Anyway, I can’t remember if anyone else posted about this, so I thought I would take a shot.

I am so bad at capturing the images from the show. If there is a tutorial I can read, I would love it.

However, i noticed this:

You should be wearing the hat

go and solve a crime together. Make him wear the hat!

Actually he should wear the hat as a tribute to me. I’m dead, I’d really appreciate it.

there are a few more times she says it I believe. I know at least once she says “I told you he should have worn the hat”

And then I remembered this:

Is John’s subconscious telling him he should be having sex with Sherlock?

Is “making Sherlock wear the hat” code for “banging Sherlock like a drum”?

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies

You know, the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that Ford’s rejection of Stan after he came out of the portal was a good thing.

No, really.

We all know that Stanley loves his brother and would do anything for him. That is wonderful, and we should all value our relationships. The thing is, Stan’s love for his brother is wrapped up in his love for himself. He loves his brother, but he has also attached his sense of worth to his relationship with his brother.

As a child, In the world he grew up in, your worth came from what you could produce, due to having a dad that was probably frustrated by the family’s constant battle with poverty. Stanford was “the smart one” and “the achiever,” and Stanley…wasn’t. He couldn’t produce. So, instead he attached his worth to what his brother produced, and what he could do to help his brother. I’m not saying his love for his brother wasn’t genuine, or that it was self-interested; not at all! I’m saying that it began to take up much more real estate in his identity than it should have.

Stanley believed he couldn’t survive without his brother, which was why he got angry enough to lash out at the project, even if damaging it was accidental. Ten years later, all that time living on his own reinforced the idea that he was worthless as an individual. But when Stanford needed him, he went straight to him. Even though Ford’s greeting at the door was…intense, as soon as Stanley realized Ford was in trouble, he becomes sympathetic.

“Is he in trouble with the law? The mob? Other dangerous people? I know all about that. I got this. This is something I can handle.”

For a brief moment, Stan was offered the chance to be Ford’s support again, and he wanted it so badly because that’s the only role where he felt fulfilled.

Then…well, you know.

After that, Stan spent 30 years trying to recover that relationship. Was he motivated by love and concern for his brother? Definitely. Was he motivated by guilt? Definitely. Was he motivated by the slim hope that this would return their relationship to its former status and return his sense of worth in the process? Absolutely.

I think even before Stan sacrificed his name and identity to save his brother, in his mind he was already half-Stanford.

And so Ford rejecting that interpretation is painful for Stanley (not to mention rude), but it’s also good for him.

If Ford had accepted him immediately, it would have told Stan, “Yes! You were right! You are now valuable because you saved your brother! Now you can go back to supporting him with your life!” But instead, Stan is finally, finally learning to love himself.

Everything from NWHS onwards with Stan has been exposing all these things Stan is so afraid for people to see. His weaknesses and failings. But this time, he has two niblings and a son handyman who have only known Stanley as an individual, and love him just the way he is. Not to mention the snarky girl at the cash register and townspeople like Lazy Susan and Tyler who know and love the Mystery Shack he created. Stan is finally in an environment where he is receiving the love and acceptance he’s always desperately needed, shoulder hair and all.

Do I want Stan and Ford to reconcile? ABSOLUTELY. IT IS HALF THE REASON I WATCH THIS SHOW. But I also think maybe that reconciliation should come after Stan is secure enough in his identity as an individual that he’s not defining himself relative to Ford anymore.

taylor york: the glue that keeps paramore together. i’ve been saying it since the day josh and zac left and i said it when jeremy left and i’m gonna say it till the day i die.

like we all know hayley would never give up on paramore, she’s expressed that many times, but taylor, he doesnt talk about it much, and to know that each time he’s literally been like “fuck everyone else i still love being in the band I’m gonna stay” just makes me really appreciate him so much. he should be more appreciated and it makes me mad when he doesnt get that

he really is a true friend, and really is just as passionate about paramore as hayley is. i’ve seen ppl say they probs won’t last many more years but they will cause hayley has taylor and they are literally so fucking talented they’re unstoppable.

conclusion: thank you taylor york for never giving up on paramore, for never giving up on hayley, for pretty much just never giving up on it all. you’re passionate af about all this and it’s the best thing


(This is part two! Make sure to read part one first, linked below!)


Yeah this…might continue on! This was just going to be a one-off, but then I kept thinking on “what if Frisk and Flowey learn about Dr. Gaster, and decide to try and save him…but without resetting the timeline?”

So yeah, if you are really into it and want to see more, then please let me know!

(Sorry for the lack of color, but if this does continue and gets as long as I’m suspecting, then I definitely won’t have time to do full color.)


–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

The more I think about it, the more and more beautiful it gets because like. Viktor was lost, he had no clue what he was going to do next season, but then this drunk, hot mess comes up and is like “you know what you should do? coach me” and I don’t think Viktor really seriously considered coaching before that point, but here comes this boy just giving him an idea. A spark. And four months later Viktor hops on a plane to pay him back for it and god

Weakness - Part 2

Summary: You’re an old acquaintance of Barry Allen and The Flash’s enemy, but when you’re together you’re way more than that. You’re struggling with your evilness and Barry wants to help. Will you let him?

Requested by some-will-give-you-hell: For Weakness part 2, I kind of want to see a softer side of the reader like if she overhears a little girl talking about how she lost everything because of reader and she hears the little girl feel like no one cares about her and the reader is reminded on how that’s how she feels about herself because of her past and that’s why she does what she does. She feels very conflicted and she sends a nondestructive signal to the Flash because she wants to talk to him since she can’t talk to anyone else.

Requested by Anonymous: Maybe for part 2 you could write a little more about the reader, tell us a bit of her backstory.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 2144

A/N: You asked for part 2 and here it is! I’m really glad you guys liked it that much, wow! Thank you for your suggestions and I hope you like this part too! Let me know if I should do another one ;)

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4


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Aristides de Sousa Mendes: He ignored and defied the orders of his own government for the safety of war refugees fleeing from invading German military forces in the early years of World War II. Between June 16 and June 23, 1940, he frantically issued Portuguese visas free of charge, to over 30,000 refugees seeking to escape the Nazi terror, 12,000 of whom were Jews, the others being persecuted minorities. However, in 1941, Salazar lost political trust in Sousa Mendes and stripped the diplomat of his title, subsequently ordering that no one in Portugal show him any charity. In his later years, the formerly much-honored diplomat was abandoned by most of his colleagues and friends and at times was blamed by some of his close relatives. He died in poverty on April 3, 1954, still in disgrace with his government.

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do we have more personal infos abt yuzu? he dn't have sns n i can't understand how he able to function *laugh* ik he said 's not comfortable abt private life n ik some bits like he play games when day off but what kind? what music he hear, when did he start dancing how's his dancing now n many more.. i want to see this world from his eyes and it'd be a great help if you know some resources / articles... thanks xx.

Oh well. You should check out these documentaries about him (x) (x) first. Then these translations that give you some insights about what his daily life looks like (x). I’ll also link the famous and lovely guys talk because lol (x)

As for wanting to see the world through his eyes…that’s pretty complex to do. I suggest reading interviews about skating, because they can really help understanding his personality. Here you can find lots of videos collected throughout the years (x). The kind of music he likes…I know he’s a fan of Bump of chicken and One Ok Rock for sure. At NHK last year he was listening to Butterfly by Koji Wada, so maybe he listens to anime ost too?


-this imagine is written in first person instead of second-

“What’s your Earth even like?” Leonard asked me, as we stood in a more secluded room on the Waverider. Leonard and I had just been hanging out, more recently in silence. I bet he was wondering why I had been so distant with him and nobody else. It was hard to look at him here, on this world, and him not knowing anything about me. 

“It’s beautiful.” I answered hesitantly. “I never really appreciated it until I came here. My world has gorgeous technology and stunning architecture. It’s my home.”

I bit my lip and decided to say something that maybe I should keep to myself. “I know you, on my world.” 

Leonard’s eyebrows furrowed, and he turned his head more to me. “What do you mean?” 

“Most everyone on this Earth has a doppelgänger on Earth-Two, my Earth,” I explained. “But everyone and their doppelganger are different. Nurture wins against nature. There’s a (y/n) (l/n) on this Earth, Earth-One. I know Leonard Snart on Earth-Two.”

“Who am I?”

I choked out a laugh. “You’re going to laugh,” He raised his eyebrows, “You’re the mayor of Central City.”

He laughed, a God’s honest laugh and it reminded me so much of my Len. His blue eyes shined and it made me homeick for a home I can never go back to, or at least, until Barry could find a way to get me back. “You have three kids. May Anna, she’s twelve,” I smiled, thinking of my oldest girl, about to be a teenager, “Jackson Robert, he just turned eight,” my baby boy, “and, uh, Lisa Y/N. She’s four.”

“Lisa Y/N?” Leonard asked. I nodded my head. 

“After your sister and me.”

“After you?”

“Yeah.” You smiled sadly. Zoom had made it so your children were left alone, without their mother.

“You must’ve meant a lot to me for me to name one of my kids after you.” I wanted to bite my tongue. I wanted to leave it at that and not tell him any more about our lives on our world, but I couldn’t stop myself.

“We were going to name the next boy after you.” Leonards playful smile vanished. His eyes widened. 

“We?” I nodded. I went to my left hand ring finger and took off the wedding band and let Leonard see it. He held it by the tips of his fingers. He looked at the inscription on the inside. I knew it by heart. I love you. I will always love you. -Len

“We were married?”

“We are married.”

requested by: anonymous

p.s.- I loved writing this imagine, thank you for requesting it, Anon.

“The girl tends to be harmed more when there’s a scandal so I discussed it with Lee Soo Man sun-saeng-nim about how I should react when a scandal broke out. I also told him whom, and from which label, I was dating. I told him [Lee Soo Man] that if a scandal happened, to announce that I really like her a lot. I told that to both Lee Soo Man sun-saeng-nim and also to her label. I still don’t know much about dating but I really didn’t know anything back then. I was only worried about a solution to when we got caught and wasn’t focused on my girlfriend. I thought that was love and caring. I’ve never even taken pictures with her. I dated her for about 3 months but I think we met like 5 times… I don’t think I even saw her 7 times in total.” - Heechul, Super Junior

Minami Week!

Originally posted by rinmaidtsuoka

Hey everyone! @victuurimaker here! So I really love our precious chicken nugget boy and took a look at @yoievents and noticed there isn’t anything planned so far for Minami Kenjirou. So I think we should have a character week dedicated to him!

This is my first time running an event blog, so feel free to send in any advice or suggestions or signal boost so everyone can know about Minami Week! I’ll be working out some more details on the blog this week!

Told You So - NCT Mark Lee

[ Y/N’s P.O.V. ]

“Thanks a lot for the false hope. I really appreciate it,” I sarcastically said to Jaemin as the two of us watched Mark and Yeri happily talking together.

Jaemin has been bugging to me about how much Mark likes me and all, which I didn’t really believe in the beginning. But as time passed, all the points that Jaemin mentioned was becoming more noticeable and it kind of made me develop some kind of feeling for Mark.

But recently, he’s been hanging out with Yeri often. I know I shouldn’t be jealous of that since I don’t even own Mark.

“But I swear, he does have feelings for you Y/N,” Jaemin said. “He even indirectly told me about it.”

“Jaemin, just look at him and Yeri. They’re both really happy and I think that I should just-urgh! I don’t know anymore.”

Jaemin sighed and looked around the cafeteria and spots Jeno, immediately tapping my shoulder to look at Jeno.

“I’ve got an idea,” Jaemin said and looked back at Jeno. “Why don’t you get close to him and maybe it’ll make Mark jealous. So, the both of you are even.”

“Hang on, I’m not jealous,” I said to Jaemin with a frown. “I’m just confused at his feelings.”

“Y/N, there’s no point hiding it now because you’re one of my best friends. You are going to do as I say and make Mark jealous,” Jaemin said as he placed his hands on my shoulder. “Is that clear?”

I didn’t reply and looked back at Mark and Yeri. The two seemed really happy, and I do kind of want to make Mark jealous - or at least see if he feels the same as me.

I looked back at Jaemin and sighed lightly. “What if it doesn’t work?”

Jaemin shook his head and let go of my shoulders. “Y/N, you’re receiving help from Na Jaemin. My plans always work.”

I stared at him for a little while before saying: “You sound awfully like Haechan right now.”

“I heard my name!” Haechan exclaimed as he came towards Jaemin and I.

“It’s nothing,” I said with Haechan and chased him away. “Don’t be nosy.”

“Excuse you, I am not nosy,” Haechan said and sat down. “I am just interested in what you two are talking about.”

Before I could say anything, Jaemin straight up tells Haechan everything and immediately agrees with Jaemin’s plan.

“His plan is actually really good, Y/N,” Haechan said.

“I didn’t say it was bad. I just said what if it doesn’t work,” I defended myself.

“That’s indirectly doubting his plan,” Haechan said.

“And you should never doubt a plan by Na Jaemin,” Jaemin added.

I just sighed helplessly and watched Haechan call out to Jeno, loudly - I think the whole cafeteria heard it, but only Jeno’s table and, Mark and Yeri looked at us.

I looked at Mark, realising that he was staring at me, and immediately turned my gaze to Jeno.

As Jeno made his way here, Haechan and Jaemin were discussing a plan.

“What’s up?” Jeno asked and took a seat beside me, since Haechan was sitting beside Jaemin.

“Y/N needs someone to study with for our exam, but no one’s free tomorrow,” Haechan began.

“Oh, what a bummer,” Jeno said. “I’ll accompany you then, Y/N. If you want,” Jeno offered.

“Great!” Haechan happily exclaims. “Y/N and Jeno are going on a study date! Cute!”

I face palmed myself for Haechan’s loud voice and looked over at Mark and Yeri. The two were still talking, but Mark was looking at me. I ignored him and looked at Jeno.

“So, library?” I asked and Jeno nodded.

“I need you to help me with Physics,” Jeno said with a faint laugh. “My physics is horrible.”

“I need your help in Add Maths,” I said with a giggle. “Mine is probably the worst in class.”


“So, where should we start?” Jeno asked as we both took a seat near the end of the library.

We choose to sit there because: first, there wasn’t anyone there and second, we are aloud to be a little bit loud here. So, I thought it’ll be nice if we could sit here and maybe have a great time together.

“Let’s start with Physics then,” I said and opened up the chapter that we recently studied in class.

Before I could say anything, my mind was interrupted by the one person I didn’t expect to see.

Urgh, their laugh, their smiles. Just the idea of them together just makes me sick to my stomach. Why are they here? If they wanted to hangout so much, why couldn’t they do it at the park or something. I know this is to make Mark jealous and all, but Mark being here with Yeri just breaks my heart and makes me feel like the plan isn’t working at all.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Jeno asked as he realised that I spaced out a little.

I looked back at him and nodded. “O-of course, I was just thinking of something. Let’s start.”

[ Mark’s P.O.V. ]

“She isn’t even looking here and we’ve been here for hours,” I said to Yeri in sadness. “She seems so happy with Jeno. I thought you said that she has like some feelings for me?”

“She does! It’s just that you’re too blind to see it,” Yeri said and flicked my head.

“But, why doesn’t she even care that I’m here?”

“Well, have you ever considered that maybe you should just tell her straight?” Yeri suggested. “Honestly, the entire school like knows that you two like each other, AND YET you two are talking with someone else of the opposite gender and pretending to like someone else.”

“What are you trying to say?” I asked feeling slightly confused.

Yeri sighs with a shook of her head. “You know what, I’m not even going to help you right now. Just figure it out yourself.”

As Yeri stood up, I immediately followed after her. “Yeri, don’t leave me. I’ll look like a loner.”

Yeri just rolled her eyes. “The more I hangout with you, the more Y/N is going to hate me.”

“What?” I asked in confusion. “Why would she hate you? You’re like one of my best friends.”

“Mark, I love you like you’re my own brother, but you are very very very horrible in this kind of stuff,” Yeri said with a sigh. “I want to help you, but this is your decision. I can’t help you when it comes to this kind of stuff.”


[ Y/N’s P.O.V. ]

As days passed, I hung out with Jeno a lot and we’ve actually grown unexpectedly close. We even walk back home together now, with Jaemin, Haechan and Renjun tagging along, of course.

But, the whole point of this, was to make Mark jealous and now, I’m not even sure if this is working. He and Yeri seem a bit distant, but they’re still hanging out often.

“Y/N~ Earth to Y/N~” Jaemin waved his hand in front of me as I snapped out of my thoughts. “Thinking about Mark again, aren’t you.”

I just sigh and walked in front of them with a disappointed feeling in my heart.

The boys began talking about something, that I couldn’t quite hear.

“Y/N,” Jeno called out to me. “Let’s get ice cream, I’ll pay for you. To cheer you up, okay?”

Damn, Jeno. You can’t use the free ice cream ticket.

I smiled a little and rolled my eyes. “Okay.”

“Hey! What about us?” Haechan asked with a pout.

“Yeah, don’t forget that we’re here as well,” Renjun added.

“I’m buying only for Y/N cause she deserve it,” Jeno said and stuck out his tongue at the boys in a joking way. “Come on!” Jeno said as he held my hand and dragged me to the nearest ice cream shop.


“Thanks for the ice cream Jeno,” I thanked him as I began to lick my ice cream.

“Anything for you, Y/N,” Jeno said and wrapped one of his arms around my shoulder.

“Where are we going now?” I asked Jeno.

Jeno didn’t reply immediately and looked around the shop a little. All of the sudden…

“Y/N, help me hold my ice cream for a while,” Jeno said and passed his ice cream to me. “I need to use the washroom.”

“O-okay,” I said in shock as he ran back into the ice cream shop.

As I patiently waited for Jeno to come out, I see someone in the corner of my eyes.

[ Author’s P.O.V. ]

“Hey,” Mark greeted Y/N as he nervously had his hands in his pocket.

“H-hey,” Y/N greeted him back. “What are you doing here?” Y/N asked.

“I was walking back home, but I saw you here,” Mark said. “Are you here alone?”

“Errr, no,” Y/N replied and showed him the two ice cream. “I’m here with Jeno. He bought me ice cream today.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” Mark faked a smile. “You’ve been close with Jeno, recently.”

“Yeah, he’s a really great friend,” Y/N replied with a slight nod.

There was a short silence that was broken by Mark who was getting impatient.

“Are you doing anything, this weekend?”

Y/N gave a quick thought and remembered that she was busy that day. “Yeah, I’m supposed to help Jeno with his Physics.”

“Oh,” Mark replied feeling a little disappointed. “C-can I join?”

Y/N was surprised by his answer but nodded her head. “Sure.”

“Then, maybe after that, we can go somewhere together? Just the two of us?” Mark asked unsurely.

His heart was beating really quick as he asked, hoping that Y/N couldn’t hear his heartbeat.

“W-what for?” Y/N asked.

Mark sigh before explaining to Y/N about how he felt. “Y/N, I really really really really like you a lot, and I really would like if I could take you out on a date. I know this is really unexpected but I really would like to spend more time with you. Seeing you with Jeno kind of made me feel jealous and I want to spend time with you as much as he does.”

Y/N was stunned at Mark’s words.

“Y-you like m-me?” Y/N asked and Mark nodded.

“I thought you like Yeri?” Y/N asked.

Mark shook his head immediately. “She’s like a sister to me. Plus, she likes one of the seniors.”

“Really? You like me?” Y/N asked again, not being able to believe it.

Mark nodded with a smile.

“I-I like you too,” Y/N confessed with a smile that made Mark smile even brighter. “I can’t believe the boys were right,” Y/N said with a faint laugh.

“I can’t believe Yeri was right!” Mark half-exclaimed in happiness making the both of us laugh.

“Didn’t we told you so?” The two loved ones heard Haechan said from behind with Jaemin, Jeno, Renjun and Yeri all-together.

“If only you guys listened to us and just confessed earlier,” Yeri added with a smirk.

- - -

right, so i ended up adding all the 00 liners of NCT Dream xD i hope it was nice and enjoyable to read tho x’D squeezed all my brain juice out for this story. goodnight ~ !


i know everyone’s talked about annabeth introducing magnus BUT HEAR ME OUT

  • annabeth being nervous because it’s her cousin and she really wants everyone to like him (plus he’s norse and dead so she’ll have to bring that up too woops)
  • magnus being all for it
  • “there’s no problem annabeth im dead what’s the worst that could happen”
  • “not helping magnus”
  • just the chase cousins in general
  • magnus and percy actually ?? getting along ?? bc percy loves annabeth and so wants to appreciate and be on good terms with someone she loves
  • plus magnus is chill and a great person so he’s easy to get along with
  • just dont touch him or get too personal
  • magnus and grover being the perfect chill nature duo
  • thalia drops by and gets super excited bc it’s annabeth’s cousin
  • “this is him?”
  • “THALIA”
  • “ok ok sorry lol”
  • thalia and grover tell magnus about annabeth when she was younger bc magnus missed out on young teenage annabeth
  • magnus enjoying every single minute of it, while annabeth is dying of embarrassment in the background
  • magnus and nico being chill buddies
  • they wont really talk/do much together but they’ll chill together
  • like they’ll just sit/lounge around together or do their own thing together and just chill
  • magnus helping will with his healing abilities

i just love magnus so much and him meeting annabeth’s family/friends is TOO MUCH

Here’s a fun story that sounds fake but isn’t: I went to a townhall meeting with my congressman a couple of years ago and asked him a question about military spending, since spending more on defense was one of the major positions of his listed on the literature his staffers gave us. It was something along the lines of “you say we should increase defence spending, but the threats you list aren’t really that significant and we’re already spending so much, when do we know it’s enough?” I asked in a probing way, but not a rude one.

I don’t remember what his response was but a couple of questions later a woman got the mic and stood up to say that, as the wife of a Vietnam veteran, she didn’t appreciate my disrespect, a comment that was met by some applause from other people in the audience.

That was a very instructive experience.

My Little Sky

Originally posted by abigailskanes

Requested: By the lovely, lovely @winchesterandpie

Pairings: Cassian Andor x insecure!Reader

Summary: Y/N doesn’t love herself like Cassian thinks that she should, and he most certainly intends to do something about it.

Warnings: insecure reader

Word Count: 1,278

A/N: I really hope that I did this request justice. I always want people to feel fantastic about themselves, but I know that that isn’t always an option. So, I hope that something like this can help, even if it is only a little. <3

You had never seen someone look so confident in themselves. Cassian was in the middle of a meeting and the way that he carried himself made you love him even more.

The two of you had grown up together, both of your parents working for the rebellion. And you had had a crush on him since you had met. You had kept it a secret for years, until he finally told you that he felt the same way. Well, K2 may have accidentally mentioned something about it, but nevertheless, both of your secrets were out and you couldn’t have been happier.

Well, you might have been happier if he wasn’t always off on missions. Or if the other girls on base weren’t constantly flirting with him because they simply couldn’t believe that the two of you were together. Or if maybe he would actually realize that they were flirting with him and ask them to stop. It wasn’t his fault that they found him so attractive. You did. In fact, it wasn’t his fault that he didn’t realize what was going on. You just wished that he would find a way to reassure you, no matter how ridiculous that sounded.

You didn’t look like the other girls, and even though people weren’t constantly pointing it out, it was something that always stuck out in your mind. You would take one step towards loving yourself, and a badly timed comment or the sight of Cassian with one of them would send you flying three steps back.

You knew that you should just talk to him. Cassian would do anything for you, you knew because he told you exactly that all of the time. But there was some invisible force whispering in your ear, telling you that someone would find out, someone would notice something that you had been trying to hide from him for years. You aren’t good enough for him.

He was an amazing captain of the rebellion, you just worked in the kitchen. He was out saving lives and you were stuck in a kitchen trying to piece together a meal that tasted a little less like scrap metal and a little more like something that people would enjoy eating. Not out of necessity, but because it was too delicious not to. And the girls on base weren’t afraid to remind you of your lowly status, either.

The worst part was that no one would ever just come right out and say it to your face. The people on base dealt in cruel whispers and looks that cut you right to the heart. When Cassian was home, it was almost worse. You couldn’t curl up in your bed and let it all out. He dealt with enough stress in his life, always telling you that you were his oasis when he came home. You provided him with a safe place to stay, in a certain kind of way, when was back on base.

He didn’t get a break often from missions, but when he did you wanted it to be stress free for him, knowing that he would be leaving again soon enough.

Today had been worse than usual. A few girls had asked if cookies were really necessary. You had somehow managed to get ahold of extra sugar and some flower, and you were not passing up the opportunity to do something nice for the rest of the base. Several dozen batches of cookies later, you were cheerfully handing them out when a beautiful blonde girl insisted that she couldn’t possibly eat one if she wanted to fit in her flight suit.

Rationally, you knew that she hadn’t meant it to be hurtful, but it stung nonetheless. The food tasted like nothing to you for the rest of the day, and you thanked the universe that Cassian wasn’t home right now. After a hot shower and a good cry, you would definitely feel better.

You quickly cleaned off after a long day and pulled your favorite pillow into your chest, and let the tears flow. Even though a lot of people saw crying as a weakness, it gave you strength to purge the negativity from your system.

Apparently, you were crying so hard that you didn’t hear the door open and Cassian slip inside because you had thought that you were alone until a familiar pair of arms wound their way around your waist, pulling you close.

“What is wrong love?” he asked calmingly, peppering kisses on the side of your face closest to his.

“It’s nothing.” You said, quickly drying the tears from your face and willing yourself not to make any new ones. You had royally screwed up now.

“It’s something if it is causing you hurt.” He placed his hand under your chin, drawing your eyes up to meet his. “You know that you can tell me anything.”

“I can’t tell you this.” You whispered, knowing that it was the truth.

“And why is that.” He asked, a bit of laughter breaking through his serious demeanor. Cassian couldn’t comprehend why you would feel uncomfortable telling him anything, especially if it was something that he could help you with.

“I’m not good enough for you, Cassian. This whole base knows it, I know it…” you sniffled, wiping away a tear that refused to stop. “You know it, but you’re too sweet to do anything about it.”

“That’s nonsense.” You didn’t know what you were expecting him to say. Maybe inform you that you were right and asking you to leave. But you weren’t expecting him to offer you such kind words and to sound so hurt while he said them. “Why would you ever think something like that?”

“I- all of the girls… and I work in the kitchens and I’m just so big. Like I take up more room than I’m allowed in this universe.”

“Mi cielito,” he whispered, and the tenderness of those two words made your heart break. He was always calling you something affectionate, but this one broke your heart. ‘My little sky.’ He insisted that you were his whole world, and your favorite nick name did nothing but reinforce the sentiment. “I wish that you would have told me that you were hurting.” He was so calm, so gentle as he gathered you up in his arms, a calming hand stroking the length of your hair, just to remind you that he was there.

“You were too busy saving the galaxy.” You said, a halfhearted laugh following your sorry attempt at a joke.

“You are my whole world.” He said, his eyes betraying more emotions than you could possibly name. but above all, his eyes were full of love. “I would save you before the useless galaxy any day.” He insisted, nuzzling his face against your neck.

“I love you so much.” You whispered.

This one conversation wasn’t going to fix all of your problems. Your scars ran deep, and a few kisses wasn’t a cure all. But you knew that Cassian was going to be there for you. Because he loved you. And he was going to have a stern talking to with anyone that had something to say about the matter.

“I love you more,” he replied, before pulling you onto your bed and wrapping his arms around you. you couldn’t help but smile as he told you about his day and you told him about yours. Even after his data pad began pinging off the hook, he reassured you that it could most certainly wait until the morning.

“How can I be expected to save anyone else’s universe, if my own is in trouble right here?”

  • Person: what are things you like about the latest haikyuu season?
  • Brain: you know, Tsukishima's block! I've been waiting for that for so long. And Oikawa and Iwaizumi's brief appearance was nice as well. Plus all the shiratorizawa bbys, and especially my precious child tender salami! Ooh and all the cameos! I really love Akiteru a lot idk I should pay more attention to him. Hey, and when old Ukai made an appearance and Takinoue, Shimada, and Akiteru nearly shit their pants that was great as well! Oh and the little moments too. Like I said earlier, I really do love my middle blockers so so much, agh TSUKKI AND TENDOU!
  • Me: *opens mouth to say all this*

Now let’s take some time to think about what Lucifer hoped would happen when Natalie woke up.

Was he expecting her to jump up and embrace him immediately? To regale him with tales of the horrors of hell and what she experienced down there? I expect he was dreading to hear that part, but knowing Natalie, there would be no detail spared. I expect, even more than that, he was dreading the question of how he brought her home.

I doubt he would have told her immediately. He probably would have tried to avoid telling her at all. That is, until she noticed the blood on his back (or her hands from the embrace) and concern erased everything else on her voice and mind, and she *insisted* on finding out what happened. Is he hurting? Why isn’t it healed? Who did this? What happened while she was dead? As much as he hated having to figure out how to the dodge the questions, he would have been so glad to hear her asking them.

Would he have finally verbalized his feelings? Does he even know how? Still? Lucifer is a man of action; would he have simply referred to his actions as a means of explaining? Or would his fear that she was dead, especially dead because of his own actions, kicked his ass into gear and had him actually telling her-in disjointed, incomplete sentences, of course-that he cares about her? As Lucifer laid down beside her, waiting for her eyelids to flicker open, was he mentally rehearsing his own speech, all of the things he wished he could have said? Or did he simply lie before her, holding his breath, not wanting to breathe until she did too?

Naturally, nothing went as he anticipated. There is probably a voice in the back of his head telling him, “Did you really think this would go as you planned? Did you really think you would get a happy ending?”

And yet, I wonder if there isn’t the slightest twinge of relief. There is still work to be done. He can’t leave her like this. He has to fix this. He has a reason to stay with her still. One more reason (excuse?) for him to postpone leaving her.

Poor Luce. He just wants his friend back.

Ralph was so sweet and supportive toward Paige to make her feel like he would be okay if she married Tim at some point. That she should do what makes her happy and not to worry about him. And then he turns around and essentially tells Walter ‘I wanted it to be you. I wanted you and I want more days like today where you called me your son and we were partners’. Which had to hurt him knowing Paige is with Tim but it also meant so much for him to hear Ralph say how much he means to him