ok so i took 84 years to do this but thank u for tagging me in the 20 beautiful women selfie challenge thing chrusomel, fuckingibbo, lucorka, oxlades and twasoffside!!! y’all already know y’all slayed me

anyways i’ve already posted the selfie on the right here before but i have no selfies lol and took the one on the left today even though i feel like a hobo

all of u have probably been tagged in this challenge already but just bear with me: kieramgibbs teamcasillas wtfaishaxo goonerkiki twasoffside rawrzuhlind wilshure calumchambrs mhesut vitaeternum nah-rsenal calumberss iscokroos santicazorla juanbrnat cristianoisking thatwonderfulmess casillasizm aysenal theohwalcott