I had a dream last night that I was watching the next episode of Steven Universe. Basically a new shop opened up across the street from the Big Donut that was essentially a fancy Italian joint. The owner was played by Shia Labeouf. The episode was spent just introducing them and stuff, I figured okay it’s a tame episode. I leave and quickly use the restroom.

I return to my seat and the entirety of Beach City is on fire, Alexandrite is there and Steven fused with like five different people. Then I woke up, which really sucked because I want to know how it would have ended


I’m tired.

What? Did you expect some sort of an inspirational quote from this episode? Nah, I’m not going down that path. I’m just tired from working, like, 6-8 hours with this and I actually had to redo that second one because I accidentally drew Steven with his sandals on even while he didn’t have them in this scene.
Oh yeah and this reminded me of Spirited Away. That was my favorite movie back in 2008. Good memories.

Anyway, this was a really, really great episode. My favorite fusion got to shine again. A lot thoughts. So mindful. And educating.


I really love how Ufotable still inserted SorMik here and there even though the last episode was supposed to focus on Edna/Eizen/Zaveid. That line ‘Sorey needs me’ and suddenly the relic looked like it could read Mikleo’s mind and wanted to help him get back asap and Mikleo’s expression in the end like he couldn’t wait to see Sorey to show him that he could finally be at his side again and help him AAAHH ;___;

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So all your posts about Nirvana In Fire are compelling me to watch it, since I think it's something my better half and I would like. Is there any particular method you use to watch it? Also on a slightly related note, do you watch Thunderbolt Fantasy at all?


I was careful to avoid any too-major spoilers here!  If you want to go in completely unspoiled, skip this, but if you’re on the fence, here’s a bunch of reasons why you should totally watch Nirvana in Fire!  (Btw, if you do plan to watch it, I would blacklist the spoilers tag, because I think it’s worth the effort! ♥)

→ You can watch it on Viki here!  Or DramaFever here!  Or on YouTube here! Basically, wherever you go to watch dramas, you’ll probably be able to find it. While Viki’s subs look the best of those I’ve seen (they got their hands on textless raws!), I admit the ads interrupting the show did put a crimp in the flow of it for me.  I would have cried like three times as much if I weren’t given breaks so often, so weigh which is more important to you or scout around a bit.

→ This is beautiful, beautiful series.  The sets are amazing.  The costumes are amazing.  The decorations are gorgeous, the details fantastic.  The people are stunning. Everything is just beautiful to look at!  SO MUCH PRETTY.  ♥

→ There are some great female characters!  While the male characters have more screentime/are ultimately the central plot, this is a drama that treats its women really well, they’re important and meaningful and varied.  They swear + terrify little shits who try to chastise them, they have such vastly different personalities, from quiet and calm in the face of anything this Court can throw at them to warriors who can kick anyone’s ass.  And they have relationships with each other.  They have relationships where they’re the central character.

→ There are EPIC PLOT MACHINATIONS BATTLES, where actions from decades ago are going to come back to haunt the fuckers who fucked innocent people over and YOU CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HOW SHIT GOES DOWN, once the main character starts stirring the pot.

→ Everyone in this drama is complicated.  Characters you start out liking may end up being poisonous snakes, but you’ll still have feelings about them because you understand where they come from.  Characters who make you uneasy in the beginning may prove to be truly vile, but you still understand where they come from.  There are characters that are too good for this world and you will love them with all your heart and want to marry them because they’re such a perfect sweet wuxia prince. There are characters that you’ll hate as soon you see them and never will that waver.  There are characters that you’ll want to protect, characters you’ll admire, characters that you feel compassion for, characters you’ll want to see kicked to the curb, characters who are too complicated to really put in a single box, and they’re all engaging and enthralling in just the ways they’re meant to be!

→ The main character is absolutely amazing.  He’s played by Hu Ge (who is super hot, too)(but also an amazing dork) who is phenomenal in this part, he has perfected this unreadable stare, where you can’t pinpoint precisely what he’s thinking or feeling, he gives nothing away, while being so intense you feel like he’s looking right into your soul.  Probably because he is.  His monster level genius is his greatest weapon now that he’s frail and sickly, he uses it to rip apart the corrupt Court, to expose every dirty thing they’ve done, to yank down every support pillar the two main Princes have, so that they lose their favor, so that Jingyan rises up, because he’d be a good Emperor, to put right the wrongs that happened.

You’ll love him (along with everyone else, who wants to baby him because he pushes himself so hard, he totally has a harem of people who like him best, because EVERYONE likes him best) because he’s so arrogant in his own intelligence, but he’s not wrong.  Just because he’s secretly a total brat about it doesn’t mean he’s not still the smartest person in the room.  And there are some truly amazing moments of his suppressed brattiness showing through!

→ Everything about Prince Jing (Jingyan), the least influential/ranked prince of the princes that we’re paying attention to.  What first gets your attention is that he’s stunning to look at, his costuming is incredible, but you quickly come to love him for his personality.  Jingyan is the prince who was best friends with Lin Shu (main character) and just cannot let go of what happened to the Lin family, he wouldn’t stop asking questions, no matter how much influence or favor he lost.  He cannot believe they were traitors, he’s still furious about it a decade later, this is something that triggers a white hot rage in him, and watching him struggle through those feelings, to learn to put aside the direct anger because he needs to temper it and not burn everything in his path with it, so that they can try to actually uncover the truth, it’s an incredible journey to watch.

He’s a military man, which means he’s not one for politics and he hates them even more for what they did to the Lin family and how no one could even talk about it because of politics.  Learning to work with the system while making it better, learning to trust this Mei Changsu person that he has no idea is the person he misses most in the world, that’s one of Jingyan’s most important journeys in the series and it’s so, so fascinating to watch.

→ And his relationship with the main character is ultimately the heart of the show and it’s so good, you’ll want to lay on the floor and cry about all the feelings you have for all the shit they go through.  Maybe you’ll ship it, maybe you won’t, but it’s certainly there if you want it, to the point that the actors IN AN OFFICIAL PROMOTION FOR THE SHOW joked about how Jingyan gave Lin Shu/Mei Changsu an engagement pearl, to the point of mock proposing in that promo.

→ Basically:  Come for the pretty everything, stay for the writing/acting that is top-notch and characters that will stay with you even after you’ve finished!


CTM Countdown - 25/42 

I kinda want a malachite-centric flashback episode

Like how garnet was saying that imbalanced fusions can cause it to see things that aren’t there and lose touch with reality and hoo boy was malachite the hellfest of “imbalanced” .

Like lapis and jasper both had problems and i just wanna know; what was malachite seeing? Pink Diamond getting shattered? Being forced into a mirror? Being trapped on a battlefield? Fighting for control with eachother and seeing awful hallucinations can really fuck up a gem

Idk man i just wanna know what was going on as they were fused


The Hope’s Peak Student Council and the First “Killing Game”

If you saw the 7th episode of Danganronpa Despair Arc you surely recognice these characters. Seeing them just die like that was very sad because I think they looked pretty amazing and interesting.
We didn’t even got their names and sadly their ultimate talents. A little bit more personality could have made these people and their deaths more emotional (if even possible) and an actual Killing Game like DR1 & 2 would have been even better!

Am i really the only one who wants more Information or even a game or Story or a special episode about the student council?

i’ve already posted enough about this on my main blog and i don’t want to annoy my followers any further but like…. someone tell me i’m not the only one who just feels like there’s something off about the new steven universe promo for Future Boy Zoltron.

like ok the change in art style was kind of more noticeable this time, but that’s only because we went from last episode having a really fluid and polished animation style with a guest animator. and i’m used to the look of the show changing from episode to episode so that’s not really the problem

the thing that really rubs me wrong is that steven appears to stare at the ground for like 10 seconds while he’s talking to mr. smiley with his arms in weird positions. and it seems like something that was intentionally animated that way but i just don’t understand. it feel like i’m watching a different show/.. even now watching it for the 5th time it makes me feel like i’m dreaming watching it…..

then there’s a part where the image of the robot, Zoltron, freezes completely, but the mechanical sounds continue as well as the robotic voice.

but here’s the weirdest part to me: there’s no music

i can’t think of a single episode taking place in beach city that isn’t accompanied by a chill, animal crossing-esque soundtrack. from the beginning of the clip the only sound we hear is seagulls, the characters voices, and the mechanical movement of the robot. when steven gets close to the arcade there does appear to be some music coming from the games, but it sounds muddled and not anything like the background music we’re used to hearing.

i don’t know, something about this clip just makes me feel like i’m watching a dream, something unreal. or unfinished at the very least. it’s probably nothing i just can’t help getting some odd vibes from it. idk man it just weirds me out.

Man okay the anime is doing a really good job at making me care a lot more about Zaveid, Edna, Eizen, and their relationship prior to the events of Sorey meeting them.

Instead of focusing on how Zaveid made people feel like in the game (The Mysterious Seraph skit comes to mind, when Sorey and Mikleo want to ask Lailah about him but she’s too outraged at his behavior for them to breach the subject) we see how he feels about Eizen being a dragon. While we certainly get to learn how much Edna cares about Eizen (which, by the way, is more extensive than in the game. I always felt really detached from the Eizen subplot in the game, but this episode hurt a LOT more) it’s no mystery that Zaveid also cares a lot about Eizen as well.

He’s desperate to kill him at this point. There’s a lot of pain in his voice as he talks about Eizen forgetting all the things they did as friends. Sure, Eizen cared so much for Edna. He brought her gifts and protected her. But Zaveid traveled with him. He stood by his side. And now that isn’t enough to bring Eizen back so goddamn if Zaveid isn’t going to finish the job himself.

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I feel like the writers are trying to make him have the same appeal as Rick. But Nick isn't anything like Rick so I get bored....

Ugh please stop it. They actually made me dislike his character in the last two episodes. It really has nothing to do with ADC but their best characters are Alicia and Strand. Stop trying to shove Nick down my throat. He really is one-note. The give-no-fucks junkie thing got old like ten episodes ago. I wish they saw the gems they have in Alycia and Strand. They could do so much with them and having a gay black man and a teenager be the leads of your show would be so interesting because God knows the last thing TV needs more of is broody, tortured men being given all the attention. Ugh. These writers annoy me.

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I think it's pretty sick Marlene used Nicole and her potentially being alive to separate Ezra and Aria just so they can have a "romantic" reunion is the next episode, which is conveniently the last for a while. But what can I expect from writers who condone incest and abusive, manipulative relationships so

Tbh it’s hilarious because IMK has said this is the most romantic season. BITCH, WHERE? She’s ruined three actually really great relationships (Spaleb/Jaria/Nicole&Ezra) in order to push together old ships lmao but I’m like you, nonnie. What can I expect from these writers haha

“But seriously Harry, I’m really worried about you – even mum worries… I mean, you barely get out of your pyjamas, your diet consists of children’s cornflakes and you have developed this weird obsession with ‘Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta’ – and believe me when I say that I really cannot suffer through another detailed evaluation of the latest episode you’ve watched,” her red lips smack together, “Tell me, when was the last time you wrote a fucking sentence for a new story?”

Harry rolls his eyes, “First of all, Gemma – Curiously Cinnamons are not only for children – they are a reliable source of vitamins and minerals and they are also plenty delicious. Second of all – that show is gold! And lastly,” he lets the spoon fall into his empty bowl, the metal clatters harshly against the delicate porcelain as he leans back on his stool and runs his hand through his hair, “You’re probably kind of… right.”

Harry Styles, eccentric crime-writer extraordinaire and apparently the world’s “new Arthur Conan Doyle” has a problem: He has recently killed off his very own “Sherlock Holmes” and it has been months since he has written anything. Naturally, he’s a bit of a mess right now, but then Sergeant Holly Heart knocks on his door and suddenly things are about to become a lot more interesting again - because there’s a serial killer on the loose. And he’s using Harry’s books as a blueprint for his own murders.

‘Crime Fever’ - a Castle-AU mini-fic coming next week!


This comic always reminded me of an episode of Scooby-Doo. Perhaps it’s the fact that Bruce uses his childhood toys to attack Scarecrow – or maybe it’s because Scarecrow’s literally using the cliche of hiding behind a suit of armor conveniently located in the hallway. I just find it a really silly offset to the noir art style.

All comics posted are scanned by myself at 300dpi or higher

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This episode of ToZ the X really drives home how bad it is that you can't save Eizen in game. Just like... wow thanks Bamco.

I know, right? I mean, I always felt BAD for Edna and Zaveid, yeah, but that episode really hammered it home. How he was Zaveid’s FRIEND, how Edna was trying to protect him even though she knew it was hopeless, how Zaveid was determined to kill him for the same reason. I really FELT it this time, and to see Sorey make that promise knowing he’s not going to be able to keep it…. *sigh*

But since the Eizen sidequest is optional in the game, I wonder if they’ll ever go back to it in the anime? Does anyone know what the manga did?

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I really want Juliana and Frank to be together!! They supported each other so much, and I feel like Frank really takes care of her but the show pushes Joe and Juliana and i wish they didn't

Hello! I really have to go crazy before you view I Joeliana ship until death. You risk being happy (and me very unfortunately) but Joe and Juliana will not be together in this season 2. Joe left for Berlin to find his father and he will have a romantic relationship with Nicole. My heart will break but I feel that a great reward awaits us in episode 9 (Finally, for fans of Joeliana). I totally understand your point of view on Frank / Juliana (Juliank?) They are really sweet both, and Frank is just love with her. But for me Joe and Juliana are meant to be together. They need each other to move forward in life. I do not know how to explain it but they are soulmates. They are so linked. In episode 6, without knowing it, they take the risk together. I loved the parrallel of interogatoire. They are like mirrors. And Luke and Alexa have such chemistry among them! Thank you for your message and will not hesitate to share me your opinion :)

Small gift :

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i think ur right abt tfa it was technically a good movie but v uninspired and mediocre the only new element introduced that made it seem fresh was Finn and how we're following a stormtrooper's journey for the first time, everything else fell short and it wouldn't surprised me if the box office numbers decrease for ep8 when new fans like myself who only watched it bc of the hype came out disappointed.. if it wasn't bc I'm on tumblr, fandoms and read meta etc.. i wouldn't care less abt this new sw

It was a formulaic and simple movie, so therefore it got good reviews. But it’s one of those films where the more you think about it, the worse it gets.

Yep. Like I said, Finn was the only good part of the movie for me. He was actually an original character and John Boyega really has that star power and played the role to perfection.

I’m sure the box office for episode 8 will be fine. It’s Star Wars. I mean, people hated the prequels and they still made bank. Episode 8 is gonna have the return of Luke Skywalker in it. It’s gonna make money. Maybe a little less than TFA, that’s definitely likely, but still a lot.

You know it’s slightly frustrating how many people you see hating on the Zestiria anime. It’s like they want more fight scenes and they don’t like certain characters. Just today I saw someone say that Sorey pissed them off because he wanted to save everybody. THAT’S JUST HOW SOREY IS! MAYBE IF YOU WOULD PLAY THE GAME YOU WOULD KNOW THAT!

Honestly if you don’t like something then why watch it? It’s really a pain in the ass to see people act like that. Especially since episode 8 was honestly amazing. I was  a bit disappointed we didn’t fight Zaveid at first, but they made up for it with the fight against Eizen.