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Please reblog/like/follow me cause i usually follow back if you:

  1. Ship Joshaya
  2. Ship Rucas
  3. Are over 18 years old
  4. Started watching GMW because you loved BMW so much and wanted to see what Cory and Topanga were up to and then fell in love with GMW
  5. Are crying about tomorrow and Friday’s episodes already
  6. Have the Feeny call as your ringtone and/or
  7. want a friend who likes to just talk about GMW/BMW but feel like everyone will judge you because you’re an adult watching a show on Disney Channel that is hilarious and you haven’t missed a week and you really miss your roommate who used to watch it with you and now she’s going abroad and you won’t be able to watch the show again until senior year and it’s all just very depressing

I really need someone to take the place of my roommate/the Shawn to my Cory/ the Maya to my Riley/ my best friend who I’m not going to see for a year please give me assistance I’m also an insomniac okay bye

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Can I just tell you how freaking amazing and awesome your are? You're frick fracken awesome and amazing!


Honestly the last few weeks, going on your blog after the episodes air and reading your reactions and new comics has made me feel better. So, thanks Scout.


that’s super kind of you to say!! hope i can continue to please! i’m honored i’ve been able to incite such an opinion from you!

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I think I’d be hilarious if you drew Dean just angrily floating around in space with the mark lol

i get the slight feeling u guys would like a space comic

Anonymous said:

Ahh sorry sorry I just realized maybe asking you for a space comic might have been a little out of line since you commission comics but I just meant that your idea is so amazingly funny I’m hoping there’ll be more of it!! Lots of love! *runs away*

LOL, well, as you can see, i’m really not sure which this applies to, but i really do appreciate the realization;;; i’m really far behind on work, but once i catch up with commissions, i’m hoping to maybe get to more s11/s10 finale comics!


PLLayed Out

I’m sorry but I feel like I NEED to rant because I’m done being patient.

I used to read everything PLL and was just such a passionate fan, following up during hiatus, refreshing multiple outlets for the latest news and updates, counting down to every single episode and being crazy excited when Tuesdays came. I’ll probably never forget and be ever grateful for the joy it has brought me through my teenage years. But what the actual fuck?

What the hell are the writers doing?? As a huge Pretty Little Liars fan, I am so sad to say that the show is getting really shitty and just plain lame and it is just so sad to see that especially knowing that it can obviously be so much better.

First of all, why are they WASTING episodes? This pisses me off so much and after every disappointing episode, it’s like a huge “Fuck you, try again next week” from the writers. The fandom insanely huge and supportive and I feel like this is not at all what we deserve. I felt like in Season 1 and 2 (which were the best seasons tbh) every episode consisted of a major event and was so drama-filled and exciting to watch – Homecoming, Country Club, The Perfect Storm, Dance-A-Thon, the FASHION SHOW (does anyone else remember all these amazing episodes?!) and every episode is so precious especially since we only get it once a week but they just keep WASTING our time, their resources and the show’s quality with filler episodes.

“OH, episode 5x05 will be our 100th episode, let us all countdown 5 weeks in advance and give the audience 4 shitty episodes that leads up to that one episode. Start a hashtag!” No doubt, episode 5x05 was one of the better episodes but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect consistently good episodes from a top drama series.

Then, more shitty episodes leading up to a supposedly amazing #FataleFinale or #BigAReveal (which was only ok in my opinion) and on to the next Season. I was particularly annoyed with #FataleFinale or the other Finales where even after we went through the shitty filler episodes of miscommunication and running around (don’t get me started on the show’s use of miscommunication/lack of communication as a plot device) they only reveal what we really want to know in the last few minutes of the episode or REALLY, not reveal anything at all.

I feel like we are always promised “BEST SEASON YET” or “ENJOY THE RIDE” and we expect a Maserati ride but we end up in economy coach. Maybe instead of wasting their resources they could have just made 4/5 amazing seasons and wrap it up because honestly, I’m so done with how the show has become. Why did they have to get greedy, drag it on and even add supernatural Ravenswood to the equation which honestly, cheapened the PLL brand.

Season 5 was horrid. I thought having Alison revealed to be alive was such an amazing thing to have ever happened and it had SO much potential but they bombed it so bad. Not only was Alison’s wardrobe HORRIBLE but the allure of the dark, mysterious and gorgeous Alison DiLaurentis that drew us into the show in the first place is gone. They ruined the opportunity and her character.

AND why do they feel the need to add new romantic interests which only purpose is to ruin the girls by making them look like they will fall into the lips of anyone at any “momentary indiscretion” and then we never see them again.

Honestly, even after “A” is revealed and no matter how mind-numbing or jaw-dropping it is, it will never be able to overwrite how bad the show has become. I feel like they’re leading us towards this highly promised destination but they compromised the journey.

Well, that’s just my opinion, there are obviously a lot more things to say (I can write a whole sad Emison post about another wasted opportunity but I’ll probably save that for another day). This fandom is great and I just hope that they make it at least worth it in the end.

Outlander 1x15

The raw emotion in this episode from Caitriona and Sam was absolutely heart wrenching! They totally conveyed all of those horrifying moments right into our living rooms. Tobias pulled off the sadistic BJR to a T. Just as I imagined from the book conveyed right on the screen. My heart was in my throat as BJR pulled her away from Jamie. In that last moment seeing that single tear roll down Jamie’s face… Here you see him broken. So heart breaking! Trying to picture it as it’s written is one thing but to see it so brilliantly portrayed on screen is another, so much more powerful. Tobias, Caitriona and Sam are wonderful. I can’t imagine how hard those scenes must have been able to film. Yes, we definitely need the extra week to recover. Though it means the end of the season but I really cannot wait to see the fight for Jamie that Claire goes through in season two. Their love story really forms there. Kudos to everyone involved in this episode!


Okay this one was woah … so much emotion for me, too much. I did excepct to see Seventeen’s family give back our babies rings. I was so happy for them and especially our diva boo. It hurt to see them crying in the previous episode and they really deserved that beautiful gift ….  in addition with getting back the rings.

Ow our babies are debuting next week and wow. I don’t know what I’m writing now and sorry for the faults. My sister and I didn’t sleep this night because my dad left the house at 2a.m but anyway. Me and my sis broked in tears at watching that .. this magical and emotional moment. They’re still babies and need to do their best for being number one, and I’ll be there to cheer for them and you too !! Seventeen fighting !! 

I didn’t think of taking screenshot bcuz I was too busy crying … for them. 

I just saw my in-laws. $: … *jokin jokin ok ?*  Their family are so beautiful. And Hoshi crying and being feed by his dad … aw. 

Ow my face is all … bathed with tears. ;;

demiguykaneki replied to your post:Well now it’s annoyed me enough I have to see √a…

oh god if that’s bothering you then rootA is going to ruin you. he barely talks and his characterization is 0. it’s awful

So far Dangan Ronpa the Animation was a better adaption then this season :| The bar is being set SO LOW, and they have a vendetta against him doing things??? (why is he not eating the stew with touka, why is he not helping nishiki walk, why should I think any of these people have many thoughts when he has such a distant relationship with them????)

This will be a fast and bloody hatewatch, and i will be as vicious as I need to make up for not wanting to spend the money to make a drinking game of this.

and are they just…. skipping Hinami’s arc? Then why even have her with the limited episodes, and how the fuck does that work with the CCG storylines

Steven Universe episode 50 - Full Disclosure
  • All right I should really finish watching this show.  I only have a few episodes to go!  And it’s coming back in about two weeks!
  • Also: I have no idea where these various episodes are supposed to fit on the timeline/what order they’re supposed to be watched in, because I heard there were scheduling issues and episodes got shuffled around and stuff, so I’m just watching them in the order kisscartoon presents them
  • Right.  Let’s do this.
  • … okay I didn’t realize this started literally directly after Jailbreak ended, oops
  • The minimal recuperation time 10-year-olds need is astounding
  • I feel so bad for Greg in all of this.  Poor guy shouldn’t have to deal with this.
  • Oh, huh, the town… is actually showing the effects of a dramatic alien battle.  They have a lot of cleaning up to do.
  • “Oh!  I see.  You come up here to brood too!”  I love Ronaldo
  • Oh jeez.  Steven is 10.  He shouldn’t have to be dealing with this, or have to make these kind of decisions.  “I have to cut you out of my life you protect you” is not an emotion a kid should be having to go through…
  • Ah okay so I’m guessing this was designed to be watched after a season break - here we’re getting the Jailbreak recap
  • “You always say you’ll be the crocodile, but you never commit!”
  • This is really sad though
  • Connie doesn’t deserve this… Steven doesn’t deserve this… these poor kids
  • Bless Rebecca Sugar for ugly-gross-messy-blotchy-faced-crying Steven
  • As has been pointed out, but is still so true: when you are sobbing your eyes out it’s not elegant anime tears streaming silently down your cheeks - this is exactly what it feels like
  • I thought this was supposed to be a silly lighthearted magic adventure show
  • What happened
Does Mad Men need to end?

I think not. The beauty of doing a series that is set in the past is that you have so much more new territory to explore. Ending it at 1970 doesnt seem like enough. It does seem like a bit of a procession on there at the moment, just waiting to see what happens to Don, no storylines are really exploding - unlike how the Sopranos ended. That was perfect. The culmination of 6 series just exploding into life in the last 3 episodes. Magic. 

The end is in sight for me with the PGCE - im sure if I read back to these pages from a year or so ago, maybe longer, they have all lead up to last week when I got my job offer. It is a very exciting time - too exciting almost, my summer travels almost fade into inconsequence as a result, which cannot happen, I will tie up some loose ends on that front probably during half term week next week just to be sure that it is all set up. Before I go away I will have to find a new place to live. I think realistically, getting a place around Sale, Urmston will be best. Its a 10 min tram into MCR centre and about 25 mins from work so it works both ways. A few things need to be sorted as a priority when/before I go such as Sky, United season ticket (but only in the right area of the ground). Got offered one in some crap parts of the ground yesterday, make it clear to the woman which block I want to be in - she seemed a bit surprised with that, probably used to know nothing ‘fans’ just snapping her hand off at the offer of any sort of ticket. If my preferred areas arent available, I’ll give it a miss and go to watch FC United instead and just do United away games every now and again. 

5 weeks to go on my placement, I will really miss the school and my class, its been such a ride, the whole thing, but it’s coming to an end now, I won’t particularly miss Bristol, I think I’ve had a poor experience living in a shit area of the City, which isn’t within walking distance of the City or near any bus routes in - if Ryan was researching the area, he would be unsatisfied with the ‘quota’ of people as well… I cant wait to live somewhere I love and somewhere where I want to embrace the local area. 

The near, near future is quite a lot simpler. The next 5 weeks will be unspectacular in comparison with the Summer/Autumn, but there are two fantastic events coming up. Is the NG & RA thing 2 weeks after Ride? We’ve not spoken about that at all. So exciting! Half term will be lovely, going to go up North post Ride and then back down to Pembs after. I’ll do a further long post in about a week. 

Until then…

Bout of Books: Summary of Thursday

Books Read:  


Finished this book just before midnight! I was dead tired, but I did it! 

Book started:       I only manage to finish Jackaby yesterday.


 A really slow reading. But sometimes you need a day like that. At least I manage to see 3 episodes of Doctor Who and the latest episode of Penny Dreadful!

Books to Read:  

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The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, May 11th and runs through Sunday, May 17th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 13 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. - From the Bout of Books team

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