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Do you think you'd ever potentially bundle all of your unfinished demos together and release them in one large project? I think it'd be really cool, and I really, thoroughly enjoy a lot of your stuff that goes unfinished or just the goofy miscellaneous stuff you upload

The dream would be to just hack them all together with little interludes like radio static and just call it like “Channel Surfing” or something but people wouldn’t like that everybody would want a longer version of one particular song and to just dive into old set files and flesh them out takes a lot of effort

Nct Reaction: to their s/o singing really well (hyung line)

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Taeil would be so so happy that you could sing too, you’d sing together all the time, harmonising beside each other while he washes plates and you drying them, making the bed, or just cleaning around the house, when you start to come more confident with your voice he’d mention auditioning for a company if it was something you wanted to do.


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you’d be belting the lyrics to favourite song while sweeping up around the house and wouldn’t hear Hansol come back from the grocery store, he’d literally drop the groceries on the floor and rush to find you to see if was actually you singing, after getting flustered when you found out he heard you he’d use aegyo on you so you would sing for him again. 


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he’d find out you could sing by finding you playing the piano in the practice room while singing, he didn’t want you to stop so he shared the piano stool with you, synchronising with you by playing the song on a higher key and singing with you. It soon became something you do regularly together as a stress reliever, sometimes he would just lean over the piano with his hands under his chin watching you sing in sheer adoration.


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he’d want to make a song with you, creating the lyrics together would  only bring you closer and if he ever got the opportunity to have his own album then he’d want the song you made as a couple to feature on it. The song would mean so much to both of you and would be played on repeat while he was away on tour.


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hhhooooh boy when he found out how good your voice was he’d secretly record it and take it back to his members so that they could here you too and he’d be so proud when he says “yup and they’re all mine.” Anyone could see from a mile away just how much this boy loved you.


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 he would completely fall in love with your voice, he’d teach you some traditional Chinese songs and help your improve your pronunciation and when you sang it perfectly he’d be so proud of you and press small kisses all over your face.


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HE WOULD BE SO EXCITED, he’d want to sing with you all the time because he thought your voice was perfection, he’d literally drag you to sm and be like “ are we recording any new ost’s soon because I have someone I’d love to duet with” and you’d stand behind him with a blush furiously spreading across your dace.


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 He’d find out about your incredible voice by coming home from practice early one night to hear you singing in the shower, he’d sit on the edge of the bed and close his eyes just taking in the sound of your voice. You’d walk out and scream and first because you didn’t expect him to be so early. He’d walk up towards you with  smirk on his face and say “baby where’d you learn to sing like that?” while wrapping his arms around your waist.


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When he heard you sing he’d grab your hand, give you your coat and drag you out the door. “ Jae where are we going?” “duh karaoke!!” He’d give you the goofiest smile and you just couldn’t say no, grabbing hold of your hand he would walk you to the nearest karaoke and sing with you, sharing a few laughs and kisses, making it one of the best dates you’ve had so far.


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After sicheng discovered you had a great voice he’d certainly take advantage of it after a tough day of practice, he’d grab you by the waist and pull you to the bed while you sing to him softly, playing with ends of his hair as he falls into a sound sleep.

I honestly genuinely wish the kpop fandom not just the Mine fandom would be generous enough to help 9Muses get their first win, like 9Muses is literally that one group everyone knows and loves, if not for their music for their personalities or if they don’t know the group they /do/ know the songs. I’m setting up my accounts to vote my ass for 9Muses but so far I’m having issues with making a M!Countdown account cause I’m getting no emails—siGHS.

I just really want 9Muses to get atleast one win god knows they deserve it after everything they have done for their fans, for their talents, for everything they have gone through with the company and ceo, and for all together being an amazing group.

Also please don’t waste your time tweeting things like STAN TALENT STAN NAMYU use that time to stream their MV and Song once it comes out, use that time to Vote for them, use that time to do anything that will benefit them to get that win that they have been struggling to get since 2010.

Don’t just sit there and say ‘stan talents stan namyu’ and not do anything else. 

Vote and stream like no tomorrow.

I just really want Keith and Lance to be happy and live together. I want them to share stories late at night and gradually move close to one another until they’re cuddling without noticing it and it just feels natural to do. I want them to be content and stargaze, and if anything sit in the silence and presence of each other.

I want them to hold hands without giving it a second thought. I want Lance to softly mumble words to a song he used to sing when growing up and Keith trying his best to listen to it.

I want their little teasing moments and smart comments. Their play fights and laughs.

I want Keith and Lance to be happy.

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Is anyone going to point out that both Kiyoko and Mougan are both naming their attacks? You know what? I'm calling it now... Ishida is one that likes parallels amongst his characters and battles, and I think this is one now. To contrast Yomo and Touka I'm thinking that Mougan and kiyoko are also related. They show symmetry this chapter in a few ways (I don't want to use the mundane explanation that they just worked together at times).

It’s a really strange combination that surprisingly works well- formal, icy Kiyoko and outrageous loud Mougan. I’m not sure about them being related, I haven’t seen any other hints that they were so but it’s a possibility though! Either way, I do think they must have worked together quite often over the years to get to that level of coordination with their attacks. They even finish each others sentences

Oh god no…. Now I’m imagining them singing that “Love is an open doooor” song from Frozen

Kiyoko: I mean it’s crazy! We finish each other’s …

Mougan: Sandwiches! 

Kiyoko: That’s what I was gonna say!

Mougan: I’ve never met someone

Both: Who thinks so much like me. Jinx! Jinx again!
Both: Our mental synchronisation *does robot dance*

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1, 6 and 15 for the dnd ask. Roan sounds like a lovely name btw.

Thanks! It’s short for Roan’aielle.The Treefriend.

1. How many dead parents do they have?

Surprisingly? None. Both of Roan’s parents are alive but they’re not together. She’s not really in contact with them, but that’s more because her people/community ostracized her as a child. 

6. What’s their theme song?

Oh, god, I have shit music taste so I’m always bad at these questions. Maybe “Forget” by Marina and the Diamonds–or maybe “Gasoline” or “Castle” by Halsey? Roan is hard to pin down because she does have, um, like this magic/trauma-induced amnesia and is mentally ill. GOSH, now I want to make a playlist.

15. Most despicable thing they have ever done?

Uhhh, well, twice now Roan has attempted to abandon her party. To be fair though, Roan is pretty chaotic neutral and hadn’t quite formed a bond with her party yet. She was also very used to being on her own, and in the second case, she tried to leave in order to escape going back to the place that traumatized her as a child (creepy moving forest full of monsters and madness). I think that’s probably the worst thing she’s ever done.

Why do I get this stupid idea in my head that being in a relationship might make me happier than I currently am. I don’t want to just date someone for the sake of it. I wanna properly connect with them, learn all there is to know about the person, go on adventures together, sing loud in the car to our fav songs, clumsily bump heads when we go to kiss. Idk I just really wanna be adored by someone. I have so much love to give all I need now is the right person.

im so happy the ghost inside won most dedicated fanbase honestly if they DIDN’T i’d be so surprised… great guys and i’m so glad they’re doing better they’re so passionate i love them… it really brought the whole community together to help support them on their path to recovery and it’s one of the reasons why as much as i hate in this scene sometimes, they’re capable of amazing things.

that said, hallejuah by p!atd didn’t deserve song of the year… but what else did you expect?  i wanted kelen capener to win bassist of the year but i’m also very happy with skyler winning it!! i have a lot of respect for him and he plays 5-string so you gotta love him

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What is your favorite animated character? 💜

Hi, tbh does Garfield count? Because I can’t think of anybody else right know so i’ll just go with Garfield.

Ship and why: Omg so I totally ship you with Ashton because you both seem like genuinely nice people that care about everyone and want them to be happy. I honestly think you’d make a sweet couple.

Ship name and holiday destination: Jashton maybe? Also I think you would both work together at your local kindergarden in summer time to do good and also to spend time together.

Summer activity: Okay so while you’re in the kindergarden you would ofc take good care of the kinds but also be really childish and join their games and play hide and seek with them or built a fortress together and embarrass the kids when you’d kiss in front of them

Song that you listen to together: Flawless Remix by Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj because Ashton would always try to impress you and do his best Beyoncé imitation and you’d have to do the rap part 

Short fanfic: “Ash-ton, Ash-ton, Ash-ton” You and Ash sat inside of a pillow fortress that you built with the kids from the kindergarden that you had to take care of. Since it was summer and your aunty owned the kindergarden she offered you to work here with your boyfriend, Ash, while she was on holiday. Sitting inside of a fortress and sacrificing your beloved boyfriend in the war of tickles is not what you planned to originally but it seemed like you had no choice. The children already started to crawl through the entrance so you encouraged Ash: “Go and defend your castle” You gave him a huge kiss when you heard the kids make barfing noises: “Ugh, let’s get away, that’s yucky…” One by one retreated from your fortress when you continued to kiss Ash’s palm. When everyone seemed to be gone, Ash left your fortress: “That’s it for today. I think it’s clear who won.” You tried to comfort the children, suddenly feeling bad: “Don’t worry, next time, you’ll win, Ash and I won’t team up again.” You tried to grab Ash’s hand, surprised when he pulled it away. You turned to him and he winked and whispered: “Don’t. It’s yucky.”

Disney princess: You match so good with Snow White because you both care for others and support them and your great at baking so yeah

Jackie you seem so nice this is no joke i honestly think you’re a great, supportive person:))