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I absolutely LOVED MySims when I was younger. I tried to get it on PC via Origin later but it wouldn't work at all. I really do want to play it again

I still have EVERY GAME, and I just hooked up my old Wii in my room and I may or may not bee playing Kingdom again. Dude, I bet you could get it on eBay for like $20

i bet I’m the only person in the goddamn world who’s playing MySims in 2017

Sooo my first playtrough of Origins was really awful. I literelly FORCED myself to play it bc I really wanted the background knowledge for da2 and da:i. I obv rushed it and I rly didn’t enjoy it (besides Alistair lol) - I hated the graphics and the combat and controls and was soo glad when I finally finished it

Now couple days ago I really wanted to play it again and honestly Idek why. But it has to have something to do with the mods, bc w/o the wonderful modding community I think I would never have touched this game again. 

Now I really enjoy playing it (besides the combat still) and take it fairly slow doing a lot of side quests

I think one benefit of my 1st Origin was that I despised it so much I finally dared to play an asshole character just bc I hated everything lmao