eirenical replied to your post “on one hand I want to sign up because 1) it’s my chance to get back…”

FWIW, in my experience, it’s always best to ask for the things you actually want. Somehow these things just have a way of working out. *snugs*

but what if the things I want… all involve the same characters/pairings… poor person who’ll end up matched with me… :( I wonder what’s the usual ‘demographic’ for these things? like, fandom in general is very focused on the same pairings over and over again, so idk, maybe I shouldn’t be playing in that sandbox with them if I ask for something totally different and don’t really want to write the popular pairings either, you know? :(

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Mystic Messenger Jaehee without her coffee headcannons?

OUR FIRST MM REQUEST I LOVE YOU; also I hope I understood this right!!

Jaehee without coffee:

  • She’s a coffee addict. Once she doesn’t drink coffee it’s like withdrawal
  • she gets really restless and will fidget
  • Jaehee would need some sort of substitute, which is why she turns to tea and energy drinks
  • of course that is not a good alternative and everyone will try to talk her out of it
  • joke’s on you. She doesn’t want to until she gets coffee again
  • Another thing is, she gets really snappy.
  • But once the whole frenzy ends, she will crash and burn and probably sleep a whole day.
  • Jumin gives her a day or two off because he wants her to return to his normal professional assistant
  • She is going to feel bad about her snappy self and apologize to everyone
10 more posts! Little update!

Hey to you awesome people and simmers! Thank you so much for following the story, I can’t believe that anyone actually reads it! I love you all! Seriously! You guys make me smile!

So, there is now 10 more posts to come, then The Parks story will end and the history challenge will be back on. I’m really excited to get back into it! I have been playing the challenge for a couple of weeks again, so there will be posts right after The Parks ends. This week I haven’t really been playing anything for myself though, only for my YouTube channel. But I will! I’m trying my best to manage a full time job, YouTube and tumblr. So sometimes I don’t get to do everything x) I also might have broken a finger because I shut a door on it yesterday… Ops… XD I’m fine though! If anybody wanted to know x’D

I saw School of Ghoul on my dash today and read it again. Really if you haven’t read it yet then do it now. I will tell you why:

- it’s a parody by Ishida
- Kaneki lives a good life (okay, he’s still a ghoul, but it’s about Kaneki’s school   life so there will be lots of funny moments)
- Every student thinks they are the only ghoul in the school
- Most of the characters are the same age (Kaneki, Touka, Shuu, Uta, Hinami,   Yomo are in the same class)
- Kureo Mado and Amon are teachers
- Shuu uses swear words once again (poor kid nobody really wants to play         squash with him)
- Touka notices Kaneki is interested in Rize and wants to give him good advice   because she thinks this is what a normal human would do (We all need dating   coach Touka)
- Yomo joins the Judo club
- Kaneki and his friends go to a karaoke bar
- Tsukiyama Shuu (you will know what I mean if you read it)

You can find the translated ‘chapters’ by Talalanlalan here:
Tsukiyama’s blog

I can’t subject myself to that, restarting over and over again… I’m REALLY sorry. But it’s going to start putting me in a bad mood, and I don’t want to end a video on a bad mood. I don’t want to actually get angry at a game… it’s just not worth it.

@therealjacksepticeye, playing ClusterTruck’s final level

^ THIS. Thank you for saying this! I know a lot of YouTubers rage at games for comedic effect, and that’s funny to a certain extent -  but if the gamer is actually angry, it’s just not a fun experience for anyone.

I looooove ClusterTruck, it’s one of my favorite games on the channel right now and I’ll be sad to see it end, but I would much rather have the series be incomplete (ending with good vibes/energy), rather than have an extra video of rage trying to complete the final level. Just my two cents!

“In ten years you haven’t changed a bit.”

RWBY Afterbuzz TV Season 3, Episodes 11+12: UPDATED

Guests today, Kerry and Miles.

In relation to the deaths “What’s on screen is what’s on screen.” “We don’t want to be declaring things.” “Whether they’re alive or dead, a petition won’t change that.”

Gray - “This has been a really tough year for characters I play”

Kerry is enjoying the fact that he can sleep now. A lot of the plot lines this year has been planned since before the scripts for Volume 1. It was weird for Miles to see those events actually happen, mainly Penny. Now we get to see the big story and the big world that they’ve wanted to show for so many years.

End of Volume 3 compared to End of Act 1 again.

A lot of the time skip’s stuff is ideally going to be covered in the story for Volume 4, but the writing is still in the works. World of Remnant is still going to be there.

Salem and Winter Maiden comparisons are not intentional. Salem concept was done before SSSN concepts, and after JNPR.

Original version, Roman was supposed to be eaten by a giant Alpha Beowolf, during the Fall of Beacon, but that was supposed to happen sooner. In the grand scheme of things, Torchwick was supposed to be the least of everyone’s worries.

THE MISSING DOUBLES ROUND WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SUN/NEPTUNE vs PYRRHA/NORA!!! But it had to be cut due to a lack of time and story relevance. It was very hard for them to cut it. There was supposed to be a water thing happening again with Neptune, and it would have taken place in an Anti-Grav/Swamp/Ice and possibly a desert but they didn’t use that. Pyrrha and Nora win.

No announced dates for soundtrack/DVD. Kerry thinks its been announced someplace, but he’s not sure. Update Gray confirmed May 3rd DVD release.

Miles had a laugh when Jaune’s death signals were brought up.

The response to Adam was pretty much what they expected. We may see what made Adam the way he is later.

All we need to know in regards to Velvet is that she’s been taking pictures of weapons, and her box can only replicate them for a temporary amount of time. This was one of Monty’s weapon ideas.

99% of the reason for the rocket lockers was for that finale moment. The whole Cardin shoving Jaune into the locker was to show that someone could survive it. 

Ozpin wasn’t planned to fight any earlier, unlike Ironwood.

It was interesting to see Kerry shaking his head at Miles to tell him not to mention something when the silver eyes theory got brought up. Neo and Mercury have silver eyes too… EDIT According to Katie and the rest of the hosts, Neo’s don’t really turn silver like Ruby’s, more a shade of white, whilst Mercury’s eyes are more grey.


There’s probably not going to be an official name for the new team, but CRWBY is calling them Ranger too.

No official name for Qrow’s scythe or Velvet’s camera yet. They’ll be announced when the turnarounds come out.

Weiss does not get her singing ability from her father.

Burnie was the first and only choice for Taiyang.

Biggest challenge this season was the number of fight scenes, as nearly every fight took a month of a couple of the animators’ time.

Most rewarding thing to see for Kerry was the shot of Salem. For Miles, it was Penny, when everything goes wrong.

Miles favourite song this volume was Never Miss a Beat. Kerry liked Amber’s fight song.

Favourite performance was “LEAVE HER ALONE!” from Lindsay for Miles.

Adam’s attack was so strong and ‘badass’ that it broke through her aura and inflicted damage. It didn’t ignore it, plus Yang had been fighting off screen.

There are going to be new cool announcements for RWBY and RT coming ‘soon’.


Happy 56th Birthday, David Duchovny! (August 7th, 1960)

“I always wanted to be engaged, creative and imaginative – and to not have to go into an office every day. That was the life that I wanted. I didn’t want to wear a suit and tie, which is the fucked-up thing about having to play Mulder again. When I went in to work, I had to wear a suit and tie. It happened with Aquarius, too, so I’ve really screwed myself. I’ve got two shows where I have to wear a suit and a tie, which is what I didn’t want to do with my life – but there you go.” (x)

Reasons to be happy today:

  • Bruce is super committed to his bat-aesthetic, and it always looks like he put a bunch of effort into it, but honestly? The batsignal isn’t copyrighted, and there’s no way the city of Gotham isn’t capitalizing on that for their tourism industry. Bat stuff is really easy to get ahold of, and the batcave isn’t nearly as impressive as you think it is
  • “You had all of your towels embroidered with your logo??” “lmao no we bought those at Target for $4.99 apiece while they were on sale” “oh okay” I’m telling y'all
  • Stephanie used to play the piano, right? When she decided to start up again, Bruce offered to let her use the grand in the manor whenever she wanted. Now she barges in to play when she’s stressed (often). The others like to listen to her– Bruce especially, because the last person to play that piano was his mom. You’d think it would be a problem, but it isn’t.
  • Remember than unfinished arc where Damian was taking acting lessons, but we never found out why? My theory is that he was working on some kind of surprise for Alfred, former Shakespearean actor. It would fit well with one of Damian’s more prominent patterns.
  • Generally speaking, Wayne Manor is a safe zone where superhero matters can be openly discussed. There’s nobody there that isn’t in the loop… but that can’t be true all the time. They have to have some kind of signal for “civilians present” and frankly I’m just picturing a giant ACT NORMAL! sign on the door

Animal Crossing’s update will pull your weeds too ⊟

I think Nintendo really, really wants you to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf again. In addition to amiibo support, your weeds will be automagically zapped away upon download of the upcoming update. (New players: weeds grow in the grass around town every day, so if you take a few years off, it gets pretty unkempt).

I’m guessing – really just wildly speculating – that the update will involve more than just trying to sell you amiibo cards. My guess is that the upcoming Animal Crossing mobile game will have some kind of tie-in mechanism to New Leaf. There are two newer Animal Crossing games, sure, but neither of them took off in the way New Leaf did. The “Welcome Amiibo” re-release even seems like a way to reposition New Leaf as “the new Animal Crossing game” that cross-markets with the phone game.

In any case, I’ll be happy to have my weeds taken care of. Been a while.

BUY Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Animal Crossing amiibo

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[* Seems like someone’s first attempt at a webcomic. The artist must be really nervous…or just bad at introducing things. The art isn’t too terrible, but you’ve definitely seen better. Check it out anyway?]

[* Check   * Do not]

Happy Anniversary, everyone! hi, i’m liz (@thegeminisage​) and i have a whole lot of feelings (understatement) about this game which then somehow mysteriously turn into art. since toby has officially declared there will be no more UNDERTALE content, i’ve decided i’m just gonna have to save these kids myself. and so: here is REFUSE, the very first ever long-running comic i’ve ever done. i’ve been working really hard on this and i am just beyond excited about it!! i plan to update sundays (maybe not this coming sunday since my buffer is kind of low and it’s only a few days a way, but we’ll see), so if you’re interested, please follow and check back then for more pages! also, if you wanted to be a pal, you could also reblog this post to help spread it around…i couldn’t possibly tell you how happy that would make me! 

(ps: in an effort to be accommodating to those with screenreaders or people like me who just have issues with tiny font, i’ll be transcribing the pages below the cut each time i update. if for some strange reason WINGDINGS happen to appear in this comic, translations will be under there too. i’ve never really transcribed anything before, so i might be bad at it. if you have any hot tips, my askbox is always open.)

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I matched with this guy who seemed to be really cool. We had a lot of things in common so the messages we were sending to each other were like novels, talking about older video games and what we liked to play as children, etc.

So eventually he asks me if I want to go on a date with him. We were getting along fine and he was really cute, so of course I said yes. He took me out to a hibachi restaurant, where he proceeded to take me to a Japanese market. Fast forward to him having to stop by his house. I knew what he was up to, but I had gotten out of a three year relationship a few months prior, so I was ready for whatever came. We had sex, went back to my house, did it again, and he left.

A few weeks go by, we’re still talking and hanging out, and one night I went to stay at his house. We had sex multiple times and suddenly it was four in the morning, and I noticed he was talking to a girl on Facebook… Who was his ex. Suddenly, he starts bawling his eyes out, crying about how he misses her and how he’s “such a good guy and shouldn’t be torn like this.” He then LEAVES ME AT HIS HOUSE (he drove me there, and it was way too late so all my friends were asleep) and goes to his ex’s place to “talk it out,” which he stayed at for three hours before finally coming back, saying how sorry he was.

Needless to say, I demanded to be taken home and I never talked to him again.

Playing Mass Effect again and I just love these two together. Not sure why I went art deco as it doesn’t fit Shepard or Garrus, but I do think it looks good. I should try to plan these things out before starting to paint really. I wanted to paint Shepard and Garrus dancing and then I tried to think of what background would work, but it was still boring so that’s when I thought of adding a border. The sentence could also refer to them finding each other in a space bar once they’ve made their way back to each other.