…I forgot that I still have this silly thing in my folder.

It’s tempting me to make a Zootopia AU verse, but do I really wanna make icons of a bunch of long-tailed weasels? Do I really wanna crappily photoshop little cowboy hats on them??? I could draw them, but… that’s also… a lot…

…But the temptation

llamacornsimmer  asked:

In your Replum blouse recolour how did you make the preview and what font did you use?? I really wanna learn more about Photoshop but I am a beginner so I've been asKing people if you don't mind to share with me your knowledge sensei it's OK 😘😉😉

I don’t mind at all! It’s actually quite simple, for the font I used the “Dominique” font, and for the little subtitle I used “Shorelines Script”. For the white border, you can follow this tutorial here (I just lowered the opacity a bit). I added a drop shadow, Topaz Clean + Topaz Denoise, added a lot of blurring to smooth out the sims, and I was done!