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1. Who is your favourite character? Why?

This is… really hard to answer oh dear. I love so many of them so much, the characters in this show all have such nice flaws and personalities. I think I’ll talk about Yurio here, because he was one of the characters I first felt super drawn to (apart from Viktor and Yuri). Hes so angry and small but he has so much heart and I could see there was a lot to his character just from the first couple episodes. Being around support from Yuri and Viktor helped him open up and I love how much development so many of the characters get in the series in general. I just. I want to hug Yurio.

2.  Which YoI episode is your favourite? Why?

… Episode 7 is… Pretty good. 8′) 

But I also really enjoyed last weeks episode 9 with the reunion of Viktor and Makkachin and the moments with Yurio and aksdnkajsdaksdjask help I’m in this show too deep

3.  What is your favourite Victuuri moment? (if you ship them)

If I ship them haha HA A aHA aa ha *takes sip of tea*

I adored the hand holding before they did the forehead touch thing and when Viktor and Yuri celebrated the scores and he did the ‘hug-lean-into-ear-and-whisper-suggestively-and-smile’ thing. That hit me right in the feels. But apart from the kiss, I also adored the hand kiss in episode 9. *sighs heavily* what the heck is going to happen this week god help me.

9. Which character’s country lies closest to where you live?

I’m a bonafide Canadian, hello.

yall i just love red velvet so much, they’re so deserving of everything good in the world i mean they’re so talented so beautiful and SO LOVED MY THEIR SENIOR GROUPS IN SM I MEAN JUST LOOK AT SUHO AND SHINEE’S LOVE FOR THEM???? but like, they’re so incredibly brilliant and each member is unique and gives SO MUCH to the group. they produce nothing but BOPS and deserve so much more than what they get from sm. im just so grateful for each member. they make me really happy ok

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Regarding cutting your hair short -find a female celebrity (for example Emma Watson) that you personally like who has short hair -especially if it was made into a Big Thing when they cut their hair- then go on tooting their horn about being soo inspirational and how you consider them a huge role model and want to be brave and bold like them and cut your hair. If your parents are iffy about short hair not being 'feminine' enough, pushing for a big female icon might just change their minds.

Ora says:

This is exactly what I did! My mom was really iffy about me cutting my hair short because she didn’t want me to “look like a boy” so when I wanted to shave the sides of my head, I brought up Rihanna and how much I loved her and how good she looked with that haircut. A couple weeks of talking about my love for Rihanna actually got me the haircut I so badly wanted.

He Tian is smiling in almost every panel!!! he is such a happy boy!!! like finally his huge as flat is filled up with people he loves im so glad! I just really super duper love their friendship!
Zhan xixi and Jian yi are so perfect I mean!! They..are just so nice?? and He Tian and Mo just both need exactly that kindness? they where both so lonely and sadd it breaks my heart to see them all together having a good time! An Red might not show it to much but its so good he has true friends now! And he is all blushing and being cute aw with his tall boyfriend I just want to thank old xian that after all those times we where broken and we cried that…we now got this beautiful gift from heaven so blessed, so thankful, never taking it for granted 🙏🙏

OK so I deleted this, but you know what screw it (I’m not speaking on behalf of anyone ok)

As a brown woman, I was so freaking excited Aladdin and Jasmine were coming to the show. As a kid, I really latched onto that movie, because these were characters that actually looked similar to me, and that still doesn’t happen often. We got the lovely Karen playing Jasmine! The charming Deniz as Aladdin! ODED FREAKING FEHR as Jafar!

I just feel like we didn’t get nearly enough of them? I’m always team main cast, but it feels like they were barely there. Maybe I’m being irrational but can you blame me? As much as I love Elsa, I had to watch Frozen take over this show. Ursula was the first QOD to leave. Mulan gets shafted time and time again. Lancelot appears and then he’s forgotten about. Guinevere was put under that gross spell and forgotten about. Lily was a young Latina girl who grew up to be a white woman. I mean Merlin was awesome and one of the most powerful people ever, and he was killed and forgotten about.

It just feels disappointing that these three classic characters, who actually had a huge connection to main character’s Savior story, weren’t used more. They were such a highlight for me this half, but ever since their centric, we haven’t seen too much. Of course I selfishly wanted more of them. It just kind of hurts when it seems like this is a trend for POC characters on this show.

I know Karen confirmed she won’t back until 6x15. I really hope they’re done justice in 6B. I hope the Agrabah adventure is awesome.

Honestly my favorite thing to see on my dash is sweet posts people make about idols who aren’t their bias. Its like, even though they aren’t your number one they are still so amazing and you love them and just needed to tell somebody about it. I love that.

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If you had to ship bts with your mutuals, who would you ship with whom and why????

ooh i love these

seokjin + @sweatae : i haven’t talked to fel that much but her humorous and sarcastic vibe just fits so well with seokjin’s personality? like i feel like she’s really funny and sassy and cheeky and would mess around with jin a lot.

yoongi + @minyooengi : anna’s love for yoongi is so beautiful holy moly, her and yoongi would mesh really well, i can see them loving each other so much and going on cute dates together ahhh

hoseok + @hobssoftie : wow, my favourite hoseok stan. if emilia isn’t the purest and most beautiful hoseok stan the world, then u gotta get a reality check. her love hobi is just soooo pure and cute, i can totally see her supporting him and caring for him in a relationship. she also gives off a pretty cheeky vibe too, and her personality as a whole compliments hobi’s loving sunshine persona.

namjoon + @pjkook : i feel like sienna knows how to get shit done and is also super smart and has a really ambitious personality that clicks so well with namjoon. intellectual people just work so well together. she’s also such a cutie and compliments namjoon’s soft and adorable personality.

jimin + @jiminsguns : okay but the first thing i thought of was jimin and levi hitting the gym together and then after that cuddling and being cute with each other fuhseisdjgsvjk they’re both just so adorable and i could see both of em loving and taking care of each other.

taehyung + @bwingle : tae and jojo are p much my parents. i feel like jojo’s enfp personality just fits sooooo well with tae. they’re both precious rays of light and fun and loving and i feel like they’d be the ultimate partners in crime and blessings to the earth at the same time. 

jungkook + @yahjiminie : idk man, aira is a fierce ass goddess and her and jungkook together would be the ultimate god couple. i feel like she compliments jungkook’s soft to no chill persona really well.

Imagine watching Hallmark x-mas films with Namjoon
  • Him teasing you at first bc who even watches those??
  • Snuggling on the couch
  • Him getting really emotionally invested in the film after the first 5 minutes
  • You teasing him back bc is he really crying rn?? 
  • “But they have to be together!!”
  • Both of you crying at the end bc it’s just so beautiful and cringey
  • Deciding to watch five more bc they’re kind of addictive and watching his reactions is just too much fun

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I'm going to try and find some examples, but I feel like I've seen the love shot where it's on Barry.

Barry wouldn’t surprise me too much, really. I mean….

Originally posted by coldsflash

I wish this had the camera looking down on both of them honestly that would be so much more interesting here. 

I’m just noticing the shadow on Leonard’s face right now though. Huh. Got the two-face effect going. 

I want to cry at how endearing literally all five members of knk are. Like I genuinely love every single one of them which is rare for me but nope I truly love all of them. Their 8x speed dance pretty much killed me, too.

And it’s really obvious that they prepared for asc like they practiced their English and tried to talk in english rather than just have it be translated… I admire that about them they try so hard for everything… I’m (crying emoji)

Newt is precious DONT ARGUE

Let’s just…..

Ok, so Newt Scamander. We all love him, yeah, because he is a precious little cinnamon roll. But can we appreciate how precious he really is?

Like, he loves his beasts so much. He saves them and keeps the safe and stops them from extinction- how sweet can you get? But he genuinely does the best he can for them, I mean, imagine the effort he has to go through every single day, sometimes more, to feed and look after all of those animals. I for one know I would not have that type of patience and would get annoyingly cranky. To him, his beasts are his family, and each addition is as important as the other.

And oh my word, he doesn’t really get in there with fighting and all that. Like, he is never angry, or well violently angry at any points. Sure, heartbroken, *cough* DONT STEAL HIS FAMILY *cough* But he only really joins in to help Credence- and he doesn’t try to hurt him. (Of course he wouldn’t because he’s that precious) He gets Tina to help- none of that oh I’m a man I can do EVERYTHING macho-ness you sometimes get in characters.

And Kowalski. Just, Kowalski. This man is one of his few friends, and even before he properly became friends with him, he wasn’t rude in any way. (He only got him involved in “illegal” activities but you know that’s life.) And I actually felt tears in my eye when Newt said he liked him. I have never seen that on-screen in a straight male before. He threw away that stupid stereotype that men have to be macho and emotionless, for his friend. Oh my god, and at the end. The note with the silver eggs?

Excuse me, just crying over how cute he is.

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Hey can i request a set of Negan/Judith interactions from the ep... I mean TOO CUTE! and then emm also every other scene he was in haha no, i just wanna say though thank you so much for all the Negan sets you make i love them so much, they really brighten my day for sure and I'm sure it takes a lot of your time so as always Thank You :)

Sure! I’ll put that on my list <3 LOL don’t worry, we have an twd hiatus coming up and I get the feeling every second of the season will be turned into gift before the show comes back next year! Just be patient lol <3 awww thank you! That’s so sweet and sooo nice to hear! Seriously, thank you! <3

so many of the songs on the latest Seventeen album are about the fear that someone is going to leave them…idk what I’m trying to say but it just got me in the feels…I love them so much because it’s like they know exactly what I’m feeling and this fear of abandonment is really something that has become real this year after several friends left me, so thank you once again Seventeen for somehow understanding my heart so well 💓

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Okay hi, so i just somehow found your blog and I read about the Cinderella au und I'm a liiittle confused because is that a thing that you're drawing (your drawings are amazing btw! Saved that eye drawing tips to try later!) or writing or something? Because it sounds SO COOL and I would love to read that au if someone writes it :)

Thank you so much!

I personally tend to just come up with various (read:too many)aus and draw things in relation to them, usually a few doodles and maybe the odd short comic. I don’t really have the patience or the talent to write a fic based on them. But if someone does happen to get inspiration from any of my aus, they’re more than welcome to write or draw whatever they want based on it. I’d love that!

(P.S. High-five for that url)