I’ll be honest: I just want Aether to be the true villains (be they well-intentioned, but in a twisted way or outright evil, tho I think the latter is less likely.) because I like Team Skull too much and want to team up with them once the whole reveal happens and they go way too far for even Guzma’s tastes.

Because imo, the whole destruction in human form just seems to be trying way too hard:

And I can’t really take Plumeria or the grunts too seriously because they’re mostly delinquents and I don’t think they’re out for any world-destroying shit:

I’m just not buying them going from a guy who wanted to commit genocide to a gang whose plots seem to consist of graffiti and petty theft.

(The only one I take somewhat seriously is–probably oddly-enough–Gladion, due to his highly-likely ties to Aether, given how much he looks like Lusamine and his use of Type:Null, and the chance he may be UB-02 Absorption, given the similarities and possibly as the reasoning for his pose, apprehensive expression, and his constant shaking during battles–it just seems like he’s trying to hold something back to me. It’s even debatable if he’s truly a member of Team Skull, since how it’s been pointed out he lacks their emblems–and also the above resemblance to Lusamine and UB-02, he could be the tie between the two organizations.)

(Can’t wait to see if any of our theories are proven when the games are released.)


“No. Fucking. Way.”

Warren took another sip of his coffee, feeling a blush creeping over his face. “I told you that you wouldn’t believe me.”

“No, no, that’s not it, it’s just…” It was obvious that Nathan was trying really hard not to burst out laughing, but that guy just did not have any self-control. “I just can’t imagine Warren fucking Graham having a ‘bad boy-phase’.”

“As I said, it was like forever ago”, Warren said, regretting bringing this up at all. He was hoping that Joyce would come over to ask if they needed anything else, just to change the topic, but of course, waiters never came to your table when you wanted them to. Then again, maybe she ignored him on purpose because she was still mad at him for graffitiing the table, even though he had done it on accident. Warren just seemed to have a gift for embarrassing himself. Despite all, he was incredibly thankful that Joyce allowed Nathan in the Diner, after everything that had happened.

Nathan sneered. “Yeah, because you’re a fucking adult now, Graham.”

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birdybirdnerd  asked:

acrylic, canvas, paper, graffiti, mosaic, and letter

Acrylic: If you could dye your hair what colour would it be?

Eh, I bleached it once, but I kind of prefer keeping it my natural color. I was thinking about maybe dying it red, but I dunno

Canvas: Do you consider yourself an artist?

Not really. I can barely draw a stick figure.

Paper: Do you want to play any instruments?

I dunno which I’d pick, but I’d love to try to learn an instrument sometime. I know Dane can play the piano

Graffiti: Do you find beauty in stuff not seen as beautiful?

I like to think so. Everyone and everything has its own beautiful traits, when you get a chance to look for it. I guess the exception would be things actively trying to hurt me; I can’t say I thought the quigs were very beautiful.

Mosaic: Do you do any type of art besides drawing/painting?

Not really.

Letter: Do you have any pen-pals?

Uncle Press gave us permission to send letters to the other Travelers, as long as we promise not to hold onto them for too long or let anyone else see the letters. He gave us this whole speech about how bad it is to mix the territories and how he really shouldn’t let us send letters at all