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Probably going to be the craziest question ever but I gotta ask someone. What do you think having Jerome Valeska's baby would include?

Well, since you asked…

•Being afraid to tell Jerome your pregnant for fear he’ll abandon you
•Eventually however, Jerome finds out you’re having his child
-“You really thought I wouldn’t find out doll?”
“No. I just really hoped you wouldn’t.”
•Let’s be real, Jerome wouldn’t be the happiest discovering he’s going to be a father. He’d definitely have his doubts.
-“But what if the baby doesn’t like me?”
“They’ll love you Jerome.”
•Jerome hoping the baby looks like you
-Except he wants the child to have his red hair and contagious smile
•Giving you back rubs and running to the grocery store in the middle of the night to buy food to satisfy your cravings.
-“I want pickles and ice cream.”
“Pickles and ice cream? Sure thing doll.”
•Receiving lots and lots of love and affection
-Constant forehead kisses and compliments
•Both of you arguing on the gender of the baby
-“It’s going to be a girl Y/N. I can feel it!”
“Really, because I think it’s a boy.”
•Jerome not being able to be in the delivery room/hospital with you since he is a wanted criminal. But once you get back home, Jerome can’t help but to fawn over your baby girl.
-“I told you it was a girl.”
“Shut up Jerome and just hold your baby.”
•The baby falling asleep in Jerome’s arms and crying every time you try to move her to her crib.
-“See, she loves you Jerome.”
“Yeah and I love her. But I was kind of hoping she would sleep in her crib so you and I could make some more babies.
•Overall being a loving, slightly dysfunctional family


This.. is amazing..

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I feel there is very little, although very strong, evidence for Tythan. We just need to see another year of these guys together to collect the juicy evidence :)

I really hope that it’s real because they are so perfect together. But even as ‘just friends’ they’re perfect af.

Imagine if they come out and then we might get lots of Tythan pics from them??? Like Tyler saying something cheesy like 'took my boy out for ice cream’ or something with a pic of him and Ethan eating ice cream whith Tylers arm around him tightly to prove Ethan’s his and ughh! Can you imagine that???

OR A PIC OF ETHAN WHERE HE’S SLEEPIN ON TYLER and then Eth is all pouty when he finds out

I’m very sorry my hand slipped and all that came out cx okay Imma leave now


Authors Note: This idea came to me after reading the lyrics to a song for a completely different request. So thank you @bradlea23! Anywho, I hope you Chris Evans ladies enjoy especially @always-an-evans-addict ! I hope I’m not too late for the challenge and if I am, I’m so damn sorry! XOXO

Trigger Warning: Angst, Profanity, Fluff, Smut

I could hear Dodger inside of the house going crazy. Chris’ laugh caused a smile to race across my lips. A smile that had been absent for the past few weeks. I knew that my presence would surprise him. Oh well. I needed someone to talk to. Someone who would understand where I stand right now.

“Hey! What are you doing out in the rain psycho,” he exclaimed pulling me into the house. “You look…terrible!”

“Thanks,” I laugh it off with him as I hang my coat on the door. “Hey, buddy.”

Dodger squirmed between my legs as I walked to the couch. He was excited to see me again especially since I was one of the first people he met since Chris got him. He handed me a beer and sat across from me. Smile on his lips. “It’s been a while. Where have you been? Pick a date yet?” As the words slipped from his lips, I saw his eyes staring at my hand. The ring that was once sitting there glistening in the light was simply gone. A memory.

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Crystal would of been better if it stayed 100% faithful to the manga instead of maybe 70-80%, I dont understand why Munehisa Sakai changed things like THE Venus Beryl thing. Venus kicks ass in the manga but they took that moment away from her.

To be honest I never wanted a 100% faithful adaptation because the manga is problematic has things that can be hella improved. I would’ve loved a 70-80% faithful adaption because there are a lot of cool things that never happened in the classic anime and other things that aren’t that good that could’ve been improved or changed or removed altogether.

I don’t get either why Munehisa Sakai He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named decided that.

A lot of people claimed it was censorship… but wasn’t Crystal supposed to be targeted at women in their 20s-30s?.

Removing Venus’ iconic moment of stabbing Queen Beryl and replacing it with Sailor Moon killing Queen Beryl by destroying her necklace was bullshit and anticlimactic.

Before Crystal came out, I was really hoping to see the real Sailor Venus; the leader senshi (she never had that role in the classic anime) so it was really disappointing to see how they took that moment from her

RIP in peace.

I genuinely can’t believe that actually happened… Like this is such a big step for CBBC. Two teenage/young adult girls in a romantic relationship? On one of the channel’s most popular shows? (Although admittedly I am still skeptical that they are in a romantic relationship until I get more solid confirmation)

I love Robyn, I think she has so many layers yet to explore (and hopefully they will get explored) and the potential for Katrina to be bisexual considering her past attraction to men is so important to me (I really hope that does get confirmed in some way)

CBBC has had a few same-sex couples before, but they’ve always been adults as far as I’m aware. But now, this is a relationship that younger children have a stronger chance of identifying with - characters closer to their own age. 

This is just so incredibly important and I’m so happy, I really hope this is real and they are going in the romantic direction. But then again, I’ve been burned by this sort of thing before. I just hope they don’t shy away from making it explicit that they are a couple (If they actually are…)

Finally a submission from a fan! I really hope you’re real babe.
My TGIF would be complete if I can meet you😍 Do submit your pictures babes and hmu if you wanna star in my adventures

im pissed off


honestly why the fuck.

i have a few problems with this.

1. this isn’t confirmed but as far as we know, miles is 15-16 and gwen is 19-20. which is pretty gross, but marvel isn’t the best when it comes to age differences (ex. oro was 12 when she first lost her virginity to t’challa when he was 16-17). but it’s 2017???? do better.

2. after the events of civil war II and all the stress miles was put under, do you really think this is a good idea? like, i feel like…….. there are other things to focus on rather than implement a romance to the series. i’m really tired of authors throwing romances at their audience once they can’t figure out another story line for their character. its tiring. it’s old. and i’m sick of it.

3. i’m a little put off but black and white relationships in marvel because it seems to be the only ships they can come up with? i’m. tired of it actually. I can think of a number of other people who are poc to ship miles with. black and white relations are not the only form of interracial relationships.

honestly this isn’t confirmed as far as i know but i really just, hope. this isn’t….. real. i’m tired.

funny story, so when i came up with the theory that whip was t-bag’s son many weeks ago, i would jokingly call him w-bag to @splitscreen as a temporary name.  and i told her, “i really hope that when they reveal his real name that it starts with a d so he can be d-bag.”

and then they revealed his name is david, and i about screamed.

oh, the bagwells.

t-bag and d-bag.