q. If you were given 1 hour to make each other happy, what would you do?

RM: I wouldn’t need an hour. I could make Suga hyung happy in just 3 seconds. Just say something like  『you can rest now, you can go home』. Hyung would like to hear those words the most. then I’ll have to call him an hour later to apologies. 『(in Japanese) It was a lie, I’m sorry~』

SUGA: I would take RM out to eat delicious meat. If you ask him if he wants to eat meat he’s really happy. In fact, we both go out to eat together often. When we are making music in the studio until in the early morning, if we are hungry we would go eat together before going back home. We pay separately right?

RM: no, you buy it (for me) ~ 

SUGA: Actually we don’t really pay separately, just whoever has money at the time. In this sense, we just pay half each most of the time ~

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oh gosh, you guys are so so sweet and supportive, way more than I deserve. I appreciate all your kind words and support. Its kinda tough for me to talk about this stuff so I don’t know if I can respond to everyone, but I do want to let everyone know I really appreciate everything and I’m just really emotional right now

also, I’m sorry so many people can relate. While its good to know I’m not alone in this feeling and that people understand, its such an awful thing to go through and I’m sorry any of you had to go through that


Okay, this didn’t really go as planned. I wanted to do episodes 3-11 but I got done with the fist page in like half an hour, took a break, and then was suddenly incapable of writing a single decent sentence for four days and now I’m just saying fuck it. Also, just saying, I do not share Eris’ views on RWBY Chibi, or Ana’s for that matter. It’s satire don’t kill me. I’m planning on doing the Little red riding hood one as its own article then we’ll see what happens.

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Torn 12

I wanted this part to be longer but I have been staring at the same words for weeks. So I decided to go ahead and post it. I am so sorry ladies I am just not motivated right now. I so wanted this to be more. If anyone can put a fire up my ass and motivate me please do. I really need it. You can read the other parts here.

“Mr. Coulter we really need to get you stitched up.” The nurse told Eric yet again more exasperated. She looked at him sternly, looked at the blood slowly dripping down his chest and dropping to the floor. Eric shook his head no and waved her away as he paced back and forth in the waiting room of the infirmary. The nurse looked at Eric again and found herself admiring his muscular frame. Get it together Mandy. The man has a stab wound to the chest for God’s sake! Mandy chastised herself as she walked up to Eric. She didn’t care how tough or fearless……and sexy he was he needed to listen to her. Mandy grabbed his arm to stop his pacing. Eric glared at her with such force she unconsciously stepped back but did not let go of her grip.

“Dauntless leader Eric! You need to listen to me. I need to stitch up your wound.” Mandy raised her voice a little to get him to hopefully listen to her.

Eric looked behind Mandy as the doctors and nurses were working frantically to save your life. There was blood everywhere.

“You have to save her and the baby!” Eric yelled towards the nurses and doctors.

“One of the doctors looked back at Eric.

“Mr. Coulter we are doing everything we can.” He assured as he pulled the curtain around them blocking Eric’s view of you.

“Come with me so we can get you stitched up.” Mandy told Eric again.

“Is Jen ok?” Eric asked as he was led to a waiting exam table.

“She will pull through. Her stab wounds were not life threatening. We are giving her a CT scan now for the hit to her head.” Mandy answered while she cleaned Eric’s wound and prepped it for stitching. Eric was trying to keep still as Mandy quickly stitched his wound.

“So much blood. I can’t get it to stop!” Someone shouted from behind the curtain. Eric jumped up from the exam table and rushed over to where you were laying fighting for you and his baby’s life. Eric swung back the curtains and gasped at the bloody scene. Your blood was everywhere, towels trying to soak up the blood were everywhere and you were still bleeding as blood seeped to the floor.

“Don’t lose them!” Eric shouted as he rushed to grab your hand in the process his bare-feet slipped on your blood and Eric fell back hitting his head on a metal equipment, and effectively knocked himself out.

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I’m really curious @all the ppl who don’t support baekhyuns conscious desicion to diet and workout; that believe the kpop industry is an ugly thing; who want to feed him fries and a burger because he switched carbs for proteins and vegetables, in order to fulfil a promise he made to his fans, because it was personal for him; who would rather throw away his hard work and effort among cries that the entertainment industry is ugly! What are you going to do now? Is this the point where you unstan exo? Are you going to stop listening to their music? I’m just curious, because its commentary I’ve seen appearing over the last 4 years of stanning a group that has one of the busiest schedules, if not the busiest in the whole of kpop. What happens to the fans that aren’t 100% happy with what goes on, but are still here supporting them anyway?

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"People can feel however they want about Civil War. But I think there’s a difference between feeling disappointed and ascribing malicious intent to the people who disappointed you, you know?" That was very well-put, thank you. There's this attitude on tumblr that "you didn't act the way I wanted you to, therefore you must be a horrible person"--at this point I instinctively cringe away from most criticism on this site (regardless of topic) because of how much of it is based on this assumption.

Yeah, there’s definitely an attitude in fandom right now that criticism is an inherently noble pursuit and the people doing the criticising have some automatic moral high ground. We’ve got a lot of people working really hard – like weirdly, creepily hard – to blur the distinction between things that cause them personal distress and things that are Objectively Bad and Should Not Be Allowed to Exist.

If it’s any consolation, though, it’ll definitely pass. Five years from now I guarantee we’ll be laughing about the Callout Brigade in the same way we currently laugh about the Great Yaoi Wars of the mid-2000s.

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Hi Marie. I want to say that, even if I think that Sam and Cait are not together right now (never say never), I don't think for 1 second that they played with us or that their flirting was fake. I think that the relationship between them is really special and I don't want them to tone it down bc I could read something more that it really is. They care deply about each other and that's a precious thing. And they're not the first celebrity to not claim their real SO. It's their right not to do so.

I agree. Others feel differently right now and that’s okay and totally understandable. Im just watching and waiting. Seeing what transpires…who knows what’s round the corner?

Ready or Not

Description: Reader goes to hunt down demon Dean

Pairing: demon!Dean x Reader

Warnings: smut, rough sex, reader gets a facial (no, not the kind you get at the spa)

Originally posted by the-captain-destiel

I had never actually met the Winchesters, but I sure as hell knew about them. They’d done some dark things, but one of them taking on the mark of Cain, and becoming a demon? Now that was something new, and I was determined to be the one who took him down. Dean Winchester was dangerous enough as a man, but as a demon, he needed to be destroyed. It took a few months, but I finally tracked him down at some obscure motel in a backwoods town.

I broke into his room, waiting for him to open the bathroom door. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Dean Winchester.”

“Sweetheart, you really don’t want to do this. You heard about the new upgrade?” His eyes flashed black for a second, accompanied by a sly smile.

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You know, when Dean came to get me at school, I told myself… one last job, you know? One more job. And then when – when I, um…. When I lost Jess, I, again, told myself one more job. There’s always one more job, you know? And one more job, and one more job, and then I was gonna go back to law and – and to my life.  I guess I really understand now that….this is my life. I love it. But I can’t do it without my brother. I don’t want to do it without my brother. And if he’s gone, then I don’t…. I got it. I do.

i know this isn’t my career blah blah i can’t help being busy blah blah but i genuinely want to apologise because i promised to post a fic over a week ago and i hype it up and then it’s not posted and then another day passes and so on and so forth and it’s not that i’m not writing it it’s more that i really want to make it the best it can be and right now it’s not that.

half-assed attempts aren’t my thing and never will be so please accept my apologies guys and know i am working hard and promise you i have plenty of fics in the pipeline to be posted as soon as i am through this working weekend and can get my ass in gear!

thank you as always for all the support i get with my writing i truly couldn’t be doing this without all the lovely people who message me, like and reblog xx

Okay guys, I said I won’t get involved but I’m really fucking worried right now.

Something terrible is about to replay right now and it needs to stop. Guys you need to stop all this hate.

Scott even said on his auto-reply message that you have the ability to lift someone up or tear them apart. And you guys are tearing them apart right now.

Do you really want another person comitting suicide because of the fnaf fandom? Is that what you want? You guys did it once. You did it once to me and I tried to commit suicide. Are you all seriously gonna replay what happened? Please stop it. I felt good being back in the fnaf fandom but now everything gets uncomfortable again and I can’t deal with it anymore…

Please everyone stop it. Please. I don’t want this terrible thing to replay again. It was the worst thing ever so please just stop all the hate you sent to one another. Everyone has they own opinion, they own choice!

Let people draw what they want, and if you don’t like it then block this person and move on! there’s no need  for hating each other…!

You have the power to lift a person up or to tear them apart. Please be something positiv in the life of a person. Please!

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Would you please answer my question on bdsm? So my girlfriend recently expressed to me that she would really like to experiment with dom/sub in the bedroom, i told her id think about it but im not comfortable with that at all. I have nothing against bdsm relationships or acts in the bedroom but i personally dont want to engage in it. However i feel like im denying her something that she wants?Like saying no isnt fairBut at the same time im not comfortable doing it, and now im not sure what to do

Saying no is always fair. If you aren’t comfortable with it then you need to tell her that. You shouldn’t feel obligated to do something that you aren’t into just because she wants it. She’s your girlfriend, just like you want to make her happy, she wants to make you happy too and she’ll accept that it’s not something you want to do. You should never do something sexually that you aren’t comfortable with. I’m sure she’ll understand.

And here it is, the day when I hit my first 100 followers, has come! It may seem like a really small number to celebrate, but I want to do it. I’ve had a blog on Tumblr before, quite a succesful one, with 1200+ followers. The thing is, I’ve never had as many friends on my previous blog as I do now and I want to adress some of them personally first.

@mrganagriffns - Steph, you’re the first one here, cause you were the first person to message me on this blog almost three months ago. I’m so grateful for this, you’re amazing, artistic and just so talented. Don’t give up on your hobbies, stay awesome, our true Aesthetics Queen.

@thearmada4231 - Jules, Miss Mermaid hair and Siren voice, you’re a real ball of excitement, I love you so much. I am sure you can achieve every goal you set in your life and one day, everyone will know your name.

@blakesgrffn - Mari, you’re one of this rare magestic people who have that great kindness in their hearts as well as that sense of justice, and I’m just amazed by it. Don’t let the world take it away.

@celestialbellarke - Kylie, you’re such a supportive, lovely person, your selfies are so on point, and I wish you luck in anything you do, you have so much talent and potential!

@ewmawatson - Hannah, the person responsible for setting up the network that lead to meeting so many great human beings, you’re such an awesome human yourself, ily. Also, keep making YouTube videos, I love them!!

@glittersilhouettes - Aracely, smol bean, flower crown princess Ariel. I hope your school experience gets better because you’re so precious and you deserve all the love and good, supportive friends. I hope you will experience something close to what Riley and Maya have.

@griffinkillscars - Soph, our Sin Queen and dick freckles inventor. Jokes aside, remember that you’re always welcome on our chat. It’s not about who we ship, it’s not even about fandoms anymore, but people. And you’re a wonderful human being.

@imallionheart - Em, our mom, basically the heart of our fam. As I said before, you’re the sweetest and yet the most reasonable person I’ve met in years. You do you.

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Love you all guys, thanks for following me, stay awesome!!!

PSA In regards to spoilers

It’s come to my attention that someone recently bought a copy of No Man’s Sky for about 1,200 on eBay which they now physically own. They’ve uploaded proof (a video in which he opens the FedEx package, opens the case, and installs the game.) 

Now I know some of you are excited by this, and others of you don’t want anything to do with this. I’m making this post to let you know that I will NOT be posting any spoilers of any kinds. No video, descriptions, screenshots, or anything from this person will be put on here.

I’m not saying screw this guy or anything, I’m actually really happy for him and I hope he doesn’t get in trouble! All I’m saying is I’m not trying to see his experiences, and want the first time I see the game booted up to be cause I put it in. I’m extending that curiosity to all of you. So please, do not send messages or asks talking about the new gameplay. Thank you

I kind of feel like my x best friend betrayed me and every time she would get a bf she would neglect me and put her men first and now she had her baby and I’m like wow like it really hurt even though we stopped being friends before she even got pregnant like we fully said we were gonna move in together and just live and now she’s a mother and I don’t talk to her anymore and it hurts but anyway if you have a best friend keep them close because it’s rare that you find someone who you gel with and have that special connection with!

I’m with Him

Originally posted by fuckyeah-bb18

Honestly everyone hating Paulie for being arrogant but as long as he keep his hands off of Day, Paul, Z, and Meech. I don’t care.


Like everyone is hating the kid for literally everything he say. Calm tf down its not that deep! Its the realest reality show out there because every comment the HG say is recorded. Trust me if I was in the game, i’ll probably be America’s most hated too because for some reason America want all the HG to be a perfect pageant queens. Like gtfo and watch Disney channel if you can’t handle how people from different walks of life really talk. Yall was all over him and called him an amazing guy when he talked to frank about harassing the girls, hell- yall was ready to have his kids, now look. Granted some of the stuff he say is wrong but damn, now a days you can’t say shit without offending someone about something. People are doing the same shit with Michelle, Day, and Z.

Like P and Z talking about Nats fake boobs. Ok soooooo. But yall like

Originally posted by ralucik2006

“omg he is saying sexist stuff!”

okkkkkk what guy you know haven’t ??? Doesn’t make it right but don’t act like he’s this mass killing murder all over social media. Honestly as long as someone doesn’t talk about skin color, sexual orientation and religion, they shouldn’t be portrayed as bad as he is being dragged.

But while yall sit there and continue to pout and whine over stupid stuff, please give him credit for the position he is in the house. No one wants to be the one to go against him in the house meaning he is going to be one of the finals, accept it or not but Paulie is sitting pretty for another couple of weeks. Meaning he is playing the game right. Not perfect but right.

i’ve been in the krp community for close to four years now. and i’ve never had a muse last longer than three months. until now. it’s such a big deal to me to know that moonsik has been with me for 366 days now when i’ve given up on other muses way before then. i feel so committed to this character and it only brightens my soul to feel like i still have so many things i want to do with him. moonsik was created on a literal whim ― he started out as a yoongi fc whose only problem was that he was overly sarcastic ― but he’s taken over my heart and soul completely. so know that when i refer to him as my (trash or shit) son, i really mean it.

and i want to thank all of you for making him possible. i’ve almost given up on him three times now, but my muse for him, along with the support of my friends have always dragged me back.

here’s a shout-out to the people who make this experience worth it:

to the special ones that i’ve either known for years or have managed to crack my icy heart in a small amount of time. thank you for existing and for giving me hope in this community.

@selentieun @runest (also @pertir just because) @kabonvi @jongdaewrites @cyphergene @hydriade @archaistes @consilian @anticedes @vuranos @vocalistks @victem @59apothecary @anhyuns @ erica where’s your blog @ joey does she have a blog idk.

to the people who i enjoy writing with, am friends with or those who make me shy in regards to approaching them because their writing is just that great. thank you. keep being awesome.

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[07.29.2016] // 27 weeks update + Mauricio’s new tee!

Hi guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine!
In day 23 I turned 27 weeks, omg, I’m so excited for everything! I know that it’s a bit soon, but I decided for did my baby shower in the next week!
I don’t want to wait till September for do my baby shower, since idk if I will have much time for it and also, my belly are looking so big, so I can do it now lol
Also, J is so excited too haha! She don’t stop to kick when I’m deciding things and of course, talking with she!
I really like to talk with she, even that she is in my belly! It’s great that she will be recognize my voice when she born. Jhonny and the kids always do this too! Mauricio is the most funniest, he always ask funny things to she like “How you’re surviving in it?” or “How you can listen me bby”.
So now guys, let’s go to the update!

How far along? 27 weeks!
Maternity clothes? Definitely! Essencial for me now!
Stretch marks? Not much!
Sleep? A bit more better, but she still kick very much lol
Belly button in or out? In.
Belly? Very visible and very cute again! It look so sweet *–*
Best moment of this week? Mari feeling their kick for the 1st time!
Missing anything? Sleep!
Missing any food? Chocolate and fondue!
Anything that give nausea to me? Nothing more lol
What I’m looking forward to? My baby shower in the next weekend!
Ring on or off? On!.
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy :3
Baby in veggie/fruit terms - Cauliflower!
Weight gain ? 15lbs and 7oz
Gender? A baby girl!

And for finish, look how cute my big boy is in his new tee! Thanks for the wonderfull Delancey for gave this amazing tee for him! We’re in love!
Also she sent another things for us and I’m really so excited to see J in their clothes! They’re wonderfull and very cute! The texture is soft and I love the designs!
So, thank you again Delancey for all the things! You’re amazing and we love you!

So guys, that was the post of today! I hope that you all liked!
Any questions? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you!
Have a great day/night!


Planning is key

So I just sat down and printed out some calendars. I made a rough sketch of what my ~weight loss~ plan is going to look like. I’m ready to do this. I’m going to see if this works, and then probably never do a bulk/cut again. I really want to get back down to a weight that I am more comfortable at/is healthier for my body. I know that muscle is denser than fat but right now I weigh like 30 lbs more than what is average for my body. I tend to store my fat on my upper body (especially in my back/my arms), as well as my thighs to a lower extent. So when I pose for pictures and post them on here, I tend to look leaner than I really am just because I got lucky in regards to my genetic fat distribution. I could sit here and be like “I’m doing this for me” and “I’m doing this for my health,” both of which are true, but I don’t really feel the need to justify myself to anyone. This is what I am going to do, I am going to do it the healthiest way possible, and hopefully this experience will allow me to clear up a lot of confusion that people have when creating their own weight loss programs.

I’m not going to any extremes and I am not doing this to be competition lean. I am doing this is maintain at a healthier weight for my body. 

Before my sophomore year of college, I had a relatively easy time losing weight. I would just clean up my diet a lil bit and BOOM, I was lean again. Then my sophomore year I decided that I was going to “bulk.” I was eating the food we got served at my sorority house, cooked by a chef who dipped everything (and I mean everything) in oil. I would eat some of his food, think it was gross, and then resorted to eating to snacks in order to feel satiated. I completely stopped caring what I ate because it was so, so hard to eat healthy without spending exuberant amounts of money, only for my expensive meal plan to go to waste. I gained like 15-20 lbs in a relatively short amount of time. However, I will say that I did put on the muscle that I was looking to gain. 

Ever since then, I have been trying to lose the weight I put on. Over a year, I’ve been able to lose about 8 lbs. I started just cutting my calories really low and doing a bunch of cardio, which lead me to plateau relatively quickly. I ate intuitively while at school, all the while with my metabolism adapting to a relatively low caloric intake. At the end of my junior year, I decided to reverse diet which actually lead me to lose about 4 lbs, just from revving up my metabolism again. Now, I’m ready.

I’ve never taken a systematic approach to weight loss before. I would just cut calories and add in a bunch of cardio all at once. This time, I’m going to take my sweet time. I’m starting with a pretty high caloric intake, and I think my body will respond better. I’m adding in cardio at a very slow rate, using both LISS and HIIT, and adjusting depending on what my body responds best to. The backbone of my programming is that I will be trying to hit my 10K step goal every day so that I stay active in a non-exercise related way. I pulled a lot of what I am basing my programming on from this video here.

In terms of strength training, I am definitely going to have to play around with my programming a bit to figure out the best way to maintain my strength/minimize strength loss with my powerlifts. I definitely plan on competing in the future, but first I really, really just want to get my body at a place where I feel better and can be more competitive for my height (like I said, I weigh like 30lbs more than the average person my height, and even when I lose the weight I want to will still weight more than that average. I suppose I just sit on the higher end of the bell curve, which is fine by me). 

Once this is all over, I will hopefully put bulking/cutting behind me forever. Doing a bulk was really not a good experience for me, and it has been extremely hard for me to lose the weight that I put on. I will slowly reverse diet my calories back to maintenance and then stay around there forever. I don’t want to put my body through the extremes of really low caloric intake, all the way back to extremely high caloric intake, all the way back down again. I’m all about that homeostasis. 

Hope you guys enjoy following me along on my journey :)