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i cant figure out Sally Forth's name pun and now im sad

aha it’s a bit of an English phrase I suppose, it means to go ahead into battle or advance in general, but in a sort of ‘WHAT HO’ fashion :’D

(ah, quick google reveals a better definition- sally forth: to leave a safe place in a brave or confident way in order to do something difficult)

story time

Could you write some angst Sebastidan please?

request by @thef1princess

 omg i am sorry this might be pretty bad because i am tired and also i dont’ really ship sebastiday. i hope you enjoy it.

Sebastian had signed the contract and there was nothing that Daniel could do.

The Australian had learned about Sebastian’s switch to Ferrari from a mechanic and he had to try very hard to keep it together in front of his team. His heart was slowly shattering and Daniel knew that there was little that he could say to make the German driver stay at Red Bull.


Sebastian’s eyes shot open as he – again – heard a loud noise from outside his door. The German sighed loudly and rubbed his eyes. He had to get up early tomorrow and wandering around in the middle of the night was the last thing he needed.

But still, after the German heard the noise again he stood up, stretched himself once, before he shuffled over to the door to open it.

“What the hell do you think you…”, but as soon as Sebastian saw that his teammate was standing outside his hotel room – dressed only in an old t-shirt and some boxer shorts – he closed his mouth and stared at the Australian.

Daniel smiled shyly while he was rubbing at his neck nervously.

“Sorry Seb, I did not want to keep you awake”, Daniel started but Sebastian was having none of this.

“What’s the matter Daniel? You would not be running around in front of my door and clearly talking to yourself if there was not any sort of problem”, Sebastian started and Daniel seemed to get more nervous by every second.

“Well… the reason is that… that”, Daniel took a deep breath and then he looked at the German driver, “the reason is that I need to talk to you”

“At 3 a.m. in the fucking morning?”, Sebastian shot back and Daniel swallowed harshly before he nodded yes..

“For fucks sake Dan”, the German groaned but he stepped aside to make room for the Australian to slip into his hotel room.

“Better make this quick. I am tired”, Sebastian said as he closed the door behind them and went back to sit on the edge of his bed.

Daniel was standing in the middle of the room and he was still rubbing at his neck with a nervous and slightly scared expression on his face.

“You know…” Daniel started, “one of the mechanics told me that you will race for Ferrari next year”

Seb nodded and Daniel ran his fingers through his hair.

“Well… i just wanted to know if that is already official or if you just want to race for them?”

“Dan, I signed the contract a few weeks ago. It is official. I will be at Ferrari next year”, Sebastian explained and Daniel still looked nervous as hell.

“Well yeah, here comes the part I wanted to talk about with you”, the Australian mumbled and Sebastian looked at him with a quizzically expression.

“I…. I would love you to stay at Red Bull”, Daniel tried and Sebastian eyes him for a few seconds before he started to laugh.

“You are kidding me, right?”, the German joked and Daniel tried to laugh along; tried to play it off as cool as he could; but his face just would not let him and so Sebastian soon realized that Daniel was serious about his request.

“You do know that I always wanted to race for Ferrari right? This is what I always wanted to do”, Sebastian tried to explain why he had signed the contract.

“Yeah I totally get that, but…. “, Daniel stopped mid-sentence before he took a deep breath; closed his eyes and said: “but I will miss you”

There was an uncomfortable silence for a few heartbeats before Sebastian got up from the bed and walked over to where Daniel was standing; eyes still closed and hands balled into fists.

“Hey…”, Sebastian started and tried to calm the Australian down by stroking softly over his arms, “this does not mean that we will never see us again, you know?”, the German added and Daniel tried everything to play it cool; he did not want Sebastian to worry about him,

“Yeah, yeah I know. Sorry Seb, this was stupid I guess”, Daniel tried to laugh it off but as he turned around to leave Sebastian held onto his hand and spun the Australian back around.

“Not that fast, Ricciardo”, Sebastian said and he gazed into Daniel’s eyes as if he knew everything that Daniel wanted to tell him so desperately.

“Is there something else you wanna tell me?”, Sebastian started again and Daniel shook his head no while he bit on the inner side of his cheeks to keep everything locked up.

“Come on, Dan! Now or never!”, Sebastian tried again and this time Daniel just shook his head and ripped out of Sebastian’s gentle hold.

“I cannot tell you”, Daniel murmured and this just made Sebastian even more curious.

“Come on Dan, we are teammates; we are friends!”, Sebastian begged but Daniel shook his head no.

“Come on, teammates always tell each other everything!”, Seb tries again but Daniel kept silent again,

“This is ridiculous! Just open your damn mouth and tell me what the hell is going on!”, Sebastian demanded then and Daniel groaned before he turned again and walked over to the hotel room door.

“No Seb, it’s okay. I did not want to say…”

But Sebastian interrupted him with a loud “Bullshit” and this was enough for the Australian to spin back around and shout “I like you, okay?!”

Suddenly it was very quiet and Sebastian stood there; his mouth wide and his eyes staring at Daniel in disbelieve.

“No way”, the German added after a few moments and Daniel shook his head and replied: “Well yes. As I said: I like you, Seb. I always have and I would love for you to stay”

Sebastian was standing a few meters away from Daniel and they both just kept on starring at each other.

“Maybe it would be better if you leave now”, Sebastian said after some time and Daniel nodded slightly.

“Maybe it really is”, the Australian added and it nearly broke his heart that Sebastian did not even try to run after him as he made his way out of Sebastian’s hotel room.

The German driver had signed the contract and Daniel knew that it was too late.

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What is your favourite Sonic character?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply!

I tend to like every Sonic character and struggled to find a fave for a long time, switching from Amy to Tails to Sonic himself gradually over time

Ever since I got into the western canon(s) I got to appreciate characters I didn’t even take into consideration before. Sally Acorn for example, which really became an inspiration to me!

I gradually warmed to other characters from the ol’ cartoons and the comics. I really really like the trio Sally-Nicole-Bunnie. Dream team! Hehe, got the pun.

Oh, Sonia from Sonic Underground used to be a big childhood fave. Still holds a special place in my heart!

And then we have Bernie Hedgehog, which is The Fave, answering your question more directly. I’ve never felt so strongly about a character before! I give a bit of me into Bernie and a bit of Bernie into me, everyday.

The comic is overall full of characters I find relatable or which I really like in their unique way! Expecially yeah, Sonic’s family hehe.

That’s pretty much it! What are your favourite characters? :)