THIS IS THE FOURTH FREAKING TIME IVE TRIED TO TYPE THIS GODDAMN POST BECAUSE I KEEP GETTING NOTIFICATIONS AND IT BRINGS ME TO THE NOTIF ANYWAY tumblr needs to auto save drafts omg I’m so upset now alright we’re gonna do sentence summaries

-finally getting a decent amount of sleep but I want more because I gotta write my placement essay today

-emotionally, socially, and mentally stressed and exhausted from the zine hence my inactivity on here

-also really angry with my friend - lost respect for her when, last night, when I told her that I get worked up about the topic she was talking/bragging about (I just really didn’t. Want. To. Hear. It) she said ‘aw I’m sorry’ AND CONTINUED TO TALK ABOUT IT ANYWAY. You just don’t do that.

-need to take some time away from the Internet (including texting people) to breathe, try to center and ground myself, and find a place of emotional security again because right now I’m worn thin from drama and having to cope with a lot of trivial shit that adds up

-however, I really miss you guys so I think I might check my tag and do a follow spree today!


I love you all and I hope you’re doing well!!

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Jyushimatsu!! you are my spirit animal * u * i wish i could huge you so much and jump around everytime i feel blue :') specially when my boyfriend is ignoring me u.u can you please huge me with ichimatsu? i really need it

Sure!! =D Let’s share hugs and happiness!

{Usually I’d tag @ichimatsureplies there but they’re currently on hiatus, so any Ichiblog who wants to join in on the fun is more than welcome! >w<””””}

There’s this idea floating around about ENFJs (or maybe just ExFJs?) cleaning their rooms at odd hours of the morning?  May I just say that is completely true.  There is an odd and soothing quality to cleaning one’s room (or cleaning anything really) when everyone else is asleep.  You can have your existential crises at a time where no one is awake – so you can’t bother them – and be productive at the same time and be pleased with yourself when you realize that everything is much neater and more organized when you’re done.  If I wasn’t a creature in need of sleep, I would do it every night.

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Hi do you have any tips for practicing when you don't have time? I have been really busy with school and tests lately so I haven't had much time but I still want to combine witchcraft into my daily life.

Boy do I feel you on this. With crazy hours at work, trying to find to sleep and go see the 12 different doctors I see, plus my extreme laziness, I need way more than 24 hours in a day. Some ways I like to add some magic into my life is really simple stuff:
-throw magic into your cooking! You’re going to eat anyway, so why not make it magical? You can draw sigils (into pie crusts, with oil in a pan, honey in tea, or chocolate in milk, for example), or use use the magical correspondences of the ingredients and make spells out of that, or stir clockwise to draw things into your life and stir counterclockwise to banish things from your life

-sigils in general! Sigils on your notebooks for motivation and gaining knowledge, sigils in your makeup, sigils on your body. Sigils are an easy way to add some magic to anything and if you’re someone who doesn’t practice openly then sigils are great because they can be put anywhere and if someone does notice them they can be written off as doodles.

-Glamours. Glamours on your makeup, clothing, hair, anything! Make yourself stand out, make yourself less noticeable, boost your confidence, be amazing and unstoppable

-Bath or shower magic. PLEASE READ AND RESEARCH ANY AND ALL OILS OR HERBS OR CRYSTALS THAT YOU THINK ABOUT USING. SOME ARE NOT SAFE TO BE ADDED TO WATER OR YOU SHOULD NOT EXPOSE YOURSELF TO THEM WITH CERTAIN HEALTH CONDITIONS AND TOO MUCH ESSENTIAL OIL CAN IRRITATE SKIN. BE SAFE AND SMART. You can add herbs or essential oils to baths or showers. There are some really great posts on here about shower discs, herbs for relaxing baths or energizing baths. Recreational Witchcraft has a great page here about bath magic. Just make sure you’re being safe.

-Enchant objects for certain things. Earrings or necklaces or bracelets or shoes or notebooks. Enchant the heck out of stuff.

Finally if all else fails, throw on some music and light some incense. You’d be amazed at how magical you feel. Do what you are able and do not feel guilty if you can’t do full rituals every day. Some of the most mundane things can be made magical :)


Love is:
When I wake up and my first thought is his. I have been doing my phone and see if he wrote me while I slept. When I go to sleep and my last thought before I fall asleep it is. I miss him even though I saw him in front of a day or less. But above all, make his needs before your own. If his luck is more important than your pain. If you really love someone, you are willing to give him everything and you know when the time comes.

jeez, making a website is exhausting. I mean, I always knew, but it’s a whole other thing to actually DO it. 

But shit, I adore doing it. 

So here’s my plan. My website is going to be an online portfolio and a blog. a ~fancy pants~ blog, not like I have here on tumblr :P And yeah, so far it’s coming together, I’m getting the hang of it, just gotta get a whole bunch more content to put into it. 

for now though, I REALLY need to pee and also go to sleep. 


he reads that simple text from you, and stops what he’s doing to reply. yeah?

are you doing anything?

like. right now? nah just chilling

something happened
i dont wanna bother you i really dont
i just need someone here
youre the first person i thought of

you don’t see a response from him for over five minutes, feeling the anxiousness of truly catching him at a wrong time well up within your chest. when you are about to throw a ’nevermind ill be ok’ text, someone then sounds like they are smashing their fist against your front door.

before you register for yourself to answer the door or wonder who it is, your ringtone sounds and your phone vibrates with the call trying to come through. his name is displaying at the top of your screen as you answer. “hello…?”

“are you home? you’re home, right?” he’s panting, like he ran without a second thought. your mind puts together the pieces that he most likely did, and you get up immediately to open the door. he lowers his arm that held his phone to his ear and his eyes focus on you, wide with concern and alarm. when you just stand there, he blinks twice before muttering out your name in question.

your eyes mist over, feeling the crushing reality of not being able to hold yourself up anymore. a sound escapes your lips just as your name tumbles out of his again, arms wrapping around you and pulling you into him; into safety.

“hey– i’m here, i’m here… nothing is going to hurt you anymore… i’m here.”

I should have been painting my other stuff for the conventions, but I really wanted to paint Connor instead… I had to resist and instead do some studies, so I decided to do a study of a painting from the artist White-Corner (http://white-corner.deviantart.com/) but then I gave in and turned it into Connor as I went along to make me feel better xD  The study was supposed to be of brushstroke efficiency and it kinda worked okay.  I just need more work with facial planes and values and lost and found edges…and everything else.  …anyway HAVE SOME SLEEPY CONNOR who didn’t take out his hair tie and will probably have a fun time untangling in the morning!  Speaking of morning,  Its almost 4 am (WHY DO I MAKE TERRIBLE DECISIONS) and I’m hungry and my bed looks comfy.  

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The ss sleeping nude

Cait - She smirks as she walks up to them and slap their arse a little. She has nothing against it, really, but she’ll rather sleep in her clothes, at least when they’re not in a safe place - the last thing she needs is having to fight some raider without even her panties on.

Codsworth - He highly recommeds putting on at least some t-shirt. The nights can be very cold an Commonwealth and doctors rather expensive.

Curie - She might have studied their morphology and made a few experiments on them. Somehow, she never knows the answer to Sole’s question - “Didn’t I go to bed more hairy?”

Danse - He doesn’t really mind, he was used sleeping in underwear himself, but as long as they were comfortable and ready to fight the next day, he didn’t care. No one said he didn’t steal a look from time to time.

Deacon - As soon as he sees them, he just shruggs and begins undressing himself. He didn’t really sleep naked, usually, but he had to admit it felt very nice. New team mate for him and Sole? The nude dudes. Though, when sleeping naked, he rather sleeps on his side, his back to Sole as seeing them like this is making wonders to his body.

Dogmeat - He doesn’t care, as long as he’s allowed to sleep on Sole’s blanket, on their legs, his head rested on their belly.

Hancock - He doesn’t say anything, he pretends to be awfully tired, falling asleep first. As Sole drifts, he carefully sneaks a several peaks, where the blanket doesn’t cover them. He once tried lifting the blanket, just a little bit, but they shifted as soon as the cold air of night reached their exposed body, so he let it be. For now.

MacCready -  He blushes when he finds out, trying his best not to stare as sleeping Sole sometimes kicks their blanket off. Just knowing they are naked under the blanket makes him feel rather bothered, but he always manages to suffer through the night, somehow.

Nick Valentine - As long as they don’t feel cold and discomfort, it was okay by him. He’d lied if he said he never sneaked a peak, but he would never openly say it either.

Piper - She blushes like crazy, even at the thought of them being naked under the blanket. She sleeps fully clothed, in case someone ambushed them, but she gives it a try when they’re safe and sound in Diamon City. Sole sleeps in Dugout Inn and she in her house. She never slept naked in Diamond City again, after Nat asked her why she did in the first place in the morning.

Preston Garvey - He didn’t mind, in fact, he was used to sleeping naked himself. Though, he didn’t really have the chance lately, first he was with hhis group and now with Sole and the last thing he wanted was to weird them out, so his sleep was light as he couldn’t get that comfortable. But now, as he sees them sleeping naked as well, he can finally have some proper rest.

Strong - “Puny human. Super mutants don’t take armor off!”

X6-88 - He insists they put on some clothes, out of safety reasons, of course, but it is also highly inappropriate.