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I'm at class, and my crush is hereeee and we've been awkwardly making eye contact but we've yet to really talk,,even tho were in like 4 classes together and pls help she's so pretty and hayley's new ep blasting in my ears is really not helping things



please never stop smiling 

so the other day in class this guy was staring intensely at my dan and phil shop galaxy backpack so i was like, “…you like it??…” and he sat there a while longer before realizing i had spoken and then he looked up at me and blinked his eyes really hard and said, “sorry i just….i was looking at your backpack and the design pulled me in and i got lost in it and…and i just….i started questioning my existence…” 


Tbh one thing that annoys me in media geared towards teens is the tendency for everything to be so cliquey…like idk maybe I had a weird experience growing up, but the “preps vs. *insert whatever counterculture trend is in vogue*” thing wasn’t anywhere near as huge a deal as they make it seem like it would be when I was in high school… and yet I still go on facebook and see stuff like “I’m half about pastels and lace and pretty things, and half about ripped jeans and concerts and piercings lol I’m so weird??” and it’s like no, that’s p normal…you’re allowed to not be a stereotype or trope, you can branch out and have your interests extend beyond your “type” or hell, not even have a type at all! 

You're not really a legit Clexa Stan if you don’t know:
  • You’re the one™
  • Not Everyone Not You™
  • The Nose Boop™
  • Commander Heart eyes™
  • Raccoon™
  • Alexandria “Lexa” Woods™
  • Jomp em op en yu jomp ai op™
  • The Kiss™
  • Clexa pick up lines™
  • Lexa’s gunbitch™
  • Soulmates™ 
  • Clarke the Husband™
  • Clarke’s hair™
  • Clarke needs a shower™
  • The Lexic Measurement™
  • Clexa Trademarks™
  • Lexa’s candles™
  • Lexa the candle vlogger™
  • Commander’s tattoos™
  • Bitanic™
  • The Spit™
  • Go float yourself™
  • The Knife™ 
  • The Balcony™
  • Did it for my people™
  • The Bow™
  • The Vow™
  • Gay ass violins™
  • The Grounder Family™
  • Titus going bald™
  • Clexa Kiss Anniversary™
  • She’s Special™
  • Oprah’s Bread™
  • Wednesday Sin Day™
  • Jaha’s Kush™
  • Jerry™
  • Lexa’s Nut™
  • Lexa’s Dick™
  • Lextra™
  • Binch™
  • Maybe Someday™
  • The Lip Quiver™
  • The Tear™
  • Clexa Sexa™
  • Bottom Lexa™
  • The Great Gay Migration™
  • Elyza Lex™
  • Lexark™

Then and Now. (click them for better quality)

So I guess this is my way of celebrating Pokémon’s 20th birthday! By putting it together with my current fandom~ HAIKYUU!! X POKÉMON AU!! Starting of course with my fave duo, Kageyama and Hinata `v´ And their lil guys, Houndour and Growlithe, whose names are still undecided // Leave your suggestions if you have any, I really want some of their pokes to have nicknames, if not all ;v;

I’m unsure on Kageyama’s team formation, but Hinata would have mostly Fire-types! I can think of a few already `v´ They both have lil fire puppies, yes, I suppose they’re the kind of rivals that end up being partners in the end~ Kags’ Houndour evolves into a Houndoom soon enough, and Hinata takes a while to figure Growlithe needs a fire stone to become big and poofy!

SO YEAH!! I’m up for ideas even though I discussed a bit with a couple friends of mine and have a bit on my mind already `v´ But please share headcanons with me, let’s work on this!! I wanna draw a lot of those so haha, many more characters to come~ Btw this is so sketchy, but I really like it ??? And I received some ideas already to work on, so there shall be more `v´

  • A Couple's Convo
  • (ft. Jimin & Hoseok)

Jimin : Hello ?

Hoseok : Hello ~

Seokjin : Nice.

Jimin : Baby what are you doing now ~ ?

Hosoek : I’m trying to sleep after taking a bath 

Jimin : Did you ? My little baby took a bath ~?

Hoseok : Yup. What about you baby ?

Jimin : I took a bath earlier (??) just to call you baby ~

Hoseok : Really ? I’m going to sleep soon……Can you show me your aegyo ?

Hoseok : Do it for me ~~ *aegyo gorilla punch Jimin*

Jungkook : Oh god ! I seriously can’t take this anymore !!

Seokjin : I want to punch them so hard !

Ryeowook : Jimin !! Just go to sleep !!

Taehyung : JIMIN ~!!!!!!

Thank You Nice Chipotle Cashier
  • Cashier:*sees that my burrito has no meat but has pinto beans*
  • Cashier:Oh no are you a vegetarian!?
  • Me:*is a little taken aback cos I'm not but I didn't understand why he'd comment*
  • Cashier:Oh I don't mean to be rude, sorry it's just the pinto beans are cooked with bacon grease and I didn't know if you knew that and vegetarians usually get upset if they didn't know!
  • Me:Oh, uh no I actually just can't digest pork or beef and the chicken here just isn't my favorite.
  • Cashier:Oh cool, but have you tried the tofu sofritas? Those are a super tasty option.
  • Me:Uh no I haven't but-
  • Cashier:*goes over to start getting a cup* This is really good will you please try it, here it doesn't cost anything. *is enthusiastically making me a sample cup*
  • Me:*trying to ask him not to go to the trouble* But um really you don't have to- well um is it spicy at all?
  • Cashier:It's not too bad, pretty mild compared to the hot sauces.
  • Me:I'm sorry I can't, I'm allergic to capsaicin so I can't actually eat spicy things. *I felt a little bad cos he'd been so excited and his face just fell*
  • Cashier:Oh gosh I'm sorry...I just...oh man that sucks I wish I could just give you a hug. Nothing spicy?
  • Me:*laughs* Nope, but it's okay. But thank you anyways.
  • Cashier:Well, your hair looks really amazing! I hope you have a great rest of the day!
  • Me:*I thanked him and left, but idk it just made me smile he seemed very genuine and sincerely sad that I was missing out on spicy food*

I usually ruin stuff by linearting them and probably won’t have the time to for a while soo uh have some messy sketchy color test WIP of designs of the Fierce baes! 

Basically, an updated version of this design I made for my FD RP BlogAnd I actually did my research this time to emphasize their contrasting Western-Eastern Warrior style, because I drew the last one without any research and we all know how that one turned out OTL

For the sake of keeping things simple: (AU-ish headcanon) Fierce Deity with Dissociative-Identity-Disorder and his dark version who did some Tetraforce and hero shit as Hyrule’s God(s) of Eternity. 
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Because my dash is still 75% the Steven Universe/Brony drama...

I’m just going to put my two cents out, like anybody really demanded them in the first place tho…

When MLP:FIM first came out, I was in college.  I saw the animation, laughed at the Adobe Flash-y style, and didn’t think much of it.  Then I kept hearing about the writing quality and gave it a second chance.  The show turned out to be really good.  Not only that, but it was gaining the attention of guys as well as girls!  The controversy opened my eyes again to the debate of “boy-targeted media = everybody and must be top quality, while girl-targeted media = girls and therefore it can be done lazily”; and I started to get behind the fanbase.  Because fuck yeah, a show for little girls (and their families) can be of good quality, there is no reason for it to be lazily written, acted and animated.  Also fuck yeah at the idea of grown men liking a show aimed at little girls and not feeling like their precious testosterone would be destroyed when they looked at something with pink in it.

So yeah, I was a big brony supporter.  I debated in their favor multiple times online and offline.  Who the fuck says a boy can’t like a show like that?  It was great, gender roles were being discussed and it felt like girl’s media would be treated differently in the future.

But then things started to turn south.  Honestly, I started to notice it when the infamous “Derpy” scene popped out.  You don’t need me to give a backstory of this character, she’s a nod to the brony fanbase and was always treated like an easter egg.  This was the first time she was treated like a character, and it was pretty awesome to see the team behind the show acknowledging the more adult fanbase in a subtle yet cute way.  But then a certain someone voiced their opinion.  I didn’t agree with them 100% on the matter (at the time, my views have changed since) and thought they were being too sensitive, again, I was behind the bronies.

Then I noticed their Deviantart page.

Nothing but shouts on their page containing nothing but death threats, slurs, and attacking their gender.  Then more and more people cross the line, usually I am 100% behind brony music, but then THIS was brought up to my attention during the time of the controversy (warning for death threats, transphobic messages, homophobic messages and slurs).

That was the point when I started to drift from their favor.  Before, the phrase when met with hate was “Love and Tolerate”, aka “let them be angry at these folks liking a show, don’t mudsling, don’t attack back, be the better person”.

This was no longer the case.  I also started noticing stories of brony behavior at cons, then noticed how they did NOTHING to hide the more 18+ fanart/songs/fanfiction/etc.  Everything started piling up.

When the show brought Discord back, it was then that I started to notice just… how the team kept with the show’s target audience, little kids.  Soon, almost every plot point, every in-joke, it was all catering to bronies.  Wait a minute, WHO is this show made for again?

I dropped out of their support all together, yes, there DO exist bronies out there with their hearts in the right place.  I support the people behind “Safe Search Wrap-Up” and the people that are still genuine fans of the show while being respectful to the initial audience.  And yes, I still watch the show.

But the “Brony” label has soured over time.

It went from being a group of adults marching for the support of a genuine show that was actually well written DESPITE the fact that it could have been so EASILY botched… to a group of men that literally made anything relate-able to the show toxic.

I know mothers that don’t let their little girls watch My Little Pony because of the bronies.  I know mothers that don’t let their little girls search for My Little Pony related things online because of the bronies.

Let me repeat that so it can sink in.

I personally know mothers that don’t let their little girls watch My Little Pony because of the bronies.  I personally know mothers that don’t let their little girls search for My Little Pony related things online because of the bronies.

There are mothers that have to put a parental block on My Fucking Little Pony.

When little girls can’t safety look up a show about friendship pastel colored plastic horses online because of all the porn and the attitude of a community saying “this show was made for men”, then you have yourself a gigantic mondo problem.  And I’m not saying that drawing porn of a show is the problem.  That was inevitable, porn of MLP existed before FIM came around.  The problem is that the bronies treated it like MLP was an adult show that little kids wouldn’t be looking for online.

Little kids aren’t going to google “Bob’s Burgers” or “Cowboy Bebop”, and even then porn of those shows is pretty well hidden!  You have to go on an 18+ site in order to even FIND the shit!  My Little Pony on the other hand can be easily accessible on Deviantart, Tumblr, Google, and the various MLP sites without any filters (need I bring up the Molestia controversy?).  And that’s not to say that Steven Universe isn’t without porn either, I’ve personally had to report child porn three times on the SU tag because I find the very idea of CP disgusting whether the character is drawn or not.  But guess how many times I’ve had to report CP on an MLP blog.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s more than twice than what I’ve had to report on the SU tag.

If you’ve kept up with me through this, then do you see why the Steven Universe fanbase acted the way they did when it was announced that there might be an Equestria Daily equivalent to Steven Universe?

Nobody is saying that you’re not allowed to watch the show if you’re a man.  Nobody is saying that you can’t like the show or enjoy it.  But Steven Universe is an incredibly important show for so many, women, bigendered, chubby, skinny, black, hispanic, indian, LGBT, etc.  This is a show I plan to raise my future children on because of how perfect it is at showing the power of love, family, and representation.

When bronies grew too overpowered, they kicked little girls out of their own show.  We just don’t want that to happen to the Steven and his family.

If you want to watch the show and become a part of the community, then by fucking all means, watch the show.  It’s a beautiful show, it’s well written, has a gorgeous soundtrack, has fantastic messages, it’s just a good, good, GOOD show.  But for the love of god, don’t make it about YOU by trying to make a “gemtleman” label and grabbing for attention.  This isn’t a show strictly for you, it’s a show for everybody.  Just call yourself a fan of Steven Universe and leave it at that.  This is too important of a show to let that happen again.


life update★!

okay so i had my thesis (idk more like an exit project) internal defense last aug 11 (monday) and uhh all this one panelist would say is that “i hate anime; i really really hate anime”; “your characters are a waste” (just because it looks anime to him) and that no one would like my stuff (even tho my target audience is you guys and that i value your opinions more) and junk; so the whole panel (there were 3) goes “don’t you have other styles? like even for the eyes“ then i was like ‘ok’. // mind you my medium was ‘INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC NOVEL’ so i thought they were looking for detailed stuff;;; apparently they want cartoony-ish styles; or something that was ‘my own’ and im like.. but this is my own what do you want me do to :))) . i think it was because of the way i draw eyes, since i try to have good rendering, proportions and anatomy :0 what do you guys think?

tldr; my defense went like:

External image

so here im practicing my other styles for my project 8D i think it’s also a way to get me exploring other styles? i guess? oh also other students get different panels so i guess they got lucky they didn’t get mine :)))

i also did a oneshot 20-page comic for one of my classes! it grew from this dirkjake au i had a long time ago but idk i feel so embarrassed about it :)))

The Owl City albums as cute girls

June (Of June) is a shy and reserved girl, inexperienced in life and innocent as few. She’s not very confident, but dreams big and longs to walk the streets of big cities and experiencing the world one day.

Mei (Mei-by I’m Dreaming) is also quite shy. She’s a daydreamer and a hopeless romantic. She would rather spent her days in her thoughts, than in reality amongst others. She’s often called ‘emo’ because of her sentimental and poetic nature, but does things her own way regardless of what others say.

Ocean (Ocean Eyes) is a peppy and much adored girl. She’s popular with many, though some may say she’s too weird and that they just can’t make sense of her. She’s smiles in the face of difficult times and tries to do the best she can in any situation.

Bo (another version of Beau, as in All Things Bright and Beautiful) is wise and sophisticated - she has her feets on the ground and she’s fond of nature. She’s deeply religious and looks at life as one big blessing. She finds joy in the simpler things - she’s constantly grateful for being alive. She likes thinking about the big questions in life.

Summer (The Midsummer Station) is dynamic, bold and daring. She’s confident in her ways, strongwilled and does what she pleases. Because of this, she’s often the target of criticism, but criticism doesn’t bother her. She’s a free, optimistic soul who loves to dance, sing as loud as she can and live her life to the fullest.

Greatly inspired by Rose’s idea!