Painting: Part 1

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Requests: Okay I had like this really cute imagine in my idea where like you live with the avengers and are just starting starting to train and learn but you also really love to paint and draw so Tony has the big studio room set up that you can paint in so while you paint, Pietro does like really cute little things to help like he always switches your paint water for you but you never notice or he opens the shades a little so the Lightning is better, and just really cute fluffiness
Hello, Could you please do a oneshot were the reader is an art student in college and meets Pietro by accident and they take it off from there. Thank you

Warnings: None

You were an art major at the university in New York. You did your best to never stop working on your projects. If you wanted to succeed, then you couldn’t be distracted by other things. Prior to college, you were sent to military school by your father. You had been one of the top cadets and they strongly advised you to join the Marines and S.H.I.E.L.D. had even tried to recruit you, but you had other ideas. Art was always your thing and so you secretly submitted some of your work to universities around the country. When you were accept, you father was furious. He was expecting you to go spend the rest of your life saving lives. You wanted something different than what everyone wanted for you. You knew that art didn’t pay well. You wanted a job that you enjoyed, so you chose it. One day you were walking down the street and a handsome man with whitish blond hair stopped you. He said that his name was Pietro Maximoff and that he was an Avenger. You immediately turned away and began running. You didn’t want to get caught up with anyone or anything to do with S.H.I.E.L.D., which the Avengers were. You turned down a street and zig-zagged into another. Before you could go any further, the blue-blur of a person appeared in front of you. It was Pietro. You tried to dash around him, but he caught your wrist. You had heard before that one of the Avengers could outrun anyone in the world he was so fast, you thought it was just a myth, but Pietro must have been that Avenger. You decided to test him and used your training from military school on him. You attempted to take him down by kicking him in the side, but he was faster and caught you foot. He smiled for a moment while you hopped on one foot, trying to keep your balance. He let go after a moment too long.
“What do you want from me?” You asked urgently.
“The Avengers are looking for a new member, we heard about you and your success at the Academy… We were wondering if you would like to join the team…” Pietro explained why he was looking for you.
“I would rather not.” You said, turned, and began to walk away from him.
“What?” Pietro was stunned by your answer. “People don’t just say, ‘no’ to be an Avenger.”
“Well, I just did.” You said and continued on your way. Pietro followed you down the empty street.
“Come on, it would be great to have you on the team.”
“Isn’t there someone else that you can recruit, maybe a highly suitable S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.”
“We don’t want some old-washed up S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, we want you. A little bit of training and you would be good to save the world.”
“That is the problem, I don’t want to save the world. I just want to go to school.” You admitted to him.
“You can do that, too. Missions aren’t that often, only every couple months.”
“I’ll think about it.” You told him.
After about three months of considering the offer you decide that art might not work out for you. You would need a side job, and Pietro had said that there was quite a bit of time in between missions. You were surprised yourself when you showed up on their doorstep and the door was answered by Steve. You were even more surprised when the word ‘yes’ came out of your mouth. Steve let you in and all the Avengers came and introduced themselves. They each told you that they were glad you had decided to join in their own way. You were still afraid of what was going to happen to you because of your decision. You could die… Would it be worth it to die if you saved lives? After all of the Avenger’s introduced themselves, Tony took you up to a room that had a great view of the city. The room was covered in art supplies. It was perfect in every way, there was even a sink to wash the supplies in the corner. “I made this for you for when you decided.” Tony told you. You couldn’t thank him enough. He brushed it off and walked out. You couldn’t wait to use it, so you pulled out one of the canvases in the corner and put it on the easel then began to paint. For the next few months, your routine became training in the morning and painting and studying in the afternoon. You had switched over to online classes and only actually went the the university once a week to meet with your advisors. While you painted, Pietro would zoom in and out of the room. For months, you didn’t actually notice what he was doing. Eventually, you realized that he was doing things such as washing your brushes, changing the paint water, adjusting the lights, and openings the shades. You found it incredible sweet, so one day you decided when he zoomed into the room to stop him.
“Pietro!” You called to him as he zipped out. He came back in quickly. “Come here and sit.” You took a stool and placed it in front of the easel where you could see him. He did as you said and you went to get the paint for your pallet.
“What are you doing?” Pietro wondered.
“I am going to paint you.” You said and began painting his skin color onto the canvas.
“Because… I just am, okay?” You didn’t want to admit to thanking him for what he had done. You wanted to show him. He complained for a while that he was bored because the process was so slow, but you knew that he was actually enjoying being with you because of the smile on his face. After about an hour of painting you turned the picture around and and showed it to him. He jumped up from the chair and he acted like he was disappointed at first then a huge smile grew on his face. “It’s perfect.”
“You’re welcome.” You said and he leaned in to kiss you. You let his lips touch yours. You couldn’t help, but smile.

guys i had like the weirdest kh dream lol:

okay so like the first part was another trailer for KH3, and it showed an alternate outfit for sora, and it was basically this:

the next part was this kid who was messing with dust particles in the air because the room we were in was really stuffy, and sora yelled at him because apparently even dust particles have hearts lmao

and then after i open the window to let some air in, frickin behemoth crashes the window and tries to eat us (sora didn’t do anything????) and i’m pretty sure that was because i had a jurassic park marathon the other day haha

"You know it's okay to cry." Part 3

A/N: so I just wrote this in like an hour, and it really sucks! Haha I hope you like the ending and it’s happy enough! Please leave me some feed back! I would love it so much!!

(Translations are at the end)

“He’s awake!” You half heartedly yelled as joy filled your veins. A smile tugged at your chapped lips as tears of happiness flooded your eyes. You slowly started walking over to Pietro as his eyes fluttered shut. He sighed and opened them again.

Footsteps pounded down the hall. Soon Steve and Clint slid into the room, breathing heavy. “Thank god,” Clint mumbled.

You found yourself at the edge of his bed, crouching down. Your hands gripped his, tightly, as you rested your forehead on his arm. “You fucking asshat,” you chuckled.

Pietro wound his hand through your hair, taking deep breaths. “Niciodată nu te-aş lăsa , dragostea mea.”

Having no idea what he said, you looked into his blue eyes. “What?”

“I would never leave you, my love.”

Your heart swelled as you kissed the hand you clung to, tightly. You’d never felt so relieved. “I thought I lost you,” you murmured. “You were dead, Piet. I thought I was alone.”

“I’ll always be with you, dragoste. You won’t ever be alone,” he whispered, staring deeply into your eyes.

You grinned, hearing the volunteer doctors start to approach. All of your energy began coursing through your veins, again. Pietro’s hand rubbed your arm, eyebrows furrowing. “Darling, are you…u-using y-…ow.”

You started loosening your grip. “Piet? Wh-what’s-”

Hands grabbed your shoulders and pulled you out of the room. You screamed and reached for Pietro as he looked at you, pained. The doctors surrounded him, blocking your vision. You struggled against the man pulling you.

“Lady (Y/N),” Thor boomed, walking up to you. “Rodgers.”

You looked at Steve’s grim face as he tugged you closer to Thor. “Will you take her to her room, or…just away from this hall? She’ll kill Pietro if she’s here,” he sighed, unhappily and gave you a push towards Thor.

“W-what?” You whimpered, tears filling your eyes. “I would never kill him!”

“Not intentionally, (Y/N), but your powers are making the machines go into overdrive. It’s going to give him a heart attack.”

Thor lifted you, effortlessly and began walking down the hallway. “Relax, it is okay. You will see the quick one, soon.”

After dropping you on the bed, Thor left, shutting the door behind him. You paced around the room, waiting for someone to tell you what’s going on.

A knock sounded on the door, sending you out of your thoughts. When you opened the door, you saw Vision.

“Miss (Y/L/N), I hope I am not interrupting something?” When you shook your head, no, he nodded and continued. “It has been said that you are not aloud in Mister Maximoff’s hospital room due to your powers,” he spoke, gently. He looked at your face, making sure his words didn’t hurt you. “I have been asked by Mister Maximoff to tell you that he is alright and is looking forward to seeing you. He expects to be out of the room within the night.”

Vision turned and walked down the hallway, stopping to talk to Wanda. When they parted ways, Wanda approached you.

“The doctors have no idea how my brother is alive. They said there was little hope for him being alive, but I know that your powers are the reason why my brother is breathing on his own.” Wanda smiled and hugged you, tightly. “He’ll be off machines soon, so you can come join us in a little while.”

You smiled and crossed your arms, leaning against the door frame. Insecurely, you tucked your hair behind your ears and looked at the ground. “Was I really starting to kill him?”

Wanda sighed. “Sora mea, the machines were just getting a little too intense for my brother. It’s nothing that would’ve killed him. If you were angry, though, it probably could’ve. Do not beat yourself up over this.”

You nodded, swallowing the lump in your throat. “I think I’m cursed by these powers,” you scoffed. “I’m so sick of damaging things, and now people, just because I’m empathetic. I can’t keep shutting everyone out.”

Wanda rubbed your arm, soothingly. “You can’t keep thinking your powers are a curse. They are not. You need to work with them, but don’t get yourself down.”

You nodded, swallowing back your hurt. “I’m just tired of feeling like I only damage things. I’ve never been able to experience pain, or anger, without worrying about the consequences. I’m so tired, Wanda. I can’t even see my boyfriend because of them.”

Wanda pulled you into a hug. “You are an idiot, (Y/N). You don’t only damage things. You brought life to your boyfriend.” She held you at arms length and looked into your eyes. “I can also work on your powers with you. We can start training in the morning?”

You nodded and smiled, widely, at your best friend. “Thank you, Wanda. Now go see your brother!”

Wanda grinned. “I’m a little nervous. How was he?”

“Don’t be nervous, he’s still the same guy. Just tired,” you spoke, gently, crinkling your nose. “He’s pretty weak, but that’s expected. He’s also being really sweet. Give him a hug for me?”

Wanda grabbed your hand. “Come with me.”

“Wanda, I could-”

“Sh, sora mea, I’ll be with you. I can calm you with my powers.”

You shook your head, grinning at your best friend. “Let’s go.”

You jogged down to the medical wing, holding onto Wanda’s hand. When you made it to his room, you both took a deep breath, looking into each other’s eyes.

You walked into the room, slowly. The world moved in slow motion as Pietro locked eyes with you two. He grinned, relief filling his eyes. Steve started walking towards you, anger clear on his face. Wanda spoke to him in his mind, telling him her plan, causing him to stand down.

“Sora mea , eu sunt atât de fericit să te văd în viață și bine!” Pietro held his hand out for her to grab, pulling her down to kiss her cheek.

“Fratele meu , am crezut că ai murit ! mi-ai lipsit atat de mult!”

You smiled at they’re sweet reunion. Pietro’s arm wound around her waist as she bent down to whisper in their native tongue. A hand rested on your shoulder, making you turn.

“Tony,” you spoke, locking eye contact.

“I heard you brought Road Runner back, impressive.”

You nodded, smile growing as you watched your boyfriend laugh with his sister. Your heart swelled, filling with love. “Yeah, I guess I did.”

“I also heard about your past,” he whispered, cautiously. “I know you don’t want to talk about it right now, but find me when you do. I know a guy, who knows someone, who knows a therapist.”

You laughed and punched his shoulder lightly. “I don’t need a therapist. As long as my new family is with me, I think I can handle it.”

“Dragoste! Come in here!”

“Go on, kid. Enjoy him while he’s sleepy, God knows we need a break from him speeding around the tower,” Tony joked, gently pushing you towards your boyfriend.

You walked over to the bed, a grin spreading across your face. Pietro patted his bed, pulling the sheets back. You climbed in and curled into his side, feeling tired. His lips met the crown of your head.

“You feel too skinny, my love. Have you ate anything today?” Pietro looked into your eyes, concern filling his face.

“Don’t worry about me, you just came back from the dead. Worry about me, later,” you whispered, kissing his cheek.

His soft lips met yours. You kissed slowly, passionately, communicating your pain and longing for him. When you pulled away, a soft smile filled his face. “I’ll always worry about you, darling.”

You looked into his sincere eyes, nodding slowly. Tears filled your eyes, your relief growing too much. “I know,” you murmured. “I know.”

His arm snaked around your shoulder as you joined in the conversations surround Pietro. You laughed with your teammates, continuing to tease them.

Although you felt your powers were hard to control and caused more damage than help, Pietro thought you were the strongest person he knew. He smiled as he watched you talk to your friends and cuddle into his side. He’d never seen something so beautiful in his life and constantly thanked the gods (Thor included) that you loved him as much as he loved you.

Niciodată nu te-aş lăsa , dragostea mea.- I would never leave you, my love

Dragoste- love

Sora mea- my sister

Sora mea , eu sunt atât de fericit să te văd în viață și bine!- my sister, I’m so happy to see you alive and well!

Fratele meu , am crezut că ai murit ! mi-ai lipsit atat de mult!- My brother, I thought you were dead! I missed you so much! (Something like that, that one didn’t translate all that well!)

Bet (S.W Imagine)2

A/N~ Part 2 for the lovely people who asked for it 

I got up and opened the door to non other than Sam Wilkinson. He stared at me with pleading brown eyes.

“What are you doing here?” I said angrily 

“I came to see if your okay”

“It’s not like it matters to you anyway, but of course I’m okay, It’s not like the person I love told me he only pretended to loved me for a bet”

“Come on Y/N. You really think I didn’t feel anything towards you when we were “dating”

“Well for starters you never showed you cared. 2. you laughed in my face when I felt like crying. 3. YOU WENT OUT WITH ME FOR A FUCKING BET!”

“Y/n why does this matter so much anyway”

A/N~gets kinda personal

“Because all my life I’ve been bullied and told I’m ugly, fat, worthless. I’ve been told no one will love me. And then someone comes along and makes you feel like the only girl in the world, they take away your insecurities. They make you think that they actually like you and care about you, but really they don’t. They think you emotions are a joke, something to play with. I love you Sam and it kills me to know I do.You see my problem is that I fell love with words, rather than actions. I fall in love with ideas and thoughts, instead of reality. And it will be the death of me and it hurts when the person who made you feel so special yesterday, makes you feel so unwanted today. I get attached really easily, its hard for me to trust people, and it seems I always trust the wrong people. I’m always scared the someone is gonna leave me cause they found someone better” I say on the verge of tears.

“Y/n believe me I’m sorry. I do love and care about you, i-it’s just I’m scared to commit. My last relationship, she cheated and left with someone else. And after that I became heartless, scared of rejection. So I came up with this persona, when I don’t have to be heartbroken, cause its either be heartbroken or be heartless. Honestly I’ve kissed more bottles than girls, and a hangover hurts less than a heartbreak. But believe me, I am sorry. I-I do love you, I’m just scared to. Cause I think you’ll be like my ex. A-And I don’t want to be hurt anymore.” He says on the verge of tears too

“I Love You Sam, but maybe being loved or showing love isn’t for every body.”

A/N~ Theres part 2. Hope you enjoyed. Message me if you want a part 3!!

Okay so i have this “friend” who i opened up to about my sexuality and romantic orientation and i only did that because she always seemed open minded you know? Anyway, it was all good, i explained what being asexual means, and she was understanding.. but then we got to the part where i explained grey-romanticism and she was like: oh, so when you do experience romantic attraction it’s just for boys, right? And i was like: uh no? I mean i don’t really care about gender.., and she literally gave me the “ fake forced laugh and the ” well as long as you are not attracted to me we’re fine. “ and i just stared at here for like 5 minutes and then left. I don’t feel guilty or sad , actually i feel quite good but it’s really disappointing you know? To trust someone thinking that they’re different but they end up being just a topical cis straight homophobic asshole.

“Ummm,” Tony looked at the teacher. “You know you’re kinda wrong. Okay a lot wrong on that part,” he pointed to the part of the formula on the board. “Like really wrong. Here, let me show you.” Tony got up from his seat at the back of the classes and went up to the board and rewrote the formula, fixing the mistake. “Okay. All done. Get better,” he shook his head and grabbed his bag. “Since I can basically teach this class better than you I’m gonna leave. Nothing to learn here.” With that Tony left the classroom and started wondering the hallway until he found someone to pester. 

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Feelings about Pixar's Inside Out? :)

I saw the movie opening weekend because I LOVE Pixar movies.

I liked the movie a lot, it was very clever and original. Although it was great, it personally wasn’t the BEST Pixar movie to me though.

It was funny, pretty, and charming, the plot was very creative and it really made me think about how emotions in our heads work. I liked the concept of how there are “personality islands” and “core memories.” The movie also teaches us it’s okay to be sad sometimes. Good morals, good graphics, good movie.

Although some parts of the movie were almost too sad. This boy sitting in the same row as me literally started balling and didn’t stop for about two minutes. I wouldn’t recommend it to sensitive toddlers, but it was still great.

Overall, I think the movie was spectacular. The cast was perfect, the actual movie was visually beautiful, and I would recommend it. It was about time Pixar made another amazing movie.

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BECAUSE THAT ONE ANON YOU ANSWERED PUBLICALLY WAS STUPID AND DIDN'T HELP. Lemme tell you some stuff. People are more likely to have sleep paralysis when they sleep on their backs, or their stomachs, but if you wake up and find that you can't move, don't open your eyes. Try to move your eyes while they're closed, or your tongue. Like try moving small parts of your body and that should help you get out of it faster. Also you're most likely not stuck with it since it took this long (part 1)

(part 2( took this long for it to happen to you. I think you’re gonna be fine.

Okay, thanks for the advice, I’ll keep it in mind if it does happen again. I didn’t really have the presence of mind to do those things at the time because I just got startled out of a nightmare and had no clue what was even happening. I saw the hallucinations, shut my eyes, and ended up riding it out.

Now, uh… did you have to berate me in all caps? Like, it’s my fault people are disgusting and decide to send me stupid shit? Please.

The advice was sorta helpful, the first part was not.

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Hi! I was wondering if any of you or your followers are out at work? I feel like it's impossible so would really like to hear some stories from others.. I'm a primary school teacher :)

I only work part time at a frozen yogurt place, but I know that I’m out at work- I let my boss know about my identity, name, and pronouns during the interview before I was hired. I’m lucky I live in a pretty open-minded place. Most of the other employees use my name and pronouns too, and know about the fact that I’m not cis. Only one person has ever been a bit of a problem (refusing to use my pronouns) but other than that things are okay. 

Do any followers want to chime in?

-Mod Muon 

So I saw Idina Menzel in Manchester last night and she was more amazing and hilarious and adorable than I ever imagined. I tweeted some of the stories from the show and a lot of people seemed to like hearing them so I thought I might post them all on here so hopefully more of her fans can read about them!

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Me: *Has made researches about all the stuff I needed to know for my fanfic*
Me: Okay let’s write the outline again for the 135737975th time.
Me: Wait, what was the info I needed to know for that part…
Me: *Opens file*
*billions of text files show up*
Me: I… really need to do something about this.

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okay so, i really loved that 4th one shot. it's really important to educate people on characters like kellin. i think im speaking for more than myself when i say that ive never met someone who's nonbinary, it's kind of a foreign thing to me. i guess i just want to work on being more open minded and i feel like part of that is familiarizing myself with people who aren't cisgender. complexes helped me with transgender people and this has helped me with nonbinary. thank you for that. love you!

ahh you’re welcome!! im rly glad that it helped you bc yes it’s definitely important to make transgender and nonbinary people more familiar and so it’s important to have representation for them in fiction and yeah im rly happy that i could help with that !!!

Who Let the Dogs Out? | Ch2 | Kuroi | Motive Reaction | Open

Kuroi stared at his card with a blank face. Hm, wonder what kind of dark secret the class president was hiding. Cheated on an exam? Was part of a gang? Assaulted someone? His face looked unreadable until he slowly opened his mouth and spoke.

“…So my secret is that I’m kind of scared of dogs.”

What. Seriously?

Kuroi rubbed the back of his neck as he looked at the back of his card. Was that really it? It didn’t look like he was lying either, and looked more surprised than he was scared. He looked at everyone else as he stuffed the card in his pocket.

“Okay…look, I know this is probably not a good idea but…we should just tell each other what our secrets are.”

Is he serious? No wait….yep, he’s serious.

“Monokuma-san wants us to turn against each other, and that costed one life down with their killer still alive for some bullshit reason. Do all of you want to sacrifice another just for this? That’s what he wants!”

Kuroi sighed as he took out his card and flicked it onto the ground for anyone to pick up or look.

Yep, he wasnt kidding.

“…Please….you guys…we don’t need anymore of you dead…”

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make me one pls & ill be v open to u now i like my life actually but i feel as if i fucked up a few times and thats why im kinda confused and dont know where i stand with myself, kinda lost but happy actually, not depressed. I feel as if I lived life to the fullest for the first time, but then again i feel like a fucking sinner and i can't forgive myself for some stuff.. and then there's a part of me that really misses this person who doesnt seem to care/know..but im still happy? im confused?

Okay, finding all this into one song was really hard, so I’m just going to focus on different aspects through the playlist. The last song is literally what you said put in a song, and idk how you’ll feel about it but unless you dislike the beats you’re gonna love that one. There’s actually 3 Taylor Swift song, I’m sorry but her songwriting just fits the theme of this playlist very well. Here’s the 8Tracks Playlist: http://8tracks.com/tessatune/not-damaged-goods

Today - Smashing Pumpkins(If I Stay Cast Cover)

Back To December - Taylor Swift(Shane Anja Tarun II Cover)

Demons - Imagine Dragons

Old Scars / Future Hearts - All Time Low

Fight Song - Rachel Platten(in the playlist it’s a cover because i don’t own the original but this one is also good.)

Clean - Taylor Swift

Never Coming Down - Willamette Stone

New Romatics - Taylor Swift

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Tell me about your life and I’ll make you a mini playlist!

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Heh, one more! (sorry if you're sick of these!) When writing Blow a Kiss, did you like go from memory of PP2, writing from there, and going back to see if things synced correctly and fixed any inconsistencies you saw? Or did you like watch the movie as you were writing, pause, and come up with what you think Emily was doing/thinking in that particular part of the movie and so on?

Okay well at this point, I’ve watched pp2 like literally 9 times it’s disgusting…. So I didn’t really need the movie and I did a lot from memory, BUT I had the movie open the whole time just to make sure I got timelines and stuff down. Plus I was making some gifs at the same time so… that was useful haha. And obviously I can’t remember every line, but I knew where everything was going and I’d just check to make sure I wasn’t chronologically out of order and I checked to see if I had canon lines correct or not. Also it’s nice to watch the scene directly before I write it (or if I’m writing an in-between scene that isn’t shown in the movie, I’d watch the before and after scenes) to get a feel for the tone that already exists. And sometimes you watch and see little details that are more acting decisions instead of writing decisions so it’s nice to pick up on those and to explore the character thought process I guess. 


I can’t really remember when I started to feel like I don’t really identify as a female, completely. I mean, I understand that I have female body parts and, therefore, as defined by society, I am a woman, but it just doesn’t feel right. I never really take the time to talk about it with anyone because they just wouldn’t understand. People are so judgmental, I’m scared to open up to someone and tell them that I don’t like being called “girl/woman, she, her” when I don’t feel that way all the time. Some days I feel like “she/her” and it’s okay, other days I feel like “he/him” and that’s okay (no one ever refers to me that way because I don’t look so “he/him”), but most of my days I am somewhere along the very restricting line of both or beyond it. I feel like nobody would understand that, and so I keep to myself, and let the pronouns linger uncomfortably until the day is over or the week or the month.

I just wish I wasn’t defined as someone that I don’t really feel like I am 100% of the time. And I don’t want to say I would like to be a male 100% of the time either. At least that’s not how I feel about it now. I like my lady parts, I just don’t want to be called a lady all the time? And it’s not because of the stigma behind what it means to be a woman/female… It’s just personal and preference, I suppose.

Ok really this whole cold opening is a mess???

At first it’s okay, you still have the fondness and ribbing each other (as much as you can with Mignogna non-emoting. Like YOU CAN EMOTE SIR. you almost are!! But mostly it’s the same note. It’s not quite emotionless, but the same emotion in p much all cases might as well be…)

But then we have the actual flashback, and ignoring how unnatural the lines are, having Rin say he’s going to Iwatobi because it has a good relay reputation actually changes things. In the original Japanese Rin says to Sousuke that he found people that want to swim relay with him as the reason he’s going. We know from later scenes that a major fight in their friendship was caused by Sousuke saying he couldn’t swim relay with Rin, when medley relays are so symbolic for Rin.

There is also how the line is said in Japanese. It’s an offhanded remark by Rin, something he is just remembering to pass on but that he grows more excited about as he thinks about it. It’s the casual, unintended thoughtlessness that characterized Rin as a child. He is not even thinking about how changing schools could hurt Sousuke, like how he doesn’t think about telling the Iwatobi boys about Australia. He’s just focused on his goal, and any cruelty to his actions is never intended.

Contrast this with how in the English dub the news is said like a boast. He’s talking about how good the reputation is for the school, instead of the personal connection he made with some other kids. And in the Japanese Rin is not holding this connection over Sousuke, he likely sees it as a win-win. His best friend thinks it isn’t good for them to be on the same team, so Rin found other people. The dub forgets this is not s1 Rin, this is Rin as a child who is still focused on his dream but also cares about teammates. This is before he became so bitter that he pulled away from others.

The final nail is Rin’s line after the flashback. In the Japanese Rin goes “That’s right.”  and laughs at his younger self. The audience can assume he’s charmed by his past actions, by the fond way he says the line like someone thinking back to themselves as a kid. But it’s not really affirming anything, if anything he seems to think he was a bit silly.

But the dub has Rin say “No contest, wasn’t a hard choice.” This belittles Rin and Sousuke’s friendship, just as the show is suppose to set it up. This is the first real chance the audience has to see that these two were best friends, the history there, and Mignogna doesn’t say the line like it’s a joke. It’s with conviction that he made the right choice in leaving Sousuke’s school.

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thank you so much for including trans people in your posts! it means a lot bc feeling like i had no control over my body as a trans person is a large part of the reason i developed an ed. i appreciate this blog a whole lot!

Awh love, if you ever need support with gender dysphoria I’m open, I get really bad dysphoria too and most of my posts are shower thoughts.

You are worth it okay, and I hope you can make a full recovery in your ed.