does anyone remember when fairy tail was like,,, for kids


when it was about natsu’s motion sickness and not the fact that he is actually the most powerful of zeref’s demons

when it was about gray’s stripping habit and not the fact that he swore he’d destroy E.N.D. and the fact that he probably still thinks juvia’s dead

when it was about erza’s eccentricities and not the fact that she’s faced horrors from her past who have fought and tortured her

when it was about happy being an obnoxious, sassy cat and not the fact that he’s struggling to keep his best friend alive despite the fact that he’s the most powerful demon in creation and lots of people indirectly want him dead

when it was about lucy being a whiny girl and not the fact that she’s willing to fight and die for her guild, her family, after losing so much, willing to fight people much stronger than herself and look danger and pain directly in the eye for the sake of her friends

when it was about wendy being clumsy and not the fact that she has become so strong, and is able to fight and fight well and defend those she loves

just,,,, idk man i’m so proud of them they’ve come so far and developed so much

I hate how people sayin that Sirius would be the one to scream his love at Sirius like really? Ok wrong,Remus would be the one screamin like a 6-year-old like




and when Sirius returns the feelings like he’s been waiting for this

“fuck you,black”

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Hi! I'm reccing a really amazing fic I just finished reading. It's called 'kill strike trigger' by llethe, and is one of the best post catws stories I have read, with great interactions between Sam, Bucky, Nat and Steve, a realistic, heartbreaking look into how hydra broke Bucky, and writing that keeps you on the edge of your seat through every chapter. It deserves much more love than it currently has. Thanks!!

Thanks for the rec!

Kill Strike Trigger by llethe

Rumlow actually smiles and crackles “our puppet, like you,” his voice so quiet and the words so distorted that Barnes just barely makes them out. He tells himself that they’re just words, and they’re just words designed to elicit an emotional response. It’s been just two months; there’s nothing HYDRA could have done by now, to make those words true. Right?

A story of how far three people will go to bring Steve Rogers home – and of how far HYDRA will go to bring home their Winter Soldier.

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holsom + misunderstandings and/or jealousy :)

Ok, so I’ve never written this pairing, and also I’m kind of terrible at remembering which is which because I always just see them as a unit anyway. So I’m very sorry if this is terrible. But I tried. Also this is sort of like this post.

Logically, Ransom knows he has nothing to worry about. There’s no reason why Holster would lie to him. They just don’t do that to each other. Ever.

And yet….

It all started when Holster canceled on their usual bro date of beer and MarioKart. He claimed he had a group project he had to work on and that time was the only time his group could meet. Ransom believes him because Holster’s told him about his group and how lame they are, and he totally understands.

Instead he hangs out with Bitty and Jack and Shitty, and he and Shitty eye each other, silently communicating how Jack needs to get his shit together and ask Bitty out because Bitty is not subtle about his feelings for him. It’s fun though and when Holster doesn’t get home until after he was already in bed, Ransom was too drunk and kind of passed out to notice.

Ransom figures they’ll hang out the next day, but Holster gives him the same excuse. He’s decidedly disappointed because he kind of needs his daily Holster fix to stay sane, but it’s not a big deal really. They share a room in the same house and see each other almost all the time anyway, so it’s fine.

Except that when Hols doesn’t come home, Ransom is… worried.

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how are things going with you and lettelle?? your challenge vids on youtube were sooo cute, you two give me LIFE <3

things are good~ great, really!! she’s wonderful. i love her so much it’s kind of overwhelming? like i think about her and how important she is to me and how much she’s helped me with my confidence and self-worth in the past two months and it’s just?? mind-boggling. i don’t know what i did to deserve her.

and thank you for the kind words!! i’m glad you enjoyed the videos, we had a lot of fun filming them~ C:

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Sleepy Ticcidrowned hcs? uvu

yaaasssss so manyyyy

Toby probably has night terrors but doesnt want to wake ben up so he just cuddles up to him and hides his face in his hair

Ben has the biggest thing for crawling into peoples hoodies and sleeping there.

Toby gives Ben forehead kisses when he wakes up in the middle of the night

Ben has a lot of really nice dreams about toby and in the morning he likes to very poorly describe them to him with slurred words and a dumb smile on his face

Ben falls asleep in tobys lap like a cat and now toby is obliged to never move again because he’ll wake him up.

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Hi, just wanted to say I really love the blog you have going here! The games were how I first got into touhou so it's great to see them being appreciated properly!

Thank you very much! (*^▽^*)

there are a lot of great bits of dialogue but I think I just encountered my all-time favorite banter

The Iron Bull: You know, Seeker, I really like hitting things.
Cassandra: (laughs a little, you can hear her VA smiling) So I gathered.
The Iron Bull: I knew you’d understand!

Like, these precious nerds!! Bull just sounds so pleased, so proud of himself for connecting with her. Good job Bull, you just leveled up in friendship.

And Cass is obviously a bit bemused, but how often does she get plainly spoken approval like that? Not a lot of the other companions will just come out and say they like her. I think she appreciates that, and their uncomplicated friendship with clearly defined boundaries based on hitting things. He accepts her as she is (even if she’s not quite as into fighting dragons as he’d hoped) which isn’t something people often do– her uncle wanted her to be a proper noblewoman, the Templar order didn’t accept her after her brother’s death– she’s used to people not liking the entire Cassandra Pentaghast package. But Bull does, and she affirms their friendship often and clearly, because that’s how she does things. If she likes someone, she tells them.

Honestly, I love their relationship so much. Bull doesn’t just respect her, he likes her. He makes a point to spend time with her and train together, and she makes a point to say the enjoys fighting by his side. If you save the Chargers, she says, word for word, that she wouldn’t trade them for any alliance. 

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🎁💥🐼 of the emoji asks :>

i did 🎁:)
🐼 if you could meet anyone, who would it be and why? probably louis or harry for obvious reasons but im not sure i havent really thought of it like a crazy amount. maybe cara delevingne cause she was like one of the first lgbt+ people that like Reminded me of me that i saw in the media and that helped me come to terms with my sexuality.
💥 what are some unpopular opinions that you have? oh lordy i got many. the most unpopular opinion i have is that i Hate halloween-i love fall with all of me but when it comes to halloween i just , dont. i also like love every 1D song but one of my least favorite songs by them is right now and everyone else Loves it rip. i dont like bacon (i mean im allergic so). i dont like most breads (like loaves of bread like this 🍞😷). i dont really believe in the warning selfie theory🙊. OKAY IVE SAID TOO MUCH IM GONNA GET DRAGGED.

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I have a question. If all of you were to ever think about marriage, how would you all propose?

[Wirt] Huh. That’s certainly a hard question, though I admit I’ve thought about it before. I’ve always imagined a traditional proposal. You know, like I’ll take them on a date and then at the end of the night I’d propose under the stars. I always imagined them tearing up and Dipper would probably tackle me with a hug. Norman would be too stunned and not say anything, so I’d have to pull him into the hug as well.


[Norman] Uh… I haven’t really thought much about it… I guess I would just propose? I don’t know if that makes sense, but I guess if future me really loves them, I wouldn’t be fusing much about how to propose to them, I’d just go for it and hope for the best. Of course, I’d try to make it special… But I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.


[Dipper] Okay, okay, okay, Mabel’s been nagging me about my reoccurring habit of making lists, but this one is important! The idea of marriage is really growing on me, especially after thinking about this for weeks. So first, I’d take then out to dinner, like anybody would, and push it off like it’s just another one of our dates. They’ll push it off too, and we’ll enjoy ourselves – hopefully, since I have yet to choose which restaurant we’ll be going to. Anyway, then we’d watch a movie, but definitely not at a movie theater! That’s like, one of the least romantic places to have a date. I mean you’re stuffed into a room with a bunch of other people! Besides, I can cuddle them without people judging us if it’s not at a movie theater. THEN! Just when they think I’ve fallen asleep, I’ll “wake up” and tell them that I forgot something. And then—

[Mabel] DIPPER! You’re making a list again!?

[Dipper] It’s not really a list, more like a plausible plan! But anyway, like any reasonable person would, I’d wait in our bedroom with flowers and the rings until the two come and find me and that’s when I’d propose to them! It’s fool proof! … More or less.

[Mabel] (She sighs.) I’ll start planning your wedding.

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How would any of them help a s/o who freaks out about the fact that they are in space? Like avoiding windows and triple checking to make sure there is enough supplies?

This turned out to be really cute I love this so much


  • is honestly a little weary too and can totally understand their s/o’s reservations about space
  • Pidge does a butt ton of reassuring like hand holding and hugs
  • distractions are always a plus, so they spend a lot of time just generally trying to get their s/o to forget about the whole space thing
  • when their s/o can’t sleep because of it, they stay up and talk for hours until they can’t keep their eyes open


  • the two of them are a little bit of a mess
  • if his s/o starts freaking out he may also follow suit for a while
  • he gets super curious about food stocks and him and his s/o sneak into the stock rooms every while to check
  • as for avoiding the windows, he slowly starts introducing them into the idea tat they may be here longer than they like, so they are going to have to face their fear


  • when his s/o opens up to him about their fear, they’ll end up talking an awful lot about it
  • he has a lot of feelings he needs to iron out too, like homesickness, so he finds huge benefit in talking their fears through
  • also they probably get really worried for him since he was almost flushed out of an airlock
  • Lance is really good at diverting conversation when they look like they are about to panic big time


  • grabs onto his s/o’s hand when they pass a window together because he knows how they feel about the vacuum that is space being so close
  • his s/o probably spends a lot of time in the training room with him as there are no windows in there
  • s/o also probably doesn’t like sleeping alone, space is a large expanse and it’s easy to overthink things when they are on their own
  • he also asks Coran on the sly how food stocks are going, just so his s/o doesn’t have to worry


  • he’ll listen to them if they wanna talk about it - like for hours if it gets it off their chest
  • he’ll sit with them by windows if they think it will help them and try and make constellations if the ship is stationary
  • when it’s moving, they probably won’t deal with it well alone, so he always seeks them out before they get going
  • if they look particularly nervous, an arm around the waist usually provides ample comfort

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okay THAT EPISODE WAS SO GOOD Melissa freaking killed it as per usual!!! What's ur thoughts??


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I just wanted to let you know that I got my books from the kickstarter - I'd held off on reading them until I had physical copies - they are so lovely and lush and full of such wonderful things and your art makes my world a better place and I appreciate you and the work you do every day. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much! I’m really proud of this book.

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Honestly you gays are so cute together and i wish so bad i could tell my amazing gay crush i love them but i am such a shy bean

!!!!! hmmm well i can give u ways to communicate???

me n erin draw stuff for each other?? and its gay hehe hes been drawing them when i fall asleep on call so that i wake up to it and its super cute tbh,, i love him sm someone help me,, so for example heres one i just made

and other things u could do is um!!! just be up front about it i suppose! im not really shy about telling erin how much i adore him,, and id like to think that the openness allotted is one of the reasons were so close??? so!!! just talk to them and be open abt how u feel and stuff!!

other than that!! hmm id say dont force it? if it happens it happens but th eworst way to go into a relationship is to force it and then not be urself yknow!

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Heya, I just wanted to say... Heya, and thank you for making this page. You've helped me and any others understand a lot about the show and eased us into it. Although I'm super scared about coming off anon- for some pretty good reasons but I don't really want to get into them, I love you so much thank you for everything you do ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Aw you are sooo welcome! I’m so glad my blog has helped you and thank you for your lovely comments! <333 

I’ve found the robron/emmerdale fandom to be a pretty welcoming bunch so if you ever do come off anon, I’m sure you’ll fit right in! :)

anonymous said: I’m from France and we don’t have (in my opinion) such good actors or productions here. This emmerdale soap, or downton abbey or so many BBC dramas… they are so GOOD. And You, who run this robron spoilers, Thank You for all your work. Bravo les Anglais !

oh wow bonjour! :D It’s so great how there’s robron/emmerdale fans all over the world. All these people connecting over our little village soap. Aw I love it. :’)

Just really wanted to say how proud I am to be a part of this community!!! We may not be the most perfect fandom out there (then again, no fandom is perfect X3) but we care about each other, and we love and accept each other so much, that if ANYONE begins to have some really dark thoughts, we’d come straight by their side and help them immediately!

Jaxon, I’m so glad that you’re doing okay! Just know that we are here for you no matter what! We never leave a fellow markiplite behind ♥♥♥

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Hello! I'm still new to overwatch and all I know about the game is that I love all the characters and the things I've seen on tumblr! If u have time can u explain why reaper hates soldier so much? All I know is that jack got promoted instead of reaper and then an explosion??? Then the death but not really of them two and then hate for jack from reaper? I just don't know what happened canonly!Thank u if u can help!

hope u have fun w/ overwatch friend!!

jack and gabriel used to be close friends until a rift happened between then that was likely initiated by the fact jack got promoted instead of gabriel - it is not explicitly stated in canon but i like to believe gabriel was Far more qualified for the position. it was gabriel who led against the omnic crisis and won, but instead of promotion he was given to blackwatch. blackwatch was the covert ops division, and essentially gabriel was tasked in doing all of overwatch’s dirty work, so given a shitty job to do shitty things when he saved the world and didnt get the recognition he deserved, and instead all the credit went to his friend (again, my own speculation, not canon: i also like to believe jack just outright didnt give gabriel credit either and all the glory went to his head which only furthered to tarnish his and gabriel’s relationship) .  the explosion that happened was when gabriel and jack fought in the overwatch swiss base and where the two “died”. again, the explosion was caused by their fighting, it was not premeditated on either side (some ppl think gabriel did it but he didnt!!), and gabriel believed he was left to die (overwatch thought he was truly dead, gabe thought they deliberately left him to rot) and became reaper when picked up by talon. 

 so basically gabriel is Very Bitter (rightfully so!!) i hope that clears things up somewhat!! 

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Your really cool! Your way better than your friends, what low standards... You should leave them behind and keep building onwards!

Wtf are you talking about?!?!
My friends are so talented!!!!!! They need to keep climbing up and continue to do what they love to do! They have so much potential and such high standards!!

I’m just a lil can.