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Sally Ann in every episode: 1.03 | Messengers

Hasil: I need that money to go on a date. All right, I need it to go on a date. I got a girl. She likes to be treated special. You understand?

overheard conversations

i love sally a lot, and i love to write her, so it’s likely you’ll get a lot of sort-of linked fics at some point.

Percy has never been one for long, winding lectures, about things that he honestly cares nothing about, probably something to do with his short attention span, so it’s definitely comes as a surprise when his mother finds him sprawled out across his bed on his stomach, hand tucked underneath his chin, seemingly listening with a certain determination, to someone speaking on the other side of the room.

She doesn’t mean to pry, truly, but her son has been rather unlike himself of the late. This, of course, means that Sally stands, back against the wall and an empty laundry basket pressing into her hip, peeking at him through the few inches of space between the door and the frame.

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aidan waite in every episode → don’t fear the scott

“People love that cliché: ‘time heals all wounds’. But live long enough, you realize that most clichés are true. It’s amazing what even the smallest passage of time can accomplish. The cuts it can close, the imperfections it can smooth over. But in the end, it comes down to the size of the wound, doesn’t it? If the wound is deep enough there might be no way to keep it from festering. Even if you have all the time in the world.”

Sally Face

Ok, so, at first I thought that Larry was lying because when Sal looks at the old woman, her head is split open. This could be proof of Larry lying if you assume the head injury was the cause of death. However, in the old woman’s room, when you see her outline on the ground, the blood splatter is coming out of the neck. When you see her in the car, you don’t get a view of her neck. The head injury could have happened on accident, or the killer struck her head open after she was dead, and Larry didn’t find it necessary to mention. Either way, there are possibilities that could prove Larry is innocent.