Since you’ll eventually become witches, you should be called magical girls.


“That’s one of the things about working closely with someone else; is that you get to know the person so well. I have that with Michael—like we make each other laugh a lot, but he’s also really good at translating weird British-isms and sometimes even just noises. He’ll be up to translate it to the rest of the group. That happened today in a Let’s Play where, he’s like, Ryan, this is what he meant, and I’ll be like, absolutely right.”


“Oh, I think that Lord Tyrion is quite a large man,” Maester Aemon said from the far end of the table. He spoke softly, yet the high officers of the Night’s Watch all fell quiet, the better to hear what the ancient had to say. “I think he is a giant come among us, here at the end of the world.”

Tyrion answered gently, “I’ve been called many things, my lord, but giant is seldom one of them.”

Tyrion Lannister Challenge - Favorite Book // A Game of Thrones


Send me quotes please!

I really want to continue this series :) So if you want, send me an ask with your favourite character and a quote of theirs that means something to you, and I’ll see if I can use it! I’m trying not to use romance-specific quotes so that everyone can identify themselves with them regardless of their personal playthrough.

The finished companions can be found here and are also available on Society6 by the way ;)

(Oh yeah, though they’re not technically companions I do intend to go with Josephine and Cullen as well because let’s face it they’re amazing. So if there’s any other non-companion characters you’d like to see, shoot me an ask!)


Here ya go, guys! My two lock screens with my favorite grump quotes. Even though Danny’s really isn’t an original quote from him, it still makes me laugh every time I hear it ;P.

Sorry if they’re not that great. I tried to make it look like those hipster/aesthetic looking pictures, and it didn’t really turn out that way. But if you do like them and you want to use them, that’s perfectly fine.

My name is on both of them and if you repost PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT (Charlotte P.F.)

Right now, at this very moment, all I want to do is sit across from you and talk about life. And when we run out of topics, we could just hold hands because that would be enough. But you’re not here, and we can’t talk face to face because miles separate us. Well, I can smell these flowers you sent, or look at pictures from before, but I can’t wrap my arms around a moment in time. So, I sit and think of what we will do when I finally see you again. All I really want to do is enjoy each others company and maybe watch a movie or two about falling in love and growing old together. And maybe you and I could fall in love and grow old together, too.

I made a list of all the swear words the Admiral uses. Callista made me throw it away.

Ok, so that probably wasnt her exact quote, but at some point in the game Emily tells Corvo something along those lines, and I remember laughing really hard at this. (if you arent paying attention to the junk Emily says, youre missing out)

So heres my illustration of how i hope that went down.

plus i was in the mood to draw some loyalists ;D


Eria Sane Nsubuga

Country: Uganda

Style: Expressionist/ Semi-Abstract


Fun Fact:


Well, I think people should do what they want to do – what they really want to do. What has happened in Uganda is that we feel helpless, we are afraid. You censor yourself. Self-censorship – that’s the first thing. Second thing – if you don’t censor yourself then the galleries will censor you, because they also need money and they can’t risk being hunted down or something. Most Galleries often want to show everything apart from the real issues and for me that’s frustrating. The artists here are afraid, so they use a lot of symbolic in their work. I used to do that as well, but in the end I thought that it wasn’t direct enough, which was finally confirmed to me recently. A lot of my work is getting more direct, because I talk about some personalities in the paintings.


1. Arrogance

2. Christ at Golgotha

3. Taxi moment (Life in public transportation)



6.The Modern Bride (of Chucky)

7. Mind of His Own

More at http://artwasane.blogspot.com/

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He was not my boyfriend. On the other hand, he wasn’t just a friend either. Instead, our relationship was elastic, stretching between those two extremes depending on who else was around, how much either of us had to drink, and other varying factors. This was exactly what I wanted, as commitments had never really been my thing. And it wasn’t like it was hard, either. The only trick was never giving more than you were willing to lose.
effy dress

@serenity-cc​ – effy dress [clothing recolor]

i’m a huge fan of the Addams family, so i really wanted some cc featuring them. this was originally gonna be for my simblreen gift, but the color ended up not really matching the theme, so i’m giving it away in advance! haha

i used my favorite quotes from the series… hope you guys like it!

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thanks to all cc creators! @onelama @pauleanr @moon-craters @jennisims @sims4-marigold @lavoieri

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Quote Decor Wine Bottles

Here’s an idea for old wine (or really any bottle). Paint it with your favorite color of paint. The picture uses matte but gloss may look better. Once the paint is dry, paint a rectangle of chalkboard paint on the front. Let it dry as well.
Wrap tweed or any string you want around the bottom and top of the bottle. You can use any strong glue to keep it on. Apply glue before you roll it on or as you go.
Write your favorite quote or picture! I’d say throw a flower (fake or not) to add a little more.

Try using different alcohol bottles as some have square bodies that allow for easier writing.

I want you to know, I am so happy in this moment.  Because here’s the thing about happiness: it’s not a given, it’s not permanent, and it’s fleeting. So, sometimes when we learn that lesson really on in life, that happiness is fleeting and that you have it for a minute and it could be gone the next minute, sometimes the second thing that happens to us after that lesson is we become afraid every time we’re happy of losing it. And I used to do that. I would look at a crowd that was beautiful and loud and gorgeous and singing every word to my songs and I would be so scared because of how happy I was I was so scared of when it would go away.

And I think that we all do that. When we fall in love, we think, “Cool, how long until this ends and I’m having to patch up my bruised, bleeding heart again? How soon until these friends that I love decide that I’m not cool after all and stop hanging out with me? How long until I’m at this party when people found me out that I’m more insecure than anyone else here? How long will I be dancing before someone points at me and think that I look stupid?” These are the things that ruin our happiness and I don’t want anyone, including your own mind and your own fears, to ruin your happiness.

So if you’re happy tonight, allow yourself that and treat yourself to that. You know, sometimes we’re not happy for days on end, weeks on end, months on end. Sometimes, we don’t just have a bad week; sometimes you have a bad year. And sometimes, you go through something so hard, that you feel like any of your mistakes are like marks against your record or something. Like those are gonna stain you forever. But, that’s not the way that it works.

And the cool thing about happiness being fleeting is that it can go away really quickly, but it can come back really quickly and can surprise you when you least expect it.

And when I wrote this song, I was really fighting to find happiness and instead of finding permanent happiness, I found the lesson that I sing about in this song and I went to London and I met a woman named Imogen Heap and told her what I’d been through and I played her this idea I had. And I ended up writing a song with her. And if you know the words to it, please sing along with me.

This song is the last song on the album, and it’s called ‘Clean.’


Taylor Swift

This speech hit home for me, like I’m sure it did for a lot of other people.  So I thought I would write it down and save it so when I’m having one of those days where the happiness is no longer there, I can remind myself that it will come back and I will be happy again. Thank you, taylorswift for saying the words of how I feel daily. 

But really, all we want, and I speak for the entire human race here, is contact. Someone to let us know that we aren’t alone. That the world isn’t a dream and you and I really are happening at the same time, even if it’s not in the same place. That this is real. You’re really there. I’m really here. We’re real. This is real.
—  pleasefindthis, I Wrote This For You
To y'all who use sand.


Here’s an example of why:

So I got this new girl on Thursday the 16th.

(Picture of her at the bottom.)

I got her and a baby for 45$ from some person on the FB boards here. Well what I really wanted was his SHTCTB and Baby but he decided last min he wanted to keep the SHTCHB and instead offered his other female that is “Mack Snow” (Quotes because I don’t know her genetics) so I shrugged it off and picked them up.

Well he had them on orange sand, which I could see instantly by their feet. He said the Mack is pregnant from his normal male because he kept 2 Male 1 Female and the baby in the same 40g tank together.

Well the “Mack” looked pregnant by her size so I was like alright, I’ll deal with it and just hatch them out.

It wasn’t eggs making her that big.

It was this.

I didn’t take comparison pictures and It’s already in the trash but that is bigger than a quarter.

For those that don’t know what that is, that is sand. No fecal matter besides the white top.

This girl ingested enough sand to poop it out like it was food. She is now half the size that she was when I picked her up and I can still see a dark mass in her stomach. So with luck she will pass it all. (She is also having to see the vet)

She dodged a bullet, if she didn’t pass it (And what’s left could still not come out) it would have been either costly surgery or death. (Maybe both.)

So instead of keeping them on it because it looks nice or what ever reason you have, put them on Paper Towels, Tile, Towel/Cloth or anything that they can’t ingest.

- What she looks like now. (I didn’t take a picture pre-sand poop)

She may still be pregnant, but that’s a problem for another day.


Have you ever been so sad that you’ve passed the ‘I want to be happy again’ stage and you’ve gone straight to the 'I really don’t care if the world swallows me whole right now because I’m too numb to feel alive anyway’ stage?
Because that’s where I am.
Don’t get me wrong, I used to be happy. Man did I use to be happy.
But now I’m back here.
I say “back here” because I’ve been here before. Four years ago I think.
But as time rolled over into my sixteenth year, I fell in love. He loved me back might I add.
Then everything got to the best it had ever been.
Then it got to the worst it had ever been.
And in between, lies our story.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (M.R)