vkook taking a shower
  • Taehyung:jungkookie !!
  • Jungkook:wait what the fuck are you doing in here im taking a shower hyung get out
  • Taehyung:but we're late and I really really really don't want to smell bad /pouts/
  • Jungkook:no stop—fuck hYUNG STOP THIS IS MY PRIVACY
  • Taehyung:/slides into the shower/ why, is little jungkookie embarrassed
  • Jungkook:what do you mean little jungkookie-
  • Taehyung:of course little jungkookie here /points at Jungkook's head/ and little jungkookie down heeerre~ /wiggles eyebrows and points at-
  • Taehyung:you're cute awe little jungkookie is so cute I want to tie a bow around him
  • Taehyung:you're right, it does. it kinda sounds like I'm talking about your little-
  • Jungkook:nOT little but okay okay stop just—take your stupid shower and get out
  • Taehyung:okay just let me reach for the shampoo- /reaches his arm over Jungkook's head, leaning into the other's chest/
  • Jungkook:stop stop too close man- /presses his hands on Taehyung's chest and leans into the wall/
  • Jimin:/bursts through bathroom door/ jEOON JUNGKOOKIE IM COMING IN-
  • Jimin:/drops towel/
  • Jimin:/gasps dramatically/
  • Jungkook:oh
  • Taehyung:hi jiminnie it's a little squished right now you can come back next time !!
  • Taehyung:oh shit

but just think about being Luke’s girlfriend and him wanting to go to the beach because “it’s such a nice day out, babe” and you really want to go and have fun with him but the only swimsuit you have is a couple years old and you’ve gained some weight since then so you make up some excuse to not go. well Luke sees right through that and asks what’s really wrong because “you love going to the beach.” you figure it’s useless to lie so you tell him that the swimsuit in your drawer probably doesn’t fit anymore because you’ve gained “like, a hundred pounds” since the last time you wore it and Luke just stops you with a sweet kiss on your lips and says “I think you’re beautiful no matter what size you are, and I wouldn’t care if you wore long sleeves and sweats to the beach, as long as you were with me” and he kisses you again and says “but you might get really hot in sweats so just be careful.”

Dog left in car dies. DO NOT LEAVE PETS IN CARS!
Fidji, a 14 months old boxer, has died yesterday due to being left in car while his owners were shopping at IKEA. He has stayed 4 hours in the heat until some

I do not care how “sensitive” you are, I hope everyone watches this video and realizes HOW horrible it must be to die this way, suffering in agony. Hopefully it will help to raise awareness about the risks of leaving your pets locked in a car. The consequences are absolutely DEVASTATING – as it can be seen here – and treatment is unfortunately often unsuccessful.
There really is no excuse for locking your pet up in the car, not even for five minutes. If you have to take them with you in the car, it is your responsibility to keep the animal out of harms way. If you can’t do that, then don’t get a pet in the first place. 


제발 좀 잘난 척하지 마 Please stop being a phony
알고 보면 네가 제일 불쌍해 You the one who’s really pathetic
그래 날 더 자극 시켜봐 Sure go ahead and excite me
잠깐 재미라도 볼 수 있게 Maybe we’ll have fun for a moment

돈 쫓다 권력 쫓다 명예만 쫓다 Run after money, power, fame
가랑이가 찢어져 자빠질 테니까 Your legs will split and slip
사랑 좋다 우정 좋다 말들 하지만 They say love is good, friends are good
각오해 뒤통수가 시릴 테니까 But be prepared, back of your head may be cold

Hey doctor doctor 날 좀 살려줘요 Hey doctor doctor Please save me
확 돌아버리겠으니까 I’m about to go mad
어설픈 말들로 둘러대지 말고 Stop with the sloppy excuses
Hear me say


맨정신이 난 힘들어 It’s hard being sober
아무것도 할 수가 없어 I can’t do anything

맨정신이 난 제일 싫어 I hate being sober
너 없인 잠들 수가 없어 I can’t go to sleep without you

시간은 더럽게 안 가고 나이만 들어 죽은 듯 살아 The time doesn’t pass, I age, I live as I’m dead
할 일은 더럽게 많은데 하고 싶은 건 하나도 없어 So much things to do but there’s nothing I want to do

세상이 내겐 차갑고 The world is cold to me
남 시선은 따갑지 Other’s eyes are harsh (‘따갑지’ means harsh, prickly, but '뜨겁지’ which sounds similar mean hot. Contrasting with the previous verse)
어른 같지만 어린아이 작은 키만 훌쩍 자랐지 I may look like a grown up but I’m just a child, just way taller
어릴 적 낭만은 사라진 환상 Childhood fantasies become lost illusions
내 기분은 광활한 광야 I feel like vast field
사람들은 날 이해 못 해 People can’t understand me
나도 몰래 맛 가볼래 I want to go just go

취해라 취해 천국으로 가 Get drunk Drunk to go to heaven
깨고 나면 지옥, 얼마 못 가 When I wake up its hell, it doesn’t last long
난 지금 시금치 없는 뽀빠이 I’m a Pop’s Eye without the spinach
이런 나를 유혹하는 웃음 폭탄 That smile bomb seducing me

Hey TAXI TAXI 날 데려가 줘요 Hey taxi taxi please take me away
이곳은 너무 힘드니까 cuz this place is too hard
며칠 동안만이라도 숨 좀 쉴 수 있게 So I can breathe at least for few days


맨정신이 난 힘들어 It’s hard being sober
아무것도 할 수가 없어 I can’t do anything

맨정신이 난 제일 싫어 I hate being sober
너 없인 잠들 수가 없어 I can’t go to sleep without you

시간은 더럽게 안 가고 나이만 들어 죽은 듯 살아 The time doesn’t pass, I age, I live as I’m dead
할 일은 더럽게 많은데 하고 싶은 건 하나도 없어 So much things to do but there’s nothing I want to do

Without you 모든 게 두려워 Without you I’m afraid of everything
네가 없인 깜깜한 이 밤이 차가운 세상이 This pitch black world without you, the cold world
난 너무 힘에 겨워 I’m just too tired

Without you 아직도 이곳에 홀로 남아 Without you, the one who’s still here alone
너 하나만을 믿고 이렇게 기다리는 내가 Me, waiting here just for you
바보 같잖아 No No No I look like a fool No No No

맨정신이 난 힘들어 It’s hard being sober
아무것도 할 수가 없어 I can’t do anything

맨정신이 난 제일 싫어 I hate being sober
너 없인 잠들 수가 없어 I can’t go to sleep without you

A little tough love.

At some point in your life you have to get it together. Let go of the past, face your depression, forgive, go back to school, hustle I mean the list is endless ..do WHATEVER you have to do in order to get your life in order. No more excuses, no more “taking breaks” your time is now, look around yourself do you really want to be where you are now in 5 years? Or do you want to be somewhere better? I believe in you, yes you reading this. Whether you’re a single parent like myself, a young man with bright ideas, a high school drop out.. it doesn’t matter. You current situation doesn’t have to be your PERMANENT situation. You could contribute so much greatness, but the world will never know if you don’t get shit in motion. No more excuses.

My life is really lonely; Everyone comes around and makes me feel important for a few days or weeks and then acts like I never mattered (because i never did).

Its always in cycles too, i either have a ton of people around or none. Aside from Hannah I can think of maybe two people who have an excuse as to why they don’t really talk to me, everyone else just… Doesn’t.

The way I look at it, nobody is ever “too busy” it just matters where you are in their list of priorities. If someone can’t take 30 seconds to send you a single text not even once a day just once a week they obviously don’t care about you.

The Week is Full of Spiders:

DAY 3: Favorite Quote Day

“Do you dream, mon? I interpret dream for beer.”

That’s the town of Undisclosed in a nutshell. This run-down half city with more weirdos per capita than you’ll find anywhere outside of San Francisco. We should have that printed on the green population sign coming into town: WELCOME TO [UNDISCLOSED] DREAMS INTERPRETED FOR BEER.

- John Dies at the End, David Wong 

Is this really my favorite quote? No. I have so many and a lot of them have already been posted. I always liked that JDatE takes place in an unknown Midwestern town so I chose this quote. Also, I made this fake road sign and was looking for an excuse to post and now I finally have one. I love this though I have neglected to give it a background. I was thinking of making it into a sticker but we shall see.

For more of my JDATE week art:  buffalo art

For the rest of the JDATE week art: JDATE-WEEK

stuck in a abusive relationship

It just occurred to me while watching dance moms that Melissa is stuck in a abusive relationship with Abby. We know Melissa’s known Abby for 10 years. In that time Abby’s managed to convince Melissa that placing her faith on Abby is the best thing for them and there’s nothing Melissa can do about it since she's “stupid, idiot, can’t do anything, etc etc etc.”

Look at her response when Maddie mentioned that Abby made her cry. She wasn’t trying to comfort her child, she was making excuses for Abby’s bad mood as a result of having a lot on her plate.

They’re in such an unhealthy relationship. Melissa and the girls don’t seem to have enough support system to break away from the abuser. Mackenzie I can see being able to recover from this since she doesn’t seem as close to Abby, but I really worry about Maddie who’s has two of the most important people in her life not truly advocating for her emotional needs.


I’ve decided to confess the full extent of my Fairy Tail ships, so buckle up and be prepared, because you’re in for a bumpy ride.


  1. Gray Fullbuster x Juvia Lockser
  2. Natsu Dragneel x Lucy Heartfilia
  3. Gajeel Redfox x Levy McGarden
  4. Jellal Fernandes x Erza Scarlet
  5. Laxus Dreyar x Cana Alberona
  6. Loke x Aries
  7. Elfman Strauss x Evergreen
  8. Romeo Conbolt x Wendy Marvell
  9. Fried Justine x Mirajane Strauss
  10. Sting Eucliffe x Yukino Agria
  11. Rogue Cheney x Minerva Orland
  12. Mystogan (Jellal) x Erza Knightwalker (Edolas)
  13. Alzack Connell x Bisca Connell (they’re married, after all)
  14. Natsu Dragion x Lucy Ashley (Edolas)
  15. Bixlow x Lisanna Strauss
  16. Scorpio x Aquarius
  17. Max Alors x Laki Olietta (x Broom)
  18. Happy x Charle

I have no excuses, and I don’t really need to try to explain myself. Shippers are gonna ship, haters are gonna hate, and I’m going to ship whoever I damn well please! But I don’t hate on other ships if I don’t agree with them. I might give my opinion, or reasons why I don’t ship it, but I won’t outright tell you your ship is dumb (unless you’re shipping Mest x Wendy for fuck’s sake people, she’s like 12 and he’s like 24 give it a rest, he’s like her older brother and I don’t appreciate one of my favorite characters being treated as a joke, or as a pedophile, thanks).

Gruvia is my OTP, and Nalu is my former OTP so they hold places close to my heart. Gajevy is so cute it hurts, although they had a very rocky beginning and I hated them at first, and Jerza is simply meant to be. Laxana is very near and dear to me, and Lories just tears me up inside. I can’t stop shipping them. Elfgreen is so tantalizingly canon or close to canon that it makes me want to see their terrifying children every day. And the rest is history.

I honestly used to have a headcanon that Master Hades was in love with Layla Heartfilia a long, long time ago, even though the age difference is massive. Don’t ask how or why, just know that it’s a thing.

As I said, shippers will ship, so I’ll continue with the list.

What, you thought I was done?


Not going to lie, I have a few secondary ships as contingency plans, so that I don’t get too upset if some of my ships are split up.

  1. Bacchus Groh x Cana Alberona
  2. Lyon Vastia x Juvia Lockser
  3. Eve Tilm x Lisanna Strauss
  4. Laxus Dreyar x Mirajane Strauss
  5. Gray Fullbuster x Lucy Heartfilia

Here’s a brief explanation: I love Bacchus’ character. He’s quirky and fun and the only person who can out-drink Cana. I love Cana. She’s fucking gorgeous and powerful and was my favorite female character before I fell in love with Juvia. So, in the event that my Laxana hopes and dreams are drowned, I also approve of Bacchus. 

Gruvia is my otp of otps, but Juvia is my favorite character. Therefore, the reason that Lyvia is my second favorite contingency ship is because I want Juvia to be happy, and I feel like she could eventually learn to love the one that loves her, in the event that Gray never saw what she has to offer (which I highly doubt okay).

I have no excuses for Eve and Lisanna. When she first came back, my immediate thought was, “OMG you’re both tiny and cute I’ll ship it!”. For those of you who don’t remember, Eve is the snow mage from Blue Pegasus, part of the Trimens.

I think Laxus would dig “Demon” Mirajane. They would have some kinky sex. End of story.

Gralu, or Gracy, or whatever it is these days: hate to say it, since I love Gruvia, but I can see where this has potential. The interactions between Gray and Lucy are always good, whereas we Nalu fans are still wondering when she’s going to bitch at him for leaving her with just a note.

And now…


I even have a few of these! There are some ships I understand but still don’t ship because of better compatibility with others. They come after my contingency ships, and are ships I could possibly come around to, given time. Given a lot of time, sometimes.

  1. Natsu Dragneel x Lisanna Strauss
  2. Gray Fullbuster x Erza Scarlet
  3. Natsu Dragneel x Juvia Lockser

Short, yes, but NaLi is the classic childhood friends relationship, and although I believe that Lisanna has completely moved on, since she basically has told Lucy to stay by his side, I can still understand why people ship it. What I don’t understand, however, is the disgusting arguments and hate that flies between Nalu and Nali shippers constantly. It’s disgusting. And people who change Lisanna into a vengeful bitch for fanfiction purposes make me sick, because she’s a fucking angel.

Grayza? I don’t know what you call it, because I don’t care much for it, but I do see the possibilities. In fact, if you noticed, it’s the only other pairing I’ve listed for Gray (though I considered Cana, but they’re forever bros). They’ve been through a lot together, and when Team Natsu splits it seems like these two end up together and Natsu and Lucy end up together, so…yeah.

Navia fans, I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but I’ve started to see the possibilities. So much so that it might have been in my secondary ships, had I not preferred Juvia with someone that I know loves her (protecting my water goddess, you know). Just something about fire and water makes me grin, although I still think they’re much better off as friends. 

And there’s one more thing that I wanted to mention in this ‘shipping’ post: BROTPs. I can’t say I just have one brotp, but I do have a favorite, and then there are several others I adore. So, here goes!


A lot of the Fairy Tail members have sibling-like relationships with each other, so here I’ll mention several brotps and brot3s that I like and agree with. Also…brot4s? is that a thing?

  1. Gajeel Redfox and Juvia Lockser
  2. Gray Fullbuster and Natsu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet and Lucy Heartfilia
  3. Gajeel Redfox and Juvia Lockser and Pantherlily
  4. Gray Fullbuster and Lucy Heartfilia
  5. Lucy Heartfilia and Levy McGarden
  6. Cana Alberona and Juvia Lockser
  7. Gajeel Redfox and Natsu Dragneel and Wendy Marvell
  8. Gray Fullbuster and Loke/Leo
  9. Laxus Dreyar and Jellal Fernandes
  10. Gray Fullbuster and Cana Alberona
  11. Lucy Heartfilia and Cana Alberona
  12. Thunder God Tribe
  13. Gildarts Clive and Laxus Dreyar
  14. Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia
  15. Team Shadow Gear

So…my actually brotp is Gajeel and Juvia. They’re the best, okay? I have this headcanon that Gajeel constantly teases Juvia about her crush, and she constantly teases him about Levy, and then he shuts up, embarrassed. I also feel like it was the bright and cheerful and bubbly Juvia that drew him out of his (iron) shell.

Team Natsu; ‘nuff said. Of course, Happy counts as well, but for the sake of this post I’m sticking with mostly human characters.

And I’m just going to skip to the fact that I have so many brotps that include Gray. He’s just a cold, sarcastic, friendly guy. I just love his interactions with almost anyone, especially the minor cast.

I just can’t explain it, okay? Haha.

Anyway, this is it.

Here’s where I end this post!

Hope you guys enjoyed my confession, but fear not: I’ll probably always ship more pairings than I actually dare to admit, so if you’re ever curious, just ask.

anonymous asked:

What's it like having cerebral palsy? My sister has it too and I just want to understand her more. She can't talk or type so the only way we communicate is through her facial expressions. I've been talking care of her all my life. She's 19 now. I know it's different for everyone but maybe you have an insight or something. It's cool if don't feel like replying.

no it’s cool! I’m hesitant to speak for everyone because cerebral palsy can be so varied, but from my personal experience, it’s just more of a nuisance than anything else. One thing I’ve learned is that you really have to be comfortable with every aspect of yourself as a person because no one else is going to validate you. No one has ever really taken me seriously, which is annoying when you’re trying to build relationships and genuine friendships. I could kind of roll with it (excuse the pun) as a kid because I got doted on a lot longer than I should have been, but as an adult trying to have a career and get laid, it’s just obnoxious. It’s weird because on one hand you mature really slowly because everyone babies you, but at the same time you mature really fast because you get tired of ableist bullshit lol.

It’s a weird balance of being treated like a child/teen forever and fighting off emotional regression because of that, while at the same time developing a little bit of a superiority complex (in terms of like wisdom? idk) because you feel all alone in a sea of idiots. Lately, I’ve really been struggling to come to grips with the fact that I’m not actually a teen anymore because the infantilism is so pervasive and it’s really tempting to just go along with that mindset because trying to prove you’re an adult is nearly impossible. I can’t really explain how I feel, I know it sounds really strange but it’s becoming like a really deep psychological thing for me.

I realize this is super rambling and makes no sense. Sorry, I tried! Say hi to your sister for me.

anonymous asked:

Okay. I want to go back on this argument for a moment. cake shippers have begun to say that muke is abusive. But what they don't understand is that this is not hate for another ship, this is insulting REAL PEOPLE. It's like saying that MICHAEL abuses LUKE for real and this is not right when we know very well that they care a lot for each other. I conclude saying that using these excuses 'cause you can't stand other ship than yours is really selfish, childish and pathetic Sorry my English sucks:(


(and I know, seriously?? Hate on fics if you want, whatever, but to seriously suggest real life Michael is abusive like have you ever seen Michael. He’s the type of person who would cry for ten minutes if he accidentally stepped on your foot.) 

anonymous asked:

You should totally make a companion piece to your dealing with unwanted attention gifset for Killian about him always respecting Emma's choices and talking her lead, just to mess with those haters. He seriously spent most of his time waiting for her cues, and letting her be the dominant/leader and still those idiots cry rape culture because of 1 joke and some flirting while excusing much more problematic behavior from THEIR faves. Eyerolling so hard.

Yeah, you’re absolutely right, it’s ridiculous. But honestly, I think all those arguments have been made. When I made that gifset it really was meant to highlight all the different ways that Once shows, through the character of Emma, how you can identify and deal with problematic behaviour. (Although, fun fact, every example in there that involves Killian is from a situation where Emma didn’t know who he really was, where she reacted to him as a random stranger. I think that speaks for itself.)

We all know that Killian respects her and lets her take the lead. It’s right there in the show. And I think if people can’t see it on the show, they sure as hell won’t see it in any post I make about it.

As for the rape culture thing… I don’t want to get into it again, but suffice to say that if someone is genuinely concerned about that, they don’t go around using it as an insult or accusation for people they see as, essentially, victims of it.

So yeah, it’s not about that. It’s about trying to justify their dislike for a fictional character. It’s just rarara I don’t like Hook and I don’t consider my own opinion valid by itself so I have to justify it and shout it at everyone and start drama so I can defend and justify it again. Meh. :P

That said, I do like the idea of exploring that side of Killian… maybe I’ll think of another painting idea with that theme. But it won’t be for any haters, it’ll be for all you lovely folks who love what you love and don’t bring others down for it! ;)

anonymous asked:

If you are ever looking for a new fragrance (for fall/winter times) I STRONGLY suggest Tom Ford Oud Wood. It is one of the best colognes I have ever worn/smelled. It doesn't smell like pre-pubescent teenage boys who believe that it is "cool" to lather themselves in axe spray deodorant and smell like they just spent 7 hours in an Abercrombie & Fitch store. Instead it truly smells like someone who spends their days in their home library in a silk robe and a pair of smoking slippers.

I have no idea who you are and I already want to be your friend.  I’ve tried this scent before and it’s gorgeous.  I really have no excuse to not move on to a new fragrance…mainly just stubbornness I suppose.


anonymous asked:

sorry to butt in but fucking hate when people say that bc its fiction it doesnt matter like. fiction plays a huge part on shaping the way we think and behave and it always has, and maybe some ppl are aware that it doesnt work like that but by excusing it you are reinforcing that idea for the people who dont. also lmao lgbtq+ ppl are so underrepresented but straight people cant let us have anything for ourselves

it’s ok please butt in because im tired of receiving the same message over and over lmao

and also im on my phone so i can’t really tag the asks anymore ;w;

lindenardenshighlights asked:

Yes, it's fun to have these discussions. But I wonder why we think there is an answer. Good, better, best? And why should 'reality' be the standard? For that matter, what is reality? Life is too short....

Please excuse that I haven’t seen the ask. I presume, you are referring to the “Battle of the giants” reblog?
Good questions! As I personally see it, it’s not really about finding “right” or “wrong” or a definite answer but rather about showing possibilities and different takes on things. I personally find it highly fascinating and enlightening to be confronted with views I would have never thought about myself.

- Pete

Btw: All admins of this blog can answer asks. ;) This is not *my* blog. I also want to stress that everyone can become member of this blog, so that you can post or reblog. No quota or obligation to do so.

anonymous asked:

oh my goh you fucking bitch why are you using a "panic attack" as an excuse to get asks?? that's so dumb you of you to do.

(……okay. first of all, you don’t have to be so rude to me like that. second, I wasn’t using it as an excuse; i REALLY was having a panic attack mainly because I’m going through a lot of pressure here in my home at the moment. I was at least hoping to get some drawing type asks that way I could at least get my mind off of things here and at least help calm me down. But since you’re the only one that actually sent me something, thanks for that. But as far as sending those mean words, it’s just bringing me into a more lower state in my f*cked up mess I call my life, so thanks for that too.)

-Foxxy Mun