im remembering all these stories now ok. wheni was little i would play pokemon figures with my friends and stuff and we would come up with continous plot lines for them and stuff and one of the plots was mew had to get surgery cuz she had a rlly big hairball in her stomach from licking herself too much. anyway so i was really excited for mew to get surgery i just loved it so much i dont know why i think i was just possessed by a demon for a good portion of my childhood

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I want to know why you like Maribelle (don't get me wrong, I love her. Probably one of my favorite Awakening characters).

It started out with me noticing a lot of hate for her character when FEA first came out. I actually didn’t focus on her too much at first, but I decided to go through her supports as soon as I got her in game just to see why people didn’t like her and I was very surprised.

Her supports had so much depth of character in them. I feel like you get a really good grasp of how strong of a character Maribelle is when you go through her supports with others.

Firstly, when you encounter her in the game, she was captured right? Maybe at first, you think it was an obvious thing because she’s some aristocrat’s daughter but then later in her supports with Chrom, you find out that the reason she got captured was because she tried to parley with the brigands in order peacefully stop them from assaulting the towns/villages.

Not only did she do a really brave thing, but there’s a few things you find out later that back up her actions. 1. She wishes to abolish the social status between the aristocrats and the common folk because she believes that it should be the dignity and character of a person that determines value not their money. So she’s not just going to run away and watch the people around her suffer. She’ll stand up for them in order to protect them because they’re people just like her, even if they’re not an aristocrat. 2. She felt obligated as a person who had some power (since she’s an aristocrat) and because she wished to help Chrom and Lissa knowing that they would either get involved in this dangerous mission when they already had a lot to deal with.

Then later going through her supports with Lissa, you find out something about her personality. We can all tell that Maribelle is sassy as hell, but you dig a little deeper and find out that her haughtiness was not always appreciated/well controlled. She was considered a pariah and unappealing aristocrat because of how snappy she could be. But Lissa reached out to her, became her friend, and she felt like this was a second chance at being a better person. Her friendship with Lissa not only encourages her to try harder at being more amiable, but also provides the reason as to why she’s so protective of Lissa.

Back to Chrom, you also find out that by being friends with Lissa, Maribelle has been childhood friends with Chrom too. And while I’m just a big sucker for childhood friend OTP’s, there’s more to it.

Maribelle aims to be a judge so that she can fix the judicial system, and aims to make social reforms that would help people. Not only does she have amazing ambitions, but having a good head on her shoulders and being Chrom’s childhood friend, I just can’t imagine anyone else other than her or Robin being Chrom’s wife/Ylisse’s queen. 

Sure she may be sassy, but the kind of person Maribelle is doesn’t stop her from having all those ambitions and more. 

Additionally, her personality can even lead her to being a really fun person too. Ex. her supports with Robin and Brady(or well Brady+his dad). Getting back at Robin in a clever way or pranking her own son. It’s great. 

More over, she can support so many people so you get to see THAT MANY more sides of her. She’s good friends with Ricken, and admires his character even if his family’s reputation has gone downhill. She tells Libra that it doesn’t matter what background Libra comes from because she believes every person has the right to happiness. And there’s SOOOOO MUCH MOREEEEEEEE!!! *screams* I can’t even cover everything.

She’s such a powerful and well developed character in my mind. Having all that background, depth, and ambition doesn’t make her OOC either. asjdflakjd okay I’m getting tired from all the typing but I think this sums it up pretty much. :’D



hey, loves. this is my first follow forever and i don’t have photoshop right now to make a really awesome pretty picture to go w/ this so here enjoy my old ariana grande gif because she’s adorable…

i just wanted to thank you for being so sweet & amazing anddd i also wanted to thank you for following me and supporting me with all your love and kindness - i love you and i appreciate you so so so so much!

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Do you ship sebaciel?

I was wondering how much longer it’d be till someone decided to ask this lol. 

Yeah, I do! The chemistry between those two in the manga had me in love at once, so yeah, I really love them together. 

 Now, please:

-if the question was out of curiosity, I hope my answer was enough

-if after reading my answer anyone’s gonna try to be preachy about the ship, don’t even bother, I won’t pay attention at all!

-if you wanna talk about how amazing those two idiots are, you’re more than welcome to message me (✿◠‿◠).

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idk why i just thought of this but i remember a gifset you reblogged the other day and it was a grumpy faced Niall then a soft faced Niall and Im thinking about him fucking you so hard that you put your hand on his tummy and tell him to go a bit slower so he goes all soft and cuddly and fucks you slowly and being all cute and I really want cute sex with Niall rn:(

but that’s one of the best parts. slowing them down with just a press of your hand to their tummy or thighs. no words need to be spoken. and as much as you like it rough and love feeling him thrusting deep into you, nothing beats that slow heavy drag of his cock, slipping just past your opening to hit right at your g-spot with teasing tiny rocks of his hips. GOD HELP ME

okay i love the amount of draco on my dash but i’m noticing a lot of images/fanfic of a still-very-young draco with astoria/harry/hermione/ginny/whomever he’s shipped with at the time where they’re in charge of malfoy manor and there’s no reference at all to lucius or narcissa? what do people think, that these two just stopped existing after the war? i don’t understand. jkr has said that neither of them went to azkaban afterward, and as they were born in 1954 and 1955, each of them would be 42-44 (depending on when their birthdays fall) at the time of the battle of hogwarts. that’s a little young to be kicked out of your house so your son and his spouse can take over the family, even in the muggle world, and considering wizards and witches live much much longer, that’s… really young. i’m all for the draco love, but can narcissa and lucius have some respect, too, please? they do exist and ran wandless through the battle to end all battles to find and protect their son, so i doubt he would repay them by taking their home out from under them or wanting his fans to treat them like they’re irrelevant. thanks.

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ok but the line "im just a pearl, im useless on my own" when thought of in combination with pearl's tendency to isolate her feelings from the other gems (esp steven) in order to seem more composed and self-assured is a fucking heartbreaker tbh. as much as i am Shipping Trash(tm) all i really want to see is pearl love and protect herself to the degree she loves and protects others. im sorry this is so rambly and odd but i have Feelings and figured you were a good ear to lend them to

yeah, that’s part of the dream here. i really want pearl to learn how to love herself and to stand on her own two feet. honestly, it’s probably best for her health that she figures that out before getting into any relationships anyhow.

friend ship really was kind of a sobering episode in a week of sobering episodes.

but also pearl deserves to be loved, in the end? like badly? being in a relationship wouldn’t necessarily negate any inner strength or love that she may find. and also amethyst deserves to be loved badly too so like

I have made a terrible, terrible mistake.  “I’ll just skim through the Shepard/Liara tags, just to drop a few posts into the queue, it’s not like–”


I really fucked up my afternoon with this, shit.

thank u guys so much for all the sweet messages my inbox is flooded with love and support and although im not in any state to really reply to them just know ive read every single one and u guys are the only reason im smiling right now. i love u thank u♥

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Hey! Firstly: i Love this blog!! But I've got a question...i am totally ok with my chubby body, but my breats just don't fit the rest. They are so tiny while the rest of me is so big 😁 and i am really struggling to accept them...i just don't know how 😔

Hello love bug! Let me first remind you that bodies come in all shapes and size as you’ve noticed on my blog. With that said, I have learned that when it comes to body parts we don’t like so much, we have to give it a little extra attention. I for one have an issue with my tummy. I would be so much happier without it. Recently, I saw the most amazing photos of a lady embracing her entire body in a nude photo set. I was in awe of her confidence. From that moment, I decided I needed to start accepting what I have and faulting it. I now will pass by a mirror and think that my belly is not so bad. I rub it and jiggle it a little, and just love on it. I started to stop tucking it away in my jeans and just letting it be how it is. Boobs darling are the best! Play with them, hell let someone else play with them ;) Dress the girls up in something lacy and sexy. You have many options to make your breast more lovable. All this to say, you have to learn to love you. All of you. It for sure is not easy, but once you do, baby you will be unstoppable. I encourage you to submit photos on here and let others uplift and support you. You are beautiful inside and out, never forget it. Thanks for the message!


anonymous asked:

Hi, I just wanted to say that I love all of your writing so much. Heck, I would probably read your to-do lists if you let me, not gonna lie. I was also just wondering if you were working on anything specific lately, any prompts or full stories that I could maybe look forward to?

YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY NONNIE! Let me just snuggle in beside you and flail for a little while

I’ve been a horrible person lately and currently have 86 unanswered asks/prompts/headcanons sitting waiting to be written. AND I WILL ANSWER ALL OF THEM. I’m not ignoring anyone, I promise

As for specfic prompts and longer stories, I do plan on updating Thoughts of You some time this or next week. It’s been too long since I have written anything for it and it needs to be written because I cannot leave Stiles all broken like I did. It’s cruel!

I am also planning on starting up a Disney/fairytale Sterek series. For a long time I have wanted to do a full length version of The Swan Princess- the song This Is My Idea from the animated movie is so Sterek to me that the notion won’t leave me alone untl I write it in its entirety! I also very much want to do a Pocahontas AU. I just can’t decide if Derek or Stiles would be more suited to Pocahontas. I am thinking Derek would be a better fit, but they both have merit! So I am thinking about ways to bring them to life at the moment.

I also have a real hankering for a You’ve Got Mail AU. I have no idea if this has been done- it probably has- but until I find that fic I am going ahead with writing it myself. I just love the idea of Stiles owning a bookshop that belonged to his mom and Derek being this big bad commercial co-operation that Stiles hates until he realises he’s actually just this really soft, dog loving guy who he mayormaynotbeinlovewith. Also the snark in that movie is why I love it. I can’t not Sterekify it!

Currently, I am trying to make a fox!Stiles prompt work for a lovely reader of my fics on a03. I had meant to make it an AU, but I have kind of written it as canon with a horrible load of Stilinski family feels angst. I’m torn between starting fresh and continuing with what I have because I feel like the fox thing could ruin the Stiles feels thing I have going on. GAH. We’ll see.

I hope at least one of these things has piqued your interest, nonnie!


I don’t normally give shout out to games but Life is Strange is a game that I HIGHLY suggest. It keeps you on edge. Its based on your decisions. It pulls at you emotionally and you end up feeling so attached to the characters that even the slightest thing can make you hate or love them. It may end up being a bit too much for some people because it revolves around everyday life for the most part with just the simple fact of a girl can manipulate time.That’s it. That’s the only catch. But, I just really find myself falling more in love with this game through all the pain and laughs, the music is outstanding, scenery is amazing, its just really good!

im sorry im obsessed right now!

Dear Diary,

I’ve found it; the Temple of Miraak. It wasn’t too hard. All I had to do was follow the trail of dragon remains and the sounds of people being controlled by douche voodoo. A random group of the island’s inhabitants seem to be trying to reconstruct the parts of the temple that have deteriorated over time. It’s really fun messing with these people that are under the influence. You can pretty much do anything to them and they won’t stop what they’re doing. Even intense tickling. Boy, are they focused.

Anyway, here is what I’ve learned about Miraak so far by just observing the outside of the temple:

1. He loves reviving old, hideous architecture. Most likely a nerd, and not the cool kind.
2. No one likes him. People won’t work for him even if he pays them. He has to rely on mind control. What a tool.
3. He hates dragons, which would explain the skeletons everywhere. What kind of Dragonborn hates dragons? I mean, I know that we have to kill the ones who are Team Human Domination, but come on, they’re practically family!

Well, I guess we should go check out this stinky, old ruin and find some answers.

bleedingcap asked:

How you choosing pallets for your arts? It's really so warm and I love your coloring so much! It makes your arts special.

Thank you that is so sweet of you to say! <3 <3 

I work a lot from things called “mood boards” which are small collections of inspiration and reference. I keep them open while I draw so that I can look at colors I like then mix and match from there. Here’s an example of a mood board I use a lot: 

I also reuse a lot of pallets from other drawings I’ve done and just change the colors a little bit so that they aren’t exactly the same. 

nekonagisa12 asked:

I have a question, why do you ship Connie and Pearl? Like nothing against it just really really curious

I’m just gonna repost what I put on the ask-ponnie blog. My love for Ponnie came as a surprise. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do, because I was just drawing it to take heat off other artist who loved it. However, since I’ve been drawing so much of them together they just grew on me. I enjoy their dynamic that I (and many other artists) have created with their personalities. Like I say with all ships, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense or have any real reason canon wise to work. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity and of course making sure characters are properly aged so as to make it as friendly as humanly possible.

So short answer: I ship them because I like shipping them. It’s just all in good fun.

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the fact that you answer so many questions from your fans! It is really refreshing to see an author take time out of their day to answer so many messages :)

I appreciate getting them!

12) Who is your favorite artist who Em has collaborated with? Why?

While I really love him and Rihanna, I definitely have to go with Skylar Grey. They just have so much in common, and their chemistry is just so strong. They both have a chill, laid back personalities and they really seem to inspire eachother. They are both kind of awkward and insecure on their own, but together they seem so comfortable and strong. Skylar also has this mysterious depth about her, just like he does. I really love and respect them both so much. Their collaborations always end up being so powerful.

anonymous asked:

I showed my friends one of your comics cause I thought it was cute and now they're like eww that's furrys! That's so gross ew please don't tell me you like furrys that's disgusting. But I kinda do like furrys now I feel ashamed :c

You shouldn’t. It’s your preference and they’re not really “friends” if they diss one of your preferences like that. Get rid of them and find some new ones. If they disrespect anything you enjoy like how you just explained, then I guarantee you they will react the same way to your other interests. Seriously, get them out of your life.

Good luck and much love.