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Are u trying to kill all of us reblogging your old posts? NOW I WANT TO SEE EVERYTHING YOU'VE WRITTEN 😭 I'll just die slowly with your reblogs unless I want to scroll down your entire blog 😱😱 It sounds pretty nice tho...

Bruuhh !!! You don’t need to scroll down to find all of my posts !!! I’ve put them on my master list !!! The link is in the description 💗💗💗
Have lots of fun 😘😘😘

OUAT Spoiler Round Up

July 12 | Fort Langley | Storybrooke, Storybrooke Town Hall

I’ve decided that special days when we have tons of pictures and spoilers and information from so many lovely Oncers I will make their own Round Up post and just link that onto my main weekly round ups. I hate to miss anything and my dash would be a mess if I reblogged everything so here is all the stuff I could possibly find!

*As always, please check the OP as I will add more spoilers as they get released! 

**When I am originally posting this no one has posted their HQ set pictures yet but I will be adding the links as those become available.

Sheriff’s car and Regina’s Mercedes at location | source

Hank Harris posts pic of Storybrooke bulletin board on Snapchat | source

Scene #1 - Outside Storybrooke Town Hall

Cast: Lana Parrilla (Regina Mills), Sam Witwer (Hyde), Hank Harris (Jekyll)

Scene Description(s): Hyde drives up the driveway, Hyde gets out and starts walking, Regina freezes him and they speak | source

…a feisty Regina … confronts Mr. Hyde about usurping her office at the Storybrooke Town Hall, she attacks him and he chokes her, she also is pictured speaking with Jekyll  | source

My car - cried @LanaParrilla after Hyde stunt double flipped backwards onto Regina’s Mercedes | source

Scene #2 - Outside Storybrooke Town Hall

Cast: Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White), Josh Dallas (Prince Charming), Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan), Colin O’Donoghue (Captain Hook), Lana Parrilla (Regina Mills), Hank Harris (Jekyll) and Sam Witwer (Hyde) | source

Scene Description(s): Hook & Charming chase Hyde and put him in the Sheriff’s car | Periscope from set (see below) | source (has been removed)

Emma, Hook, Snow and Charming seem to be in “battle stance” and we hear them shout “Emma!” and “Mister Hyde” … Emma appears to be on the ground and Snow helps her up … Snow is armed with her bow & arrow … Hook is armed with a sword | gifs

Pictures of cast on set

Hook yells “Do it now, Emma!” … charming and hook manhandled hyde into a car but before that he had taunted emma so emma runs after them saying “what? what do you know? what aren’t you saying?” | source  | gifs

the pics of CS behind the trees IS part of the scene. It’s at the very end, it was like a quick 10 second little thing. Killian and Charming put Hyde in the police cruiser, then Killian goes up and says something to Emma. And then gets in the cruiser | source  | pics

Leaf Lady posted pictures


Rose ❁: #1 (3:34)

Lauren Clift: #1 (0:38); #2 (1:55); #3 (31:35); #4 (9:57); #5 (5:51)

Scene #3 - Outside Storybrooke Town Hall (night)

Cast: Lana Parrilla (Regina Mills) & Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White)

Scene Description: Dialogue scene on a bench | source | pic

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Underrated Studios Week

I will be hosting underrated studios week from Wednesday 20th July - Tuesday 26th July. Please tag any posts with ustudioweek so they can be easily seen by everyone. 

I’ll reblog everything in the tag, so hopefully we can all see more studios on our dash for the week!

You can definite ‘underrated’ however you want, but if you want suggestions for who to post feel free to message me. 

  • You can post gifs, photos, anything!
  • Feel free to post about individual dancers from underrated studios, not just groups.

uldahnwitch  asked:

Do you have a character master post of any kind? I am curious to see the names of all your FFXIV ocs :3

Thanks for asking, @uldahnwitch!

I think I do have one but it’s buried really deep in my archive and I’ve been dawdling on updating my blog with the full list.

Thanks for asking! I’ll turn this post into a masterpost. Almost all of my characters have their own blogs, where I reblog/post everything at all related to them (with the exception of Rydia, for whom I’ve been saving reblogs as drafts because for her specifically I want all posts to be chronological.)

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  • Rex:(To Fives, Hardcase, and Jesse) I can't help you when you get caught.
  • Fives:I understand, sir.
  • Fives and Jesse:*get caught*
  • me:has 8 drafts on new tyson rp blog
  • me:has 4 other rps to reply to with OCs
  • me:is also 2000 words behind on camp nanowrimo
  • me:"you know what I'm gonna come up with a voltron au for my novel characters instead of writing their canon story like I'm supposed to be doing yep yep"

so I’ve decided that I’m gonna start posting my moodboards and aesthetics and edits and such on my main blog, if just to have everything in one place. I’ll leave my aesthetic blog up for a while so I can tag everything I’ve reblogged for it, but all new stuff will be tagged with #my edit along with it’s proper classification