“That’s one of the things about working closely with someone else; is that you get to know the person so well. I have that with Michael—like we make each other laugh a lot, but he’s also really good at translating weird British-isms and sometimes even just noises. He’ll be up to translate it to the rest of the group. That happened today in a Let’s Play where, he’s like, Ryan, this is what he meant, and I’ll be like, absolutely right.”


….. and there you have spiders crawling out of a red velvet cupcake.


“I think we are able to stand here and sing because of the tears you shed for us. The happiness you felt with us, starting back from WIN. I’m so glad I became a singer and I’m so happy to meet you. We met so many people here, I think that this is a huge blessing for us. Really, thank you so much. And there is one thing we all want to say together. Well I don’t know if it will transfer over to you, but we’ll shout it together loudly. THANK YOU!”

- iKONCERT 2016 B.I & iKON

Will [Maggie Sawyer] have a romance?“

"Whatโ€™s important for us in Supergirl is that all the women on the show are really strong. […] if you have a strong woman, you want to surround her with other strong women. […]

I think whatโ€™s cool about this season is we can have an opportunity here to explore more of peopleโ€™s personal lives. […] Now everyone across the boardโ€™s life is being explored behind the scenes of their professional life.


Sarah Schechter and Ali Adler pointedly not answering the question and then immediately bringing up how the cast’s personal lives are being explored. [x]

Guys. I think we might actually get queer Alex Danvers.


🎶Hello me, meet the real me🎶
I’m posting those selfies cause…idk, i just felt pretty today and as it’s rare i wanted to post selfies here 😝
And i got new amethyst jewels so i feel really good with them 😊🍀
Also i used a filter cause the original light was weird af 😂

anonymous asked:

Hey I feel super awkward asking this but I don't really have other places to ask so here goes: I'm wondering how you deal with the bible verse about "a man leaving the natural use of a woman and lusting after" I can't remember the rest of the quote but basically being with men instead of women. And the verses about Gods plan for marriage? I'm trying to educate myself and I really don't mean this to be hateful. If you don't have time to answer or think this is too negative I understand

Hi there! The verses about men lusting after men is Romans 1:26-27, and it is a doozy for LGBT folks. I’ve written a lot on it, and so have others, discussing how God affirms LGBT+ people despite what Paul writes in that passage. I talk about that passage in this post, with more links within it to other stuff on Romans 1 as well. For me, the main issue with people using this passage today to argue that same-sex relationships are wrong is that it does take the passage out of context – Paul’s experience with male-male relationships were ones that we also would not condone today: Greco-Roman pederastic relationships between an older man and adolescent boy. But yeah, see the previous link or the “but what does the Bible say?” section of our resources page for a more in depth discussion. 

As to verses depicting God’s plan for marriage…are you referring to specific verses, anon? Because I would say that there is no passage in the Bible that lays out “God’s plan for marriage.” There are passages that people use today to claim that God “said Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve,” but the thing is, our modern views of marriage weren’t even around in biblical times.

There are verses that lay out the ancient customs and rules regarding  men taking women into their homes as “wives” or else as concubines, but there’s no evidence that this is God’s plan for marriage. For a tangent (and one that I invite people to correct if any of my facts are off): in biblical times, “marriage” was more of an economic transaction – a man asked a father for his daughter’s hand, and their union’s primary purpose was to produce sons to carry on the man’s name and inherit his land, etc. Women were pretty much property (a lot of the laws in the Torah do protect women; I don’t want to draw an inaccurate depiction of Israelite treatment of women! but to keep this response brief, I’m simplifying it to the idea that women, as well as children and slaves, belonged to a man). A man could have multiple women – wives and concubines – and the more he had, the wealthier he was, since he had to provide for them. 

One verse that some Christians say shows “God’s view” of marriage is in Matthew 19; you can see my discussion of that passage here. And a really old post of mine about “God’s view” of marriage is here; I’m not sure I agree with everything past me said in there but it has some stuff you might find interesting!

So how did the Christian views of marriage come about? Here’s one article that briefly discusses the history of marriage as we know it today. 

Heres a terrible sentence

My most recent laga au was inspired by a pearlmethyst au and it intersects with bk au (where Stef or Estefania (or Fanita) is boricua like myself and lives in the bronx(also where I used to live) and lizzys just her regular white self)
anyways Stef is the Latina frontman of her rock band “Colmillo"and Lizzys an aspiring singer who wants to work at fancy cabarets but lives in New Jersey and cant really get it together and Lizzy comes to the bar Stef is playing at and shes like, drinking a lot and she goes home with Stef BUT they dont have sex cause Lizzy is like disgusting and puking on her shirt and she wakes up on the couch in Estefania’s flannel and she tries to make herself coffee but Stef only has one cup and its a mug that says “FUCK” on the side

Help me out, maybe?

So I’m taking a public speaking class and I’m going to give a wedding toast to Lord M on his reception so I was wondering if the gif makers on here would let me use their gif and obviously I’ll cite them but I want permission first. Also is there a post on here with his Rook speech at Brocket Hall so I can use parts of it and meaning of the flowers he grew and gave to Victoria, plus quotes that relates to M as a person b/c I want to start it out with a quote.

My due date for the speech is in 2 weeks and I would really like to have your feedback.

- Kanan 

Day 8

Location: Ironforge
Time: Who fucking cares?

“Brewfest has started! I had to leave early in the morning, despite not wanting to. Last night was wild in a good way. I was sad to leave Booty Bay. It was pretty, though! A bit too humid but pretty.

"Now, I’m here in Dun Morogh. It’s cold. I really don’t like the cold. Being a pirate, I’m used to blazing temperatures and heat strokes not fucking frostbite. As much as I love getting drunk with the next dwarf, I don’t understand why they have to host it in such an unfriendly environment.

"Unfriendly to me, at least.

"I’ve also come to the realization that I haven’t been completely honest with everything. "You’re writing your own diary for your own eyes, Belysa!” Yeah, well, when you lie to yourself in person, you tend to lie to yourself on paper too. So, I have to realize now what I’ve done and make sure that I know the consequences of it.

“…I’ve given up hope on the Light ever returning. It’s impossible at this point. Those deities don’t like me anymore. They’ll never answer my call, even if I decided to spend centuries practicing. I would just be wasting my life.

"The Old Gods are starting to consume me. I’m guessing this is because they’ve decided that my time in this world is up. They’re the ones that put the self-destruct button me. I have no doubt they’ll press it at some point for their amusement. Until then, I just have to keep fighting, right?

"That’s a lot easier said than done. I don’t want to keep fighting. I’m exhausted. I’ve almost gotten myself killed so many times due to the fact that the Olds Gods have decided to take control. I’ve been too weak of mind to fight them off.

"I’ve attacked Virginia way too many times. I have no doubt she hates me. I kinda hate her back. But she doesn’t deserve me attacking her in the infirmary or me pointing a loaded gun at her.

"I wish I could tell her I’m sorry. She won’t believe me. No one believes me. Everyone tells me to just get better– just fight the damn Old Gods. I’ve been doing that for centuries now. I’m just so tired.

"Yeah. I think I need to either lay off the drinks for tonight or drown myself in them. I have a feeling it’s going to end up being the latter. I may need someone to come look after me so I’m not trying to poison myself with alcohol.”

Mentions: @drunkenworgen

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name/nicknames: Jess, or Pea! I use Pea here on tumblr but I want to use it outside of tumblr too someday

gender: female

height: 5′1.5"

hogwarts house: ???? no???? Lmao sorry

favorite color: GREEN! I love purple too though, I just relate more to green ^-^

last thing i googled: are black lions real (was proving a point to my dad)

fictional character id like as a sibling: P E R I D O T

number of blankets i sleep with: Just one

favorite bands/artists: Owl City, Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots, Cash Cash, Daft Punk, (along with a few singles by Madeon, Phoeby Ryan, and Calvin Harris - if you know me you may know what songs I’m talking about that these three artists made, if not and you want to know, just ask!)

dream vacation: J A P A N

what I’m wearing right now: White noodle strap tank top and some blue shorts

when i made this blog: like three or four months ago lmfao

how many blogs i follow: 296

what i post: I reblog so many things, usually consisting of, in order from most to least: Steven Universe, Memes, The Amazing World Of Gumball, Star vs, and more memes

do you get asks on a regular basis: Not really but I love getting them!

aesthetic: Wildflowers, Cinnamon, Vanilla candles, shiny things, gemstones, old barns/that musty smell they have, soft warm colors, paint mixing

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I'll show you better than I can tell you

This is for @samantha-writer idk what’s going on but this is short because I don’t really feel up to it so sorry but anyways here we go.
I’m sitting at home when Thomas comes rushing it “What the hell is this I hear about you going with Chris Winters” “What are you talking about what’d I do” he looks at me directly"Everyone’s talking about how you and Chris go together and idk where this came from but I sure as hell wanna know right now" “Thomas listen everyone’s always wanted us together and it’s not like I can’t make a public announcement about me going with my professor"he looks me dead in my eyes"And what if I don’t believe you?“ “You think I’m lying let me show you” I pull out my phone and call Chris"Hey Chris I just wanted you to clarify that we don’t go together because my friends are about to go crazy on me thinking we do" “No we don’t go together we’re just really close friends” “Thanks Chris I’ll talk to you later bye"and I hung up the phone"Next time Tommy boy don’t try to accuse me of something with no facts😏😏😏😏"I say smirking and walking away leaving him there mouth open.