Aristides de Sousa Mendes: He ignored and defied the orders of his own government for the safety of war refugees fleeing from invading German military forces in the early years of World War II. Between June 16 and June 23, 1940, he frantically issued Portuguese visas free of charge, to over 30,000 refugees seeking to escape the Nazi terror, 12,000 of whom were Jews, the others being persecuted minorities. However, in 1941, Salazar lost political trust in Sousa Mendes and stripped the diplomat of his title, subsequently ordering that no one in Portugal show him any charity. In his later years, the formerly much-honored diplomat was abandoned by most of his colleagues and friends and at times was blamed by some of his close relatives. He died in poverty on April 3, 1954, still in disgrace with his government.

This took me way longer than it should have and went through so many changes. I’ve wanted to make a drawing like this in a very long time! I absolutely love the game Quantum Break and I needed to draw Jacksepticeye as Jack Joyce at some point. haha They’re kinda similar and I love that. I know he stopped playing it a while ago, but I totally respect his decision. I just really care about that game and him, I had to draw this AU! It came out way more detailed than expected and it helped me improve very much, I’m just not so sure I’ll make very complicated drawings for a while. I’ve said before that I’m not good with backgrounds but I really tried. haha Anyway, I hope @therealjacksepticeye likes it and that it’s good enough!

You know, the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that Ford’s rejection of Stan after he came out of the portal was a good thing.

No, really.

We all know that Stanley loves his brother and would do anything for him. That is wonderful, and we should all value our relationships. The thing is, Stan’s love for his brother is wrapped up in his love for himself. He loves his brother, but he has also attached his sense of worth to his relationship with his brother.

As a child, In the world he grew up in, your worth came from what you could produce, due to having a dad that was probably frustrated by the family’s constant battle with poverty. Stanford was “the smart one” and “the achiever,” and Stanley…wasn’t. He couldn’t produce. So, instead he attached his worth to what his brother produced, and what he could do to help his brother. I’m not saying his love for his brother wasn’t genuine, or that it was self-interested; not at all! I’m saying that it began to take up much more real estate in his identity than it should have.

Stanley believed he couldn’t survive without his brother, which was why he got angry enough to lash out at the project, even if damaging it was accidental. Ten years later, all that time living on his own reinforced the idea that he was worthless as an individual. But when Stanford needed him, he went straight to him. Even though Ford’s greeting at the door was…intense, as soon as Stanley realized Ford was in trouble, he becomes sympathetic.

“Is he in trouble with the law? The mob? Other dangerous people? I know all about that. I got this. This is something I can handle.”

For a brief moment, Stan was offered the chance to be Ford’s support again, and he wanted it so badly because that’s the only role where he felt fulfilled.

Then…well, you know.

After that, Stan spent 30 years trying to recover that relationship. Was he motivated by love and concern for his brother? Definitely. Was he motivated by guilt? Definitely. Was he motivated by the slim hope that this would return their relationship to its former status and return his sense of worth in the process? Absolutely.

I think even before Stan sacrificed his name and identity to save his brother, in his mind he was already half-Stanford.

And so Ford rejecting that interpretation is painful for Stanley (not to mention rude), but it’s also good for him.

If Ford had accepted him immediately, it would have told Stan, “Yes! You were right! You are now valuable because you saved your brother! Now you can go back to supporting him with your life!” But instead, Stan is finally, finally learning to love himself.

Everything from NWHS onwards with Stan has been exposing all these things Stan is so afraid for people to see. His weaknesses and failings. But this time, he has two niblings and a son handyman who have only known Stanley as an individual, and love him just the way he is. Not to mention the snarky girl at the cash register and townspeople like Lazy Susan and Tyler who know and love the Mystery Shack he created. Stan is finally in an environment where he is receiving the love and acceptance he’s always desperately needed, shoulder hair and all.

Do I want Stan and Ford to reconcile? ABSOLUTELY. IT IS HALF THE REASON I WATCH THIS SHOW. But I also think maybe that reconciliation should come after Stan is secure enough in his identity as an individual that he’s not defining himself relative to Ford anymore.

As mentioned in this conversation thread, I had a slightly different interpretation to Dean and Lucifer’s interaction in Into The Mystic to those I’ve seen going around, and especially regarding what about it unsettled Dean, and I thought I’d explore it a little more.

Dean has a deep-seated desire for affirmation, and he especially desires it from the people he loves. Although teased throughout the first two seasons, we first really see it in Dean telling Carmen Porter, his imaginary companion, “You know, I get it. Why you’re the one” in What Is and Never Should Be . What Dean desperately wants is for someone to tell him that he’s done good, that it’s not his fault, everything’s going to be alright, and that he’s not alone. Dean has wanted someone to tell him these things ever since his mother, caught in her own pain, replaced these words with pie when he was a child, which we saw in Dark Side of the Moon.

Castiel is not, and never has been, very forthcoming with his verbal affirmation of Dean – not because he doesn’t think Dean deserves it, but because he doesn’t know how to express it. We saw a change mid-ninth season of Castiel affirming Dean and Dean’s choices – but not to Dean, to Sam. All of season ten, Castiel took Dean’s side, he supported Dean’s choices, he’s was there for Dean all the way, but not in a way that Dean was able to see, not verbally affirming Dean in a way that he could understand. Dean doesn’t know that Castiel is in his proverbial corner, all the way, until the end of the line, because Dean’s problem, which Castiel outlined for him when they had just met, is that he has no faith in himself. So why should anyone else have faith in him?

And here is Lucifer, suddenly giving Dean the thing that he has wanted for so long, the thing that he needs: Castiel affirming him. Having faith in him. Telling him that he’s doing the right thing, he’s making the right choice, and that Castiel will stand by him while he makes this choice. Lucifer is telling Dean what Castiel was trying to tell Dean at the end of The Prisoner, but in a way that Dean is able to hear.

In The Prisoner Castiel tells Dean that he will stay with him until the end, and what Dean hears is that it’s all his fault and he brings Castiel, brings everyone nothing but pain – whereas Lucifer just comes out and says it: you won’t be alone, I’ll be with you. There are many such contrasts between Lucifer and Castiel, beginning with the simple fact that Dean finds Cas in the bunker of his own volition in the first place.

We saw the flipside of this in Soul Survivor: Dean wants Cas in the bunker. Castiel likely wants to stay in the bunker, but doesn’t think he can. What Castiel tells Dean is that it’s alright. What Dean hears is that he tried to kill his brother and that he’s in constant danger of losing everyone he loves because of his own actions.

In the episode Lucifer takes responsibility for destroying Amara, expressing the sentiment that it is his responsibility and not Dean’s alone. Dean thinks it’s all on him alone pretty much full time. That’s his most enduring character trait.

Lucifer wants to hear more about how Dean was unable to kill Amara. He’s understanding, offers his sympathy. Contrast this with Our Little World in which Dean thinks Cas is accusing him of not being able to kill her, both of them defensive.

Lucifer asks Dean to tell him everything, offering what seems like a sympathetic ear. Castiel, well. Castiel wants to Dean open up to him, but what Dean hears is:

Many people have paralleled the shoulder touches between the episode and Meta Fiction, but there’s more to it than Lucifer merely grabbing ‘the wrong shoulder’. Lucifer tells Dean that what he’s done may turn out to be a good thing, whereas Castiel asks Dean what he’s done. Castiel is worried, Dean hears an accusation because he’s already feeling guilty.

Lucifer promises to help Dean find out what it is they’re dealing with, regarding Dean’s connection to Amara. Castiel has habitually vanished to do his “Caine from Kung-Fu crap“ both because he is weighed down by his responsibilities and because he doesn’t think Dean wants him to stay in the bunker.

Lucifer agrees to let this stay just between the two of them, to not tell Sam about what Dean confessed to him. Everyone has been telling Dean to share everything with his brother, that their problem is that they don’t talk about crap. Lucifer is, that is, validating Dean’s choice, even though Dean knows Castiel knows it’s a bad choice.

Lucifer is transporting Dean and Castiel’s interpersonal dynamic to that moment in Road Trip before it all went to hell, and Dean thinks he doesn’t get to have that. Thinks he doesn’t deserve it. Oh, but he wants it. That’s what he wants – from Castiel.

Lucifer says things that he doesn’t mean to further his own agenda. Castiel means things he doesn’t say, maybe out of respect for Dean who, after all, has expressed his disinclination to participate in ‘Chick flick moments’, or maybe because he just doesn’t know how to say them.

But hearing the things Lucifer told him and hearing them from Castiel? That is Dean’s fucking sunset, right there.

AU in which Coach Hall’s son comes out to his parents and while they are obviously very supportive if slightly surprised, they don’t really know how to deal with it?

Like in terms of, should they do more to help him with this realisation? Are they being supportive enough? Are they smothering him? Can they ask about boys? Should they tell the rest of the family when they ask about him?

They are honestly good parents trying to do the right thing, they just aren’t sure how to go about it.

Coach talks to Bitty because he has a good head on his shoulders and seems to have his life together. He asks for advice after making sure Bitty knows he doesn’t have to talk to him if he isn’t comfortable and Bitty is slightly confused why he’s being asked but rolls with it.

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  • what she says:I want to see more of Peggy's funeral in the CA:CW deleted scenes
  • what she means:I want to sob into my popcorn-sized bowl of ice cream as I watch Steve Rogers give a passionate eulogy for the greatest woman he ever had the privilege of knowing and loving
Alternate “You”niverse *Avengers x Reader* (3/?)

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Summary: Another one of Starks failed experiments causes a rift in Universes causing their Actor selves from another Parallel Universe to come through. Steve has to face Hayley, the women that looks like the girl from his past, Tony has to deal with another him & you have to put up with another set of Avengers. 
Warnings: Swearing, fluff moments and breaking the 4th wall A LOT!
Admins Note: I had a dream about this, I told Angie and she has basically helped me write it by giving me title ideas, ideas in general and telling me what I should and shouldn’t put in. Not really a specific plot, just that Steve doesn’t know whether to move on and it’s made more difficult with Hayley Atwell coming through the portal also, Bucky has to put up with being in love with you but seeing Sebastian make better ground & Wanda is forever crying over Aaron & Everyone keeps getting Scott Lang and Paul Rudd mixed up.  This will probably end with Bucky x Reader getting together, also be prepared for me to mess you up- Rosalee

Alternate “You”niverse Part Two
Alternate “You”niverse Part Four

You stood beside Scarlett and Jeremy as everyone placed bets, it was funny to see Thor set the hammer down on the coffee table and look at his double with a challenging smirk; you had witnessed the Avengers try and fail to lift the hammer. 

Although you had a sneaky suspicion that Chris will be able to lift the hammer, considering he is Thor from the alternate universe it would make sense for him to be able to lift it, right?

 You watched as Chris Evans gave a good luck pat on Chris Hemsworth broad shoulders, he stepped forwards as Thor crossed his arms over his chest, it was like they were looking in a mirror; only Chris has shorter hair and normal clothes for this world, whereas Thor was still in his usual get-up, cape and all. It was silent as they both shifted their eyes to the hammer; Chris held a cocky grin as Thor just let out a loud chuckle, he was dead certain on the fact this moral wouldn’t be able to lift the hammer.

“There’s no way this man can hold the mighty Mjolnir” Thor chuckled deeply with a grin, arms still crossed over his chest, he gestured to… himself with the cropped haircut and strong Aussie accent “he is but an imposter in that Universe, a man merely playing a God, he is not worthy” Thor concluded and Chris asks an eyebrow at him. 

“Listen to mate” strong Australian accent bearing through “I’d hate to embarrass you in front of your little Avenger buddies but I am you” Chris states firmly to Thor who rolls his eyes, Chris lets out an exhausted sigh “I don’t remember playing him this arrogant” Chris comments. 

“I do” Jeremy mutters back, you let out a soft chuckle as Thor uncrosses his arms and picks up Mjolnir and holds it out to Chris, waiting for the man to take the hammer he shakes it slightly in a teasing motion. 

“Are you sure about this?” Chris asked and Thor nodded in silence, Chris lets out a long sigh and lifts his right hand and takes the shaft of the hammer, holding securely the nods for Thor to let go. 

It happens slowly but the hammer falls to the floor, Thor lets out a booming laughter along with some others, a few groans as people start to fondle for their wallets… only Chris starts to laugh too and everyone is silent, even Thor quietens down.

“I am such a talented actor” he flaunts as he stands up, throwing the hammer up and it spins and he grabs it again, cocky grin as he flashes his skills to everyone and it’s just silence as the Avengers take this in; first Vision and now Chris Hemsworth? 

“Not worthy?” Chris scoffed at Thor’s words from moments ago “I have three children and pestering younger brother, you really think I am not worthy of this hammer? I’ve lived your life, my friend, if anyone is more worthy of holding this other than you, it’s me!” Chris beams holding Mjolnir back to Thor, who narrows his eyes but takes the hammer, he slowly starts to smile at Chris before chuckling. 

“You make a fine Thor, brother” he concludes loudly, you watch as people bark up their payments, a few grumbles from some and others beaming with pride over their choice. 

“And the Oscar goes to; Chris Hemsworth” Paul Rudd cheers, holding Chris’s arm up as he bows in thank appreciation. 

“I’d like to thank my parents, my family and just… I’m kidding” he joked “although for a moment it was a little heavy and I thought this could be embarrassing, thankfully… it was a good day” you chuckled at that “I now want to see everyone try their other’s stuff” you nodded in agreement “well, Sebastian can’t because… I don’t think the arm comes off like yours” Sebastian chuckled at that. 

“I also don’t think Bucky would want me snooping for his mask either, I’ll let him be Bucky” he shrugged and you nodded at that.

“I have no idea what was wrong with Steve,” you tell Chris and he shrugs “I guess this whole thing has surprised everyone, it’s making everyone act insane, I’m sure he’ll ease by tomorrow” you smile and he nodded with a small sigh. 

“Hopefully” he looks at you “I always thought we’d get along, I mean he’s one of those characters that as an actor you dream of playing, then you get it and you have this overwhelming feeling of I gotta make him good for the fans and that puts pressure on you” he sighed out again, running hands down his face as you nodded in sympathy “I almost didn’t take the role because of the anxiety then Robert phoned me, told me I’d me crazy not to, that he’d be beside me to help me through the thick of it and I went for it; And the one guy you’d want to approve – which is him, he doesn’t” he flailed his arms out and let them drop to his sides. 

“When Steve has calmed down talk with him” you nudge with a small smile “the best way to get through to Steve Rogers is by talking” he nodded lightly at that “besides the tension and stress of today is just riding on him, he probably just flipped on you because you were the closest, it could have been anyone” you rolled your (E/C) eyes at him and he chuckled. 

“Thanks, honestly I swear myself and other you have these kind of conversations all the time” you chuckled and smiled at that “we’re hoping that in the next Avengers movie you are in it, inside you just being Agents of SHIELD, I think Robert has started a petition for it actually” you laughed at him and he chuckled alongside you. 

“Well I’ll pray for me” he chuckled “I have to go check on Bucky, I’ll see you later” he nodded and let you leave to go see how Bucky is.


Bucky wasn’t in his room, in fact, through the rest of yesterday and throughout the morning of today you hadn’t seen him, you thought that maybe he requested for Steve to take him back to his apartment; which bummed you out because you hoped he would ease into everyone.

 You walked through the tower, you don’t think you’d get used to seeing any of the other Avengers, it was weird to see Bruce down in the lab and then walk upstairs and see Bruce in the kitchen; it gave you a headache in fact. 

“Wanda” you skipped up to the petite women she grinned, linking arms as you walked down the hallways, conversing about random topics “So, tell me have you talked to Aaron?” you asked and she shakes her head.

“He actually knocked on my door last night but I pretended to be asleep, I guess I could be actress” she chuckled and you grinned at her “I just need some time it’s still a little new to me, especially with his… death so fresh that it just brings up unwanted thoughts” you nodded in understanding “how are you and Bucky?” she asked, you rolled your (E/C) eyes at her, she was certain that yourself and Bucky would be a couple soon and you often called her crazy for that. 

“I haven’t seen him since yesterday, well I’ve seen Sebastian but… our Bucky” she then comments with ‘your Bucky’ and you punched her shoulder playfully “naa he’s hasn’t shown his face” you shrugged, 

“I’m sure he will” Wanda patted your shoulder “he follows you around like a lost little puppy-dog, he’ll show up to follow you around like the nerd he is” you chuckled and nodded in agreement. 

“Can you believe Chris can lift the hammer?” you freaked and Wanda laughed “I mean I get he is Thor but still, surprising” you both entered the kitchen and see; Natasha, Scarlett, Elizabeth, Jeremy and Clint all sat around the breakfast bar chatting away. 

Aaron was stood buttering toast, everyone muttered mornings, Wanda excused herself to the gym to train with Sam- although you knew he was too busy with Hayley and Anthony, and you believed Chris also. You watched as Aaron left quickly after her, hopefully, they sort this out.  


“Hey, Sebastian” you chime and he turned with a grin “what you up to?” you asked and he shrugged, he began to tell you that he got lost twice on the way back to his ‘room’ plus he couldn’t find the toilet, or the kitchen for a good hour and that made you chuckle “don’t worry I got lost all the time around here too” you shrugged with a grin and he nodded. 

You frown when you see someone in the shadows, they were lingering behind Sebastian and watching him, peaking every now and then around the corner “Um, I think Bucky is either stalking me or you” you whisper and Sebastian chuckled. 

“Me” he confirms and you frown “he has been since last evening” he tells you with a shrug and you chuckle at him “he keeps getting closer and I think that either means; he is slowly figuring out how to kill me or he is slowly trusting me” he smirked smartly “either way I am excited” you raised your eyebrows “I don’t think he knows I know he is there, I thought he was a master assassin, unless I just him know so well that I just sense his presence” he shrugged and you smiled, you peaked behind him and see Bucky frowning, he obviously overheard some of the conversation. 

“How did you know?” Bucky stalked over, Sebastian turns his torso to look behind himself and shrugged “I’m losing my touch” Bucky mutters and turned to stalk off, you skipped after him and pulled his hand, dragging him towards Sebastian with a bright grin and Bucky trying to gently pry you off him. 

“Bucky this is Sebastian” you gesture.

“I know” Bucky tells you, Sebastian watches as Bucky stares down at you, you give him a narrowed look telling him with your eyes to play nice and formerly introduce himself “Hi, Sebastian” Bucky grumbles, refusing to look at him but his feet like a child, you grin clasping his human hand in both of your hands and nudged him to look up. 

“Hey, Bucky… can I call you Bucky?” he asked and Bucky nodded at him “sorry if this freaks you out, it is just as freaky for me as it is for you, trust me” Sebastian chuckled and Bucky frowned slightly “you are just a character in my world, not a real person, so to see you walking around and… talking it’s kinda weird; especially since I do that for a job” he chuckled nervously and Bucky nodded in thought. 

“I suppose it is weird for us both” he commented, you slowly let go of Bucky’s hand hoping he wouldn’t notice you sneaking out of the room, he did but he didn’t stop you; he watched as you left quietly and looked back awkwardly at Sebastian “Is she more annoying in mine or your universe?” Bucky asked and Sebastian chuckled,

“You find her annoying?” Bucky shrugged “she’s just the same really” Sebastian shrugged “I think the only annoying thing about (Y/N) is the fact she puts everyone before herself, that irks me a little, more times I have to remind her to look after herself” he shrugged and Bucky nodded, always having to remind you that he is okay, or he can survive long enough for her to shower and eat. 

“Is she like Mark? Does she have a family, children and husband?” Bucky asked, eyeing Sebastian as he grinned,

“Not a husband, yet anyway” he shrugged and Bucky nodded, a familiar knot tightening in his stomach, a feeling of deep anger bubbling inside him and he didn’t understand why “she’s happy, I mean it was a whirlwind relationship, it happened so suddenly and now a year later… she may be getting purposed to” he grinned and Bucky nodded “you okay?” Sebastian asked, a frown settling on his face.

“When am I ever okay?” Bucky chuckled but it came out forced and loud, his eyebrows furrowed and he looked sad more than angry “I’m happy for her, she deserves to be happy, too long she has been looking after me” He began to edge away from Sebastian before turning around fully and leaving “Nice talking to you” Sebastian called after him but he kept walking, shoulders hunched and anger boiling inside of himself, he can’t even get you in another universe? How was he meant to have you in this one?.

(Let me know what you think of this part! I tried to make it funny and have some character development with Sebastian x Bucky, let me know what you think is going to happen or want to happen. Share and heart - Rosalee)

Alternate “You”niverse *Avengers x Reader* (7/14)

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Summary: Another one of Starks failed experiments causes a rift in Universes causing their Actor selves from another Parallel Universe to come through. Steve has to face Hayley, the women that looks like the girl from his past, Tony has to deal with another him & you have to put up with another set of Avengers.
Warnings: Swearing, fluff moments and breaking the 4th wall A LOT!
Admins Note: I had a dream about this, I told Angie and she has basically helped me write it by giving me title ideas, ideas in general and telling me what I should and shouldn’t put in. Not really a specific plot, just that Steve doesn’t know whether to move on and it’s made more difficult with Hayley Atwell coming through the portal also, Bucky has to put up with being in love with you but seeing Sebastian make better ground & Wanda is forever crying over Aaron & Everyone keeps getting Scott Lang and Paul Rudd mixed up.  This will probably end with Bucky x Reader getting together, also be prepared for me to mess you up- Rosalee

Anything to do with Bruce x Nat is not mentioned, as if it never happened, because I kinda wanna imply Clintasha throughout the rest of this; let me know what you think. Plus, filming for Civil War has finished but they are preparing for Infinity War, hence why everyone was together, so they aren’t filming but reading the first copies of the scripts. Just wanted to clear somethings up for this part - Rosalee

Alternate “You”niverse Part Six
Alternate “You”niverse Part Eight

Yourself, Steve and Sam were all standing in the training room, discussing on how long Tony would take to fix the portal; also subtly bringing up Steve trying to make amends with Chris at some point before he leaves, although, Steve doesn’t seem to think he needs to despite your better judgement that he should. 

You wave as Scott and Paul walk through the doors, Wanda and Natasha following slightly behind them, Paul hadn’t been around much; in fact this was probably the second time you have seen him, he was often with Hank Pym, which was unusual but Scott assured everyone it was because he felt more comfortable over there, due to being on the set that looked like that house.

“Is that Captain America?” everyone is silent as Paul stares in awe at Steve, who shyly waves and smiles, Paul just grins at him “that’s awesome” he comments to Scott, you chuckle because Scott had the same reaction, you see him just stare at Paul for a few seconds before looking at you three,

“Not an alternate me, it’s just me, they literally cloned me” he mutters, you laugh with Sam at that, nodding in agreement over the fact Scott and Paul are basically themselves, there’re no lines on who is who, the lines are blurred with those two.

“How’s Bucky holding up? I haven’t talked to him in a while” you asked Steve who sighs gently, shrugging and saying the same thing, he had been busy helping Tony make the portal work again; in fact, you hadn’t seen Sebastian nor Chris in a while, it’s like everyone just disappears or goes off with their friends, although that’s for the better; the arguments Robert and Tony would have if they hung out, well, it’s best not to dwell on bad thoughts. 

“How’s Anthony?” You asked Sam, he just grins at you both; Steve chuckled softly at his friend.

“He’s awesome, another me is great, c’mon admit it” he nudged you both, you nodded as Steve rolled his crystal blue eyes, but managed to nod as he snickered at him “he’s been telling me about his life, his children and wife, he’s got it all and I love it. Him and Sebastian get along really well, actually, Sebastian has to film scenes whilst Anthony isn’t there otherwise he just laughs” you chuckle and can imagine that, just being around Anthony you want to laugh, he just has that happy vibe about him “he’s just a nice guy, kinda like me, no wonder they hired him” he shrugged, you thought for a moment,

“Do you think if they hired someone else, you’d look different here, like that actor?” you asked, everyone in the training room goes silent; Natasha and Wanda exchange glances, everyone trying to figure out in their minds how it honestly works, Steve frowns deeply and then sighs loudly,

“Stop, this is making me feel weird” he yelled loudly.


Sebastian rounds the corner, already lost; he had walked up three flights of stairs and walked into many bedrooms trying to find a kitchen. Stopping in his tracks he sees’s Bucky sat on a sofa, the room oddly silent and he’s staring straight ahead, lost in his mind and a look of… nothing, nothing present in his grey eyes and Sebastian weirdly knows that look, he’s done and portrayed that look many times. 

Sebastian knows he should walk away, avoid a glare or maybe something worse but if anyone knows what’s going on in that mind, it’s him, he’s spent years on this guy and he likes to think he’s done Bucky justice over in the other universe.

He coughs lightly, Bucky jerks his head and looks at Sebastian, almost a little terrified more than angry and Sebastian sits down a little away from Bucky, holding a gentle smile at the man before him and Bucky frowns; going back to looking straight ahead, trying to ignore Sebastian’s presence. 

Sebastian tries to think of something to help Bucky, to take his mind off what he can only imagine Bucky to be thinking about, an idea pops into Sebastian mind; Tony had said their phones don’t work in this universe, but Sebastian still has many photos on his device, proof of the love that he has gained from being Bucky.

“When I became an actor I only dreamed about landing a job for Marvel” Bucky looks at Sebastian from the corner of his eye “to play such a layered character, diverse and broken, very much broken character” Sebastian eyed Bucky, who he has caught the attention of, Bucky shifts to stare at Sebastian curious to where this was heading “I’ve been in a far few… bad roles, I wouldn’t say bad, they led me to play the diverse characters I can now play; I originally went in for Captain America, believe It or not” Bucky raised his dark eyebrows 

“I got a call back a couple weeks later, asking about going in for the role of Bucky Barnes, I accepted and that’s how I got the ball rolling, I studied so much on the character and I was told the arch of him but I didn’t think it would happen cause of the death in the first movie” Sebastian chuckled, he looked at Bucky, who was glaring slightly at Sebastian, trying to figure out what he is trying to do.

“I had a small following to begin with, it blew up in a matter of weeks, no days, from playing Bucky Barnes” He tells Bucky “it only grew more when Captain America: Winter Soldier came out, thousands upon thousands of fans, I get stopped in the street and people love me” he shrugged, still not used to it himself but grateful for every one of his fans, he chuckled 

“I go to comic-con, an event where massive co-operations like Marvel, announce their upcoming movies and casting for them I go to them and people are dressed as Bucky or the Winter Soldier” Bucky raises his eyebrows, not believing that for a second, till he is passed a phone and he sees’s many photos of girls and boys dressed up as him, he looked at Sebastian who only smiled.

“They’re not my fans, not really, well I thought they were till I came here” Sebastian smiled “I mean, they are because they support me for every role, but they are yours just as much mine” Sebastian tells him sincerely, Bucky was scrolling through screen-shots of messages Sebastian gets “I like to screen-shot them, whenever I feel down or whatever, I read through them; it helps me stay sane. What I am saying, you are loved far more than some of the people here; people are rooting for you to get better, to smile and be friends with Steve again” Bucky nods slowly, his eyes trained on all the photos, reading the kind words about him or Sebastian.

“I’m…loved?” he asked meeting his eyes with Sebastian’s, it was weird to look at his own eyes, especially so bright and happy ones and Sebastian nodded lightly at him. 

Bucky’s breath got chocked up into his throat, the tears welled in his eyes and he tried to blink them away but the more he thought about people actually liking him, wanting him to get better and be whole again, it was very overwhelming and he allowed the dam to break and the tears slipped down his cheeks. 

Sebastian didn’t know what to do, he remained sat as he watched Bucky flip through the photos, crying and smiling at some of the costumes or words “I thought people would see me as a… villain or something” he tells Sebastian who instantly scoffs.

“James Barnes is far from a villain” he says a tad angrily, Bucky raises his eyebrows, cheeks wet from tears and wouldn’t be drying soon and he Sebastian muttered a small apology for the aggression. 

“You don’t think I’m a villain?” he asked in a small, lost voice, Sebastian nodded. 

“I’m the last person to think that of you” Sebastian tells him “I basically run the Bucky Barnes fangirl club, I’m like head defence on that, I have to hold back from saying anything in interviews when they mention it” he chuckled and Bucky nodded “the only one that thinks that is you, I have yet to meet any fan that says otherwise, what you done… cannot be pinned on you, ever, trust me” Bucky nodded, those two words are said to him a lot, ‘trust me’ and he never really does, but Sebastian is basically the good version of Bucky, the version Bucky wants to be and he can’t help but trust him.

“I trust you” Bucky mutters, Sebastian grins and nods, Bucky sighs and knows he should go back and help Tony; he gives Sebastian his phone back “I gather you are lost?” he asked and Sebastian nodded, he stands up, gesturing for him to follow “I know where Tony keeps all the nice sweets” he mutters to Sebastian “I want to hear more of this comic-con and all the girls who dress up as me, where do they get all their stuff from?” Sebastian chuckled and nodded, Bucky wiped the stray tears away, not fully smiling but he can feel a little lighter. He doesn’t feel so down, or run down, he feels light and almost weightless.


Tony walks through the base, in search of what he thought was the only living Maximoff, Wanda, he finds her sat by herself. A book floating in front of her face, her eyes reading the words before her, he sighs gently and he knows he shouldn’t say anything; under strict orders from Fury. 

He walks closer to Wanda, sitting beside her and looking as she glances at him, she notices his expression and puts down the book and looks at Tony with a frown. Wanda promised not to ever go into his mind, or anyone’s, but especially Tony.

“I was told something, ordered not to tell anyone, not to speak a word of it to anyone… especially you” Tony tells Wanda, she frowns and nods lightly, he looks at her and he sighs lightly and turns his torso to look her dead in the eyes “this one time, I am giving you permission to look inside my mind, to see what I am keeping a secret; you have to promise this stays between us” She nods but feels a little weird “I can’t keep this from you Wanda, you have the right to know what’s going on, what’s happening because I know… I would want to be told and you’d tell me” she sighs and nods with a small smile.

“Okay, I still feel a little weird about this, Tony” she mutters and he nods, getting to work she holds her hands up near his temples, her eyes go vaguely red as she looks inside mind; Tony’s own eyes go red and he thinks purposefully on what he wants her to see, she focuses on that, opening the memory.


“What is this about, Nick?” Tony asked with a deep sigh “as you can see I am a little busy, not a lot time to chat, or read emails” Nick rolls his eyes at Stark,

“Pietro is alive” Tony stares at Nick for a few seconds, when the silence is enough, Nick speaks up again “he’s been in a recovering coma, many advanced Doctors have been seeing to him, I thought he wouldn’t ever wake up but… a couple hours ago, he started to mutter for Wanda” Tony nods slowly, not really believing he is alive and somewhat okay “this is kept between me and you, Wanda must not find out, not till he is fully up and walking; anything can happen between now and then” Tony shakes his head.

“I can’t” Tony mutters “that’s her brother, her family, she has the right to know all of this; not me, I should be the last person,” Tony tells Nick, 

“I made the decision to tell you, Stark” he tells Tony “You wanted to know all our secrets, now you do, I expect you to do the right thing” Fury tells him before leaving, Tony sighs gently before turning around and going back into the lab, where he is faced with everyone and the undying need to tell Wanda.


Wanda pulls away and starts to breathe heavily, Tony places a hand on her back in a comforting manner, and she isn’t upset; far from it. She feels tears of happiness well up into her eyes; she looks at Tony for a moment before hugging him tightly, Tony smiles and hugs her back lightly.

“Thank you, so much” Wanda mutters into his shoulder and Tony shrugs lightly, knowing how it must feel not to be alone anymore, to not have everyone actually dead around you and he can only imagine all the emotions she must be feeling.

You and Steve walk into the kitchen, stopping in your tracks you see both Bucky and Sebastian laughing with one another, you glance at Steve who does the same back to you, and they seemed to be laughing about something on Sebastian’s phone. Bucky glances up and waves, he’s actually smiling, a genuine smile, almost as bright as Sebastian’s but not fully; although it’s something, it makes you grin back, the warmness enveloping you.

“Sebastian is showing me Chris Evan’s left boob grab thing” Bucky tells you, Sebastian snickers as you frown, moving to stand beside Bucky who shyly smiles as you lean near him to see the small few second video that Sebastian has on his phone, you laugh at it “he does it when he laughs and stands near someone” Bucky shrugged. 

“Thought you were helping Tony?” Steve asked grabbing something to eat, you glare at Steve who shrugs lightly, and Bucky just shrugs and goes back to watching Sebastian flip through his phone.

A selfie of the alternate you and Sebastian come up, your hair is slightly a lighter shade of your hair now, a bright grin on both of you and you look at Bucky and Sebastian.

“That was at Comic-con” Sebastian states “we ran into each other and then proceeded to take thousands of photos” he shrugged and you nodded, you didn’t look too different, you smiled as he showed a few more pictures to Bucky who was so consumed by them all and asked about each fan and Sebastian did his best to remember and tell him about them.

“I have fans” Bucky tells you and Steve, you smile and nod, Steve sits beside Sebastian and smiles at his friend and looked at the photos also “people dress up as us, at these conventions and I want to go, they seem like so much fun” Bucky fawns to Steve, who just nodded and chuckled. 

Bucky’s eyes glimmer and shine as new photos are shown of fans, dressed up or not, Bucky smiled at the sheer number that Sebastian seemed to have just by playing him in that universe. 

That people are supporting him, that they don’t blame him like he thinks everyone does, or that he isn’t a villain. That they just love him, for him, for being Bucky Barnes and trying to find his footing again.

(Sorry, that this part took so long to come out, also to that rude anon if you waited two days… you wouldn’t of have to been rude, or been called out for being so rude. Let me know what you think. SORRY FOR THE BUCKY X SEBASTIAN FEELS MOMENT! - Ro)

Back in season two, Victor Henriksen manages to track a lead about Sam and Dean to some bar in the middle of nowhere, but nobody knows who he’s talking about when he describes two big guys, one blonde, one darker, brothers. No one knows anything until he shows pictures, and then the bartender’s eyes light up “oh, yeah, they were here last week. Remember them ‘cause I thought I was gonna have to throw them out, the blonde one was a little frisky, kept tryin’ to feel up the really tall one. The tall one ended up dragging him to the bathroom, but it didn’t do much good, whole bar could hear 'em, they were so loud.” Henrikson thinks the bartender must be mistaken, but he’s sure about the photos and his story, and that’s when Henrikson realizes the Bonnie and Clyde comparison was a lot more accurate than he originally thought.

What I need in season 2

I re-watched the first season and I noticed… come on, there aren’t any scenes, where Adrien, Marinette, Alya and Nino hang out together or even talk together. Maybe just the one when they talked about that they should go into the cinema… PLEASE, I REALLY NEED MORE INTERRACTIONS WITH THESE 4. I need more scene, when they hang out together. of course I need many ship scene with the love square and ladywifi, but I need OT4 scenes too, please! and need to know Nino’s last name because I can’t tag proper him

Homestuck Negativity

I am sincerely not surprised? But I sincerely don’t know what’s up with BOTH sides of the Fandom.

To those exclaiming this is like the last straw, the worst that could happen- Like… Is it really? Is Davepeta really what’s gonna make you stop reading the comic? Because if someone REALLY stops reading Homestuck for just this development, they were never interested on where the story is heading to and its conclusion, like seriously.

And those saying that they are surprised about the negativity in the tag- Are you really? Because seriously every time I go into the tag it’s just negativity. People should give more credit to Hussie and where he’s leading things- But nooo. Too much Vriska, they shout- Maybe have you thought he’s precisely leading to her downfall and we’ll get our payout? ‘We want Eridan back, not Nepeta!’ do you even remember the Erisol fiasco- We don’t even KNOW if Erisol is dead honestly all sprites seem to have hopped over, maybe him too.

But the tag keeps on bashing what Hussie does. And another thing I have kept on hearing is about this becoming nonsensical and… I admit, the last updates have been bizarre? But are you seriously that upset? It furthers character development. It lets characters that haven’t talked before chat. It doesn’t need to be incredibly meaningful or exciting- It’s interesting. It’s a story. It’s a narration of what these Kids are going through. And if you complain about teenage drama conversations at this point, HOW did you get this far into the story?

The button that didn’t prototype with Tavros was intentionally there to show not everything prototypes a sprite, maybe due to its uselessness, how hard it would be to mix something with a fucking button, or just its size, but it was there for a reason. The retcon was there to show us both that some struggles don’t change, and that even if a problem is fixed there’s always new challenges for people, there’s not a cure or solution for everything at once. The Tavros dance of victory and immediate subjugation to Meenah, which I found personally rather hilarious, and jokingly on Tavros side (Or maybe not that much given his old dream of being a Cavalreaper), it’s Tavros admitting both that while he’s useful he’s not made for certain things- And of course that he just wants to take a piss on Vriska for everything she’s done, so he immediately gives Meenah the role instead of her.

I don’t know if the Fandom is burnt out due to the Updates or what the hell happens, but everyone seriously should CHILL the fuck down. I, for one, can see that Hussie’s a great writer that has brought me a lot of enjoyment with this god forsaken comic, and I am very excited to see how he’s planning to end it all, and when this goofy-ass comic’s last straw is a combination of Davesprite and Nepetasprite, it sounds so fucking ridiculous? Sure, go ahead, leave the Fandom and the comic if you want, whenever you want, but THIS is what broke you all???

The same happened when the Retcon. The same happened when the Tricksters. And I wasn’t there, but I’m PRETTY sure the same might have happened right after Cascade when the new Kids were presented. People just overreact before being able to see what happens next. It’s the risks of a story that’s released like this, not all at once, and as Hussie said, Homestuck is sort of meant to be read that way- All at once, but have we not learnt anything from our past mistakes?

Give Hussie some goddamn fucking credit for continuing the story like this, because as bizarre as it can get, it sincerely feels natural the way things evolve and the conversations people have. He knows what he’s doing, and even if you might like or dislike a character or an arc, that’s not a reason to bash on it entirely and spit on someone’s grave. Because at this point, the people who could very well just leave without saying anything are putting up extensive posts about why this development is shit, and those who ARE actually okay with the way things develop can’t enjoy what’s happening on their Fandom because the tag is EXPLODING with hate.

TL;DR: Hussie’s knows what he’s doing and y’all should chill down, because the Fandom came to the tag to have a good time, and it’s honestly feeling so attacked right now.

Alternate “You”niverse (10/14)

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Summary: Another one of Starks failed experiments causes a rift in Universes causing their Actor selves from another Parallel Universe to come through. Steve has to face Hayley, the women that looks like the girl from his past, Tony has to deal with another him & you have to put up with another set of Avengers. 
Warnings: Swearing, fluff moments and breaking the 4th wall A LOT!
Admins Note: I had a dream about this, I told Angie and she has basically helped me write it by giving me title ideas, ideas in general and telling me what I should and shouldn’t put in. Not really a specific plot, just that Steve doesn’t know whether to move on and it’s made more difficult with Hayley Atwell coming through the portal also, Bucky has to put up with being in love with you but seeing Sebastian make better ground & Wanda is forever crying over Aaron & Everyone keeps getting Scott Lang and Paul Rudd mixed up.  This will probably end with Bucky x Reader getting together, also be prepared for me to mess you up- Rosalee

Anything to do with Bruce x Nat is not mentioned, as if it never happened, because I kinda wanna imply Clintasha throughout the rest of this; let me know what you think. Plus, filming for Civil War has finished but they are preparing for Infinity War, hence why everyone was together, so they aren’t filming but reading the first copies of the scripts. Just wanted to clear some things up for this part - Rosalee

Alternate “You”niverse Part One |Alternate “You”niverse Part Two  |Alternate “You”niverse Part Three  | Alternate “You”niverse Part Four
Alternate “You”niverse Part Five
 |Alternate “You”niverse Part Six
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“Pietro?” you frowned, you didn’t understand how this was possible, he had died during the battle with Ultron in saving Clint and a little boy.

“If you say that stupid catch phrase, I’m gonna scream,” Steve tell him sharply, Pietro’s short chuckle rang through the silent, shocked kitchen. “But… how? How are you here?”

“Well, I am not dead, that’s the main thing,” he stated clearly, walking into the room fully “my body was healing itself, too slowly for my liking, Dr Cho said I still had a pulse; it was faint and slowing but she managed to kick-start me back up and I’ve been in a temporary coma as my body healed itself.”

“Someone should go get Wanda plus the others,” Natasha commented and you nodded in agreement with her, knowing everyone would want to see Pietro, you were still slightly stunned by this; despite only knowing him for a few short days, he was still a friend and one you had felt grief for.

Hayley stood up, stating she’d go round up some of the people, Natasha following after her to collect Tony and Vision plus Bruce from the lab. You walked over to Pietro and hugged him gently, he chuckled and hugged you back, pulling back and speeding to Steve’s side and patting his shoulder, only now realising Chris.

“I know I was gone for a while but since when did you have a bearded twin?” he asked Steve, you snickered as Chris laughed loudly, nudging Steve with his shoulder who just sighed.

“Actually, about that, Tony opened a portal to another realm type thing and a bunch of alternate us came through, hence the bearded me,” Steve sighed gently.

“Chris Evans, actor,” he held out his hand to Pietro who just grinned and shook his hand.

“Pietro Maximoff, superhero, I guess.”

“брат!” everyone turns to the door to see Wanda, grinning as widely as ever, a few tears trailing down her cheeks as she runs to Pietro who has already rushed her into a bone crushing hug, everyone slowly fans in; Pietro smiling at them but not ever letting go of his sister, in fear he won’t ever hug her again.

“Apparently, Stark already knew of this news, so he is staying down in his lair,” Natasha walked in, Vision trailing behind her along with Bruce and Bucky, you sat down at the breakfast bar watching as everyone greeted Pietro.

“Tony had told me but a part of me believed it wasn’t true,” Wanda sighed, pulling Pietro to Aaron, making a very confused Pietro slightly freaked out “this is Aaron, he plays you.”

“Yo, Stevie-baby,” Sam slaps Steve upside the head, Chris chuckles along with you, “wanna come along with me on a quick jog? Get away from the drama?”

“That sounds pretty great,” Steve sighs out, standing up and patting Chris on the shoulder “catch you all later, gonna go lap, Wilson.”

“For an old man, you sure got a cocky-ass mouth!” Sam grumbled following Steve out of the kitchen, leaving yourself and the others to chuckle at their bickering behaviour.

“I’ll catch my brother up to speed with everything” Wanda smiled gently, dragging Pietro from the kitchen, along with Aaron and Elizabeth following after them.


“Loki is played by a good friend of mine, Tom, Tom Hiddleston!” Chris explains to Thor who are both sat in the living room, watching something random on the TV, Paul Rudd and Chris Evans sat also but more focused on the television than the actual conversation happening.

“Is he anything like his character, my brother?” Thor asked, glancing at himself, it didn’t really shock Thor all that much; he knew about the different realms of the universe, of course, another him did kind of freaked him out but it wasn’t as odd as everyone made it seem.

“No, not at all,” Chris chuckled “Tom is an Englishmen, very well spoken, like Loki in that respect but their personalities are far more different and Tom is a very complex person; whilst he is very kind and gentle, he also has a very playful nature to him, making him some ways a lot like myself… he’s actual an adopted Hemsworth brother at this point.”

“This Tom sounds like a nice man, I’d very much like to meet him, sounds like he does the portrayal of my brother correct,” Thor grinned and Chris nodded in agreement “I’d like to know how much of Asgard they had gotten true, I assume they go by the books they have written on our laws, not much of that correct is either.”

“I think they got it as accurate as they could, the final piece is always amazing, it’s mostly green screens and I never see it till editing is over but I think we do Asgard justice.” Chris nods.

Thor begins to describe Asgard and it’s people, slowing bringing Paul and Chris Evans into the conversation, all asking questions about his home and what it’s like; questions Thor is only willing to answer, he never really gets to talk about it too much, other than the few times Darcy has asked and to have people who are from a different universe ask, it was very much entertaining.


“ON YOUR LEFT!” Steve raced passed Sam for the sixth time, well to Steve he had run six times around the National Mall, for Sam, it was the third lap and he was only slightly getting more pissed off with his best friend.

Grumbling to under his breath as he watches Steve running in the distance, that was Steve’s jogging pace, or so he tells Sam but today everything was going to change. All those times Steve had poked fun, mocked and yelled that stupid line was about to come crashing down, Steve had no idea about the plan Sam was plotting and now that he had another him… well, it seemed like the perfect chance.

As he jogged, he pulled out his phone, sending the text and waited. Steve had no idea he has been jogging with Anthony, not Sam, like (Y/N) he was clueless on who is who, only making the plan work a lot sweeter than Sam expected.

A whooshing sound came from above, Anthony glanced up to see Sam fly above him, a look of determination coming across his face and he sped up to Steve. Steve frowned when he heard a familiar, yet strange noise; he glanced up and over his shoulder seeing Sam, Falcon using his wings.

“ON YOUR ABOVE, OLD MAN” Sam yelled, flying over Steve, making Steve laugh but slow to a final stop; resting hands on his hips, breathing heavily as Sam landed a few feet away, a proud and amused smirk settling across his best friend’s face.

“Very funny, Sam, you got Anthony to trick me?” he asked slightly baffled by his friend, who simply shrugged, high-fiving Anthony once he met up with them.

“I just decided to give you a taste of your own medicine and I feel prett-ay good about it” Sam smugly grinned, nudging Steve who crossed his arms in defeat, “that will teach you to think twice about messin’ with me.”

“Okay, okay,” Steve raised his hands in defeat, his own smirk settling in “but, I still beat you on foot.” He sped off, causing Sam to yell after him and Anthony to laugh at them both.


“Are you bringing a date to the wedding?” Chris asked Sebastian, who had now joined him in the kitchen looking for food.

It’s silent for a few moments as Sebastian plans his words, he hadn’t really thought of finding anyone to go with him, he wasn’t exactly seeing anyone exclusively or at all and he didn’t want to show up with some random girl; it was a special occasion between family and friends.

“No, I don’t think so,” Seb shrugged at his best friend, who nodded lightly, a thick silence settling between them both. Sebastian had always suspected Chris knew or had an inkling, he just never wanted to ask or state it, maybe cause he didn’t want to admit he may be the reason for Sebs single life or out of respect for Sebastian not having to admit he was in love with his best friends fiancée; whatever it was, he was grateful for it.

“Well, maybe you should,” the tone of Evans’ voice hung in the air, both locking eyes with each other and a small hint of a smile came upon Chris’s face, “wouldn’t want you leaving with the maid of honour.” He joked light-heartedly.

“Hey, boyo’s” you yelled entering the kitchen once more, mugs in both hands, you had been sitting down in the lab with; Tony, Vision, Bruce and Bucky watching them work on fixing the portal.

“Hey, (Y/N),” they both say at the same time chuckling at one another.

“What you two talkin’ about? Anything interesting?” you placed the mugs into the sink and then lent your elbows beside where Chris stood making a sandwich, glancing at Seb and then to Chris.

“Discussing wedding stuff for Chris and his fiancée” Sebastian spoke without really thinking, widening eyes and looking at Chris who just sighed and looked down at you, you had raised eyebrows in question.

“You’re getting married and I only find out now?” you asked astonished by this revelation, Chris sighed and nodded gently, “Well, who is she?”

“Uhh-well, about that, she’s kind of… well, to put it clearly, she’s uh, hmmm-“Chris shrugged “she’s the alternate you!” he came out right with it, after stumbling over his own words.

It took you a few seconds to fully register what he had said to you, glancing at Sebastian who just nodded with a small smile; you widened your eyes slightly but smiled. You never thought you’d, well alternate you would be marrying alternate Steve but in some ways you could understand.

“Oh. My. God” you mutter “that’s… wonderful congratulations and to me, I guess.” You laughed.

“I know it’s strange, it just sort of happened, can’t really explain it” Chris sighed, going back to making his sandwich, you shrugged and grinned.

“I get it, I am so happy, that’s so sweet” he chuckled and nodded “I bet the wedding is going to be magical… OH MY GOD! We gotta get you back, I must be freaking out, planning a whole wedding whilst you are god knows where!?” you yell slightly, both men raise their eyebrows at you, chuckling slightly.

“Actually, you told me to stay out of the planning just to show up on the day.” Chris smiled.

“That does sound very much like something I’d say” you mutter, Sebastian laughed loudly at that comment, only nodding in agreement with you.

“Although, I do have a few ideas if you wanted to hear them and make sure they are good or not?” Chris asked a small shrug of his broad shoulders, you nodded with a smile.

“I’ll leave you both to it” Sebastian sighed, getting up and out off of the stool, you waved slightly at Seb who did the same and left the kitchen to find Bucky; set on making Bucky tell his feelings to you soon, he didn’t want the alternate him missing out on the chance to plan a wedding with you.  

“Whatever it is, it better not involve a horse and carriage” you sternly warn, Chris widens his eyes and sighs.

“Forgot you hate cliches” you both chuckle at that with one another.

(Please, tell me what you think. I work really hard on these parts and I would very much like to hear what you think of them, also you want to be tagged, let me know. Thank you for the suppport. - Rosalee)

ok like…. while out of (realistic) potential presidential candidates, bernie sanders is the best one, it’s still important to realize he’s not flawless from any point of view. he’s going to/he does support some shitty things. he’s going to make mistakes. he’s not omniscient and he’s going to get things wrong, especially coming from a relatively privileged position. but you shouldn’t really demonize him for that i think?? i know looking at it the lesser/least of x number of evils is not very optimistic but like how else are you going to look at it? 

i’ve seen a handful of posts about his views on gun control wrt race and also about his position on drones and they’re like, yikes. but those should be more a reminder that like “hey he’s not perfect so stop pretending he is, he does some shitty things and we need to be aware of that” rather than saying “look how bad this is, don’t vote for him”

especially because like.. there really are so many young people and politically inexperienced people as well as people with disabilities and disorders that make it really hard to not see things in black and white, and even as someone who has a decent grasp on politics it’s super stressful to see things that make sanders’ supporters seem ignorant and evil because he supports some bad things, especially when a lot of us ARE aware of these facts

at the same time though i think posts that say he’s like an IRL leslie knope or “just a cute old man trying to fix the united states” are like…. super fucking dangerous, and people who genuinely believe those posts really don’t understand politics. he’s not your grandpa, he’s not your friend. 


Senior Student: “Sir, what do you look for in a first date? Like what makes you want a second one?”

Me: “That’s complicated. I’m not sure. I think it might be different for everyone. It’s way easier to know if there’s not going to be a second date.”

Him: “Really? Like what?”

Me: “If we’re at a restaurant and my date treats our server poorly, or doesn’t make any eye contact with him when ordering, she might be a person who doesn’t treat people well.”

Him: “Really? That sounds really picky.”

Me: “When you’re talking about possibly sharing your life with someone, you should be picky.”

Him: “That sounds more like a way to end up alone.”

Me: “I’d rather be alone than spend the rest of my life with someone who makes me wish I was alone.”

Him: “That’s from your comedy act, right?”

Me: “Yeah. Sorry.”

(You Suck, Sir)


I had to gif this for Cody.

I was talking with darthvronton and I decided to finally put this out there, because I personally haven’t ever seen this discussed.

Ever since I watched this episode, Cody’s placement in the hall and his expressions have always fascinated me.

He’s not moving to stand beside Obi-Wan and Anakin, and he actually turns away as soon as he sees them. And he’s clearly not standing beside Rex, though he should be. He remains off on his own looking down and semi-turned away until Slick gets to the part where he says “I wanted something more”. Then Rex speaks against Slick’s words, and only after Slick continues about loving his brothers, only then does Cody say something to Slick about how if he really  loved his brothers he wouldn’t have put them in danger. It’s like he wasn’t going to say anything but once Rex did it became easier.

Was Cody sympathizing? Was he merely ashamed?

Like, something is happening here. Right?

The moral to this episode is: “Truth enlightens the mind, but won’t always bring happiness to your heart.

I know that could be in reference to any number of characters depending on how you look at it, and I know the morals are more a “theme” than directly at one person usually, but I still always wonder about it.