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do u want season 6 to be the last? why?

Oh my god, it’s time. 

The actors want to move on– especially Dylan, and I can’t see TW without Stiles. The actors are also getting older, and there’s only so long a 30-year-old can play an 18-year-old. The storylines are getting stale– we’ve had a “who is the X” in every single season. (Who is the alpha, who is the kanima, who is the Darach, who is the Nogitsune, who is the benefactor, who is the beast.)

Mostly, the characters need to move on. They need closure. This keeps happening over and over and over again and I’m really sick of the writers throwing them more angst and drama and sadness. If TW was still the show it was in 3a and 3b, I would not want it to end. But the characters are getting OOC just for the sake of carrying the plot, and that’s exhausting

We really don’t want it to turn into Grey’s Anatomy. 

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I don't know if you've watched Firewatch but I think you kinda got your wish when you said you wanted Mark to play a feelsy game. At least I'm enjoying it mostly so far! It's good to see him take a game more seriously.

I have watched it and yes! I was so happy for a feelsy game! Yeah it’s good to have a game you have to be a little more serious with (though not too serious, I’m looking at you Forest Byrns). I really like the game so far and it’s also really nice to have some good long episodes come out of it.

Hopefully there will be other feelsy games again soon in the future~ 

Another concept piece of Maybelle (Mae).

Honestly it’s hard to get a grasp of Nosgoth’s fashion through out different eras. She takes place in Blood Omen 2 and I had to play the game again to see the design of everyone. How fruitless was that…though the vampire outfits were very interesting (I see some belt game going). I just went to what Mae would look good in and try to play with it; attempting to have it fit the fashion.

Maybe some advice would be nice too. Personally I really love the outfit I drew her but I don’t want it to not fit the era. If anything I’ll work on other outfits using that base (or draw a new one…) and go from there.

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STEIFVATER - please help me! It's my 19th birthday today, which means that I'm legally allowed to down as many beers and shots as my liver can handle (I'm in Canada). The problem is, I don't drink for extremely personal reason that i don't like sharing. How can I tell people that don't want to just hear "I don't drink" that I WILL NOT be participating in the alcoholic merriment, without dumping my soul on them?

Dear whentheskytouchesthesea,

I also do not drink. 

It is not for any special reason — at least, no reason more special than why I don’t play tennis. I have nothing against tennis. I know how to play tennis. I don’t care if other people play tennis. I myself have even played tennis in the past, enough to know that I don’t really care if I ever play tennis again. I have discovered through thirty-four years of life that I’m just as capable of having a good time if I’m not playing tennis and it’s cheaper to not have tennis equipment.

People don’t seem to care that I don’t play tennis. People seem to care that I don’t drink. A lot. 

They’ve urged me to loosen up, asked if I’m pregnant, guessed that I’m a recovering alcoholic, bought me drinks to sit in front of me, told me one of these days we’re gonna get you drunk and see how fun you really are. 

Sorry, boys, I’ve done the science previously and this is as fun as I get.

I used to explain myself. I had gotten it down to a very short explanation that brought my companions gently to the understanding that I would not be drinking, that I wasn’t judging their drinking and that I was going to have a fine, uninhibited time. 

Now, however, I am thirty-four and crotchety. Now I just order a milk and let them draw their own conclusions. I’m bored with people who think it’s amusing or acceptable to pressure other people into looking like them, whatever looking like them might be at that thematic moment in time. You get to captain your own ship, whentheskytouchesthesea, and that means you and you alone get to decide what you want to put in your body and when and how you want to shed your inhibitions. Anyone who suggests otherwise, even in a jocular, well-meaning way, is actually asking to take the helm of your ship.

And I’ve long since lost interest in letting other people drive.

I suppose you are thinking, as teens often confess to me, that if you appear to be a lousy drinking partner, you will lose your friends. But if their idea of fun is going out drinking and your idea of fun is something else, you were going to wander away from them eventually anyway. The hard fact of friendship is that you need to make time for new friends by first stripping out the people who are using your energy in an unsatisfying way. You have to take that risk of being friendless to make room in your life for others who will be your new best friends.

This has wandered from your question. The answer to your question is: “I’ll have water.”

Happy birthday.



my favorite thing is david duchovny trying to maintain this really aloof air about himself re: mulder and scully. david “scully is mulder’s wife” duchovny, who wrote what is undoubtedly the most msr scene of all time (”hips before hands”) trying to pretend he doesn’t understand why people want them together is fucking comical. the dude has admitted to watching and getting really emotional over mulder/scully fanvideos on multiple occasions and then tries to play it off as “trying to appreciate the appreciation” that the fans have for mulder/scully. nuh-uh buddy. you cried to those alone in your room in the dark. you texted them to gillian and she ignored them because Oh My God He’s Crying About Them Again and I’m Embarrassed  he admitted to crying reading the first script for the revival because it was emotional to see the names ‘mulder’ and ‘scully’ on the page again with dialogue but we all know it was really because he read that they’re not together anymore and it broke his heart. and you didn’t hear it from me but he wrote at least two songs on his dad-rock album about mulder and scully. david do you want to to talk about it? i’m here


“Clean” is the last song on the album for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it felt like a completion of this kind of emotional process I’d been going through for the last couple of years. You know, I feel like my personal life was really, really discussed and criticized and debated and talked about to a point where it made me feel kind of almost tarnished in a way. You know, and the discussion wasn’t about music. And it broke my heart that I’d made an album that I was proud of, and I was touring the world and playing to sold out stadiums, and still they managed to want to only talk about my personal life. At a certain point, I felt a switch. And it was at the end of recording this album that I began to feel like my life was mine again and my music was at the forefront again, and I was living my life on my own terms, and I really no longer cared what people were saying about me. And that’s when I started to see people talk less about the things that didn’t matter. So we wrote the song “Clean”, which is essentially about allowing yourself to really feel pain, and then all of a sudden time passes, and you’ve survived it and you’ve made it out the other side.

EXO Reaction to the song you wrote for them

I would probably just play an instrument. My voice should never be heard xD
Love, Admin A~

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“Oh jagi… you are killing me with feels! I should be the one doing that for you!” *He just loves you so much*


*Tries to be cool but the feelings betray him* “That was really a good song.. My beat is hearting so fa.. I mean the song is beating… god.. I love you”


“Could you.. sing that one for me again? I want to record you and make it my phone ringtone..” *Greedy boy*


*Embarrassed* “Did you really wrote this song for me..? I really am the only Panda in your life?”


*Listens patiently* “I’m so in love… can we please make a slow dance for this? And dance under the rain?”


*Can barely breathe* “You are the most perfect girl… This song touched my heart”


*Brings his guitar and starts to play with you* “This is my favorite song now Y/N… I’ll never get tired of playing it”


*Sassy*”I’m fantastic! My girlfriend writes songs about me… are you guys jealous of my manliness?”


*Really surprised and moved* “This song is.. about us? You did this for me? Y/N…”


*can’t really stop smiling* “No one ever did this for me… Y/N… my cheeks hurt because of how much I’m smiling..”


*Dedicates a whole night to get the piano version and surprise you in his next concert* “If she wrote such a beautiful song about us… I want the world to hear it”


“Woah Y/N… my heart is beating so fast… thank you. It’s beautiful!”

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I’m still fucking pissed that you couldn’t romance garrus as mshep or tali as femshep like what the actual fuck like
a) ur different species so why would sexuality even come into play
and b) space is queer as fuck like the second you leave ur own planets gravitational pull all bets are off as far as I’m concerned you check that hetero-normative shit off at the first mass relay and just never pick it up again

you know, looking back, neopets was really educational

i learned how to save my (granted, virtual) money and i made a ton of money in my little shop and i ended up having the coolest pets out of my friends (real life friends anyway) because they would spend it all on accessories and stuff

it also taught me how the stock market worked and the bank and interest and stuff

pretty cool

I keep thinking about this latest deleted scene, the one where Odin put Gungnir down and Malekith killed Frigga instead.  It’s nothing new in theory, we’ve known about that for awhile, but actually seeing it was so much more intense and painful than I expected from it and it’s made me consider this movie all over again.

I defend a lot of what this movie had–that scene on the skiff in Svartalfheim, the conversation between Frigga and Loki, the awesome use of Thor’s powers, etc.–but I’m thinking of what was cut that we eventually got to see:

- Further context of the Frigga & Loki conversation, with Loki’s play acting as Thor
- Frigga talking with Thor about how Loki felt outshone by Odin and Thor, showing that she really was talking with her son
- Jane doing stuff in the Hall of Science, the toy she wanted to take apart and steal back to Earth
- And now the scene of Odin putting Gungnir down so Malekith wouldn’t kill Frigga, which goes to explain a lot of why he was so ready to let Asgard throw itself against the Dark Elves

It’s always been obvious that Marvel/Feige/etc. seemed to really cling to the idea that the Thor movies needed to be tied to Earth, so we got things like Jane’s date or Selvig being in a home, meanwhile all these epic happenings are going on over in Asgard, and it’s really frustrating because all the pieces are here, all the things to make this a stronger movie were right there, they just deliberately chose to cut them out.

I’m still really fond of the movie, what they did right, they did really right for me and I find half of that movie to be super rewatchable.  But the strength of TDW isn’t as a whole, it’s that the pieces that were there were good enough to make me love it, rather than that I think that it’s a movie that hangs well together as a movie.  This latest deleted scene that we got to see (and if we ever get that scene where Thor and Jane break up, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be similarly a strong scene that carries through the themes and threads of the movie’s plot) just further evidences that.

I can still see what this movie was supposed to be, but goddamn some days it gets hard not to be pissed about what it should have been.

About 4 years ago (maybe more) I was home alone as my roommates were out of town. This guy who had been hitting on me for a few years on other networks even going back as far as myspace, hit me up again on this particular night. I was incredibly bored as my roommates had been gone a couple week, so I invited him over. We were both drinking and playing pool, I was drinking much more that he was and he started making moves on me, and so he led me to my bedroom. I really didn’t want to mess around, and so as he started to rim me, i let out a fart into his mouth. Apparently he wasn’t into that because he got up and left and I never saw him online again.

What’s ours

 I was replaying Fallout all over again and got into Nick’s personal quest. After playing it for the second time, I knew what was about to happen, so instead of listeting to what he was saying, I paid closer attention to how he was saying it. I shouldn’t have, really, it made me quite sad and sorry for him. So, yes, have a little emotional Nick/f!SS..

  She walked right behind him, through the once cozy diner that was completely destroyed now. “Don’t worry, this won’t take long.” he said softly and she just wanted to tell him, that he has all the time in the world, but she rather decided to keep silent. 

  They walked out  of the diner to be welcomed by cool autumn breeze, sun behind layer of white clouds, with destroyed city surrounding them. Nora could faintly hear the dound of radioactive water, that was opposite to them. It could be around noon, sun was high and it felt warm on Nora’s frowned face.

  Nick was heading for a particular spot, she coould see, not far behind him. He stopped and kneeled. “In this spot, 200 years ago, on of Eddie’s boys put a bullet in Jenny Land’s back.” He began talking about how he thought he’d be free after he’d get rid of Winter, how he felt like just a wannabe of someone who died 200 years ago, what Winter had told him moments beefore his brains stained the carpet didn’t help much either. It was hard for nora to hear him like this - his voice rather shaky, like he was about to cry, his expression made her heart ache deep in her chest. 

  “And even if that’s the only thing in this world I can ever claim as mine, not Nick’s, not the Institute’s, but mine, then I can die happy. And no of it would’ve ever happened if it weren’t for you. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to thank you for that.” His voice was lighter now and he was smiling slightly, but Nora’s face was dark, sad, her eyebrows turned up and her breathing was slow and shallow. Before he can ask what’s wrong, she pulls him in, her arms curling around his. He stands in shock for a while, before putting his hands on her back, patting gently.

  They spent a while like this. Nora’s usually cool facade shattering, she spilled every nice word she had been wanting to say to him, feeling hands on her back travel to fully embrace her, pulling her even closer. “You know, Nick. If you wanted something that is completely yours,  all you had to do is ask.” She felt Nick tense in her arms, his head falling to rest on her shoulder. 

  He was quite taken aback. He knew Nora had a soft spot for him, but this, after everything, after he persuaded them into finding those holotapes and after she saw him murdering a man his present self has never even met, she still wanted to be around, with him, that is. It was then he knew he would follow her into hell and back, for what they had, that was his and that was their.

That was maybe way too cheesy, eh?

Freedom Found in Darkness

based off this post

So…I wrote this a long time ago…but wintermoth got pissed off cause people kept adding onto the post and I didn’t wanna piss them off anymore…but @imagine-miraculousladybug gave me permission to write it before…so I’m just gonna write the part she wrote and leave winter’s untouched…cool? cool

Cat stared down at the rose in his hand, the thorns slightly digging into his skin through his catsuit. He had confessed to Ladybug, again…and again, she treated him like a joke…

Quit playing around Cat Noir, we have an Akuma to catch

He wasn’t joking…he really wanted to be with her. He understood if she didn’t want to share her identity, and even if she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him…he was sure that being rejected outright would’ve been better than being treated like a joke. He couldn’t really blame her for not taking him seriously…but…before he was just flirting…this time he had said it outright…after practicing in the mirror again and again Je t’aime My Lady.

Cat Noir sighed softly looked up, staring at the sky, his ears flickering at the sound of…fluttering wings? Cat Noir turned, seeing an Akuma fluttering towards him. He laughed and looked at the little insect as it landed on his staff “Again? You really don’t know when to quit, huh?” he asked, looking down at the little bug. The insect flapped its wings as if in reply and Cat Noir smiled sadly. “Maybe it won’t be too bad…” he murmured, leaning back.

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Okay but like imagine one Friday night Lev ask Kuroo if his sister can come watch their practice the next day. Kuroo is like “Sure as long as she doesn’t distract the team.” and that makes Lev pretty happy. The team is thinking it’s going to be some adorable kid like Tora’s sister.

The next day, Lev is once again the last one to arrive to the gym. Before Kuroo or Naoi can yell at him, a female voice calls out from behind him “Ahh sorry, it was my fault he was late today.”  And then enters Alisa-tall and gorgeous- and not a kid at all. Lev quickly introduce her to the coaches. “She’s home from college for the weekend and really wanted to see me and the team once she heard I play volleyball now.”

All is forgiven and the team is absolutely floored. All their expectations betrayed. For most of the time, Alisa makes small talk with the coaches and watched practice with awed interest.

When a break comes up, the rest of the team goes to introduce themselves and Alisa is happy to see that her brother’s teammates are nice. When Yaku’s turn comes up, Alisa quickly scans her eyes up and down the libero and smiled. “Ah, so you’re Yaku-san.” She turns to her brother. “Lyovochka, he’s cute.~”

Yaku’s reaction is instantaneous blushing and stumbling his words to thank her for the compliment (Though he hates being called cute, exceptions can always be made). Lev chimes in with “I know right? He’s like a little kitten!”

The offhand comment pulls Yaku out of his haze and glares dangerously at Lev. “What did you just say?” Realizing that he put his foot in his mouth again, Lev cries out a small ‘eep’ before hiding behind his sister.

The whole thing has Kuroo busting out laughing, Kai is also amused, Kenma just sighs and says that one Haiba in a room is too many, Tora, Inuoka and Shibayama look on with a grim look on their faces. Fukunaga just kind of tilts his head, thinks for a second, and then softly chuckles.