If you don’t ship a pairing, don’t read fics about it. Don’t leave a comment if you’re only going to send hate to the author for shipping a pairing you personally do not ship. Please, just don’t.

Fanfiction authors are not there to fulfill your every whim. They have their own opinions, their own ships, their own comfort zones. Getting hate for something that makes you happy – something that made you open up a Word document, spend days agonizing over words and emotions and the characterization of two people you hold dear, edit in the middle of the night with weary eyes and your bed calling your name and the thought of people reading your fic and liking it, and find enough courage to post it – is only terribly discouraging. If someone writes about something as pure as love, you have no right to step all over it. Your comment could very well be what squashes a writer’s creativity, what causes them to put away their fanfiction writing pen forever, and then the world has lost a brilliant artist.

Just like fan artists hate seeing tags such as “i really hate this ship but the art is so good,” there is nothing worse than reading a comment like “your writing is good but i hate this ship and you should write for x ship instead” – or something even less polite. If it means that much to you, try writing a fic yourself. Just don’t send hate.

Please, be kind to fanfiction writers, and please respect a writer’s ships.

Here’s the thing about not being uncomfortable around large groups of people:

I’m usually okay, albeit not particularly happy about where I am. However I have had the occasional time where I’ve had a panic attack even though I’ve been in that crowd for a long time. For me it’s a moment where the voices I hear around me are way too loud, yet too quiet at the same time. I can’t understand anything that’s being said and I find myself staring into one spot because I feel if I don’t focus on something that something bad will happen. Usually my head starts to hurt a lot and I get dizzy, I just feel overwhelmed and not myself. It’s only happened a few times in my life but every time it usually helped for me to just take a moment to myself outside.

When someone needs a moment to them-self at a party please don’t judge them on that. Don’t be that asshole

Lolymoon in Rome ~ First edition

Though it wasn’t all fun and games (we even got hail, people. In the middle of freaking May. WTF) I managed to enjoy some of the beauty Rome has to offer… and I tried to bring back to you a sample of it (I am well aware that no picture, especially mine, can quite convey the awe-inspiring sights of the city, but I hope it will still be worth it).

(do not repost and do not use without my permission)

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((*whispers quietly* okay but imagine Stanford just being a giant self absorbed asshole for like two months or something that Fiddleford knew him, so when he gets cornered by a monster he thinks that Stanford would be the last person that would care. When he comes back to the shack, Stanford flips shit. He’s the first one to grab the first aid kit and starts to quietly bandage Fidds up while Stanley asks him the questions. When Stanford is done he makes sure that Fidds is on the couch and has everything he needs before leaving the house.

Stanley looks mildly worried and Fidds is just confused. Stanford comes back with bruised and bloodied knuckles and tells the other two that the monster is “dealt with” and goes to his room.

Stanley is exasperated, and grabs what he needs to fix his brother up now because damn it Ford, you have to do this shit in pairs at least! and Fidds is getting increasingly more confused.



the worst thing about trying to write an application essay is that my life is so boring i don’t have anything to write about