A while back, I was pondering Peeta’s parents, which led to me more fully imagining Peeta’s mother’s personality. This is just my headcanon, but I thought I’d share it.

Peeta’s mom is pretty terrible, so I started wondering what Peeta’s dad could have possibly seen in her. Surely there had to be something, right? Some redeeming value. 

I asked myself, What qualities cause people to overlook horrible character flaws in others? The first answer I came up with was good looks. Maybe it was just that simple; the great beauty Peeta’s dad had wanted to marry chose someone else, so he found the next prettiest girl. But that idea bored me.

The next idea I had was humor, and this idea instantly grabbed me. So many times we hear (or say) something like “Yeah, he can be a total jerk, but he is really funny.” We’re willing to forgive a lot when it comes to people who can make us laugh.

I also like the idea that Peeta could have gotten an important piece of his personality from his mom, awful as she could be. Her example helped Peeta develop his humor, skill with words, and ability to read people. Peeta tried to use these skills in kind ways, though, while his mother had far less of a problem putting someone down to get a laugh.

I imagine Mrs. Mellark was often a lot of fun, and Peeta enjoyed making jokes with her. Other times, however, something would set off her temper and she’d be cruel, either verbally or physically. If she was just mean all time, Peeta would become desensitized to it. It would be more hurtful if she shifted unpredictably between fun and mean. Then there would be those common moments when she would be funny and mean at the same time. I can see her making a cutting joke about someone and Peeta having to choose between laughing along to avoid her turning onto him, defending the target of the joke, or using humor himself to redirect the conversation.

This headcanon helps me make sense of Peeta’s statement that his mother told him Katniss might win the Hunger Games “as if to cheer [him] up.” I always wondered how in the world she could think that might cheer him up, or else how she could be so rude to her own son whom she would probably never see again. Maybe she said it as a joke, and that’s why Peeta said it was supposed to cheer him up. She was in this super uncomfortable emotional situation, and tried to lighten the mood with an incredibly inappropriate and insensitive wisecrack. Jokesters often make this mistake, though rarely to this degree of wrongness, fortunately.

Cards Against Humanity an outtake from the Dirty Yet Virginal universe

Prompt 7: Playing Cards Against Humanity which leads to A getting really flustered and B just laughing his/her/their arse off and A just getting worse so B has to comfort him/her/them - maybe it can be opposite from the book and Peeta is the one who gets flustered :) and maybe the other person doesn’t have to laugh that hard ;) also, use the opportunity to create the CAH cards you want to have! (I got this one in my box once and could never write it). [submitted by @titania522 ]

Dear Anon: I tried my best to fulfill this wish humbly this is my: Cards Against Humanity Prompt (From the Dirty Yet Virginal Universe) – Un betae’d so I apologize about the mistakes. - @mega-aulover

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Katniss sat on Peeta’s bed trying to read the sonnets of Shakespeare for her Lit Class. She peered over the edge of the book toward the coffee table near the large flat screen television where Peeta played a silly game with his friend Finnick, Cato, Marvel and Thresh.

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This post is for Carrie @notanislander whose birthday is today. I hope you had a great day and your Kindergartners were extra nice to you! Here is some Peeta to make you smile. :)

self deprecating

on fire


slightly jealous











And last but not least…

Her dandelion in the spring

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Hey yo. It’s October. Can you believe it? Before the-craziness-that-is-November starts, I wanted to make it about us. The fandom. Talk about our daily, interact with one another and just spread the love. I’ll also be blogging your goofy posts from over the years. 

Week One: Simply Everlarked

Everlarked is when daily life reminds you of Katniss & Peeta. The dandelion, an arrow, the random pastry, a squirrel, anything really. Make a graphic, an edit or text post with “You’re Everlarked when…” and finish the thought.

Week Two: Top Three

For Week Two, every day there will be a Top Three theme. You make a post with your Top Three of that day’s theme, e.g., Top Three Everlark blogs, Top Three Hunger Games blogs, Top Three Everlark Fanfics, etc.

Week Three: THG Slam Book (More like Adore Book)

A Slam Book is a way to corporately share your thoughts on something. Typically written in a notebook and passed around, we’re going to use the reblog button to pass it. I’ll post several questions and subjects throughout the day, add your comment to the post and reblog. It’s really simple.

Week Four: Always

We’ll be sending each other Asks throughout the day with a specific prompt. “You always make me smile because…” “You’re always an idiot because…” You get the gist.

Let’s have fun and make it amazing. THIS. IS. IT.

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