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no, but really. harry's all sleepy eyed and smirking and louis is a grump who just wants to sleep but harry just won't have it. he knows louis' nipples are too sensitive so he mouths back down along his stomach, teases with his tongue and then noses along the obvious bulge in louis' boxers. he can hear louis huff impatiently above him, but he whines a little too and lifts his hips so harry can do what he clearly set out to do. morning blow jobs are things of beauty and we should celebrate them.

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Have you seen the trailer for the movie Kingsmen? It's about British spies/secret service and I'm just like yooooo that's Harry

Not only have I seen the trailer, I’ve seen the movie itself… twice. And it is really excellent, very different from the typical spy movie and I couldn’t recommend it more. If you need incentive to go see it, all you need to know is that this suave gent

and this incredibly cool computer genius

help turn a boy with no direction into this

and teach him how to do this

Also, Samuel L Jackson has a crazy lisp, the women in this movie are really fierce, and the Kingsmen all have Arthurian code names which is just the icing on the best fucking cake you’ve ever eaten.

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Just watched the India Today Conclave with Ranveer Singh and it really irked me when he said his chances of getting into Bollywood were "one in a million, no kidding" like wth are you serious right now? One in a million is a slim chance buddy, I'm sure you've got it better than that. Your thoughts on him acting like the 'outsider' when he's been ~in the industry~ more than your average struggling artist? Love him on-screen, off-screen he's a bit of a fake...

I haven’t watched it but if that’s really what he said………

That would be like me growing up in Los Angeles and my aunt being married to George Clooney, but claiming that I have the same chance of ~making it~ in the industry as someone from the middle of North Dakota. It’s absurd.

The ONE thing that you should know about the film industry (and the thing I struggle with a lot when contemplating whether or not I want to work in films) is that networking and making connections is the best way to ensure your own success. 

Having connections doesn’t mean your journey is “easy” but if you have Anil Kapoor’s number stored in your phone, you are already better off than 90% of the other artists struggling to get a break in Bollywood.

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Did you see that gif of demon dean? Is he coming back? And is it just me, or is this series getting weak? Like look at the storyline, they could so much more. Bring in God and reveal his big plan already, they already showed chuck this season. Or they could bring lucifer and Michael back

Dean briefly had black eyes in the preview and was wearing the shirt that’s associated with demon!Dean. We don’t know if it was a dream, a hallucination, or something that will really happen.

I honestly don’t understand what’s expected from a God story-line or why so many people want it. I get that God’s a big mystery and many people want to know more about him but if God were to be involved in fixing things it’d end up being really boring. He could fix any major problem in seconds and then what? Spend the rest of the episode writing fanfics with Sam? Okay, that does sound pretty cool but it sounds like something that should be written as a fanfic, not an episode. As for God revealing his plans, why are people expecting that to happen? Honestly, I’m not being rhetorical, I’d like to know the thought process behind that. It doesn’t fit with any version of God in scripture and maybe that’s why it has me baffled. God doesn’t reveal his plans, he works in mysterious ways. The major basis of faith in the Abrahamic religions is the fact that people don’t know Gods plans. Plus the way Supernatural has portrayed God so far has been a very Diest view of him, meaning he doesn’t seem to have any plans, he’s letting the world run on it’s own and is simply observing what happens. But if you have thoughts on a God story-line I’d love to hear them in more detail.

Bringing back Michael and Lucifer could be an interesting story-line if it was handled right (meaning it can’t be a rehash of season 5, it has to be unique in significant ways). Something like that really needs it’s own season to do properly so I doubt we’ll get much Michael/Lucifer/Adam stuff in season 10 but it could be the plan for 11. I think it’s possible that Lucifer will be the only way to get the mark removed. Even if they find a ritual or something to remove it I think it would be tied to Lucifer and have unforeseen consequences involving him. Lucifer is the one who created the mark, Metatron said “The river ends at the source” which I think was referring to Lucifer, and then Fan Fiction 10.05 had the little reminder that Adam is still trapped in the pit. Based on all of that, I think there’s a very good chance that we’ll be seeing Luci again but I don’t know how or for how long. Maybe the pit will be opened and everyone will jump free. Maybe they’ll find a back door into the pit, get Luci to remove the mark and rescue Adam before boarding it up with Michael and Lucifer still inside. 

As for the series getting weak, I’m guessing from you’re desire to see Chuck, Michael, and Lucifer again that you’re favorite season was 5? That’s true for most fans, including me, 5 was amazing. I seriously doubt that any season will ever be as good as 5, comparing other seasons to 5 is just setting yourself up for disappointment. But I do think the current season is great. I love the massive amounts of character development we’ve gotten during the Carver-era. In seasons 6 and 7 the character development stagnated quite a bit but they’re making up for it now, getting our boys the personal growth that’s needed to keep the story-line evolving and engaging. We have a handful of episodes left and they’ll be wrapping up most of the story-lines they’ve been running the past 3 seasons, I can’t wait to see how they’ll all turn out. The last two episodes were slow moving and that’s difficult this late in the season but the next one looks more exciting. I think the fandom will be energized again after Wednesday night. 

So told you yesterday I’ll pick 20 asks of the inbox as my drafts are empty and well I couldn’t stop picking cause I really want to write them all immediately and now I have drafted 41. As these are mostly long things (only scenarios and no single headcanon) and with more than 5 characters per ask, I’ll need a little time to update but you already know that^^’

Just felt like I should tell you. Prepare for angst, childfeels, NSFW and fluff. (and Blackbeard fluff, feel like I should mention that extra)

Oh Oh! And I have a few questions because I searched everywhere and couldn’t find an answer.

1) Who is Shiliew - I really can’t find a character named that in the whole Series T_T and there is an ask about him/her

2) Does Brook have a tongue? That would be pretty convinient to know (because I think he doesn’t as it would have to be a bone..)

3) Uhm..forgot it, I’ll come back to 3 later

Have a nice d- no wait! It seems that I have some issues with my inbox (here on tumblr) when it comes to answering your mails privately or writing some private mails in general. If you don’t get an answer on private stuff, please remind me or ask again because I’m literally about to rip this damn inbox in pieces.

Have a nice day ^-^

Aristides de Sousa Mendes: He ignored and defied the orders of his own government for the safety of war refugees fleeing from invading German military forces in the early years of World War II. Between June 16 and June 23, 1940, he frantically issued Portuguese visas free of charge, to over 30,000 refugees seeking to escape the Nazi terror, 12,000 of whom were Jews, the others being persecuted minorities. However, in 1941, Salazar lost political trust in Sousa Mendes and stripped the diplomat of his title, subsequently ordering that no one in Portugal show him any charity. In his later years, the formerly much-honored diplomat was abandoned by most of his colleagues and friends and at times was blamed by some of his close relatives. He died in poverty on April 3, 1954, still in disgrace with his government.

You know what really bothers me? 

The assumption that, because I’m asexual, I’m depriving my partner of sex.

I’m not depriving him of anything. He came into this relationship fully aware of my orientation and preferences and made the decision to date me anyway. Why should I be required to atone for my orientation? I shouldn’t feel guilty about not wanting sex any more than he should feel guilty for wanting it.

I don’t have to feel guilty because he isn’t getting laid. He made that decision himself of his own free will and I don’t owe him sexual favor to keep him interested in me. If he suddenly decides that the lack of sex is a problem, that’s his prerogative and he can end the relationship if he so chooses. 

That’s the beauty of a partnership. We both have choices in the matter and we both have boundaries to maintain. We’re both responsible for happiness here, not just the one of us without sexual urges toward the other. 

I think this type of misconception definitely needs to be abolished.


We’re all Ghosts to You

This is one of my favorite scenes on Doctor Who because it describes so perfectly the Doctor’s relationship with humanity.  He lives in no time and all time at the same time.  

In a way, everyone really is a ghost to him.  It’s almost a perfect description — anyone can be dead or alive to him at any moment.  He can whisk a young woman off to another time where her body has long been buried six feet under the ground.

Clara is dead according to the calendar, but also alive and standing next to him.  Rose Tyler is trapped in another world, but he can go help her with her homework.  He can witness River’s Song’s death not knowing who she is and still fall in love with her and marry her later.

Life, death, and time are completely tied together in a linear fashion to us,  but they aren’t to The Doctor.

And so he can treat the end of the Earth like simply another day while it brings Clara to tears. To him, the end of anything is always there.  It can always be known and even experienced, but he can usually go back to the middle. The end of Earth is certainly such a case. The end of a world is simply another time to visit. He’s even already seen this moment from a different angle.  As much as The Doctor loves humanity, he is not human and Earth is not his home.

But to Clara, the end of Earth is a far off and terrifying concept.  Even when introduced to all of time and space, Earth is her home.  It’s everything that means anything to her.  Endings are so very final and, like Rose Tyler before her and nearly anyone born and raised on Earth, she would not have the perspective handle the witnessing inevitability of the end of her world without it deeply effecting her. 


they called him monster, murderer, beast, umbrella leftover. what they didn’t know was that he just doesn’t care ; that beautiful virus took him and he succumbed willingly until the human in him had been wiped out.

and then, delightfully damned, he crowned himself the immortal corrupter because no other title suit him better.


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"Frusciante’s main axe - a Yamaha SG2000 - that he used during the Enclosure sessions."


I’m really fed up with how underrated Dean Thomas is. When I talk about him and say how he is my favourite character from the series, too many people ask me who I’m talking about or say ‘Oh the black kid’ or ‘that kid who dated Ginny’. Why should he be defined by his skin colour or who he dated. He is worth so much more recognition than that. Why do I like Dean Thomas so much? Well here’s a little list of reasons: 1) He grew up not knowing his real father or his heritage and did not complain once. 2) When he filled in for Katie Bell in Quidditch he was damn good at it but did he get any recognition for it? A thank you maybe? No. What about when he was kicked off the team? He handled that way better than most people would. 3) When Ginny and Harry got together straight after Ginny and his break up, did he handle it bitterly? No. He was a decent guy about it despite the fact he was still probably upset about how things ended. 4) He never once treated Luna like a ‘freak’ or ‘weirdo’ as so many others did. He treated her like a person and was not taken back by her uniqueness, he embraced it. He was interested in her as a person and took time to get to know her. 5) He lived in the run for months during the war and did not ever discriminate against other magical beings and in fact travelled with Goblins- who at the time were very weary of wizard which shows just how trustworthy a person he is. 6) In fifth year he managed to stay loyal to Seamus and Dumbledore’s Army despite the fact that his best friend did not believe in the cause. And he was one of the first people to stand beside Harry and fight for what was right, he never once hesitated. 7) At Shell cottage he gained a close bond with Luna and fashioned her a wand to replace the one she lost. (Note that at this point he was only 17 and hadn’t finished school or taken his N.E.W.Ts . The only people we know who could create wands were trained wandmakers such as Olivander and Death himself. So to me that’s a pretty big achievement/talent for a 17 year old. So these are just a few of my reasons for loving Dean Thomas. Can you tell me now that he doesn’t deserve more recognition? That he isn’t a fantastic character deserving more?

If you ever told me to get aggressive about anything, I’d say I serve at the pleasure of the President. But we’ll never know, sir, because I don’t think you’re ever gonna say it. […] You want to see me orchestrate this right now? You want to see me mobilize these people? These people who would walk into fire if you told them to. These people who showed up to lead. These people who showed up to fight. That guy gets death threats because he’s black and he dates your daughter. He was warned: “Do not show up to this place. You’re life will be in danger.” He said, “To hell with that, I’m going anyway.” You said, “No.” Prudent, or not prudent, this 21 year old for 600 dollars a week says, “I’m going where I want to because a man stands up.” Everyone’s waiting for you. I don’t know how much longer.


alright everyone it’s time for me to start over-analyzing this weeks episode and I’m going to start off with the little interaction that we have shown in the gifs above. 

So here we have Connor in the hospital with his dad who seems to care more about his baseball career than anything else. That’s no shocker as he’s never really seemed to care about Connor’s feelings too much. Someone mentioned how all he cares about is the Connor that he wants/imagined him to be and I really think that’s true. His son is hurt and he wants to yell at him for acting like an idiot. And when he demands to know why, Connor breaks it to him that he snuck out for Jude. 

Then we have the first gif

I take this as Connor’s dad (I should probably start using him name tbh) almost daring Connor to say it. He’s daring Connor to try and say that he’s gay. Adam may be stupid but he’s not that stupid. Maybe he’s known. Maybe’s it’s not just that small touch that set things off. Perhaps Adam has known (or had a feeling) that his son was gay. But he thinks that he can “keep the gay away” with sports and other masculine things. Then Jude comes along and suddenly his rather stupid plan to keep his son straight is falling a part. He sees Connor wearing nail polish for this boy and maybe Connor goes home and doesn’t shut up about how awesome Jude is. And then he sees Jude comforting Connor and it’s the last straw. He puts his foot down and bans Connor from sleeping over at Jude’s. And of course he doesn’t want to put it in Connor’s head that he thinks he is gay because then that could help Connor realize he is. So he goes with the story of thinking Jude is gay. Basically, he’s been trying so hard to “keep the gay away” and now truth is about to come out and he doesn’t want to face it.

This bring me to the second gif. 

Just look at Connor. Look at how he sort of shrinks back after his dad asks that. He’s honestly so scared for what’s going to happen next. Connor has probably hears about how awful gay people are on a daily basis. For the majority of his life, I believe Connor has listened as his father talked down about gay people. He knows how his dad feels despite what he claims. And Adam seems to have two moods: cold and angry. I believe this isn’t the first time something like that has happened. Going back to the tent, just imagine Connor coming home and Adam finding out that he shared a tent with Jude. Getting angry and probably yelling, asking if anything went on. Connor insists nothing happened and sure, maybe Adam believes Connor when he says this. But this probably doesn’t stop him from telling him that he “doesn’t want to ever hear about him being with a boy”. This could explain why Connor calls Jude a little bitch and lashes out. Because he knows his dad would basically kill him if he figured out that they did anything. And here in the hospital, Connor knows what his dad’s going to think. He can already picture the argument because they’ve had a similar one before. But he already admitted to sneaking out to see Jude. And he’s not about to go back on that. He takes the dare. He tells him.


Have you all not seen where he stated he prefers he/him pronouns and he identifies as a male? Or are you just ignoring it. 

Also, those of you justifying misgendering him, please leave all the rest of us transgender My Chem fans out of your explanation. I am transgender, and I am a fan of MCR, and I don’t feel like I need to misgender him and try to make him a trans idol. While I can understand wanting to have more transgender people to look up to, misgendering someone who has stated they identify as male and use he/him pronouns is fucked up. What if someone intentionally misgendered you, because they really liked you and looked up to you? You wouldn’t feel good about it, I’ll bet. I know I wouldn’t.

Gerard stated that he had trouble in the past with his gender. Keyword there: past. That is not currently, and should not be treated as such. If he used different pronouns in his early life, that’s really cool! I’m glad he was exploring gender identities to try and find himself better. But, as fans of him who should love and respect him, for the love of God do not try to use that as an excuse to misgender him. You have to think about how he would feel about being called something other than he/him. Would he be offended? Would he dislike it? What would he think of his fans, then? Do you think he would be a little put out? 

Again, please stop trying to justify your misgendering. Unless Gerard states that he wants to go by they/them pronouns, don’t call him anything other than he/him! Please. Misgendering is bad, no matter who it’s done by or who it’s done to. Transgender and NB people can still misgender just like cis people can, and while I know that probably doesn’t happen super often, please don’t do it, period. 

Misgendering is bad. Especially if it’s intentional. Just don’t do it. 

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I want to start reading about Scarlet Spider, any suggestion of where should I start? I'm really into him thanks to you 😁

u have come to the right place my dear friend! 

kaine parker’s the most important of all spiders and if u wanna find out more about him u can easily hop right onto yost’s scarlet spider v2 run. Sadly, it only made it to 25 issues but i can promise u that each and every one of those 25 issues were absolute gold bc, u see, kaine parker’s a special kinda guy

he’s a super hero

though he honestly doesn’t know wut the heck he’s doing 100% of the time

and that’s probably why nothing ever goes according to plan…

but that doesn’t matter bc he’ll always be there to save u if ur in trouble

…and then probably yell at u for it

it’s no wonder he makes friends everywhere he goes

and he absolutely loves team-ups

he loves a lot of things actually. his hobbies include: swearing

calling flash an idiot

and passing out at people’s doorway and letting them drag him around their apartment

 a typical day of his usually goes something like this

anyways im not telling u to read scarlet spider… im begging u to bc

kaine parker’s not just any spider. he’s a special spider

They should really bring back daggers and knives in Victory. I don’t know about the rest of you but when I imagine an Assassin I usually correlate him/her with a dagger or knife. I loved killing with a dagger.  And it made more sense having a dagger on your waist than a freaking axe or spear while your doing barrel rolls and climbing rooftops. 

I feel like Eren marveling over Levi’s beauty and making him feel special should be talked about more. Like, Eren kissing Levi’s neck and running his hands up and down his legs softly because he loves the feel of his soft skin. Eren stroking Levi’s silky locks and kissing his hands. Eren holding Levi in the late hours of the night for no reason other than to tell him how goregous he is and how lucky he is to have him. Think about it.

Love Note (JB)

Request: Can you do a scenario where you’re on your way to your locker for school and when you open it, you find a love note from Jaebum, aka the most popular boy in school, and he’s confessing and asking you to be his gf. At first you think it’s just some prank and don’t really pay attention to the note, but throughout the day, you notice Jaebum being extremely shy towards you. At the end of the school day, you give him your answer.~ 
Length: 1,276 words
Genre: Fluff

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