night for 50+ years. Never dreaming too big.

There is a beast in me that hungers for more, more meaning, more depth, more ocean. Something colorful and loud.

They tell me that living is like this: going on proper dates with proper people, waiting to say I love you, waiting to feel.

Give me the most violent love I can take. Give me God’s angry fire. I can’t survive on air. The words I never said will strangle me in my sleep. I refuse to die in such a quiet way.

—  Flowers that grow in the dark, Scarlette La Vaillante

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NaLu Medieval AU

I was listening to some Zelda soundtracks so this kinda turned into some kind of Zelda AU instead : D still close enough ok 

The little fairy glowed urgently as she danced through her vision, and the blonde traveller halted obediently. Her brown eyes were large and expectant as her fairy’s light dimmed down and she poked a tiny index finger at her nose.

“It’s here somewhere,” Mavis said, and Lucy nodded in understanding. 

She gripped the whip on her hip, carefully unrolling it as she walked. The sand at her feet was hot, but she did not flinch. Mavis settled on her head, always on the lookout for potential hints, threats, or even the one or other small treasure.

Her small friend had saved her more than once on her journey.

Stumbling up a large sand dune, Lucy had to support herself on her hands as she slipped again and again. Sand was treacherous indeed. She wasn’t used to it, and once again she found herself missing the luscious green woods and meadows of her homeland.

But it was far away, now.

So she focused on the task at hand: finding the hidden Fire Temple.

The sun burned down mercilessly in these plains. Sweat rolled down Lucy’s temples. But she prevailed, and reached the dune’s peak at last. Dread settled in her stomach, her mouth as dry as the sand she was standing on; the sand that stretched out to the horizon. There was nothing here.

For a moment, Lucy simply stood. The sight was wonderful despite its deadliness, and the way it blinded her eyes. Mavis dropped onto her shoulder softly, worried eyes on her friendas her tired wings folded. Dry wind blew into their faces.

“Maybe we should head back,” Mavis suggested nervously, “Night will fall soon.”

Lucy didn’t say anything.

Instead, she took a step back – and that was when she lost her footing.

The sand slipped, and she found herself falling forward down the large dune before she had time to even try and steady herself. An avalanche of sand buried her, pricked her eyes and invaded her nose as she fell and fell.

Her surprised yelp was drowned by the sand, and she kept tumbling downwards. Too far down. Faintly, she realized the fall was too long. But she couldn’t see a thing.

When she finally hit ground, she found it to be solid. It scraped her elbow, and she winced. Coughing, she reached up to scrape the sand from her tongue. It felt like sandpaper, and she grimaced.

Lucy looked around in search of her fairy, but her eyes stuck to something else instead. The room she had fallen into was dimly lit, and she could faintly make out carvings in the sandstone walls. Lucy scrambled to her feet, and more sand rippled from between the folds of her green skirt.

A few vases stood lined against the wall, and she kicked one in her dismay.

It toppled over, the shards spilling at her feet. Curiously, she bent down to pick up a few dusty gold coins. She wondered who had hidden them there, and how long ago. Did anybody still live here?

… was this the temple?

A sound made her spin around in surprise. Flames invaded her sight, and she jumped back instinctively. The creature opposite of her cocked its head.

He was all fire and flame, but unmistakenly a boy. Sharp teeth formed into a mischievous grin, and he held out his hands.

Lucy’s eyes dropped down to his palms. Mavis.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she stumbled forwards and let him carefully drop the fairy into her hands. She cradled Mavis to her chest, flashing him a thankful smile.

“I’m Natsu,” he introduced himself. “I protect this temple. Are you here to fight me?”

Lucy blinked at him. He waited.

“She’s Lucy,” Mavis finally spoke up, and both their eyes dropped to her. She was shaking her wings free off the remainder of sand clinging to it. “And she’s on a mission to save the princess!”

Proudly, she stood up in Lucy’s hand, her own small hands on her hips as she eyed the flame guardian with a pout.

The boy perked up. “The princess?”

Lucy nodded.

He crossed his arms, thinking quite intensely from the looks of it. “Is there a dragon?” he finally asked. Lucy raised her brows. 

“Well, there’s usually a dragon when there’s a princess to be saved, isn’t there,” he mumbled, a pout of his own forming.”My father guarded a princess once!”

Lucy’s lips twitched in amusement, and he squinted.

“You don’t talk much,” he observed, and Lucy shrugged, smiling sweetly.

“Well, you seem to be able to talk enough for both of you,” Mavis giggled, hopping into the air and beating her thin wings vigorously. She came to a halt centimeters in front of Natsu’s face, but dared not poke her finger at his nose despite her desire to. Flames licked along it. “Tell me, is this the Fire Temple?”

“Duh,” Natsu simply informed them, flaring up as if to prove his point. Mavis hopped backwards, seeking shelter in Lucy’s hair.

“And will you help us?” Both Mavis and Lucy eyed their new acquaintance expectantly.

Natsu grinned brightly. The promise of new adventure hung unspoken in the air.

“Under one condition – we form a team!”