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Why the hell is your governor trying to defund 911? Why dies he think this is something he should do? How is he trying to spin it? I have so many questions


(pardon my french but he’s the second worst governor I’ve ever lived under (worst was fucking Pence back in Indiana), but where Pence is competent and evil (lawful evil), Rauner is a blundering child (chaotic evil), a dunce, a farce of a governor who hasn’t done a single thing since we put him in office. (I say we, but I sure as shit didn’t vote for him.) Not “done a single thing right,” not “done a single thing wrong,” he hasn’t done a single thing. He just sits there and refuses to pass any useful legislation, balance our budget, or do his fucking job. This state’s been mismanaged for a very long time, but Rauner’s driven us to a tipping point.

We’ve been operating for three goddamned years without a state budget. We elect this schmuck and then he just sits on his hands and does nothing. He got elected because he was a political outsider claiming that he was against career politicians, and now Illinois is probably going to be the first state with a junk credit rating. It’s getting so bad that CPS- our public school system- is floating on loans. Chance the Rapper has done more for Chicago Public Schools than our state government has and I am not making that up. Things are so bad here, we might have to stop selling lotto tickets because we won’t be able to pay winners.

Currently the big fuckup is this call center bill. We have this thing in called the Emergency Telephone Act. It does two things: it provides some money to 911 call centers and, more importantly, it’s what authorizes 911 services in the state. The act expires on the 1st of July, and Rauner hasn’t signed the bill renewing it. The reason he says he’s doing this is because Chicago wants to hike up the monthly phone tax (which supports 911 call centers). This means if you have a landline phone, you’d pay a whopping five dollars per month (which is an additional… I think, like, eighty cents more than what it is now) added to your phone bill. Outside the city, the tax would increase to one dollar and fifty cents. According to the governor, it’s more important to have a lower phone tax than it is to have a functional 911 service. The state House and Senate passed it and most of the state’s politicians have been asking him to sign it. It’s not like this is some pork barrel project that’s siphoning funds, it’s not like it’s something that only affects Chicago, it’s 911 across the entire state. He’s not trying to spin it, he’s not saying it benefits anybody- he’s just using the fee hike as an excuse to sit on his hands and do nothing

Here’s some news articles if you want to know more about Bruce Rauner, the Fleshy Lump in Springfield who Does Nothing:

And here’s some opinion pieces/things with an obvious political spin

Avengers vs Guardians of the Galaxy

So, something has been bothering me these days and after watching GotG2 I finally got it.

I’m very uncomfortable with the dynamic of the Avengers.

Who feed them?
Who pay for their bill?
Whose ground and building they live under?

Tony-motherfucking-Stark, that’s who. Basically, Tony is responsible for looking after his former team. Like, wtf!? And I could see that they, the whole bunch of them, take Tony for granted. I mean, fuck yeah I’m team Iron Man and I could be biased but, how could I not? (And I get the feeling that Tony is just the type of person to propose to take care of his team first and barely think how munch expense he had to cover). Even from the beginning the team already formed their own opinion about Tony Stark before even actually meet the man.

Black Widow could be a great spy, yes. But then people always see what they wanted to see and I think that this is the case. Tony showed her what she wanted and what the public already know bc why should he do otherwise? He barely knew her, he had nothing to prove and she’s not an important person in his life at that period of time. So I repeat, why should he show the vulnerability that he rarely show to people even his friends to a strange woman that clearly already had a low opinion of him?

But then bc of her report that ‘confirmed’ and ‘refirmed’ Fury’s opinion abt Tony Stark (so basically the whole goddamn SHIELD).

And don’t get me start on Captain America. Some hero, really. They called him the man out of time, in my opinion, is pretty accurate. His time has gone by. Steve Rogers was born in wars and grew up wanting to fight for his country. His opinion while appreciate, is not up-to-date with modern thinking. The man just woke up from sleeping in ice. HE SLEPT all those years, no tragic there really, apart from missing out around everything. Sure he missed his girlfriend, his bff, and how the war end. BUT, but he is also a man always looking for his past.

Now I’m not saying that wanting to find your past is wrong, but come on! Don’t get stuck in it, be grateful that you are one of the helping hand that help to shape up the future today. Be grateful that you get a chance to see the future that you always want your country to be.

Like I said though, They take TONY. STARK. FOR. GRANTED

Now, the Gotg on the other hand? They look like a goddamn family, amitting they are family and would not leave their own behind. Their dynamic, their banters make me want to smile and laugh. Watching them brought me enjoyment because I could sense that they ARE a FAMILY and not just some bunch of random people have to work together.

I love it when a team is comfortable with each other enough that they start throwing insults abt their genes, their species, their races around and leave people bewildered b/c how this clustered fuck of a team work so well together when they are clearly do not respect one another!?

GofG2, in my opinion, is whole lot better then the first movie. It shows how the team has grown, how they have come to accept each other’s quirks and personalities and still want to be around each other even when others being an assholes or giving them a headache. That is what make a GOOD team!

You know they care when Rocket voluntarily head straight to danger and prepare to risk his life for his family, even though he was safely away from it. He doesn’t even have to think about it! He just does.

And what break my heart more is that, they forgive the mistakes when one makes. Even if that mistake nearly cost them their life, they still consider they are family and NO ONE GET LEFT BEHIND! (they don’t even bring it to Rocket face when it was his fault that a whole army of ships are after their asses, they did not even consider or think of it)

So, parallel to the Avengers anyone? Ultron? Civil War? Any bell?

Horrible (Nick)Names || Hank McCoy x Reader

Authors Note: Based off a headcanon I made to piss @haankmccoy off months ago, enjoy.

Originally posted by hardyness

Hank rubbed his eyes, trying to clear the sleep out of them. He’d woken up with a rather bad headache and as he put on his glasses he noticed a glass of water and an advil; along side a note.

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We need a fic of Zach and Trini getting in trouble on purpose just to get a weekend detention with the others.

Thanks for the prompt!

It’s his idea. She swears. It all starts when Billy had complained one day at lunch that they couldn’t hang out on Saturdays very often because three out of five were stuck in Saturday detention. She remembers the way Zack had sat up, ears perked, fork midway to his mouth, brown eyes slightly larger as a thoughtful expression crossed his face. She had known then that something was brewing in his crazy mind and at first, she wanted to know what it was - mainly because Billy had a point; she didn’t have many friends here and the ones she did have were all stuck in detention - but after she thought about it, she figured not having to go to school on a Saturday was a godsend.

He still wrapped her in, though.

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Sleepover convo #21

Pete: ok guys who’s ready to talk shit

Gerard: theres this kid in a band called five seconds of summer and he and his friends keep copying my homework

Tyler: i really hate this guy called tyler joseph

Josh: really? i think he’s pretty swell

Spencer: wow thats my favorite panic! album

Ryan: i really hate this guy his name is spencer smith

Spencer: fuck off


Mikey: can we watch a movie

Patrick: i dont know can we

Mikey: well i mean i don’t know thats why I’m asking

Patrick: fuckin hell

Okay so in Missouri we have a heavily funded alternatives to abortion program, which in itself is okay because yeah, help out women who aren’t comfortable with abortion but can’t afford a child. They exist and deserve support.

But recently a bill was proposed that would require medical facilities to be completely honest and factual about women’s health, because this is a REALLY big issue. State funded clinics are currently pretty much under a gag order when it comes to discussing abortion services.

Republicans are fighting this as hard as they can because “ [they] looked at the bill as overstepping those bounds and discriminating against religious groups that want to express their free speech rights and freely assemble,” (Wallingford).

That’s right, folks. Requiring medical professionals to be completely honest about women’s health is infringing on religious rights and freedom of speech.

But like, somehow, people like Wallingford haven’t had much to say about other republicans literally shitting all over actual freedom of speech and assembly (18 states so far have had legislation proposed punishing peaceful protestors).

I just really hate the Missouri government guys.

Newcomers Pt 18

Cathy awoke rather abruptly feeling ill and quickly rolled over and vomited into a bucket that Hopkins had placed there earlier when he had come to check on her. That was hours ago and it was now the middle of the night as no sunshine passed through the gap in the tent. She sensed Hesky awake and send his concern through the Link and she responded with the sickly feeling and reassurance to let him know she was okay. He was still worried about her though and she could easily sense it even if they were not in the Link. She ached, her whole body did and the doctors could not figure out why, the symbiont had been working overtime to try and combat this infection whatever it was and was almost trying to dig itself into her body. She hit it as if to tell it to stop which only made her feel worse. She was not the only one though, a few of the others had gotten ill too, Karen among them although Cathy seemed to be at a more advanced stage. Many were thinking this could be the body rejecting the symbiont but there was no sign of that. What was odd was that only the woman were falling ill. Because of this the Human military advance across Bento had come to a halt while they dealt with this issue, Kiev’s force had been reporting the same thing with their female soldiers and even some of the men where feeling the early effects.

“Ah I hate feeling like this” she moaned to herself, she hated being ill she liked to be up and doing things, which was probably why she hated being pregnant. That thought made her laugh since she had had the desire for another, that made Hesky awake once more as he felt that desire in the Link and she sent humour to quell his fear.

She then closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep again, if not a bit sweaty.

The next morning everyone was woken to the sudden shock of Cathy through the Link, she screamed and shouted and called for help in the Link making everyone aware something was wrong. Not just in her camp but on the planet and in the fleet.

Hopkins was the first in her tent and what he saw was nothing short of insane.

Cathy had changed.

Her features were sharper and more defined and her ears elongated like that of a mythical elf, her eyes were larger and a sharp purple colour that seemed to see everything. But what was most obvious were her legs, it was as if the foot had lengthened to create another knee joint that bent backwards adding to their already incredible power. At the base of her spine was now a tail, not quite a mammal one and not a reptilian either.


“Help me” she breathed.

Hopkins stared at her not sure what to do before finally getting down and helping her back into her bed.

“Cathy? What happened?”


“Where is your symbiont?”

She placed her hand on the back of her neck and felt only flesh, the symbiont was gone.

“Get a doc-”

“You called!”

“Dammit Cassion don’t sneak up on people” Hopkins shouted.

“Who was sneaking?”

Cassion sat next to Cathy and looked her over, by this time a crowed had gathered with people asking questions and even those in the Link demanding to know what had happened especially Hesky. It was an hour before they had even an idea.

“So?” Jenkins asked Cassion who was looking at some of her blood.

“Well in my expert opinion…this blood is red”


“Fine fine” he said putting it aside “She is in perfect health”

“And my shit doesn’t stink” said Hopkins who was sitting next to her holding her hand.

“It’s true she is now cured of all the natural ailments you would normally expect to find in a normal Human and even her diabetes is cured”

“You were diabetic?” Jenkins said to Cathy.

“They would not have let me join if they knew, Cassion agreed to keep it a secret” she said quietly.

“CATHY!” shouted Hesky

“Oh no” Hopkins said about to go to the tent entrance but was hit aside the moment Hesky appeared having already struck several guards. His eyes rested on his wife and his face rested with joy of seeing her. He ran to her side “Cathy, I’m here”

“You shouldn’t have come I didn’t want you to see me like this” she said tears filling her eyes as she looked at her legs now misshapen.

He turned and glared at the Conduit standing next to Jenkins and went for him but Jenkins and Hopkins stopped him.

“What have you done to her!”

“We have done nothing” it replied.

“No Hesky they are not” Hopkins said making him face him. “Search the Link you know that they are just as shocked by this as we are”

Hesky calmed for a moment as he did so, it was true in the Link no lies could be told and the Gal kept themselves open. They were just as surprised as anyone. He went back to her side and kissed her.

“You are still as beautiful as the day I met you”

She smiled “Where is Depit?”

“I left him with a friend on the ship, he is fine but misses his mother. He tried to suckle my tit last night”

Cathy laughed at that, she always loved that he could put a smile on her face.

“Aww how sweet, well my work is done” Cassion said getting up.

“You stay there!” Hesky shouted.

“Why? Does stuff still need explaining?”


“I do have other stuff to do you know, I am not just here to explain random plot points”

“Oh yeah, what else do you do?” Jenkins asked him.

Cassion stood there for a moment saying nothing but thinking heavily his eyes looking around.

“Fine” he said taking a seat “I hope you readers appreciate this”

Everyone looked to where he was looking, seeing nothing.

“Who are you talking to?” the Conduit asked.

“Errrrr don’t ask him you wouldn’t believe him anyway” Hesky said quickly.

“As I was about to say” Cassion began “This seems to be the natural course of the symbiont”

“How do you know?” Hopkins asked.

“Because two others woke up in the same state in Kievs camp this morning, they are too both fine…and both female it seems this will affect the females first before the men” he said holing up a com.


“Because all babies start off as female in the womb and then if they have the Y chromosome become males. This works the same way” Cassion said fiddling with his nails.

“So this will happen to all of us?” Jenkins asked.

“Yeah, it will affect some sooner than others but yes, gentlemen..and lady and whatever the hell you are, I present to you the new Human race”

No one spoke.

“But is she okay?” Hesky pressed pointing at Cathy.

“Yes she is fine, a bit of bed rest and she will up and about in no time and still kicking your ass in the sparing cages. Now if you excuse me I have other plot points to prepare for explanation” Cassion straightened his jacket and left and subsequently disappeared as the writer did not need him right now.

“I really hate that guy” Hesky said before looking back at his wife, he looked down at her legs and grinned. “It’s a good thing I’m a leg man isn’t it?”

This news was met with a mixture of reactions, some were horrified at the thought that their bodies were about to undergo a drastic transformation and in a sense no longer be Human. Others were intrigued by the thoughts that this had cured the ailments of those who had undergone it and for those who suffered genetic disorders this was nothing short of a god send. Others simply thought it looked cool and were fine with it. Cathy was up and about within a few hours, she went through a few physical exercises and it was found she had completely absorbed the effects of the symbiont, in fact the symbiont had liquefied and become part of her genetic code now. Cassion had to explain further to his annoyance that this was probably what Humanity would look like if the comet carrying the Gal original genetic code had crashed on Terra all those millennia ago. This was in fact a natural evolution if not a bit sped up. So over the next few weeks humanity began to die out and in their place a new race emerged. Everyone was not really sure what they should call themselves since they were now becoming something else but in the end they thought it a conversation for another day. By this time the symbiont were making their way to Terra itself along with this new information. It was not as warmly met and it took a lot of scientists a lot of time to explain it before people began warming to the idea. It was mainly because the terminally ill leapt at the chance to save their lives and once they were seen enjoying life and what their new bodies could do public opinion swayed. It was never forced on anyone though, it was always said form the beginning that the symbiont would be subject ot the personal choice and beliefs of the individual. But, soon those without a symbiont were vastly outnumbered by those who did.

It was not just their physical bodies that changed, the Link was stronger than ever, they could now hear each others thoughts and send full messages to one another with distance meaning very little.

But then it all changed when the secret the Gal had been wanting to tell the Humans for so long but had been unable to, was finally revealed.

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zutara - “i came to the gym to work out but holy god i can’t stop watching you do one armed push ups that’s so hot” pls???

AN: Sorry I didn’t write like… anything this past week. I made a post earlier this week about how my friend sucked me back into the black hole that is World of Warcraft. Plus my graduation is in 2 weeks from now so I’m going to be a lot busier until then. Just a heads up: I am in love with this prompt. Can I marry it please???

This was it. Katara was done. She was going to file a complaint with the gym, because this guy had no right to do this to her. 

How dare he? How dare he come into her gym, the place where she was supposed to be able to focus and work out in, and distract her like this? At first she thought maybe it wasn’t intentional. Maybe this guy didn’t mean anything by what he was doing. He was purely here to work out and Katara was just reading too much into this. 

But seriously? One armed push-ups? Who does that? What normal person just does one armed push-ups just for the heck of it? Does anyone really do those as part of a normal workout routine? He was doing this just to mess with her, Katara was sure of it. 

Smug bastard, she thought. She bet he was one of those guys who did this kind of thing just for fun. Katara bet he had a nice, but slightly stupid, girlfriend back at home that had no idea that he came to gyms to torture unsuspecting single girls like Katara who had no chance with the ripped guy doing stuff like this. He’d come in all cocky and pull out moves like this in order to fluster Katara and waste her money. 

Katara paid for this gym membership, damnit! But because of him, all she was paying for was an hour of ogling at this gorgeous unobtainable guy. 

And oh the looks he would give her. He just knew Katara was staring at him, and he was reveling in it. He’d probably go and shower after his workout and just laugh at her. 

But this… these one armed push-ups were Katara’s limit. She was done. When he glanced up at her, making eye contact, Katara marched over to him, ready to give him a piece of her mind. 

“Excuse me, sir? Do you mind?” Katara spat rather angrily. The shirtless guy now below Katara looked up at her, shocked. His eyes widened in confusion, and slight fear. He stood up awkwardly.

“Uh… what?” He asked, looking at her warily. 

Katara scoffed. “Seriously? Do you mind? I’m sick of this, what you’re doing. You think you’re so smug, huh? I pay for this gym, too, you know? And I really hate guys like you. Yes! We get it!” She practically screamed. “You’re attractive!” If this guys eyes were to get any wider, they would’ve fallen out of his head. He turned a deep shade of red. “But I’m trying to work out here! And I think you’re being a real douche bag-” he mouthed the word back to her as a question while Katara continued, “-by trying to distract me? Is this how you have your fun? Huh?” She pointed an accusing finger at his chest. He was half a head taller than her, but he shrunk as she continued yelling at him. “You come in here, all confident and cocky, and you pick your prey, and you go about doing shit like this,” she gestured wildly at all of him, “with your one armed push-ups and you give random girls these looks like you just have them all figured out! Well I’m sick of it! Leave me alone!” 

He took a small step backwards, slightly terrified. His face was completely crimson, and he looked absolutely mortified. “Oh my god…” he whispered softly, “You think I’m… look I wasn’t trying…” he stumbled over his words, apparently not knowing what to say next. “I wasn’t trying to give you a smug look I thought you were cute and… I’m so sorry I wasn’t trying to harass you I just… oh my god I’m sorry I don’t know what…” 

Katara looked at him incredulously as she listened to him ramble on with repeated apologizes and shocked exclamations. As she watched him, Katara slowly realized what she had just done. She had assumed this guy was a total dick, some player who liked to bother uninterested girls in gyms. Her eyes widened as she watched this obviously shy and awkward person apologize for… what? Working out in his own gym? 

“Oh my god, stop.” Katara finally told him, becoming more and more embarrassed. “I’m sorry, I totally misread this situation.” Katara’s face was turning red, too. “I didn’t mean… I just assumed… look when you’ve been a regular at gyms for a long time like I have you tend to think the worst of the guys here and…” Now Katara was rambling. But shit if he wasn’t cute and she had just made a complete and utter fool of herself. “You know what?” Katara said. “I’m just going to go! I’m going to leave and I’m going to cancel my subscription to this gym because I’m so embarrassed right now that I just yelled at you and I kind of just want to crawl into a hole so yes alright goodbye.” 

She turned to walk away, but the guy grabbed her arm. “Wait!” He said quickly. He scratched the back of his neck and looked at Katara nervously. “Would you want to… uhm… I’m Zuko?” He offered. He didn’t sound sure that Zuko was his name. 

Even his name is cute, Katara thought dumbly. What’s the protocol for flirting with the guy you just yelled at for being too attractive? 

She smiled at him, unsure. “Katara,” she said, awkwardly holding her hand out. “I’m Katara.” 

I officially hate physics

hello guys! so, I wanted to talk about how hard physics are being to me right now. my teacher goes really quick and I can barely understand a thing so IM REALLY SCARED. I really hate numbers guys, like hate hate hate.

studygram: yangstudies

🎧 never give up - sia

William Nylander - The Publicity Stunt Part Six

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Word Count: 1644

Warnings: Cursing

Prequel / Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four  / Part Five / Part Six  / Part Seven  / Part Eight/ Part Nine

I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache. The world felt like it was spinning twice as fast while gravity held me tight to the bed. It took all the strength I had to open my eyes. Jelly like arms finding their way to rub my lids so they can adjust to the new light in my room.

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The only way Rabbids + Mario could be tolerable is if Waluigi magically appears and punts all the rabbit fuckers into the sun at the beginning of the game. Like I’m talking at the fucking title screen, he’s not even a playable character he just shows up and takes one for the team.

Then Rayman flies out of a pipe and gives him a trophy. There are tears in his eyes: “I really fucking hated those guys. Thank u waluigi you have freed me from their curse with your genie powers, i can now have my series back and rabbids no longer exist”, he says

everyone rejoices 

Not Interested

David Pastrnak x Reader

Team: Boston Bruins

Warnings: Unwanted flirting? Mentions of alcohol, No interactive fic

POV: Second

Being the idiot I was– I accidentally deleted the request, BUT I remembered part of it, so I hope this is okay! It’s a bit shorter than I intended too, so I apologize. -Cam

Originally posted by rask-me-anything40

“Not interested,” You repeated for what felt like the hundredth time.

“Not trying anything,” The guy smiled back, clearly not having your answer. 

You couldn’t help but smile either, for some reason, maybe it was the alcohol, you didn’t know. You leaned on the side of the counter, trying to figure out what to say but all that came out was a laugh. 

“What?” The guy asked, amused by your drunk self. 

“Nothing, nothing, I just-” You took a deep breath. “I dunno what I’m doing,” You replied, the grin never leaving your face. 

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