2016 Bullet Journal

So I started my first bullet journal for 2016 and I’m so excited to work more in it!

Here is my layout:

My title page is a bit bland, but I am waiting on my stickers that I’m ordering from http://alwayzkawaii.com/!!

Just a plain Jane legend. I might add more later.

I really hate my decoration on the index page, but oh well. I kinda messed up on my 2016 yearly layout but I fixed it. I hope no one notices the extra block around Saturday… ^.^’

I need to add more to my new years resolutions, but here are my main ones! And my “waiting on” page where I can track all of my orders!

My January Challenge! Woooo as by @melistudyblr and my January Inspiration page!

A monthly spread so that I can see things easier, especially when I haven’t finished my weekly spread. (I added a super cute sheep page marker, but it looks rather out of place X.x I might take it off…)

This is my weekly spread! I have a color for the week (This week happening to be light blue) and then I write the weather down for each day! It looks super cute, adds a bit of color, and it is functional also! :D


Their new digs!

House originally by fakehousesrealawesome

I changed a little because my lot was smaller, and added an exit on the other side of the porch and a little patio. Then I reworked the walls inside just to suit my family a little better (I hate only having 1 bathroom, makes needs too difficult to keep up on) and wanted to use some different colors.

But I love their build so much because I’m crap at layouts and really wanted this style. All credit goes to them because they did all the work. I love it for my boys though!

  • me:starscream who likes sweet food... starcream
  • me:starscream who swims in the river... starstream
  • me:starscream who spends a lot of time on the internet... starmeme
  • me:starscream who sleeps a lot... stardream
  • me:starscream plays a sport with his friends... starteam
  • me:starscream takes a game back to gamestop... starredeem
  • me:starscream orders a taco from taco bell... starsupreme
  • me:starscream wants a new blog layout... startheme
  • me:starscream comes up with a plan for the government... starregime
  • me:starscream goes bmx biking... starextreme
  • elena:i hate you
  • me:that makes starscream really sad... youll hurt his starself-esteem