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Can u make a Johnny depp imagine?

Of course I can!

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It was almost completely silent after Johnny’s line…until a smile broke out on your lips and you started to laugh. The director sighed and the camera men stopped filming, a few groans escaping the other cast member’s mouths. This was the fourth time this week (although who could blame you for ending up all loopy, you haven’t gotten a ton of sleep thanks to filming so much), and every time Johnny just smiled and watched you. This was his favorite part when it came to working with you, seeing you break out of your semi-serious character because of something you found funny during filming. You tried calming down, although seeing Johnny in costume and remembering his line made you laugh more.

Someone was filming this, they always were. Your’s and Johnny’s fans got a kick out of you two goofing off on set, especially since a lot of them shipped you two together. It was a few minutes before you had completely calmed down and drank a bit of water, playfully shoving Johnny away from you. “I really need to get more sleep. Your lines are killing me, J.” He just grinned and shrugged, you two getting back into place to film again.

Near the end of filming that day, it happened again. You tried to stop it, really. But it was super difficult to force yourself to stay calm when you were running low on sleep. It started out as a small, extremely held back smile. Then a slight snicker. That soon turned into full-out laughter, leaning forward and resting your head on Johnny’s shoulder so you didn’t curl into a ball in the sand from laughing so much. He wrapped an arm around you, chuckling a bit as he and the others patiently waited for you to calm down again. “Maybe you should sleep tonight after filming, I’ll drive you home.” You just nodded, slowly calming down from your laughter. Your fans were going to go crazy. If only they knew how Johnny really felt about you, or about a certain scene you two were going to film in about a month’s time.

((Imagine: Filming a Pirates Of The Caribbean movie with Johnny as your main co-star. You end up breaking character constantly because you keep laughing at how dorky he was being in character. Unknown to you, he’s only acting this way because he loves hearing you laugh, and seeing that smile of yours creep onto your face (even when you try your hardest to stay in character).))

I had this really weird dream last night that Morro (human not lego) lived in my house, like in my room, but like he slept in the cat bed I have in my room because two of our younger cats sleep in my room at night and like….he also slept with them?? Like he would curl up to fit in the bed and then my cats would sleep on top of him?? And if you tried to move him with a broom he would just hiss at you?? I don’t know what this means…I really need more sleep probably

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Hating It request: Stan "cockblocking" Bill b/c while he loves the fact his grand-nephew is getting some, he's kind of pissed at Bill & worried about some statements that w/out context hint at an unhealthy relationship. Dipper's chalks it up to Grunkle Stan being Grunle Stan when he suddenly orders him to do random tasks & Bill doesn't care but he gets pissed when they really do end up having sex. In the ends, Dipper is the one who ends up jumping Bill.

Well. This isn’t exactly the request. And I didn’t complete it. I might continue later. I just wanted to post something since I haven’t in a while.

So here’s what Stan was thinking for part of Faking It.

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Ballerina Frustrations
  1. sewing pointe shoes
  2. putting hair into a perfect bun
  3. washing your hair twice because you use so much hairspray
  4. wearing skinny jeans that do not let you do a proper arabesque
  5. resist throwing your pointe shoes at people you do not like
  6. not being Svetlana zakharova
  7. looking at your old ballet videos and wondering what was wrong with you

harunnn replied to your post: I have finally brought myself to have a nap after…

Aaaa I feel you on this! /wants to keep on sleeping And naps are tricky :’D Sometimes they work out, and other times they just make you even more drained. But I’m glad you napped! You need more sleep, friend!

Yeah! I usually have some good opportunities to have naps but I don’t and eventually I lose sleep XD But I agree, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I wish it worked all the time though XD

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What would go down if Sawamura, Miyuki, Sanada, Mei, and Ryosuke couldn't find their s/o after a game? After looking everywhere for them, they'd find their s/o, napping in the stands. Bonus: They fell asleep while doing something- sketching the players or writing out the rules they figured out, etc.

Hello, I am back from the void because it’s time to get off up my butt and do what I’m supposed to do.

Ryosuke: Sure he wasn’t too worried but that was just his exterior. Ryosuke coolly and calmly searched for his missing s/o and he could’ve sworn he saw them in the stands cheering. Tapping his toes, he waited and waited at their usually spot but when they never showed up, Ryosuke decided to just go get them himself. He knew to go to the stands right away and searched in the area he remembered them to be. That’s when a familiar bag sat alone and not too far from it, sat his s/o, snoozing away with an open sketchbook. Ryosuke scoffed when he saw the page and shook his s/o awake. “So, I’m a fox now, am I?” He gestured to the doodles and his s/o grabbed it as fast as they could. “Hey, Ryo!” A sheepish smiled plastered their face as Ryosuke offered a hand. “You saw that drawing.. huh?” They held their sketchbook close to their chest and turned red from his sudden remark. “In my defense, you.. you do look like a fox!” They gathered their things quickly and Ryosuke was enjoying every moment of his s/o being so flustered over their drawings.

Miyuki: With a sharp pain from a slap to the back, Miyuki laughed along with his victorious teammates as they roared with their cheers. On their way out of the stadium Miyuki had a feeling that something had been missing and that was the space beside him where his s/o would usually be. With a quick look of where he remembered his s/o to be, he squinted his eyes and saw the lonely stands. Turning around for another glimpse, he still wasn’t able to spot his s/o. Dismissing himself from the rest of the team, he made his way to the stands and climbed down the steps when he caught something in the corner of his eye. All snuggled up and comfortable, he saw his s/o lying there on the bench, clutching onto something so tightly. He sighed as he made his way to them and couldn’t help but chuckle at their sleeping form. Kneeling in front of their face, he smiled before he decided to back off just a little before yelling out his s/o’s name. “HEY!! _______!!!” With eyes wide and a startled expression, his s/o nearly fell over and landed on the cold hard ground. As soon as their composure was collected, they stared down at Miyuki who snickered away at his successful wake up plan. “Aren’t you going to congratulate me for winning this game?” He raised a brow as his s/o just continued to glare at him until the softened up and laughed. “Good game, captain.”

Sawamura: He was shouting up a storm as he roamed the whole vicinity of the field hopping for his s/o’s ears to perk up. He repeated called for his s/o but to no avail. Sawamura began to get a little tempered and impatient as he shouted louder and louder but in the corner of his eye, he saw a figure in the stands as he walked down the steps. He instantly recognized it to be his s/o and ran as fast as he could, hollering their name. “______!!!!” He was ready to wake them when the little book in their hands caught his eyes. With his full attention on the scribbles, he was amazed to see some quick sketches and some noted off to the side. He then heard a grumble as his s/o groggily opened their eyes and saw Sawamura with their notes. “______!! You drew me and took notes about my pitches!!” They silently nodded as a yawn broke out and they spoke, “I’ve been looking into pitching and wanted to learn more about it. Especially about the pitches you threw.” Sawamura’s whole face lit up as he rubbed the back of his head and began to laugh, “R-really!? You’ve been watching me and my pitches this closely!? That’s amazing, ______!” The boy practically had flowers and sparkles shooting from him as a way to radiate his happiness.

Mei: He wouldn’t forget his s/o, not ever. To have his s/o forget about him was something else. When he realized that his s/o hadn’t come by to say their congrats, he wondered where they would even be. Darting his head back in forth, and totally looking like he was thrown off his groove, he searched for his s/o and to no luck was he able to even find them. When his teammates asked him what was bothering him he shrugged it off and went to go find them himself. “I’ll be back!” Was all he replied with as he walked to the stairs. When he found them, he pointed a finger in their direction and his loud voice boomed through the empty stands. “Oi!!! How dare you fall asleep during my game!!!” He was half joking and half serious as he marched on his way to wake the slumbering s/o, only to have them wake up and rub their eyes as if they did nothing wrong. “Oh, Mei.” They yawned, stretching their arms up. “What are you doing here, aren’t you supposed to be pitching?” “The game is over, we won.” He told them all to much in a boasting way. “Oh good.” They replied lazily, which to Mei, that was the wrong reaction. “Aren’t you going to say more than that!?” He waited for a response. “Oh, uh, Harada did good.” They teased him and he was ready to pull his hair out. “Just kidding! You did great today, Mei.” They stood up and opened up their arms to him. “No wonder you’re the ace.” They smiled and Mei accepted their invitation, pulling them into a tight hug. “Hehe, I already know that, ______!”

Sanada: A bit too occupied with players and congratulating, Sanada almost forgot he wanted to meet with his s/o after his match. It hadn’t occurred to him that it was due past the designated meeting time and not to mention Sanada had forgotten their rendezvous point. Jogging there quickly he expected to see them there already but they weren’t there. “Not again..” Sanada shook his head and made way to the only other place his s/o would be; sleeping in the stands. It happened quite a few times for him and he wasn’t surprised it happened again. Just as he expected, there on the bench laid his s/o catching some z’s. His first reaction was to just make a loud noise to wake him up but he knew better than to do that. Quietly he went over and got to their level, enjoying his view of them for that short time and then he shook them awake. “I really think you need more sleep, ______.” He smiled as their eyes slowly opened. “Sanada, hey.” They greeted him and he helped them get up. “Your game is over already?” “It’s been over. What made you so tired that you would fall asleep while watching us?” Sanada looked over to the notebook that was lying on top of his s/o’s backpack. “Homework.” They replied as Sanada examined the scribbles of his s/o. “Heh, you really like writing my name, huh?” He chuckled at the amount of times his name was written in the margins of the notebook. “H-hey! Don’t look at that!”