tbh all i want in life is some candid photos of carmilla and laura being girlfriends

laura laughing at something and carmilla with a tiny smile, maybe pressing a kiss to her hair

carmilla sleeping and laura grinning with a sharpie in her hand

kissing on a bench during the sunset

carmilla reading over laura’s essay with her eyebrows all furrowed and laura just staring at her thinking “too cute”

laura excitedly tugging carmilla through a museum exhibit that carmilla basically lived through and carmilla just following and rolling her eyes

“please don’t feed the bread i bought in paris to the pigeons”
“come on carm they’re so cute”

carmilla vs. everyone else snowball fight, grumpy carmilla shivering and laura rubbing her with a warm blanket afterward, kind of maybe laughing because they kicked her ass

laura studying for finals, leaning against a sleeping giant black cat under a tree on campus

hugging, just nuzzling into each other’s necks and breathing each other in



Hello everyone! Just by yesterday I has reached 1k followers (omg seriously? but YAY) I’ve never thought I’d get this far but thank you very much it means a lot to me. /tear of joy/ You guy are really amazing!!  。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

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It’s AoKise day today! YEAAAAAH >___<)/

I’m just so glad I fell in love with this pairing and because of them I were able to make really good memories and friends. ; 7 ;) Kise is also the reason I can even draw male at all lol   

Have a wonderful day everyone and keep on shipping AoKise!

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DONE WITH MY FRESHMAN YEAR OF COLLEGE! can’t believe it’s already been a year…feels like just yesterday I moved in. I’ve learned so much about life and about myself this past year, I can’t believe how much I’ve grown as a person. I’ve also met some really great people…and some not so great…but nonetheless they have taught me some valuable lessons and I love them all for that. to those of you starting college in the fall I have a few things to tell you:
1. make as many friends as possible. most of them won’t stay from semester to semester but it’s good to be friendly with everyone
2. get all of your work done while it’s light out and treat your classes and homework like a work day. although there will be nights you will need to pull an all-nighter, it’s great to kick back after a long day of classes hanging out with your friends. believe me, there’s something going on every night!
3. go out any opportunity you can. I remember first semester I told myself I didn’t want to be the girl who got drunk every weekend and partied so I didn’t go to any parties until a French boy invited me to one he was having. I quickly learned that there is a happy medium between being a party queen and someone who never leaves their room.
4. not everyone is going to stay in your life. the people you are friends with first semester will mostly likely change second semester. over winter break things change and people start to show their true colors…those who stick it out with you til the end are the ones you’ll want to keep around.
5. it’s okay if you fail a quiz, miss an assignment, or skip a class every once in awhile. your mental health and sleep are very important so manage your time wisely and take care of yourself. it’s just school it’s not the end of the world and the less you stress about it, the better your grades will be.
6. let yourself make mistakes. go out, get to drunk, kiss too many boys, and wear a slutty outfit. in four years, none of these people will matter. do what makes you happy and fuck the rest!

thanks to all of my followers who helped me through my first year of college whether it was with boy advice or friendly encouragement before a test or presentation. I’m so glad I got to bring you guys on this wild ride with me <3

The Flash is proof

That you will end up with your true love.

And that kind of sucks.

Because Iris is cool as all, but she’s not the only woman in the sea of beautiful and intelligent woman and all. Barry could do so much better, and that’s not on the actresses at all. I just don’t know why it has to be solidified in the mytho’s that he has to end up with Iris. Caitlyn would be a interesting love interest, even Linda Park would’ve been, or the girl who played Plastique. She was beautiful too or any other woman who’s been on the show.

Why it gotta be, iris dough man? She’s beautiful but she ain’t to die for.

I hope it’s a Reverse Flash trick because i really don’t want them to end up together, and i don’t get how many times Iris can refuse Barry.

anonymous asked:

I'm just so sad about this book thing. I'm not angry or disappointed just straight up sad. I just believe in their love so much and I want to see them happy and in love and I know it sounds weird but this "platonic friends" thing is really a punch in the gut. I mean for all we know they might not actually enforce it in the book and they obviously might actually have been just friends all those years but I just can't help feeling sad. I want them to be together so bad, God knows why tbh

you’ve put the thing into words

Rats are so HANDSOME, I just love them so much!!!! I am too sleepy to string together anything coherent but I love their noses and their whiskers and their eyes and their ears and they are just perfect animals, I really do love them so very much. I guess that is obvious since I have a lot and they are spoiled and all but sometimes people say “Eww rats!!! Gross!!! How weird!!” and I want to make them go sit in a bathtub and get covered by dozens and dozens of rats until they realize that what they are saying is wrong and they are being foolish and they should reevaluate their opinions because rats are great!!!!!!!!!!!1

anonymous asked:

After someone asked about Cross gene videos I thought i'd do the same, I was too scared to ask before lol but do you have any links for Uniq things? I didn't want to get into them but it's difficult, and now I really want to to get into them and find out more. Thank you!!

Haha, y’all are always welcome to ask me about nugu group videos and information, my goal in life is to talk about groups like UNIQ and Boys Rep and Cross Gene enough that other people have no choice but to get into them.

Ok, so UNIQ doesn’t have quite as much because they’re newer, but here’s some of the stuff I watched to get into them!

  • UNIQ: The Best Debut: Three episode show of UNIQ just doing random boy band things. The highlight is seeing their dorm and seeing Yixuan wake up the other members
  • Happy Camp: I really love Happy Camp in general, and this was hilarious. They do some “acting,” Yixuan does a hardcore girl group dance and Sungjoo smacks himself in the crotch
  • MTV Music VIllage (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): Part 1 is Yixuan waking up the members (again), part 2 is them playing a game and 3-5 are an interview/more games!
  • Let’s Dance (EOEO and Falling in Love): This is just. Beautiful. They do the EOEO choreo in slow motion and do an “ab parade” I feel so blessed.
  • UNIQ Life (Yixuan, Sungjoo, Wenhan, Seungyoun, Yibo): really short cute videos of each of the members just being themselves

Random stuff I haven’t watched but plan to:

There’s actually a ton more because there’s an amazing Youtube channel called UNIQ ENG SUB and if you ever run out, I would just suggest going there and working your way down because there’s actually a lot, it’s just that a fair bit of the early stuff appears to be Chinese or Taiwanese shows rather than Korean ones, so people might not know to look for it!

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im so frustrated with zayn. we have been there since day one supporting him and loving him and he literally just drops us like that. I thought that maybe everything was okay between zayn and the boys after he thanked them in his speech but it's obviously not after today. I mean ZAYN AND LOUIS HAVE MATCHING TATTOOS FOR GODS SAKE. HOW COULD HE DO THIS TO LOUIS.

here is the thing - it’s not even about the fans. it’s not how he’s treated us (because he hasn’t really done much to US) i’m offended on how he publicly calls out his “best friend”, his “partner in crime”, his “bus 1″ on twitter

Spontaneous // Nash Grier

Hey guys :) here’s an imagine!! I love writing the for you guys but I’m going through some stuff right now so sorry if I don’t post as much, but I’ll really try, I just don’t want them to suck :/ love you guys so much💜

I walked up to Nash’s house and opened the door since he leaves it unlocked.
“The Queen is here,” I joked as I placed my hand under my chin. I hugged all the guys as usual and plopped myself down on the couch between Nash and Shawn. I I’ve been friends with the Magcon boys for a long time, and we always had movie nights together, and today it was at Nash’s house.
“Guys can we please watch Disney?” I whined.
“Yes!” Shawn exclaimed loudly from beside me.
“Peter pan!” Cameron said and we all agreed with him. Hayes went to go get the movie and we all just talked with each other as we usually do, nothing out of the ordinary.
“I really like these shorts,” Nash said as he poked my shirts which had sunflowers in them.
“Thank you, I also like them,” I smiled.
“But then again you could pull off a garbage bag,” he laughed. I smiled widely.
“Pleeeeaaassseeee,” I laughed as I leaned on his shoulder. Hayes started the movie and we all sat down and glued our eyes on the screen as it started. I jumped up and down since I was really excited and Nash placed his hand in my head to hold me still, causing me to laugh. I stayed still and leaned back and pulled my legs up to my chest as I watched one of my favorite disney movies. Suddenly, I felt hands move around vigorously on my sides, causing me to squeal and smack Nash’s hand away, but he kept going.
“Nash, stop, please,” I laughed as i squirmed around, trying to get away from him. I moved and my face was really close to Nash’s, and I wanted to kiss him so badly, but I can’t. I’ve always had feelings for Nash but I always told myself it was stupid and that I can’t date him because he’s one of my best friends. He paused for a second before continuing.
“Say I’m the best guy in the world,” Nash said.
“You’re the best guy in the world!” I screamed. Suddenly his fingers were gone, and I let out a breath of relief.
“Can you guys shut up now? Go flirts somewhere else!” Taylor said. I turned red, but no one could really see since we had the lights off.
“Seriously just fucking date already!” Sammy groaned.
“Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?” Nash blurted out. What? Did he seriously just spontaneously ask me that.
“Uhm..uh..yeah of course,” I smiled, and he returned it just as wide. My god was he adorable.
“Yay!! Otp!!” Cameron screamed as he stood up and threw a pillow. I blushed as I turned to hide in Nash’s chest.
“What are you doing?” he mumbled.
“I’m embarrassed,” I laughed.
“Why?” he asked.
“So much attention on me,” I said.
“Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss!” the guys cheered simultaneously. Nash turned to me.
“Can I?” he asked.
“Of course,” I smiled as I wrapped my arms around his neck and our lips attached. I never thought the day would come where I would be kissing Nash. Everyone screamed, but I felt as if it was just me and him in that moment, no one else. I pulled away and smiled confidently.
“You guys are my favorite, now let’s continue,” Matt said as he played the move.
Nash wrapped his arm around me and I leaned into his side as he kissed my forehead lightly. A few minutes ago I was a girl with a stupid crush, and now I’m his girlfriend.

twenty one pilots is like a friend thats there for you when you need them, with the best advice, someone that gets you more than everyone else, and when they say they understand they really do understand. But they give you hope and make you feel better. they’re like crying on someones shoulder or a deep, long hug, all wrapped up into specific lyrics and a beat. i just……. i love twenty one pilots

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nonbinary fun ghoul wearing patches and pins saying 'fuck the gender binary' and 'not a fucking boy' and 'i don't have a gender i'm just hardcore' and wearing 50's style dresses under xeir leather jacket and xe, genderfluid poison, agender kobra, and bigender jet star celebrating when they find lipsticks in the zones and one day they find a whole makeup bag and everyone is supportive and fucking vicious to the ppl misgendering any of them (also this blog is so fucking important i'm gonna cry)

fuckkkk i want all those patches for my jacket too???? ahhh nb fun ghoul is so good trans killjoys are so good i love this so much

(also this blog is really damn important im so glad to be part of it tbh)

// mikey

erurihange asked:

sometimes levi and hange try to give each other massages, and although they try to make it all romantic and sensual they lack the tact to even get close to being romantic. theres just shit jokes or rambling theories the whole time and usually ends up with them wrestling or something. plus their muscles are just too sore that it hurts more than it feels good so usually they just settle for sitting in the warm bath water and crying over their sore muscles because DAMN theyre getting old

Thank you so much for this you absolute babe I needed this image after this shift jesus CHRIST

I hella love the idea of Hange being really scientific about massages, and instead of being relaxing and calming with nice warm, scented oils, she gives like…sports massages, just butchers the muscles and Levi is just like hell fuckin’ no NO what we need is a damn bath, and Levi actually tries but he’s never been all that good at gentle and you’re right, he’s so uncouth he just takes any element of romance out of the situation. Hange tries to enjoy it anyway, but she ends up snort-laughing at his shitty attempts at romance and he gets huffy because he was trying dammit and he ends up throwing her into the tub and he sits in beside her and just folds his arms and refuses to talk to her until she snuggles him like the big baby he is with Hange. 

northernprepitude asked:

Hi! I want to buy a pair of Kendra earrings and necklace, but I'm not sure which one... Which Kendra do you think is the most versatile/is your favorite? Have a blessed day!

Hey! I love Kendra Scott so much! 

Earrings: I would probably recommend the Elle, Danielle, Skylar, and Alexandra styles. They all are very classic, and I absolutely love all of them. It really just comes down to your preference. If you are worried about them being too heavy/large, I would stick with the Elle or the Alex (which is the smaller version of the Alexandra style). If you want a pair you can wear everyday, I really like the Skylette studs.

Necklaces: You definitely can’t go wrong with the classic Rayne necklace. It really goes with almost every outfit, is easy to throw on, and is perfect for any season. The Harlow is another great option if you are looking for that perfect statement necklace. I personally am obsessed with their delicate necklaces- I now have 4 and wear them daily (not all at the same time, but I rotate). I really love the Isla, Elisa, and the Dylan. 

Choosing a color: This is something that I get asked very frequently. I almost always recommend choosing a neutral for a starting piece. The white, pearl, slate, black, and iridescent are all great neutrals to pick from as they universally match every outfit (especially if you wear a lot of bright colors and patterns like I do). However, if you wanted to pick a fun color and/or you have a more neutral wardrobe, I think the green, cobalt, turquoise, magenta, and bright red are all great color selections that I do think match quite a lot and flatter the majority. 

Hope that could help! 

I always do this thing when I get really into a TV show. As it gets closer and closer to the last episode I actually slowly stop tuning in for new episodes or, if I’m watching on Netflix, I just stop watching all together. I actually dread watching new episodes because it means I’m one episode closer to the show being over and I get interested in so few things that I don’t ever want it to end so I just…stop watching so that I never really have to face the fact that I won’t ever get new content. I do the same thing with video games. I hardly ever finish them cause I don’t want the story to end. I even do it with fucking books!

And now I’m doing the same thing with Supernatural. Like I love SPN so much and Cas is even in this episode but I don’t want to watch it ‘cause ugh I don’t even know this sucks and makes zero sense. I’m so lame.

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips on how not to get stressed/so overwhelmed with whats happening all the time bc i kinda think its starting to affect my studies and emotional state hah. i love them, i really do but this is all just so much to take in, even when knowing its a stunt.

Yeah, tumblr has distracted me a bit as well. If it’s effecting you emotionally take a break for awhile. Log out of everything for a few days and live life normally. You might miss some stuff but it’s honestly better not to be caught up in the emotion of the initial reaction.

I took argendriel‘s advice and started playing infamous second son recently, it’s really nice but soon after I started the game my brother told me that I should play the prequel first…so soon after I arrived seattle, I switched to first light…and we finished it yesterday! that mean I can continue my second son playthrough now yay.

I think first light is really a fun game to play, though the play time is not that long, ..and I think I really like Fetch, a lot XD I hope Delsin can meet her in the main game? consider they are both great graffiti artists, I would love to see them paint together :D btw I think Fetch should be waaaaaaay powerful than Delsin???? that power blast and speed running…sorry Delsin, I like you but Fetch is just so much more impressive ( well at least up to this point ) And Reggie could probably take care of her too, I think he won’t mind having one more little sister by his side? you know, he already got one big kid to look after right now, what big deal it would be to take another one in…? XDD (so Reggie is the mother hen of this game? I already like him )

Please, put it DOWN!

“So, what are you doing today?” Bo asked you.
“Not much, just laundry I guess.” You reply.
“That’s not fun. Let’s do something fun.” You shake your head.
“Bo, I’ve really got to do laundry.”
“Fine, I’ll go with you.” He was always up for something, contrary to popular belief.
“Ugh, fine.” You reply “but we gotta go now, so I don’t have to use the washing machine of doom.” You and Bo had been friends practically since birth. It made sense that you two went to the same college together, then move into the same apartment complex.
“How about the lady from 2B?” Bo asked, walking next to you in the hallway.
“Nah man, she’d eat you alive.”
“That’s the plan.” He winked. There had never been romantic feelings between you two, mostly because you were gay. In fact, you often set each other up.
“What about 4D?” You say.
“I’d date her, she’s cute, but super Christian, so you’d never stand a chance.” Bo replied.
“50 bucks says I bed her by the end of the week.”
You really had a lot of laundry to do, so much that you and Bo both carried very full baskets into the laundry room in your complex. It only had two people in it, an older gentleman who smelled like cat piss, and conveniently, the girl from 4D.
Bo nudged you, giggling.
“Put up or shut up.” He whispered.
You walk over to her, and start making small talk. Bo was going through your laundry, and you-for whatever reason-thought nothing of it. You looked like you were making headway, you really are very charming when you want to be.
“Yeah I’m about to graduate.” 4D had a cute, soft voice. “I’m going into law then-”
“Woah what are these?!” Bo suddenly said, interrupting 4D. In his hand was the worst pair of granny panties of all time.
“Bo…” You warned.
“(y/n), is your grandma in town?”
“Please Bo.” You were getting angry, speaking through gritted teeth.
“Please what?” He was grinning from ear to ear
“Please, put it DOWN!” Your cheeks burned. Bo was still laughing, but put them back. 4D made some excuse and left. You turned and started at him.
“Come on man. What the hell?” You half yelled.
“I couldn’t let you win. I did what I had to do.” He was unapologetic, and you wish you could stay mad about it.
“Asshole.” You smiled.
“You know you love me” Bo said.
“I don’t know why.” You reply, shoving him.

atomasome asked:

Your keychains are so adorable. I literally just spent $30 buying all of them, I love everything about them! :)

DUDE THANK YOU SO MUCH, honestly the response to these is just Mind-Blowingly Amazing and I really can’t thank you guys enough!!!