I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder from my years as a war correspondent. I instantly recognized fellow sufferers of PTSD in prostituted women and girls when I interviewed them in refugee and displacement camps in Latin America, Africa and the Balkans. Prostituted women in and near war zones are as commonplace as corpses. Once a culture descends into the sickness of violence, once a culture allows human beings to become racialized objects of exploitation, there is an explosion of rape and prostitution, along with pornography. War, like neoliberal economics, sees only commodities, not sentient beings with the ability to feel pain and joy. And making war on people, as well as the planet, lies at the heart of neoliberal economics.

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Of all the 922 blogs I follow, yours is the only blog whose url and pic I can instantly recognize as I scroll through my dash. every time i come across a post or reblog by you, i know it's gonna be some good shit - and i have not once been disappointed! and since this is an ask thing, i'll ask a question: there's obviously gonna be a zeref vs. end/natsu fight in the near future, but do you think Lucy will have an impact on the fight also?

uhsHAJJOISJ aww you’re too sweet <3 I just changed my icon to derp Zeref… I love him. 

To answer your question; yes. I think Lucy is going to have quite a significant role in this arc dealing with Zeref. I have so many headcanons for it… but my top one for this situation is Zeref wants to hurt someone who is precious to Natsu; no one is more precious to Natsu than Lucy. I think Zeref is going to use Lucy to get to Natsu to try to transform him into END. Knowing Lucy… she’ll do whatever it takes to get Natsu back to his original self; even if it means sacrificing her own life. 

So yes… I do believe Lucy will be a major impact on the Zeref vs. END! Natsu battle. 

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I thought Emma Stone instantly!

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Amazing! Didn’t even need the tags. ;)

You don’t even know how happy this made me! I have sims crisis lately so it’s great to know that my sims still can be recognizable :D

Oh, and welcome back, whimsy-pix! Good to see you here!

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Do you believe in love at first sight? I ask for Sometimes reasons.

Absolutely!  I’ve fallen in it twice.  

I swear, there’s this electric rush you get when the person in front of you is going to be in your life for years.  

But since you’re asking for Sometimes reasons, I DON’T think Veronica would believe in it.  

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You style is always 100% there whether you draw human characters, creatures, etc. I can recognize it instantly. Also that you design so many awesome freaking OCs which such different designs and still make then look amazing what the heck.

Ajskjfh Thank you @u@

It helps I have so many friends around to inspire me ;D

Just got this memoir graphic novel about a girl living in the east bay during the 70s while working as a waitress and going to CCA. I opened it to the first page and instantly recognized the layout of Mama’s Royal Cafe, which I’ve been staring at during my lunch breaks from across the street lately. Reading this instantly makes me think of so many people that I know and who have been in my life.☕️🎨💊🚬

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Hello! For the ask: Kiwi, Blueberry, Cherry, and Fig :)

fig:what’s something you like to the point of hating it?Thank you! 

  • kiwi: how do you act when you first meet people?

hunh. I do not think that I have ever quite observed myself from the outside. Lies.  I am good at ascertaining peoples’ basic temperament through observing so I will tailor my response to them often. I tend to be quiet and observant unless I instantly recognize some thread of commonality in which case I am talkative and expressive. I just get a little excited to encounter like minds. Otherwise, yeah. Silent. Watchful. 

  • blueberry: what’s your favorite childhood memory?

I think it’s sitting at the kitchen table by the window drawing. We lived in this one place that had many windows and was across from the ocean. and there was a large hibiscus growing just outside that provided privacy and shade. It was so beautiful there. 

  • cherry: what are you passionate about?

MUSIC, writing, dancing, plants and all things otherlandish, food, colors, textures. Just life. I saw this quote somewhere about squeezing life like it’s a succulent piece of citrus and drinking up the juices. I was fortunate that my parents lived interesting lives when I was small. They lived their lives and included me in them. I got to go to nice restaurants and recitals, museums and they always had on music in the evenings, loudly of all different sorts and interesting friends would come visit and talk. My mother also drew and took pictures and had her own darkroom. And she was very opinionated about things and shared them. 

I love to write and to listen to the same tunes over and over like they’re new and to get a little lost in my own imagination but only insofar as it enriches the outside world as well. I want both of them, not to escape or to deny one or the other.  

  • fig: what’s something you like to the point of hating it?

Hmm. I can get a little obsessive over sweets, like I will occasionally indulge until I am sick of them and loathe the sight of them. But I am not sure that is what you mean. I have dreams about them. 

Writing! Haha. I love/hate writing sometimes and I will push myself until I start to think horrible thoughts like “I am never writing again.” And when the muse is being cruel, I feel like I can’t stop and I will sort of semi wreck myself before seeing sense and taking a break.

*looks up* sheesh. That was probably more than you bargained for. :)


I instantly recognized his voice, especially when he reached the higher notes in the song :P

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That Zelda song with the cat? IDK if you got a response, but it's from that owl Kaepora Gaebora in Ocarine of Time.

Yes omg thank you I’ve literally played oot so many times I don’t know why i didn’t recognize it instantly