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can you write something about Ford getting roses before/after a show?? (either from the smh team or from a cute girl)

Of course! (It got a bit long though so the rest of it is under the cut.)

She still remembers the first rose she ever got.

It was the first time she had ever performed on stage and even though she didn’t enjoy it and she was simply one of the characters in the chorus, it meant that someone thought she’d done a good job and that was what mattered. 

Getting roses was one of the very few things that Ford missed about stage managing.

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Could you write about platonic love (one of the best kinds) 💕

Platonic love is often pushed back, hidden like the stagehands of a performance. Platonic love is long lasting, and just as real and deep as romantic love.

It’s taking a roadtrip across the country, music blaring in the background and singing off key. It is holding hands while waiting for news and then hugging excitedly when it all turns out for the best. It’s that stuffed animal you’ve had for years that you hardly remember getting, but couldn’t imagine life without.

Platonic love is knowing the moment you’ve connected with someone. Knowing that you could talk for hours on end or sit in silence together. Like when you go to the beach, there’s a soft, stillness to it with a hum in the background of the rolling waves and blowing winds.

Platonic love is saying “I love you” and it being said in return as often as you need it to be said and even when you didn’t know you needed it. It is the soup that’s made for you when you’re sick, nourishing you and making sure you’re better than okay.

It’s stargazing at night and talking about your pets and then about the meaning of life. It is the feeling of falling asleep and knowing you’ll be back in bed when you wake up or wrapped in blankets and made comfortable.

It’s feeling nervous to go on stage and having that voice in the back of your head telling you how great you’re going to do and how proud they are of you. It’s that warm feeling in the middle of your chest and in your stomach that you get when you hear your name followed by a tight, long-lasting hug.

Platonic love is finding people who give you the feeling of home. It is finding your platonic soulmate and wondering why they took so long to find you. It’s like looking up at the night sky and being a little scared at how expansive it is, but finding comfort in knowing it’s always there, surrounding you with the light from the stars and the moon. It’s like finding the right words - not always easy, but always worth it.


In addition to starting Generation G once the heir poll closes, I’ve been considering doing an alternate universe story with Fiona and Rochelle. I just really love them so much. They’re my couple I’ve fallen in love with I think. I scrapped the Not so Berry idea because I just didn’t have fun with the challenge. I think writing this story for them could be fun.

I’m still planning and thinking things out, so this is in the way early stages. I hope it wouldn’t be too confusing to do this. I’d have a tag or banner for each thing I’m doing.

Would you all be alright if I did this? Would this be too confusing?


“Story” - Luck and Logic op. English cover by Nathan Sharp

….supposedly for @quiethistess-deactivated2017041… Supposedly… although I sent it to her already… it…kinda feels empty right now… Or is it just me.
Ahhh but anyways, the KuKi will live so long as I’m still here as well! I just really love them together so much xDDD <3


Yoseob, Doojoon and Dongwoon are all the same. They care for their fans so much. They care about little things like saying caring words to our fans. They want to have a lot of shows for our fans. Those kinds of things seem to be basic things for them. 

i believe they ALL do care for their fans in their own ways, but perhaps these three are the ones most insistent in actually showing it and letting their fans know :’)

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I can always recognize a dayafterdae post instantly because they always feel so genuine and your love for the EXO members is contagious. Thanks for brightening up my dash!

Hello thereeee!!!

Ahhhhhhh you’re making me all shy now :3 I’m too far gone in the depths of EXO’s black hole – everything that i type in the tags is probably what i’m really feeling. I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH ;;

Anyway! I’m glad you feel this way and it makes me happy knowing that the stuff i post or reblog brightens someone else’s day! Thanks for sending me this, and have a great day ahead!!! ILY ♡♡♡

Femslash February

[12/28]: Luna Lovegood/Hermione Granger