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I noticed there’s this trend where people write Gabe like he’s this antisocial workaholic self-proclaimed psychopath who can’t play nice with anyone, but simultaneously as The Most Experienced whenever things are heating up, and I always just think like… Who is sleeping with this guy? Are vampire babes just spawning in his bedroom when he huffs off to hole up away from everyone? How did he rack up all these Sexperience points?

Also I totally just realized I drew the doors opening backwards. I guess that’s what happens when bikers draw cars without refs. (but really I have no excuse)

For my fandom soulmate @fakeahstew because I am a sucker for a good prompt and any chance to write over protective FAH Geoff.

It’s half past midnight when Gavin stumbles through Geoff’s front door, ears still ringing from the knock to the head, dried blood sticking to his face. He doesn’t know the men who attacked him, he’s done enough research on all of Fake AH’s enemies to know which goons belong to which crew leader, but he does know that one had been wearing heavy rings on his left hand. His jaw throbs with the memory.

Geoff isn’t home, it’s evident by the eerie silence that has settled over the penthouse. There’s something unsettling about an empty apartment, especially one usually bustling with noise, and Gavin almost turns around and heads back to his own place, but he knows if he tries walking home now he’s going to end up passing out on the sidewalk. So he shrugs off his unease, closes Geoff’s front door, and staggers towards the bathroom.

He does quick work cleaning up most of the blood, but nothing can hide his bruises. He looks like he’s gone five rounds with a brick wall and lost; the right side of his face purple and swollen; a deep gash running down his left cheek. Getting punched did nothing for his nose, but he can’t really help genetics.

Gavin debates hiding this from the crew, but even he can’t delude himself into thinking they’d believe him if he told them he had to leave town suddenly just so he could hide out in his apartment for a few days. He’s going to have to tell them, and they’re going to be pissed.

The front door opens and he hears Geoff shuffling around his living room, muttering to himself, and Gavin meets his reflection’s eyes. It’s now or never.

He backs away from the mirror, heading back into the front room, watching silently as Geoff sifts through his mail. He gives the stack an unimpressed look, tosses it onto the counter, and turns to see Gavin watching him.

He lets out a surprised yelp, clutching his chest, and says, “What the fuck?! You asshole!”

He reaches for the light switch, but Gavin says, “Before you do that, I should probably warn you…”

The light snaps on and Gavin winces, shielding his eyes, listening as Geoff swears under his breath.

“Who did this?”

“Geoff, listen…”

“Who,” Geoff demands, already across the room, gently tilting Gavin’s head to get a better look at his wounds. “I want names.”

“I don’t know,” Gavin admits, hissing softly when one of Geoff’s fingers grazes his cut. “I think they thought I was someone else. A bit stupid, on their part, to not bother asking.”

“This isn’t funny.”

“I know.”

Geoff frowns, putting his hands on his hips, studying Gavin for a long moment. He must come to some sort of decision, pulling his phone from his suit pocket and hitting three on speed dial.

He listens to the cell ring a few times before someone picks up. Before they can say anything, Geoff says, “Meet me at the office, twenty minutes.”

“What are you gonna do?” Gavin asks when Geoff hangs up, giving him a wary look, but Geoff doesn’t respond, already heading towards the door. “At least lemme come along.”

Geoff stops at the door, hand clutching the knob, head down, and Gavin knows, knows with everything he has, that Geoff wants to say no. That he would gladly put his entire crew into a bubble if it meant they’d stay safe, but he also knows they’re criminals. They’re bound and determined to do as they please, and if Gavin is motivated enough (which he is), he’s going to find these people with or without Geoff’s help. It’s a lose-lose situation on his part.

He sighs and says, “Fine, but I make no promises that you’ll get the kill shot.”

“Thanks, Geoff.”

Purr For Me - A Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: Forgive me father for I have sinned. *sweats nervously* so um…I really have no excuse for this…other than the fact that I’m weak for Sirius Black calling his significant other ‘kitten.’ Also………I may or may not have a part 2 in mind where the tables are turned, so let me know if you’re interested! 

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

“Sirius,” you hissed as the boy beside you rubbed teasing circles just above your knee, “cut it out!”

“Why? You don’t like it?” he cocked his head innocently, though it was clear he was anything but.

“You know damn well I do,” you elbowed him, “which is exactly why you need to stop.”

His hands moved steadily up your thigh, inching closer and closer to the spot you wanted him most. The place you needed him most. 

Discretely, he scooted his chair closer to you. You could feel his warm breath on your neck as he leaned in and whispered, “Come on, kitten. I want everyone to hear how pretty you sound when you purr for me.”

Chills coursed though your body as your face flushed. 

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honestly i dont really have an excuse for this i just?? need it.,, 

- keith sometimes kisses the nape of lances neck which gives him a sense of security and comfort and…. its nice, 

- post-mission means cuddling with blankets..! dont tell me that lance isnt an expert at making blanket forts out of almost nothing?? look me in the eye and convince me if u can

- lances room is a constant blanket fort after the first time they made one and they decorate it a little with things they find from different planets - usually what reminds them of home

- the fort also evolves over time and lance did u convince coran to find another blanket again,

- they like holding hands whenever they can, whether its just their pinky’s touching or lacing their fingers together they do it a lot,, they also do it during dinner and try to be discreet but honestly evERYONE KNOws and its ok…. its ok :’’’)


- sometimes when keith feels bad/agitated or down about the galra thing and stuff lance will comfort him with small pecks on the cheek or simply just hold his hand and squeeze it ever so slightly,, its enough to make keith feel calm and more able to try and talk about his frustrations and feelings

- when lance is homesick or insecure keith is there doing the exact same thing for him and lance really appreciates it and after a while of silence keith will simply list good traits and things about lance that he likes and when he gets a smile out of him he’ll ask lance to tell him about his life at earth (his mother, what was he like in school before garrison?, did he often tease his siblings when he was younger?, favorite movie, describing his childhood bedroom, etc)

- lance starts talking vividly and keith likes to listen, loves to see lance’s smile and they’ll keep holding hands until they have to do something else/get up from their current positions

- keith doesnt have a lot of items since he didn’t really bring anything with him to space but sometimes when he gets up before lance to train or whatever, he leaves his jacket near lance/in the room as a way to say “ill be back” (its a gesture that makes lance happy because it confirms to him that keith wants to be with him and wants to come back)

- keith doesnt really care a lot for skin care and so, but he likes to watch and listen as lance goes thru his routine and sometimes he even lets lance do it on him because theres stars in the boy’s eyes everytime he gets a ‘yes’ and oh my god its too cute to resist

- generally just. keith and lance being happy 2kforever and when theyre sad they comfort each other and its, good.

What’re your writing this month?

Tell me what your writing goals are for February. Mine is to write 15,000 words, but we are on Day 4 and I’ve written zero (0) words so far and I don’t really even have a good excuse. Procrastination and lack of focus, I think. If you see my motivation, send it my way?

How are you doing?