Dear Non-Asian People

It should be common sense that Asia is a continent and consists of numerous countries and is home to a vast range of cultures. You don’t need an in-depth education on Asia to know well enough that Asia is not a country.

Today a certain question reared its ugly head again and I was asked if I was Asian. My sarcastic rebuttal was that no, I’m Italian. I am told that she didn’t know if I was “Asian or Vietnamese or whatever”. Yes. I hail from the great country of Asia.

Her excuse? Well she’s not from Asia so she doesn’t really care to learn about it. You don’t need to “learn about Asia” to know that Asia is a continent and there are individual countries within it. No one expects you to know every single country in Asia but surely you have been shown a map at some point in your life and have learned that Asia is one of seven (I will stress again) continents.

- Michaela

I honestly don’t see how people can’t see that Christopher only comes into Rory’s life when it’s convenient for him. He really only wants to be involved with Rory when he wants to be with Lorelai. He doesn’t seem to understand that he can have a good relationship with your daughter without dating her mother. 

Lorelai has said that she always gave Chris the chance to be involved with Rory, she never asked for sole custody or anything. I guess you could use the excuse that he was 16 and he wasn’t ready to be a dad, but Lorelai stepped up and took responsibility (yeah she’s the mom so it’s different I guess but still…). Also,Christopher wanted to marry her at 16, so once she said no he just took off instead of helping her raise Rory… If Lorelai had to grow up and give up her dreams to raise an unplanned child, why couldn’t Christopher do the same, or at least be there more often? 

He probably could have taken more responsibility once he had more stability with his job or whatever, but no, he’s still immature and irresponsible. He doesn’t even  visit his daughter in her own home town until she’s 16!  He doesn’t attend her high school graduation, he disrupts Lorelai’s happiness with Luke when Rory specifically told him to stay away! 

If people think he becomes a good dad after he starts paying for Yale in season 6, the they are so wrong. Financial support is a good thing (although R & E already had it covered), but it doesn’t excuse his previous lack of involvement in Rory’s life.

Christopher is just so unreliable, immature, selfish and not a good father. There are plenty of examples to support this and I can’t even list them all.

But take this for example: 

Rory: I can’t believe it. And he definitely said definitely?

Lorelai: Definitely.

Rory: So there’s a fifty/fifty chance.

Lorelai: I don’t know. He sounded pretty sure, I’d say sixty/forty.

I wanna address this

I see a lot of asks and posts calling Taylor stupid and shit for staying with Gerg. It really does bother me a bit, honestly.

I feel like some of you have never been in an abusive relationship, be it with friends, family, or a significant other. And, if you haven’t, great, try to avoid that shit at all possible. It’s really just shitty.

Having been in a verbally, emotionally, and mentally abusive household for a while and being in a similar situation with my first ex, who also raped me, I have a few things to say about Taylor’s situation.

While, yes, they can be a little shit, that doesn’t excuse people for saying that she deserves to be in the abusive relationship. Them being a little shit sometimes isn’t a good reasons to wish them to stay together with Gerg. I get tired of seeing this and I will not tolerate it if you guys send me asks about it.

See, it took me years to get free of my abusive relationship with my ex. I was with him for I believe five years, give or take. Five years of almost the same shit that Gerg does with his exes. Five years of belittling me. Five years of shtting on my family and making me upset. Five years of multiple attempts of breaking up with him only to have him turn around and threaten suicide so I would be guilt tripped back into being with him. Five years of lies, manipulation, deceit, etc. all so that he wouldn’t feel lonely or some shit.

I’m not saying this for sympathy or anything. But it was incredibly dificult to break up with my ex, what with all of the abuse and what have you. It’s difficult and I understand why Taylor may have gone back to Gerg. I don’t approve of it, clearly, but I understand. It could be that they wanted the normalcy of their life back and the fact that they cannot support themselves due to not having a job. But he could threaten to kill himself. He could threaten their child. He could threaten to hurt them. There are numerous threats that he can prob'ly make that I’m not thinking of. And it’s fucking disgusting.

I mean, we all saw what happened when Shiloh had a mental breakdown and Gerg sat back and did fucking nothing and was emotionless. He was void of any empathy/sympathy and had no fucking emotion at all. He was cold toward her. Do you really think that that’s normal? No, fucking of course not. Abusers don’t think of their actions as wrong. They think of their actions in relation to them and what benefits them at that point in time. They really don’t give a shit about anyone else. If it’s not convenient for them, why should they care. Granted, I think that there’s more than Gerg just not caring (like multiple mental illnesses), but I’m no doctor, so I’m not really going to go into that.

Now, this is me just making assumptions. I’m not at Gerg and Taylor’s place. I don’t know 100% of what’s going on behind the screen. I don’t know what is said between the two of them. But, if it’s anything like their Twitter feeds or Tumblr/Facebooks, I’m sure that it’s not healthy in the least. I’m sure that Gerg constantly gives them backhanded compliments or just straight up puts them down and guilt trips them or some shit. He prob'ly also severely manipulates them and makes them miserable. Like, there are comparisons from before they met Gerg and even in the begininning of their relationship to now, where she just looks so sad and dejected and shitty, like the life is being sucked out of them. And I know that feeling. It’s bullshit.

Let’s not shit on Taylor because they went back to Gerg. I mean, yea, they can be a shitty person, but at least step back for a second and think. Think about what you would do in this situation. What you would truly do. Not “Oh, I’d kick his ass and just leave” because, with abuse, that’s not really a big option. More than likely, you’d have gone back, too. And I’m not trying to be an asshole by saying that, but, more often than not, that’s fucking what happens. The victim goes back.

I feel like there might be more I wanna say, but this is what I’ve got so far.

something I really *love*

when I post selfies that have tags about begging cubby or fat, and body positive- but then I get anons saying things like: 

“no ur not” / “stop lying” / “don’t say that about yourself” / “I doubt it” / “you look too good to be fat" 

 …. excuse you? you don’t know me. You don’t know my body. You don’t have a right to speak on my body. Although I appreciate your attempt at “complimenting” me, it is not needed. I do not call my self “chubby” or “fat” in attempts to degrade myself. Being called chubby or fat isn’t a negative thing, I’m simply stating what I am. I am okay with this. But you have no right. 

Podfic Life Problems: When you need a VERY specific sound effect

I have recorded a podfic in which a wookie character has a lot of lines, supposedly all in Shyriiwook. Therefore, I am in need of isolated wookie noises that I can put under those lines. While I have found lots of sound clips of wookies on the internet, they are all either low quality or else have other sounds in the background. Therefore, I am going to spend some time this evening attempting to make wookie noises to my microphone. May all the gods help me.

So, I decided to stay home today, but immediately felt bad about it. Because I feel like I’m using my illness(es) as an excuse to skip school. But here’s the thing:

I’m super tired. I already took an extra nap, but I know I won’t feel even remotely energized today (or any time before the weekend, really). My IBS is acting up, so I am uncomfortable. My brain is kind of fuzzy and chaotic. I just don’t feel well, over all. I am not using my illnesses as an excuse. I am staying home, because I am unwell.

But as a spoonie, I am also completely used to feeling unwell. Feeling unwell is my normal. I hardly have days, where I am out doing stuff, and feeling well. And so I feel like I have no right to stay home, because I am so used to being out and about when I’m unwell.

If this is you today, I want to tell you something. You have every right to stay home and rest. Even if it’s just a normal day. Even if you’re not feeling worse than usual. Even if you feel better and more energized than usual.
You are under no obligation whatsoever, to spend your energy on other people. If you feel like you just really need a break, that’s ok. If you feel like whatever you’re supposed to do today just isn’t worth the spoons, that’s ok. If you want to spend your spoons on doing something you enjoy, that’s ok. Don’t let internalized ableism keep you from doing what’s best for you.

Now I just need to listen to my own advice…

anonymous asked:

My friend just got done w/ sasuke shinden and turns sasuke dont wanna go back bc he feels guilty, but at the end, naruto writes him sayin sakura wanted to ask him stuff so he goes back to see her.. so ig thats how they happened? Idek

Oh really , Thanks for sharing Anon. ^-^

I read the bit where it says he starts on the path to Konoha , but it isn’t mentioned if he actually reaches there. I mean they haven’t said that have they?

Also So Sakura’s “selfless” love was NOT the thing that pulled him back to Konoha , Sakura had to invent some excuse to get him there. That’s awesome and Sakura still so pathetic really.

I want to shake her and tell her– “drop it girl, he is NOT that into you”

Also it is sounding more and more like Sakura guilt -tripped him … Coz if Sasuke was already feeling guilty, he would have been easy to manipulate. By the way does it mention what he felt guilty about?

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All I want after that civil war trailer is fluffy Stuckony I swear. Like something with Bucky bear or some other really really cute thing, you know?

Well this picture is Stucky but if you haven’t seen it, it does have Bucky Bear here.

As for the Stuckony part of it, I gift you anon with a small drabble. I’m on my phone so please excuse any typos and I hope it helps with your Civil War feels. 

Tony had first seen it when Pepper dropped a picture of it on his desk. 

“Pep, where did you find it?” 

“It’s not an original. Someone on etsy is selling their remake of it.” 

Tony stared at the picture for a moment longer. 

“Order it.” 

Pepper smiled. “Of course, Mr. Stark.” 

It took another three weeks for it to arrive and by then Tony was checking the mail everyday. The package had a tracking number but what if it arrived early? 

If the FedEx guy was surprised to find Tony Stark waiting in the lobby for the package to arrive he didn’t show it. 

Tony couldn’t sign fast enough before he was in the elevator on the way up to the penthouse. 

He didn’t even open the package before he burst into the bedroom and coming to a slow stop. 

Steve and Bucky were sleeping curled up together in the middle of the bed. They had only returned from a mission the night before and Tony had been content to let them sleep the morning away. 

He glanced at the clock. 

The numbers flashed 2:35pm, he had let them sleep long enough. 

Then before he could overthink it, he slid off his shoes and jumped onto the bed, wiggling himself and the box in the middle of the two rousing soldiers. 

“’Ony,” Steve mumbled propping himself up on the headboard. 

Bucky just turned wrapping an arm around Tony’s waist and mumbling something that could possible be interpreted as ‘more sleep.’ 

“No, wake up. I come bearing gifts.” Tony complained as he tried to wiggle away from his octopus boyfriend. 

Just as Bucky seemed to be waking up, blinking up at Tony through his bangs, Steve’s head came resting on his shoulder. 

Tony sighed.

“Ok I get it. The super soldiers are tired just open the box.” 

He passed it to Bucky who quickly tore it open glancing at the contents with sleepy confusion. 

“Are these?” 

Steve glanced over. “What?” 

Bucky pulled out three different bears, each one dressed as their superhero personas. Bucky’s even had it’s left arm made out of silver fabric to represent his metal arm. 

“i know they have that old Bucky bear but, I think the you I know now is just as cute.” Tony gave each of his sleep boyfriends a kiss. “And I had to get the other two because what Bucky isn’t complete without his cuddly boyfriends?” 

I am truly humbled by this message I received just a little while ago. And I am also truly sorry, that I didn’t see your first attempt at contacting me. It’s relatively late here and I was in the middle of crafting but that shouldn’t excuse it. I try to be better at being attentive than this.

Anyway, thank you again for your words and I am pretty sure the rest of the people you contact will bid you a way better welcome to Balmung than my sad little self did today. And last but not least…


i really want to get professional help but i can’t seem to gather the courage. it seems so embarrassing and scary and what if they misdiagnosis me? and can they pass my mental health info on to my future work places? or is that illegal? can they just suddenly decide to place you into a ward? without your consent? even though i’m 18???


Character Analysis: Abeodan Silverbrand

I got tagged for the thing. Like Adrian, gonna have to ask you to excuse the unfinished sketch because I don’t finish anything

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Full Name: Abeodan Silverbrand

Gender and Sexuality: Male. His sexuality is a mess lets not go there.

Pronouns: He/him.

Ethnicity/Species: Hyur, Highlander.

Birthplace and Birthdate: 14th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon (June 13th). Born in Garlean-controlled Ala Mhigo.

Guilty Pleasures: Jewelry and fashion. Recordings of violence he’s saved on a Garlean machine. Really good food the rare times he has it.

Phobias: Physical contact. Being jailed, or really locked away at all. He also has general fears that include dragons, medicine, witchcraft, flying, and illness.

What They Would Be Famous For: If Abeodan ever cracks down and stops being a fuck-around 19 year old, he could become widely infamous or well known for drug trafficking and cultivation. As it stands today, though, the most you’re going to get is a passing conversation of ‘that funny talking kid that started another streetfight’.

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For: Abeodan was arrested once when he was younger for lighting fires to the Ul’dahn markets with a gang of equally shitty terror kids. It was not an experience he enjoyed, and as of yet, he’s yet to go back. When he does (because far be it from me to say he’ll get off scott free forever) it will likely either be for drug possession, assault and battery, harboring of illegal materials, or general “we’re feeling particularly pissy about Ala Mhigans today”.

OC You Ship Them With: I’m trash and I oocly ship him with both of @tiniest-roar‘s characters (Alaire Daerev and Ziv’ir Ashal) but 1) that’s never going to happen and 2) nobody should ever even consider shipping abbie with anyone no.

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Shit that’s hard. I’m honestly likely going to say Ziv’ir. Possibly also @onwesterlywinds, though that would likely take some extreme circumstances and everyone would leave with their heart broken.

Favorite Book Genre: Comicbooks.

Least Favorite Book Cliche: A lack of pictures.

Talents and/or Powers: Abeodan is trained in the spiritual and aetherical side of Ala Mhigan monk things, something he is very talented in, and has been training for years as a pugilist. He has trouble actually implementing that ability with aether into his fighting (as he very quickly wrote it off as ‘extra work’ and ‘pointless’, when he was younger), but recently @onwesterlywinds has actually been helping him with this, and he’s moving slowly to #actuallyamonk mode. Abeodan also has an extremely keen, and somewhat freakish memory, and this helps him with his talent of tending and caring to plants, which he devotes predominately all of his life to. The boy also has a talent with affixing and setting traps, but outside of his own home this is not very often seen or implemented.

Why Someone Might Love Them: Its unlikely, but someone could love Abeodan for his ambition and his dedication to that which he’s passionate about. His intelligence has gotten him exceedingly farther in life than anyone woud’ve expected from a sick little refugee, and he throws his heart into everything he does. As well, he treats and speaks to plants with a care that no non-plant has ever experienced, and simply this could be more than enough to throw someone off the ‘this kid is awful’ mark.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Well for starters the boy is a terror. Its hard to love someone that builds their world on drugs and violence, and centers their free time around more of the same. Especially when you get to the fact that Abeodan only likes fighting to see people hurt. To boot he’s a sexist (misandrist) lying little shit and generically unpleasant conversation.

How They Change: Abeodan changes fast, but not wholly. Most sources of change for him come from either failure, where he will then change what he deems as an obstacle in or outside himself and overcome, or from being challenged with an internal conflict of morlaity/belief, where he will shift the rules of his morals until the cognitive dissonance can cease. Thus far two major changes have been a gain of patience, when it comes to his own martial tactics or waiting for answers, and the cold heavy realization he’s starting to settle on that this world is a lot bigger than he thought.

Why You Love Them: My first reasons for writing Abeodan were his speech and his alienation from the rest of society proper, two things I identify the most with that also mean the most to me. These are still both the main reasons I love writing him, as well now as the intensity of some of the things he feels or the extreme differences that show in his character between roleplays with, say, Ashe and Kia, or Ziv and Alaire. Its hot and cold with this kid, and its something I love seeing. Not to mention all the gore i get to draw about everything b/c damn.

Tags: @onwesterlywinds​ (if you haven’t already done it), @jellygato​, (i don’t remember your xiv blog name ouo; ), and anyone else that’s interested b/c U: thats all i remember.

Accountability. There’s a certain level of responsibility you owe yourself when you’ve grown sincere with yourself, when you are already at that point of acknowledging feelings. And that responsibility comes when you deal with your hurt, your pain, your feelings post heartbreak. How do I deal with this? Your past resurfaces and all your old defense mechanisms are floating in front of you. I didn’t feel pain the last two days. Pain is funny. You get hurt in some really severe way and you don’t feel the full impact, there’s adrenaline running through your veins, and it’s not until you calm down that your body starts processing. Two days. Nothing. Maybe numb. Maybe crying spells. But now the cryings getting more intense. The adrenaline’s left and all I have left is pain. I’m still connected to you. Somehow. Or maybe it’s the three hours of sleep. Maybe I overreact. Maybe I’m led to that point. Maybe I was looking for excuses to end everything. And maybe there were also legitimate things that bothered me. 

I don’t like this, *******. I can cut people off with ease. Without remorse. Without looking back. But maybe this is growth. Just feeling everything as it is. It’s supposed to hurt. And it really does. I feel a sort of dull anguish. I dreamt about you. I was in your bathroom but it looked like a bathroom from my dad’s place in Faisalabad. And I left my shirt there for you because I wanted you to keep it. I didn’t even see you in the dream but I felt your presence. 

When I woke up it was worse. Ha. Like sleep couldn’t swallow me whole and release me feeling new and recovered. Reality didn’t change. And when you wake up from sleep, you’re more vulnerable, more raw, and I faced your lack without defense mechanisms, without guards. Intense. 

But I’m choosing to deal. And I’m choosing to continue growing. 

Chalo. Dekhte hain. 

It’s really sad seeing so much hate on the spaleb tag. I love Haleb and spoby and would never go and hate on those ships. I mean I’ve had some of my favourite shows end with ships I hated together but I don’t go around begging for boycotts and making rude posts about the shippers and the writers? You don’t like a ship? Cool you don’t have to. Being different is what makes all of us special! we don’t have to like the same things. But that’s not an excuse to be rude and borderline mean? I’m seeing way too much of that right now.

honestly even beyond ignoring the thing butch says about how becoming a ghoul would be worse than dying, I really have no excuse for why ghoul au Christine would even meet that trash child, but listen: I don’t care