Episode 2.7

           “The bottom line is, you’re broker than a ‘77 Ford Pinto. You need that job, at least for right now. Hell, it was four years overdue what with your spending habits,” Scott said. I was out at the docks, helping to finish up with the last bit of restaurant preparations. Opening was a week away, and the place was really coming together. “How much is left in the Piggy?”

           The “Piggy” was what Scott and I had called my savings account, the one my parents had worked so hard to build up for me, and the reason I hadn’t completely floundered yet.

           “Not a lot…” I muttered.

           “See there? Unless you have something good lined up, dumping this job would be a bad move.”

           I sighed. “It’s just… I don’t want to make people feel bad with my writing. It’s the one thing I can do; my superpower. I want to use it to make people laugh and smile.”

           “I get it, Twilight Sparkle. But us plebs don’t have the luxury of giving up good wages because someone’s feelings might get stomped on.”

           “I know, I’m being stupid,” I said. “I’m happy to have the job. Chelle’s just breathing down my neck and angry breathing makes me uncomfortable.”

           “Suck it up, Buttercup.”

           I smiled. “Remember how Dad used to say that all the time?”

           She laughed. “Yeah. It was sound advice. Damn, I haven’t seen him in so long.”

           “You haven’t been home in a while. You should come for Christmas this year. I know they’d both be happy to see you.”

           “Lane, I dunno, I’m going to be so busy with the restaurant—”

           “Just think about it?” I asked. “Please?”

           “Ah, yeah, sure. I’ll think about it.”

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Person of Interest: Amy Acker on Root's Journey

The POI star reflects on her character’s origins and her favorite Root/Shaw scenes.

- by Matt Fowler, IGN

At the Dallas Comic-Con Fan Expo, Person of Interest star Amy Acker took the stage, in the wake of the show’s big 100th episode, for a Q&A session with fans where she spoke about her role as Root and what to expect from the series for the final remaining episodes.

“The last three episodes are really really good,” Acker said. “And I will say that I cried on the 100th episode when I was leaving the cast and crew and was like ‘I’m never going to see you guys again.’ And then when I was back the next week? It was a little awkward. Is that a spoiler? I don’t know. They have shown some previews for the next three episodes and you do see me in the flesh so…”

So how will we see Root given that she died saving Finch from a sniper’s bullet in the 100th episode? Well, that remains to be seen. But we do know that the Machine has now taken Root’s voice as its own. But how much of the Root character will be present? “I think there’s going to be some discussion about that in the show,” Acker revealed. “So you’ll hear that better explained through Jonah’s [Nolan] word than mine. But they really wanted to hit home in the 100th episode that the Machine really does know us better than we know ourselves and I think it’s kind of shown at one point - and I’m not sure off this made it in to the actual episode - that she knows us with 99.6% accuracy. It’s close. So it was actually really complicated to figure out.”

“The Machine knows Root exactly to 99.6% accuracy but then the Machine is saying its own ideas in Root’s voice,” she continued. “But Root and the Machine share a lot of the same ideas as it is. So I hope it all becomes clear. It’s a lot of Root and the Machine melding into one thing.”

Yes, Acker did acknowledge that there are some similarities to Root’s fate on Person of Interest and Fred’s fate on Angel. “I’m the only actor who’s been killed off on a show and turned into a god twice,” she smiled. “It’s not bad typecasting.”

Acker then recalled how she got her start on the series, originally only being brought in for five episodes. “I don’t think they imagined I’d be around much longer than that,” she said. “I think I was set up to be the bad guy for Season 2. Luckly I tricked them into keeping me there for the rest of the year. I don’t think they knew what I was going to do. I know Jonah said that early on the idea was that the Machine would take Root’s voice. And he told me that in the summer before we started shooting Season 5. And I think they’d had that planned for a while because he’d said a thing at the Comic-Con a year before that and he says it was about that. So I was glad I didn’t know for two years. It was hard enough to keep that secret for a year.”

“It was interesting because the first episode I did, of Person of Interest, I wasn’t really playing Root,” Acker laughed. “I was playing the psychologist. So I didn’t really know what the role was going to be. And then there was just that one scene at the end when I blew the woman’s brains out and kidnapped Finch and that kind of gave me the sense that she wasn’t that nice of a person. So when we got to filming that scene Jonah and Greg [Plageman] made a real point of saying that they didn’t want her to be this low-voiced ominous villain. They were like 'No, we want her to be like you. She can be smiling when she kills people.’ So I think that set the tone for what they wanted the character to be.”

“I think the thing that I like the most about Root was her transformation from feeling like we’re all "bad code” into feeling like she was a part of a family with Team Machine,“ Acker added.

A huge part of the Root character, one that grew out of Acker’s chemistry with co-star Sarah Shahi, was her relationship with Shahi’s character, Shaw. And Acker spoke about how honored she was to play out that love connection. "One of my favorite parts of how they wrote this role, and Shaw, and how they handled the whole relationship was that they just made it that these two characters loved each other and it was never about if they were gay or straight or anything,” she said. “It was just clearly these two characters were meant to be together. And then the other characters didn’t comment on it in any way.”

“And from meeting so many great people at these conventions or having people come up to me later and tell that this role I was playing of an LGBT character was inspirational to them made me feel good. I was just trying to play the character as best I could so now I’m mostly honored that it spoke to people and that I got to play one of the few characters like that and that it’s had a positive influence on the community and people.”

Looking back, Acker reflected on her favorite Root/Shaw moments, including the famous introduction between the two. A scene that involve a scalding hot iron. “I don’t think anyone knew that scene was going to be what it was,” she said. “They just thought it was a normal 'torture someone with an iron’ scene. But it ended up being the start of a beautiful relationship.”

“And then I really liked the scene in the 100th episode where we’re talking about shapes and I’m telling her about her thing that she has. I love the dynamic with them when they get to be dong action-y stuff and then have these conversations. And Shaw’s like 'Why are you talking to me?’ Sarah’s so good at that so that’s one of my other favorite parts. There’s a lot. And, I mean, all of her simulation episode. That was a great one. I love all the Root and Shaw scenes really.”

- original article here [x]

Dylan's dad's side of "Dylan's Story" Cheerleaders episode

This post is not directed at anyone here in particular but rather to state the truth, the facts so everyone can see the real way things played out & just how badly CA, Smoed team members & staff behaved & are clearly still behaving badly….disgusting.

As many of you know I am Dylan’s father, some of you may have seen my post the week Dylan left Smoed. I apologize for the length of this post & if it is a bit disjointed but I am really annoyed & there is a lot of mis-info that needs correcting. Yes, there are 2 sides to every story but the new episode I have just seen is more than loaded with absolute BS.

Dylan has remained professional throughout all this drama, the same can’t be said about his so called friends & coaching staff at Smoed. Regardless of age when you are on a semi professional sports team you should be conducting yourself in the appropriate manner as you are in the public spotlight. To say I am extremely disappointed in CA, the team (past & present) & staff is a massive understatement!
I made a statement here to clear things up at the time & also chose to remain silent about the real reasons he left. After seeing the episode ‘Dylans Story’ (which is not his story at all!) I will not remain silent any more!
The Cheeleaders show was only part of the reason he left. He didn’t mind the cameras etc but when the producers asked him about how his long distance relationship with his girlfriend was going (they wanted him to talk about it) & he told them that they had broken up the producers said lets just pretend you are still together & talk about it. Talk about a long distance relationship that doesn’t exist, really?! WTF? It was hard enough on him breaking up with his girlfriend & they wanted him to pretend they were still together just for the show, disgusting!!! And yes they constantly tell them what they want them to say to camera!

Eddie, Orby & several of the team (past & present) went to Europe & left the team to have tumbling practice only the entire time. The tumbling coach told Dylan he doesn’t need any tumbling practice, so what does he do? Sit around with his fingers up his butt waiting for them to come back?! Then there were more breaks while Eddie & Orby traveled around the USA.
Everyone on the team who had been there for more than a year was telling Dylan that Smoed had never had so many breaks…ever! Just how does that prepare you for comp? He tried to talk to them on a few occasions however they were always either 'too busy’ or said come see me at next practice & then were too busy or unavailable.
I had a lot of contact with Eddie prior to Dylan leaving New Zealand & was told the day he left that he would call me after meeting with Dylan at his first practice the day he got to California (Dylan flew 11500 kms/19 hours, landed in LA around midnight then went straight to the gym the next day after minimal sleep) The phone call from Eddie never happened!
Then Eddie continued to ignore every message, email & call I made to him until Dylan quit then he called me like 10 times in 6 hours. He was in panic mode! To not reply to my messages, emails & calls is just extremely rude to say the least. I don’t care how busy he was or who he is he should of replied. Not cool.

Then there was the issue of Dylan’s stunt group….his two female bases cut after camp & not being replace immediately. Then when they were replace it was with 2nd & 3rd choice bases that were just not cutting it & didn’t have the skills. This caused Dylan to have to 'carry’ his stunt group, doing most of the lifting & stabilizing of his flyer which caused him to injure both his shoulders (rotator cuff tears) which caused a severe weakness in his strength with constant sever pain every time he lift his arms above his head which he had to just suck up & carry on. This could of been a career ending injury had I not addressed it. (I have a background & years of experience in personal training & injury rehabilitation so I know how bad it was)

For Jessica to say that she was taken into Eddies office & told she was being replaced then blaming it on Dylan leaving is damn ridiculous! She shouldn’t of been there in the first place, she doesn’t have the skills.
Apparently being welcomed into the brotherhood 'for life’ means only as long as you are on the team Lol

I had to laugh at Eddies comment 'I feel like I did something wrong’ ahhhhh you did Eddie! Focus on the team, not traveling the world & USA promoting yourself! The height of cockiness & arrogance I feel. And then 'we don’t recruit from other teams mid season, that’s not ethical’ Lol Whatever! They have done exactly that in the past & this year too!
Dylan knew that they would never let him leave without a fight from past knowledge of what happened to Jenee & his room mate Tyler. That is why he left the way he did. Both Tyler & Dylan were the first 2 selected for the team, both world champions already (USASF & ICU) & both got nothing but high praise from everyone at CA….until they left then they both get slagged off. Leaving Smoed is like quitting a gang or the mafia, they will come after you if you leave on your own accord unless you are cut, kicked out or age out. The arrogance within the team is terrible. Everyone is nice to your face then totally the opposite behind your back!
I am sure Gabi leaving because she missed her family was just a feeble excuse to get out with being crucified. Then she starts cheering for another team a month or so later. When athletes of this caliber leave it should tell you as a coach that something is not right within the coaching staff and/or team, you do not go about attacking them & trying to destroy them!

There was also kids turning up to training high & the coaches knew & didn’t seem to care one bit! Very professional….NOT! Some have medical marijuana cards.

The one thing they got right in that episode is there was no one in the team as strong as Dylan when it comes to his all round skill level & fitness level. For months Dylan watched as others were throwing up during training, Eddie would push them all hard & Dylan wouldn’t. Then he started pushing them harder until Dylan threw up too & would then say 'now we are getting somewhere’. Dylan could handle anything that was thrown at him, no problem. Some of the hardest practices they had had Eddie commenting on Dylan’s instagram that Dylan did great 'Good job’ also commenting on his own instagram just how good Dylan was.
After Dylan quit Eddie sent me an email threatening to have Dylan deported etc, something he could not do. Tannaz also threatened not to release Dylan but in was still October not November so they had no hold over him. They were grasping at straws.
For the record I was the one who organised all Dylan’s visa documents & organised it all, not CA, not Eddie like he makes out. They did provide supporting letters for the visa application from themselves & the host family but so would any other gym! I spent 3 weeks living on 5 hours sleep working 17-18 hours a day fundraising & getting all the necessary documents together etc not them.

Everyone probably saw the twitter & instagram posts from past & present team members & coaches indirectly slagging Dylan off. And you probably saw Orby’s post about being called a bully, Dylan never called anyone a bully…that was me in my email response to Eddies deportation threats etc.

I am going to post a link to the emails, hate message pic sent to Dylan & Tannaz response. For the record there was never any apology as she says there would be in the email. I love how in Eddies email how he constantly mention that they are a 3 x world champion team, SO WHAT! Arrogance much?! Eddie wouldn’t know the high road if it bit him on the arse!

To say I am disgusted with the behavior from both team members & staff as well as the producers of Cheerleaders is an understatement. I have all the messages from twitter & instagram saved as screen shots because I knew they would delete them ;)

If anyone was stabbed in the back it was Dylan.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 5: Molly Appreciation Day

Molly started as a girl with a crush on Sherlock and has since become one of the most important people in his life. She’s up first in his mind palace, and saves his life after Mary shoots him. Can you talk about her evolution?

She’s developed hugely. She wasn’t even meant to come back after her first appearance, but she worked so well. Louise Brealey was so good. The girl with the unrequited crush became the first person to make Sherlock apologize in “A Scandal in Belgravia,” and then you see it really shift around. Whereas all of Sherlock’s emotion on the rooftop when he’s talking to John in “The Reichenbach Fall” is completely faked — he’s just trying to give his friend a bad time so he’ll be in an emotional state to believe what’s about to happen — the emotion when Sherlock turns up to Molly in that episode and says “I need you,” I mean, it’s amazing everyone didn’t just get it right there. For God’s sake, what do you think he’s thinking about? He’s gone to a woman who works in a morgue — what do you think happens next? So she’s become one of a very small select band of people he absolutely trusts. And he adores Molly, of course he does. He loves her. I don’t think she has the same sort of crush on him anymore. She’s fascinated by him, but she knows that’s not who she actually wants to end up with. She properly cares about him — and gets angry at him, and tells him off. It’s revealing that she’s in his mind palace. She’s one of the people he keeps himself up to the mark with.

–– Steven Moffat

Remember in season 10, how FRUSTRATING it was that we would watch episode after episode where Sam and Cas talked all desolately on the phone, like, “Dean’s getting worse,” or “The Mark is really affecting him now,” but we never got to see tangible evidence of Dean breaking down?

All they needed was ONE episode like “Red Meat” to really hammer it in. That’s all it would have taken. One episode with real, actual tension that made me legitimately afraid for the characters and that readily demonstrated their complex mental states. One episode that defied their standard plot formula, didn’t rely on tired action sequences, and presented me with a real, gritty, snapshot of who Sam and Dean are as people at this moment in their lives. All I needed was a SNAPSHOT of that desperation.

“Red Meat” was a fucking textbook lesson in the effectiveness of show vs. tell. I don’t know if someone gave the writing team remedial composition lessons between season 10 and 11 or what, but whatever they’re doing, it’s fucking working. I hope they keep it up.

  • stiles, dreaming about lydia: ...lydia??? why are you here??? this is really weird and NOT RIGHT OR NORMAL ALSO I AM DREAMING IN MY BED NOT FALLING ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL #JUSTSAYING

Here’s my two cents on the new donation perks. I’ve thought about this all week. I had mixed feelings, but after trying to really think what I would do in their place… Well, I can’t think of anything else they could do. Except alienate most fans by adding ads to the podcast, or charging for the regular episodes. They need to make a living. 

The “members” language in the email bothered me, because it does sound like one of those exclusive clubs. At the airport, you have the “Lounge” for people who can afford first class anyway. You sit in a really uncomfortable chair for four hours, and those people are sipping wine in comfy armchairs. That’s what I think of when I hear “members”. It was disappointing to see them use that word. The scout levels are cool and show-specific, it’s just that word that all the corporations use. Are you a member? What if you can’t be, do they appreciate you less? 

Being poor means being excluded, a lot. It means your life - apartment, transport, gadgets, pets, food, everything - is all about what you can afford. It’s not about what you want or dream of, and it can feel incredibly frustrating. I personally find it especially frustrating that I can’t support artists I love. I would give so much if I could, and not just to WTNV. 

But we must remember that the WTNV creators and cast know poverty. Until summer or fall 2013, Cecil was a waiter while also doing TML and auditioning a lot. Joseph Fink was selling green energy on the streets of New York. That’s a shit job if there ever was one. Meg was… an accountant? Insurance agent? Something financial I think. Jeffrey at least worked for a theater. The Neo-Futurists can’t pay a living wage, so the Neos basically all have day jobs. 

It would be incredibly depressing to see these people go back to day jobs. I think we can all agree that their gifts would be wasted. It would also mean fewer and shorter tours, because employers don’t just let you take off for months on end. (Probably not even weeks.)  

The donations must have dwindled now that WTNV is no longer the Big Thing on Tumblr. Die-hard fans are still here, but most of us are not that rich. Some of the teenage fans have gone to college and have to support themselves now. Life situations do change. The merch sales have probably dropped as well.

I suspect this is something they have to do. And ultimately, they’re including as many people as they can. There are already perks at 2 bucks a month. 5 bucks buys you the extra episodes, which is probably the most coveted perk. This is kind of them, it shows they understand not everyone can donate a lot. The more time-consuming perks - personalized messages and letters - are not something they can give to thousands of people, so they set those at a higher level. 

Membership models always exclude someone, and that makes me sad. It almost makes me not want the bonus content, if someone else is excluded. But I want to see the show go forward, and from a selfish viewpoint, hell yeah I want to be a scout. So I’m joining the donors. WTNV is worth a lot more than I can give, but at least I can do something. 

Finknor have stated that they hate capitalism, like most of us do. But they can’t create a utopia where artists can live on inspiration. 

One more thing. When I met them at Too Much Light, they were incredibly grateful. Cecil and Meg had seen my blog, and that still blows my mind, but they really appreciate that I take time to blog about them. I said to Joseph Fink that I love the show, and he said “Aww thank you!” like he really meant it. Like he still didn’t take for granted that people love his show. 

I just want to say, I really think they appreciate us, just for being here. But the people paying more are giving them a living, and they must reward that in some way. It’s not them, it’s capitalism. 

Because people in the RBS tag are really annoying me about this week’s episode I’m going to talk about it for a second. 

People are complaining about Emma’s condition. Yes anorexia is a disease. Yes Emma is sick. Yes mental disorders are diseases. The show is portraying how people actually see things. There are actually people out there who would look at Emma and say “there’s nothing wrong with her” or like Leo said this week when he was angry “you don’t need to be in the hospital”. Does it mean they’re right? NO.This is a TV series, it’s only episode 4, the character’s views are probably going to change as they get more educated as time goes on but it’s going to take time. Many people are making a fuss because they’re dealing with mental health in the show and personally, I think it’s great to bring these serious illnesses out of the darkness and make people realize that yes mental illness is just as serious as any other physical illness. TV is one of the largest media outlets in the world and stories like this need to be heard. If you’re uncomfortable with it or dislike it, no one is forcing you to watch Red Band Society. Simply don’t watch it, but please do be respectful to the people who do enjoy this show as we will be respectful to you.

anonymous asked:

Totally agree with your point about the meds. Even was interested in Isak way before he started to seem manic. I think Sonja is just really bitter, but it still hurts to see this. Hopefully, once Even's recovered, him and Isak will end up together.

Yeah. I didn’t like that she went off on Isak but you CANT BLAME HER, if anyone paints Sonja as the bad guy here I’ll personally slap you. She loves Even and she’s scared. It was not Isak’s fault, not Sonjas and not Even.
I’m so sad rn. I have no idea how this is gonna play out.
This week will probably consist of Isak being spacey and weird to his friends, shut himself into his room and then go to the church thing with his parents on Friday, and then get in a fight.
But my theory doesn’t hold up when it’s two episodes left?????? They need????? An ending?????????
I’m so lost I’m rambling sorry for spamming your ask


because so many people have shown an interest in taking part in a chasing life appreciation week chasingslife and i have decided to organize it. the week will take place from the 3rd to the 9th of august, the week before the chasing life finale. and these are the daily themes:

sunday the 3rd
favourite character(s).

monday the 4th
favourite episode(s).

tuesday the 5th
favourite emotional scene(s).

wednesday the 6th
favourite uplifting/happy scene(s).

thursday the 7th
favourite friendship/family relationship(s).

friday the 8th
favourite romantic relationship(s).

saturday the 9th
free day.

you can make anything you want for any of the days, all types of posts are encouraged (gifs, graphics, vids, fics, anything you want to contribute to show how much you love the show). just make sure that you tag all your posts with #clweek and for edits tag #chasinglifeedit too, so that everyone see’s what you made. we can’t wait to see what everyone makes for the week, i’m sure everything is going to be amazing. 

Thoughts on 1x10
  • how are we up to the 10th episode THIS SEASON HAS FLOWN BY
  • well apparently Intro Theme Song Guy is still alive
  • and he just HAD to bring up the Michael Moore thing in the creepiest way possible didn’t he
  • but where is Gustav (again)
  • breaking the fourth wall there a bit are we Red?
  • Gareth stop trying to get into rooms full of bug people it’s making me nervous
  • aww he never stops asking Laurel how she’s going no matter what the circumstances :)
  • they’re really foreshadowing moving to Wall Street in Season 2 (please CBS give us a renewal)
  • “I’m trying to be more accommodating across the aisle.” *looks at Laurel*
  • annnnnd now Laurel feels realllyyy guilty
  • “It’s infectious” lol great pun Rochelle
  • “I’m in… something right now.” In other words, there’s just no getting over Gareth Ritter
  • awwww they’ve come so far from where they started when they would use each other to get what they needed for their political agenda, and now even though it would have been so easy to drag Gareth through the mud, Laurel refuses because she knows he’s a good person and it isn’t him that’s the problem :)

I need another episode watching Alec out and proud and trying to get Magnus’ attention

And I need Magnus “playing hard to get” when he’s not really “playing”.

The world inverted 2.0 where we can see Magnus and Alec falling in love but Alec being like Magnus… I would pay for that.

My favorite episode so far this season.

P.S. Patiently waiting for episode 12 Malec. Just another week…


OMG you guys, I can’t stop watching the Steroline scene from yesterday’s episode. How amazing was it? Plus it was a huge relief to see them like that when we all thought it would be a bad moment for them. I think it was a good one, a really good one.

They both sat down and talked like proper adults, we got to see them being completely honest with each other. I’m sure that next week’s final episode will also be Steroline’s last torture, meaning that they’ll probably realise that they don’t need a perfect moment in order to be together, they just need to go for it and enjoy the ride. They’re so in love, it hurts them. Such love should be expressed at any moment, good or bad.

I fangirled so hard when Stefan held her hand.. I can’t even find the right words to describe exactly how I felt. My heart literally stoped, it was a beautiful scene. 

And we can finally, without a doubt, say that Stefan is madly in love with Caroline in a way that he’s never been before, not even with Elena. He’s finally direct with her about what he really feels and he admits he’s vulnerable and has no control around her. That shows the meaning of “something better”. My heart was beating like crazy during this scene. Props to the writers, their little reunion after Caroline turned it back on, couldn’t have been better. I loved it.

I also loved the fact that Stefan wanted to tell her about Damon, even with everything that’s going on between them and that’s because he needed an advice from his best friend, he needed some comfort and he knew Caroline would be the only person to give him that. They started as friends and they always will be no matter what happens between them.

In response to my earlier post

Please reblog/like/follow me cause i usually follow back if you:

  1. Ship Joshaya
  2. Ship Rucas
  3. Are over 18 years old
  4. Started watching GMW because you loved BMW so much and wanted to see what Cory and Topanga were up to and then fell in love with GMW
  5. Are crying about tomorrow and Friday’s episodes already
  6. Have the Feeny call as your ringtone and/or
  7. want a friend who likes to just talk about GMW/BMW but feel like everyone will judge you because you’re an adult watching a show on Disney Channel that is hilarious and you haven’t missed a week and you really miss your roommate who used to watch it with you and now she’s going abroad and you won’t be able to watch the show again until senior year and it’s all just very depressing

I really need someone to take the place of my roommate/the Shawn to my Cory/ the Maya to my Riley/ my best friend who I’m not going to see for a year please give me assistance I’m also an insomniac okay bye

I was gonna make a post last week after watching Empire, talmbout how I really hope they don’t just keep using Andre whenever they need to amp shit up in the show using the guy who’s dealing with mental illness for views and only portraying him as this 2 dimensional character who seems to only exist when he’s having complications.

You often see this in TV shows where they would only show events of a mentally unstable character when shit is going down or they’re having an episode or breakdown. And you hardly get to see them as they are when they are not at their worst, almost as though they send this subtle message of “your faults are what we’re here for, we could care less if you showed any improvement as that wont get much views”. Maybe my own mental illnesses got me biased with Andre’s character and wanna see him do some good and or be shown like the multidimensional humans mentally ill folks truly are. Anyways this was all just a wishful thinking post in hopes to see more of scenes of Andre improving and not just his severe bouts with his mental illnesses.

But my more cynical side thinks any happy moments with Andre will be short-lived as he’s likely a designated baddie, who knows. I hope not. I kinda wanna see the mentally ill character get some more character development that aint just negative for once (even tho I know being mentally ill aint exactly the most positive shit but that’s precisely why it would be nice to see that change and make his range of emotions and scenes more expansive).

Why I stayed up all night for The Mindy Project

I realise all you awesome people have posted in-depth, smart, entertaining reviews but I have been up since 1am BST and I am fucking exhausted and so emotionally drained by these episodes that I am going to indulge in some TMP chitterchatter. Really just the bullet points but I have to get them out of my head:

  • Mindy Kaling can ACT. I fucking underestimated you, girl.
  • Peter’s loyalty is a revelation and I love it so much.
  • I’m beyond pleased to have Jeremy back on the screen. Let’s see more of that forever. Weeks is underrated and so fucking funny.
  • I need a gif of Morgan getting caned by abuelitas.
  • This was smart writing and I’m super impressed with Barinholtz & Stassen (who I’ve kinda been cold on in the eps so far.)
  • I love that Danny has purple sheets. I feel like he didn’t buy those for himself.
  • Danny phrasing it as “give you kisses” makes me laugh so hard.
  • I would very much like Danny to confess to Jeremy. He may think he has only one friend, but I think Jer would be there for him if he was honest about what he was going through
  • “You look like a little bear cub” is a surprisingly delightful compliment.
  • As is “hey ‘lil thang”
  • I need a prince frog lamp.
  • That tiny little moment between Peter and Mindy before he left was so sweet
  • I love that Peter is the office ambassador for donating cord blood
  • Again, fucking Jeremy. We can stop talking about this bollocks.
  • Mindy’s sneeze. I laughed myself sick
  • Mindians for the win (no regrets)
  • There’s nothing I can say about Chris Messina that hasn’t been said. He’s heartbreakingly good and the reason I connect so hard to Danny Castellano. Danny’s damage is so real for me, as is his capacity for love. 
  • And as always this fandom is so sweet and fun. I did a random fic in the middle of the night and I’ve had such kind commentary, which is good 'cause I was fighting the writer’s block bad. I’d stay up at a ridiculous hour to watch with you guys anytime.

i know karen and tim said that hulu doesn’t count for online viewing BUT IT DOES! last time i checked, hulu and abc go both count BUT you must watch the episodes within a day! online viewings are usually factored into next-day ratings so if you watch the episodes online, you must must must watch them within 24 hours of them being uploaded for your view to count in ratings. if you don’t have a nielsen box or cable, this is the only way for your view to count. everybody also needs to remember that if you DVR galavant, please watch it within a week to be in the 7 day ratings.

galavant REALLY needs ratings you guys. tv shows don’t get renewed because people just fuckin feel like it. please, please, please watch this show. and next day/7 day ratings are great, but what networks really like seeing are those immediate ratings. 

My Review for AoS 4x07 -

Overall, really nice episode. The jumping in time was reminiscent to T.R.A.C.K.S. - a nice shoutout- and the relationships reminded me that these characters are not just agents, they’re real people (unless you’re AIDA) with feelings and emotions. 

But, I’m going to have to give it a


  • Poor lighting


Tune in next week to see if my head flames up in a vengeful rage if yet another episode goes by without a fitzsimmons kiss -xoxo

Edit: That hug tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Through a Child's Eyes Part 2
  • Kiddo: Mommy, did we get any spoilers or anything for Shield yet. Did they show a new trailer during football?
  • Me: Sorry honey no, just the promo pics from the other day.
  • Kiddo: Legit pouting.
  • Me: Talbot's back soon though.
  • Kiddo: Oh good he's funny with Coulson....really nothing about Jemma looking for Fitz.
  • Me: Sorry honey, they are hiding that stuff.
  • Kiddo: Legit more pouting.
  • Kiddo: Jemma's gonna get Fitz back and be mad at Robbie's evil uncle. I hope May punches the evil uncle for taking Fitz and Coulson.
  • Me: Just one more week, if you like we can watch old episodes on Netflix.
  • Kiddo 2: Can we see Pikachu alive ones. I miss Pikachu.
  • Kiddo 1: No, we need to watch the one where Fitz, Robbie, and Coulson disappear. There might be hints and I want to remember everything.
  • Me: I must be doing something right! And FYI the compromised and watched Inside Man again so they could see Talbot, Pikachu, and had a revelation as to why they missed Huntingbird.