‘That was an awesome red carpet. Did you do it?’

So I was thinking if maybe this:

could somehow be related to this:

I don’t really have a clear theory about it. That scene from episode 10 tells me that there’s something going on here that we still don’t know about. But still, it makes me think a lot.

I don’t think that Yurio was trying to call Victor strong. I mean, even if he’s angry here, I’m sure he thinks Victor is strong, but I can’t picture him complimenting him like that. Less in this context, in which he seems to be trying to insult him more and more with every word he spits. I’m not going to talk about anything in this show as “I’m 100% sure that” anymore because it keeps surprising me again and again, but still. I’ll just assume this was not supposed to be a compliment.

What I think is more interesting is that it could still be considered a compliment, even without Yurio knowing. Because Victor is obviously able to be reborn, he’s been reborn already. He’s left everything behind and started a new life, and apparently, for the better.

So maybe, even if Yurio didn’t mean to say so, the show is leaving that message here. Not that we didn’t know, but it’s quite ironic considering that the words were originally meant for Yurio and he passed them on to Victor without even noticing.

I’m really curious to know what this scene will mean in the end.

Help me recreate Yuri on Ice photos!

You know where you put a photo against the real background to see them match up?


I know where most of the identifiable scenes (like the Sagrada and the christmas market) are, but if anyone recognizes a particular area from a lesser known spot (perhaps someone knows where the ice rink is??) they could help me out? Also if you have really good quality screen shots, then I would appreciate you letting me using them SO MUCH

I’ll be here for 10 more days, so I want to do all the photos I can!! I’ve never done this before, so i’m super excited. Please wish me luck! :D

EDIT: I’ve got the Sagrada, Park Güell, Plaza Españya, Casa Botlló, la Mercat and Catedral

like every other person, I am overjoyed about the latest episode of Yuri!!! on Ice, I really am; this is a massive step forward for lgbt representation in anime and mainstream media. But I feel like amidst everyone’s celebrations, a lot of the western fandom has glossed over a few facts, and I’ve been discussing the show a lot on the JPN side with a couple of internet friends, and they wanted me to share some points with you.

  • Yuri!!! on Ice is quite popular in Japan, borderline mainstream media. For the main character(s) to come out as gay is absolutely massive over there. What many Western fans really need to remember is primarily the show’s audience were the Japanese public, and for this to happen is huge. Gay marriage is not legal in Japan (though don’t get me wrong, Japan is not a homophobic country; a majority of the people supported gay marriage) - so whilst this is a happy moment for Victuuri fans everywhere, what you need to keep in mind is that they cannot actually get married due to laws in their respective countries. However the laws are changing, and stuff like this would definitely help get the support of the public that is needed. 

  • Furthermore, I feel the need to point out that the Western fans seem to forget the culture difference between JPN and USA. I often hear many complaints from USA fandoms that there isn’t enough lgbt representation in the media which is largely accurate - I too feel as though there is not enough. However I feel also the need to point out that the USA is lucky with what they actually have. Literally no JPN shows actually have openly gay characters, and there is seldom queer-baiting. If you think about it, the ways that lgbt+ people are represented in anime and stems of that is kind of negative. For example, let’s take the genres ‘yaoi’ and ‘yuri’; it has strong connotations to the otaku culture - and before someone jumps on this like “Otaku and proud!!”, I would like to clarify that the word Otaku is incredibly negative, as it is somebody who never leaves the house, an NEET, so forth - and is seen as a guilty pleasure, a disgusting thing. Even from games I’ve played which originated in Japan, the queer-baiting is also portrayed as perverse. An example, would be… Seiko Shinohara + Sayaka Ooue from the Corpse Party series, which just go around making perverted and inn appropriate jokes and grabbing their friend’s boobs all the time. It isn’t… great. 

  • Finally, I would like to make a point about ice skating, as well as Yuzuru Hanyu. In Japan, ice skating is incredibly popular and is gaining popularity; there have been plenty of ice skating anime in the past, particularly in the 70′s. The figurehead of this is Yuzuru Hanyu, one of the most accomplished ice skaters in Japan thus far, who has broken the world record TEN TIMES. From what I’ve gathered, he is extremely hardworking, dedicated to his profession, and he’s honestly done so much and inspired so many young people. What does the USA fandom do? “OMG!!! HE’S IRL KATSUKI YURI!!! GO AND FIND A RUSSIAN AND FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM HANYUU!! I CAN’T BELIEVE HE’S REAL!!” I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but he’s not. Yuri Katsuki is not Yuzuru Hanyu, Hanyu Yuzuru is not Yuri Katsuki. Yuzuru Hanyu is an accomplished athlete, Yuri Katsuki is an anime character. Hanyu is a real person, and honestly, the way the Yuri on Ice fandom treat him is so disgusting. I cannot believe so many of you would gloss over his feats at during his career for the sake of your yaoi ships uwu. A lot of people, both Western and JPN, who I have spoken to about this have agreed: this needs to stop, you need to grow up. 

Whilst this may seem like an absolute party-pooper, I really want people to understand and try to ‘agree-to-disagree’. I’ve seen so much discourse in the Yuri On Ice fandom it’s even leaked over to the JPN side which is usually quite a respectful place to be. I really want people to understand what this means for attitudes within Japanese society - this is a big leap forward towards equality. Right now, I could not be happier at the writers and producers of the show, as well as everyone who made this happen. To them, thank you, thank you. 

All I ask is that the members of the Yuri on Ice fandom here are polite and respectful, and that we don’t argue, we discuss ideas - I would be happy to hear them! I don’t want to receive any backlash for this since I don’t want to be malicious at all! Let’s be friends. We all enjoy the same thing, we’re all watching this anime, so there’s no need for us to be fighting. 


Seriously I like this episode so much already because I identify so much with this.

Oh hey, Connie is mad too, she’s only better at hiding it.

I have friends like that and I envy them so much.

I mean…

Ugh, this is such a strange situation. If I were in Steven’s shoes I would be thinking the exact same thing, so I’m really no one to judge. But…

Is sinking to Kevin’s level really worth it?

Who knows, but I always say “yes” when I’m angry so…

Relationship goals.

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Oh my, I'm really sorry for asking you this, but I have seen a LOT of people around who are confused about the timeline of the whole flashback and what happened in the first episode. Do you think you could clarify this? Thank you so much in advance and again, I'm sorry for bothering you! PD, I ABSOLUTELY love your blog and metas, they give me so much life ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Sure I can do that!

So, going by my amateur knowledge, the way the GPF, when it comes to the men’s singles skating (thus what our characters compete in), is normally structured something like like this (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Important to note that isn’t mentioned there is that the banquet is held the same day as the last competition.

So, in episode 1 this is the chronological order (with included images!):

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One of the main reasons I watched the Magnificent century is the costumes. If anyone of you noticed how much the costumes from the Magnificent century is similar to the formal Russian court dresses of the 19th-20th centuries. I even think the creators of the series could start from this information, we know how historically inaccurate their costumes (according to Turkish history). Hürrem was a Russian girl, right? it is possible while they were seeking information about Russian costume for the first episodes (and the flashbacks) and they also found this beauty from the times of the Russian Empire. I do not want to offend anyone, I really like this series and it’s one of the best period dramas I have ever watched. It’s just my guess.

some old pictures of Russian court dresses (early 20th century):

More information + pictures from museums and movies ↴

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I’m praying that there will one day be an episode where Michonne finally tells Rick about her son Andre and that one day she’d feel that it’s time to tell the group about him too. I’d also like there to be a scene where Maggie comes to Michonne and asks her what it was like to be a mother and just have a heart to heart convo.

In fact…I’d really want a Michonne centric episode with a some back story of her life pre-apocalyse, y'all

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So what'd you think of episode 10 of Yuri on Ice?

WHAT’D I THINK OF YURI ON ICE EP10………. thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to rant my friend 🙏

i had really high expectations since i bought the 5th DVD (episode 9 & 10) and lemme tell you. This episode was a gift that kept giving……… so many things happened and i still can’t believe this anime is even real

We got victor doing the narration, giving us more indepth about him and the way he thinks (which showed us he’s very wise & sensitive), but also his view on yuri and how in freaking love he is. Like holy shit. “when yuri’s searching for an answer, his eyes sparkles, even when he’s not saying anything” ? can you imagine how mesmerized this man is with yuri?????

then we got yurio & otabek. I was sure i’d love otabek but this boy is a sweetheart and he’s perfect for yurio (i don’t know if “i want them to become the best bros in the universe” counts as shipping but thats how i feel). im so excited to see how it’s going to change yurio’s agape performance ..sparkly eyes..

The rings exchange. this scene was incredible on so many levels, it still doesn’t top the airport scene in my opinion because i cried like a baby when “i wish you’d never retire” happened BUT THEY’RE FUCKING ENGAGED NOW!!!!! THEy’rE…FIANCEES…. typing this makes me feel like im trapped in a fanfic but its real they’re fiancés now everytime i see the rings my heart is just filled with love and joy and emotions and i dont usually care a single bit about marriage BUT FOR SOME REASON THESE RINGS GOT ME ON THE FLOOR HYPERVENTILATING…..

aALSO…. i think we’ll never talk about that yurio & victor scene enough. i feel like there’s so much things left in the dark and i cant wait to have more context and to fully understand what exactly happened, why victor became so violent, why he was shaking (if not because he was trembling with rage), and that sentence :  “[…] yurio’s wouldn’t have been so motivated to fight…. and neither would i have” yurio’s is fighting for the GPF, but then what is victor fighting for? Probably fighting for yuri to have the gold medal, but i’m still not sure. I feel like it’s too evasive…….

AND LAAAAAAAASTLY. the ending. the god freaking ending that left me drooling on my keyboard. Kubo’s art, Yuri breakdancing and pole dancing, how swol yuri was, the instant where victor fell in fucking love….. i loved every bit of it and i want it playing in my funeral. For 10 episodes i felt like yuri on ice couldn’t get better and every episode i was proved wrong. Episode 10 didn’t prove me wrong, it reverse slam dunked me back to my senses like i was a naked baby understanding my mom didn’t actually steal my nose. It was incredible to understand victor has been in love with yuri for almost a year and that becoming his coach just made him want to spend the rest of his days with him. And i’ve been having a blast reading all the meta posts pointing out how a lot of things pre-episode10 changed after episode 10′s revelation. yuri’s actually the playboy in eros? victor’s face when yuri said his eros is katsudon? more like crush my skull into powder and throw it in the ocean

we still have 2 more episodes but yuri on ice has been killing me with the character developments, the narration, the plot-holes-less story, the little details scattered all over the episodes… from the bottom of my heart, i want to thank kubo, sayo and everyone working on yuri on ice for blessing us with this anime. I want them to be happy for the rest of their life and have a big , well deserved rest when it’ll end. (can someone wake me up when the sequel comes out please)

Someone help me???

I was re-watching episode 4, and that screenshot there in the middle is a scene that really stood out to me before as being really…mysterious. It just kinda comes out of nowhere. The scene right before it is Yuuri skating, then it cuts to the mysterious blushing Yuuri in misty white light, then goes right into Victor asking Yuuri about the name for the program.

And I’m still having trouble putting my finger on what it is about this one little scene. It just feels like such a significant insight into Yuuri somehow, what with the great animation of Yuuri’s eyes and blush coupled with the oddly specific glow/fading/lighting.

Someone please help me with some theories here because I’m going crazy trying to figure this out on my own lol

“I think the reason I really like Star is because she breaks all the many preconceptions we have of princesses and princess stories. One instance is on the Blood Moon Ball episode. Though I ship starco, I think it’s very mature that Star told Marco to let her take care of it. That she doesn’t need a hero. I like that. She’s strong and independent and not a typical damsel in distress. I think Disney did good for doing that and making her character dynamic.”

- Anonymous

i’m at this point where i don’t know whether i relate to viktor or yuuri more.

and genuinely think this is the cause of good character writing. i mean, look at both of them.

we saw viktor as the russian legend, a playboy with oozing confidence. but we then get to see an incredibly human side of him. he fucks up, bad. i mean, the car park scene? and throughout the anime, and especially episode 10, it’s heavily hinted viktor suffered from depression and had zero motivation for his career or life in general. but he’s always hidden behind a fake smile. as someone who’s suffering from really bad depression to the point i don’t even have motivation for my hobbies anymore (but 99% pretend i’m all good), viktor’s internal monologue in episode 10 hit home real hard.

and let’s not forget yuuri, probably the most obviously relatable. he has confidence, as we see when he’s confronted by yuri the second time but also likely suffers from anxiety that causes his self esteem to drop. he over eats when he’s stressed and anxious like a lot of people suffering from anxiety (including me tbh). even after gaining more confidence with his eros program, he still has moments where his anxiety causes him to mess up or loose confidence. and that doesn’t make him a weaker character, it makes him human.

i can write pages about why i love and relate to viktor and yuuri so much but to keep this short, i just love how much they’ve developed and how far their characters have come.

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Can I squee to you about how one of the first things established about TR in their first appearance of SM is that they're true companions? e.g Freaking out over Meowth after the Mimikuy's costume incident and later he and Wobbuffet abandoning the battle to chase after Bewear, Kojiro and Musashi. Then the second thing established in their second episode us their sense of honour and gratitude as they swear to get back Bewear's food! Right off the bat!

OKAY NO THAT’S MY FAVORITE PART ABOUT SM SO FAR. TR’s been feeling so bland and disconnected in the past few seasons (other than maybe the episodes based on them). That’s why in one of my other posts I said TR’s chemistry is on point. The writers are like establishing them as characters all over again it feels like and they’re no longer just an obstacle. I really hope they stick with this path seeing how the general SM storytelling genre is leaning more towards slice of life than it has before. I think that opens more opportunity to explore character relationships. This may just be wishful thinking on my part, but it really makes me hope we finally get more backstory on themakjdhsfkahd

Let's write a new Flash Saga Sell (Intro)

According to AJK: “The midseason finale kind of creates a new problem… “It’s so big, we’re actually considering changing the saga sell from talking about Flashpoint to talking about that, because that’s really what’s driving the episodes for the rest of the season.”

I’ll go first…

My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive. To the outside world I’m an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly I fight crime and fight other meta-humans like me. A glimpse into the future revealed that a few months from now, Iris West, the love of my life, my heart, my soul, my everything will be at the mercy of my rival, Savitar. I am in a race against time to save her. I must succeed. I will succeed. I am The Flash.

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Auntie Asy, I'm a 25-year-old lesbian with a history of anxiety/depression. I've told myself for a long time that I'm happy being single, but every time I go through a depressive episode, it gets harder to be alone, even worse to be rejected. I don't do well in public spaces like bars (I fall over myself talking to women), and I get ghosted so much on dating sites - it's really discouraging. Are there other ways of meeting lil gay nerds like me that I've overlooked? Is looking on Tumblr a thing?

Yes, looking on Tumblr is defintely a thing! I met my wife online - we bonded over Tomb Raider. 

I don’t like the conventional way of meeting people - I have niche interests and I don’t think the lottery of meeting someone who shares them has good enough odds in real life. Online in fandom, people are all gathered in the right place already!

In bars and parties and stuff, people judge you a lot by your appearance and how well you socialize. Those things have very little bearing on what sort of person you’ll be in a relationship or how much you’ll share. I just think pubs and bars have such low odds of you finding someone you’ll be happy with in any other situations outside them. I don’t really recommend them as a wife-seeking strategy. 

100% recommend either looking on Tinder/dating sites for someone who interests you or just hanging around fandom until you click with someone. 

You know what o love about the Caryl ship? I think at first it wasn’t even an option. That no one would have even thought to ship them. Then it was kind of a joke, in the prison she made the comment about “it’s kinda romantic…” on the bus keeping watch. But still, it wasn’t really anything most people would take seriously. But then the moments started. And they came on like a full-fledged shipper service. And the longer I watch, the more I see it. The more I believe it. The more I want it. The more I need it. The more I know that Carol and Daryl are meant for each other. I become more desperate for Caryl moments with each passing episode. I need this ship to be canon like I need air to breathe.