Aaaaaaaah… I want to translate one of Tsukiuta Radio Drama but I suck at translating and I’m not 100% sure if my translation is correct. I have no idea what’s the title of the drama so don’t ask me lol Anyway, The drama is about Hajime and Arata. Their conversation is really cute! It sounds like a conversation between father and son! or big brother and little brother! Arata is very talkative in that drama and Hajime just supports him. I just love their relationship very much. :DD I made a summary just in case anyone is interested.

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Dear Tumblr 7-25

I think I will need to catch you up on this one. I spend Fridays at Tommys Dads house. He is at work but I clean his house and do his laundry and use his pool. But I think youneed some backstory to understand it.

Last we discussed I was spending some time with his Dad when Tommy went away with his friends. It got flirty and more and last I mentioned I was going to dinner with him to a really nice place. Then I kinda dropped it and never told you.

Tommy and I have been talking thru things. I havent written about it much because it is hard to properly explain. WE both love each other but want to make sure we both can be ourselves and not regret this later. That is ongoing.

Well that night with Tommys dad got to a point we had to draw a line and both agree to not go over it. I/We cant do something that damages the father son relationship.

During mine and Tommys talks I mentioned how close his dad and I have gotten. How its been flirty and how there is attraction. He said he would have been blind to not notice and that he had to accept a long time ago that other men would always want his girl. (That was sweet) He said he didnt mind the flirting and enjoyed us all being close. But he didnt want me fucking his dad. 

Later he arranged a night going out to dinner and he wanted me to not hide the flirting. He wanted me to know it was ok and I could be myself.

Long story short it was a great night. Flirting but nothing too bad. Was just fun. I call them my two guys and I was called our girl. It was hot. 

We ended up at Tommys dads house and more drinking and thats when Tommy said we would spend the night there. We never do that. We always go back to his place. Well at bedtime Tommy went down first and I thanked Daddy for the great night. A long close hug. Then when I went to Tommys bedroom he attacked me and fucked me. He pushed me to the point I was quite loud and he was egging that on.

The next morning I got up to fix them breakfast and clean up. I wore Tommys dress shirt from the night before. I was alone with Daddy and he mentioned it sounded like we stayed up a bit. I appologized but he said he rather liked it.

The rest of the morning we had breakfast and I cleaned his kitchen and put some of his laundry in. Then back to Tommys for another fucking.

Since that day I spend Fridays at his place cleaning it. It feels nice to take care of my two guys like that. I really like where our three relationship is at.

I guess in part two I will tell you what I did at Daddys house alone on Friday.

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Could I get a letter from Happy after you finally let him in, let your walls down around him and let him love you after he's been trying for years? (I have a super fucked up past and have had horrible/abusive relationships and a relationship with my father. I've never really had anyone fight for my love and I feel like Happy would be the guy that would surprise us for the lengths he would go for those he loves)

Boo. If you’re ever feeling like you need someone to talk you you can reach out to me. I’ve had a few friends end up in some shitty and abusive relationships. I don’t personally know what you’re going through but I will always be an open ear for you, to just listen. Just know that you can feel safe with me. Anon or not. Here’s your Happy letter <3 

Hey there little girl. You know I’m not good with words. I don’t know how to articulate myself properly. I need you to know that I will do anything for you. I’ll go to the ends of the earth for you. You’re my Queen. You’re the woman who made my house a home. I don’t need anyone else but you. Every run I go on with the boys, I repeat your wishes for me. I can’t tell you how much it means for me to hear you wish for my safety. The only other woman who has ever cared that deeply for me was Ma. Shit babe, I know my words are jumbling together and not making much sense. I love you little girl. I’ll always protect you. You’re my priority. Even before the club. You’ve embraced my lifestyle with grace and acceptance. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to make you happy. Dammit I’ve gone off topic. I called originally to ask you if you’d get my crow. I designed it last night and it would mean more than the world to me if you said yes. If you say no, because you don’t think I’m earnest in how I feel for you - just know this: I won’t stop trying. I’ll prove myself to you in every way you need me too. I love you baby girl. - Happy

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My favorite parent-child relationship: For SURE it’s Babs & Cass, I love their mother-daughter/sisters/best-friends dynamic and will never stop looking at that beginning relationship between them as being the near perfect parallel to earth Bruce & Dick’s relationship and how important that was to them.
My favorite sibling relationship: Dick and Tim, their brotherly relationship is one of the things that really drove me diving deeper into the Batfamily lore.
My favorite family relationship (other): Dick and Damian, which is brotherly in a sense, yes, but it’s also so much like a foster father & son in those early Batman & Robin comics and it’s just precious beyond words.
My favorite friendship between two people: Cass and Steph. I love their friendship, it just fuels me, I swear.
My favorite friendship between a group: Is it cheating to say the 90s trio of Cass&Steph&Tim given the previous answer? If it is, then I will answer with Steph & Damian, I thought their friendship was really adorable and could have really built to something great.
My favorite mentorship: It’s probably cheating to say Babs&Cass again isn’t it? lol In that case I will say probably Dick & Jason, it’s so underrated and even current writers are forgetting the canon basis for it.
My favorite rivalry: I’m kind of in love with digging into the dynamic between Cass & Damian in the preboot and how it’s all WE COULD’VE HAD IT ALLLLLL
My favorite hatred/antipathy: Damian & Tim, good lord. It’s so funny in hindsight. 
My favorite potential relationship between characters who never talk in canon: Jason & Cass or Jason & Steph one. Like sincerely it would’ve been just fantastic either way.

Janelle: “So do you go to Roosevelt?

Ross: “Yeah. We actually have a class together.”

Janelle: “Really? Wow! I had no idea.

Ross: “If I can be honest, I came over here to ask you something.

Janelle: “Okay. What’s Up?

Ross: “I um.. I really like you and was wondering if I could take you on a date sometime?

Janelle: “Um..You seem like a nice guy and all but I’m currently in a relationship.

Ross: “Oh. I sorry. I’m gonna go.

Janelle: “You don’t have to leave.

Ross: “I forgot I had something to do at home.

Janelle: “Well it was nice meeting you.”

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Meet the Goblins

You guys I’m so excited to write this I LOVE the goblins and I really hope to eventually get to tell some stories about them…

The clan that has been most prominently featured in Alfdis and Gunnora so far is the Kixet Teac Clan, which means “Person/People of the Earth.” Here are the major main “players” of Kixet Teac.

A quick reminder: The Kixet Teac are Išace Caaska goblins, which means that they are all raised in communal nests and adopted by adult members of the tribe once they reach physical maturity. Any time I refer to sons/daughters/fathers/mothers here, I’m talking about the adopted relationship, not a genetic/biological connection.

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for the otp thing~ Sokkoku and dazushi from bsd, kagehina daisuga and iwaoi from hq, makoharu from free and soramafu soralon from utaites~

soukoku (dazai osamu/nakahara chuuya)
→ A+++ love love love soukoku honestly i need more screentime of them together

dazushi (dazai osamu/nakajima atsushi)
→ depends, if we’re talking like intimate relationship then E ngl, but i really ship them like a father-son relationship!! so in that case it’s an A!

kagehina (kageyama tobio/hinata shouyou)
→ dEFINITELY A+++++++ i love these nerds omg?? it’s so typical of me to ship the mainstream pair ww

daisuga (sawamura daichi/sugawara koushi)
→  A+!!! they’re super cute and 10/10 karasuno parents

iwaoi (iwaizumi hajime/oikawa tooru)
→ B tbh :00 i didn’t really ship them until i saw the fandom, so~ i’ll usually rb fanart of them bc it’s rly cute most of the time

makoharu (makoto tachibana/haruka nanase)
→ hOO that’s an A!!! they’re so adorable omg– ngl [quickly puts up shields to defend myself from the fandom] i ship them more than i ship rinharu :00

soramafu (soraru/mafumafu)

soralon (soraru/lon)
B! i think they’re p cute but i prefer soramafu; it might be bc i haven’t seen as much of them nearly as much as i’ve seen atr– i’ve watched them played mc together and i’ve heard a couple of clips from namas tho!!

yayy thanks for sending this in ♥~(‘▽^人) i hope you like this!! i already miss talking to you ww gomen i’m being so clingy–