The Sky Sisters Girlfriends.

So. I’m going to try and make this short sons and daughters; to celebrate my development/experimentation week for a new style (oh so demonstrated above), in the midst of my meme week or month or maybe even year , I’m holding my own personal LGBTQ week in which I’m going to try to post art of specific LGBTQ ships to raise awareness and also help the fandom accept more LGBTQ ships in general. Here’s mi schedule can you believe i made a schedule.

  • Fri 27th of Oct - Chendy
  • Sat 28th of Oct - I might have plans during this day but if you’re doing something, try having a go at any lgbtq rare pairs!
  • Sun 29th of Oct - Erlu + Luvia 
  • Mon 30th of Oct - Gratsu + Canajane
  • Tue 31st of Oct - Stingue + Yukinerva
  • Wed 1st of Nov - Luli 
  • Thurs 2nd of Nov - Fraxus

So I guess that’s it? I just felt like doing this for myself considering as we all know, it’s getting very gay in the anime world this season. 

If you’d like to tag along with me for this lgbtq ride then hell ye, sure go along! The tag I will be using for this and what you can use is #illulgbtqweek. Fics, art, coloured mangacaps; you’re all wonderfully creative amigos. You can message me for any questions or anything but like I said, this is a personal project so don’t feel obliged. I’ll be here listening nonstop to Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira Shakira and arting my ass off. 

Adios amigos. 

“a joke from 6th grade” au

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  • ok hi
  • new format oohh
  • maybe bc this is an au
  • i should really be doing spanish but here i go 
  • ok sorry for the lame ass title
  • so here’s the thing
  • in this au yama and tsuk aren’t really friends
  • just classmates that know each other
  • and tsuk of course is the “popular” (is there popularity in elementary?)
  • oh such cliche 
  • and yams is more reserved ya get me
  • anyways
  • in elementary ppl are always teasing yams since he looks girlish
  • bc elementary kids are assholes
  • and tsuk and yams were always partners don’t know why ask the teach
  • and yams always gets shy when he’s with tsuki but hey yams is shy with anyone
  • so naturally everyone shouldn’t care right?
  • but tsuk is always nice to yams so ppl are like
  • “Tsuki? yams?? make em date”
  • so people kept on teasing that they’re dating
  • tsuki doesn’t care in fact he find it funny 
  • so he plays along
  • he started by giving yams some random ass flower and saying “do you like me, yamaguchi?”
  • keep in mind this is 6th grade and they use “like” instead of “love”
  • anyways yams just stared at him until yam’s friends were like “let’s go
  • anyways everyone loved the joke
  • and in high school
  • someone remembered
  • and thank goodness too bc tsuk and yams have a hell bunch of classes together
  • they have math pe science and history together
  • ok idk if they have these in japan bc im american and im going by american schools bc that’s all i know im sorry
  • anyways so the joke comes back up and tsuki is still popular-ish
  • and yams is in a group of reserved friends
  • those friends scream a lot and you can see yams laughing
  • guys this is high school ok 
  • so where tsukki sits he can see where yams is eating and yams and see where tsukki is eating
  • they’re near enough to see each other and yell at each other but not regular talking distance
  • not even loud talking
  • so the joke comes back up and tsukki is like “hell yea joke”
  • so he goes back to “flirting” with yams
  • and yams is again startled (help him)
  • once yams was selling chocolate
  • and he asked tsuk to buy some
  • and tsukki was like “only if you give me a kiss” while tapping his cheek
  • and yams’ friends freaked out while yams mumbled a quiet “nevermind”
  • yams is always embarrassed 
  • it’s easy to see that he doesn’t like it
  • i mean yea they talk and whatever
  • but in all the classes they have with each other tsukki keeps the jokes up
  • including saying “yams i love you!”
  • especially when they pass each other when walking towards their next periods
  • but yams’ grabs whatever friend he’s with and walks faster
  • but here’s the thing
  • in the mist of these joke and whatever
  • tsukki actually starts to genuinely like yams 
  • just to the way yams gets embarrassed is cute
  • the way yams says hello in the morning is cute
  • just everything yams does is cute
  • yams is always so nice too
  • he’s shy but when you see him with friends they’re yelling about something
  • like the time they were singing the ppap song
  • and they took an actual pen and apple and stabbed the apple
  • and then they threw the apple on the ground and it exploded
  • they were yelling so loud nearly everyone could hear them
  • tsuki saw and started to watch em a lil
  • and yams looked so happy and was smilling so much
  • and in the back of tsuki’s mind he was like i want to make him smile like that
  • but then he realized what he was thinking and stopped
  • to sum it up tsuki kept up the joke but actually did like yams
  • in a “wow this is more serious than weird high school relationships”
  • tsuki just thought yams was perfect even though he had flaws
  • he wanted to hug kiss and keep yams to himself
  • he just really loved yams
  • he doesn’t know why
  • yams doesn’t really feel the same way
  • since he’s so embarrassed about the 6th grade joke
  • so yea tsuki proabably won’t get his feelings back
  • so he’s like yeah i should slowly stop this joke
  • and it turned to more friendship things
  • and they were friends
  • good friends too
  • so then tsuki’s friends are like “yo what happened to the joke”
  • and tsukki just shrugs and says “no one really reacted to it so i stopped”
  • but then everyone says “no we love it do it again”
  • so he does
  • but it’s more playful
  • not like “give me a kiss yams ily”
  • in fact tsuki’s flirting seems so real people think he actually does have a thing for yams 
  • yams thinks that too
  • but the farthest they got is flirting
  • and i think that’s as far as they will get
  • so yea
  • let me know if you like this and the format
  • bc if you do then ill talk about my music au 

~mod ao

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prompt: makoharu playing with ren and ran ^^ btw i adore your blog <3

A sigh left Haruka’s lips as he was doodling in the corner of his notebook. He was so incredibly bored. It was summer and he wanted to go swimming, but alas it was raining hard outside and it didn’t seem like it was going to stop any time soon. Therefore Makoto had proposed that they should start on their summer homework so they would get it done early and wouldn’t have to do it last minute or when the sun was shining.

So now they were sitting in Makoto’s room at opposite ends of the table, books and papers spread between them. The benefit of doing homework together was that they could help each other out, explaining things when one of them didn’t understand something and the other did, trying to figure it out together if neither of them understood the subject. The downside, though, was that Haruka was even more easily distracted than usually.

They had been attempting to finish the English worksheet they had been assigned, but they were both absolutely terrible at English, so bad that if they tried to figure things out together, they’d only end up being more confused. Which is why they had been sitting in silence as they both tried to decipher the enigma that was the English language.

It didn’t take long for Haruka to lose interest and give up, so he had grabbed his notebook and began to draw on an empty page. The only good part about doing homework in the summer was that Makoto was here, completely unaware of the fact that he was Haruka’s model.

He was wearing his glasses, the dark frames accentuating how green and vibrant his eyes were - which in Haruka’s defense, made it even harder for him to concentrate because whenever Makoto wore them he felt like he was falling in love all over again. His fringe was falling in front of his eyes but Haruka could still detect a hint of a frown, as if the words on the sheet were personally offending him. Next to that, his lips were pouting, which only completed the cute look of utter concentration. The best part was that it was clear that he was unguarded, which made the whole image even more adorable. It would be a waste to let this beautiful sight slip away without capturing it on paper, wouldn’t it?

Finding this excuse good enough, Haruka continued the drawing. He was so experienced in drawing Makoto, both from sight and imagination, that it didn’t take long until he had sketched the scene before him. Though he was more than familiar with Makoto’s physique, he found that he could never quite capture his exceptional beauty on paper - even if Makoto disagreed - which led to him never being satisfied with his drawings of Makoto. Not that that ever stopped him.

This time, though, he deemed the drawing of Makoto good enough for a doodle. Now he just wanted to do something else.

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I was wondering if you could draw Yuma carving a pumpkin? I think that would be really cute :D ~bloody-bara

But of course, darling!!! Here is Yuma in his (cough cough semi) Halloween attire carving a pumpkin in his garden!! ^^

I hope you like it!! <3 

send in a request? click the face-> [OwO]


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every book i’ve ever read 16?the fifth wave

“How do you rid the Earth of humans? Rid the humans of their humanity.”

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Hey do you also have a problem with falling in love with people? I don't seem to be able to do it, even if I "like" someone it tends to go away after a few days. And then I'm sorry I'm so fickle with my feelings so I stopped dating at all..

Yes. Mostly because ‘‘falling in love’’ is such an alien feeling to me. It’s weird to me when people say they’re madly in love because I haven’t even liked anyone for years. I don’t know the reason but it may be because real life men are disappointing and those shown in TV are as unrealistic as they can get. I’m just afraid of the idea that I’ll never genuinely love someone, so I’ll either be together with someone to not to be alone or just live my life alone.


here’s my new hair color!! got it corrected earlier this week after the bad dye saturday (better pic of hair color under the cut!)

also im in boston and we’re gonna be visiting BU tomorrow!! wearin’ my boston sweatshirt in boston ✌😍

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To get past the vast amounts of profanity I used when taking Scott’s photos, I took some of Milos in his new Freedom Teller shirt and T-shirt as well.  I really ought to have changed the backdrop, ‘cause a dokkalfa in a blue shirt and grey jeans against a blue backdrop is just… blue, but it makes his hair pop and the other backdrop colours (red, black, white) do him no favours either.

So, Catalogue Model Milos, which is something Alex will be laughing about for much longer than Tay is over Scott, because I still don’t yet have an Alex…

I swear I’ll do your ears one day, Milos.  Maybe when I’m not so scared of ruining your face.

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Am I the only one who wants to see Jae ha's reaction when he will meet Kouren ?? I mean she's a badass women and omg i kinda ship them ...

Wahahaha anon! I only just published an ask about the HHB’s possible reaction to Kouren and got this one ;D As I mentioned in that ask, I think Jae-Ha would be all over Kouren (a badass beauty? He’d indulge her~) if the circumstances were different and she was… well, y’know… not an immensely big threat for his friends and home country :<

hello hello, i am vicky (21, she/her) and your resident mythology trash and forever procastinator, i am a constant mess and simply addicted to hurtful things, jungkook and mark tuan in a hoodie. just come @ me at any hour honestly i love plotting and nothing is absurd (even if it is, i’m sure i’ll like it and yell at u), and while i am still building a pretty about me page here are some bullet points abt misuk a.k.a. helen of troy sparta 💖

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