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hey - as a bpd person - does splitting occur with everyone - does it mean someone is not for me if i split from them all the time -

everyone experiences splitting differently like im talking completely different so from an objective standpoint i cant say

but u know what the people i dont split on (or split on the least) are the closest to me and the healthiest, least volatile relationships i have, vs the people i split on all the time (while it may make a v passionate love/hate dynamic) ended up being toxic and i ultimately had to cut them off

so from my experience, splitting on someone all the time is a red flag, yeah. thats not to say completely ditch them or ditch everyone you split on at all, but if you hate them more than you like them and switch every two minutes i dont think they’re good for you. or at least there are probably better people out there

(and btw i thought splitting on everyone really intensely was like an undeniable /thing/ and then i met some friends that i practically dont split on at all and i was like wow okay so theres a better way to do things thats p rad)

you weren’t there, so i snorted cocaine off of jenny’s communion bible and stood in the back of the room with shaking hands and eyes that were bloodshot and everybody told me that i was so hardcore

you weren’t there so when my entire life fell apart i had nobody to call so instead i stood in the shower and had to talk myself down from putting on a white dress and ending this

you aren’t here so of course none of this matters but right now i feel like i’m splitting into eighteen different people and i hate all of them

hey i hope this gets to you (or actually i hope you never read this) but it’s getting really bad again and i need somebody to hold my hand [delete message?] [send?]

you aren’t here of course but adulthood is the land that you have nobody to blame but yourself and your hands and the fact you’re only good at breaking things 

  • jim morrison in 1965:i am shy and tiny and i cant sing ray wtf
  • jim morrison in 1966:alright so i really like lsd
  • jim morrison in 1967:CURLY HAIR DONT CARE i love SEX and i love PARTY and being a rock star is so FUN yas ray WORK IT i hate police btw
  • jim morrison in 1968:i am so ready to FIGHT EVERYONE every single person EVER
  • jim morrison in 1969:due to legal matters i cant talk like at all and i hate the police even more. just let me be naked please
  • jim morrison in 1970:im kinda fucked up, i have a beard, im still shy and i still dont want this but w/e i am just going to chill the fuck out
  • jim morrison in 1971:*coughs out a cigarette* im kinda really fucked up but like... im gonna split... just tell my attorneys to take care of everything.... um and like, i'm going to paris to write poetry kthxbye :^)
Shein (Sheinside) review

Hi guys,

here is a quick review for 2 orders from Sheinside. I really like all the stuff but I just couldn’t take more photos because it was sooooo hot, I know I look weird and my hair is a mess as I just got back from a swimming practice. Anyways, here is what I got:

White split blouse 

I saw this around on other bloggers and I really liked it, but I think you eather like or hate this. You can see more photos if you click the link (under style gallery) Now it’d buy 1 get 1 50% off!


Grey dress

It’s made of a neoprene like material, I don’t know what exactly it is but I think it’s neoprene. It’s great for minimalistic outfits, I just wore with adidas superstars for a sporty look.

Army pants and bomber

I wore this jacket a lot really. It looks good but I don’t like the inside, though if you like it you can wear both sides. The best thing about the jacket is that it’s very ligth, unlike all the other bombers I tried. And about the pants, I love the cut but material is weird, I wouldn’t called it cotton blends like they did. Again, take a look at more photos at their site.

Black dress

Perfect! Great fit, good material and it’s only $9.99 right now (on sale so hurry up if you want it). Click the link to see more photos from other girls :)

Black long trench coat

And my fav item for the end! I would give it 10/10! Unfortunately it’s sold out now, but hopefully they’ll restock it because a friend of mine also wants it. I was looking for a similar piece (at zara, mango etc) but I couldn’t find anything I liked so I was really suprised after this came.

I also got this bag for a college, I study arhitecture so I thought the print really desribes a life of architecture student haha 


I didn’t took a photo because I left it at my college address with these ripped and patch pants. Anyways, all three items looks exactly like the photo, denim is nice quality and I’ll take a photo when I get back :)

Check out other stuff and sales at Shein!

Little bpd things: severe negative splitting on someone to where what you say may come off as really hateful because of acting out in the moment rather than thinking and then once you finally manage to find your chill again and know you dont hate them they’re offline and you’re just stuck there with bitter regret of some of the things you said


…I fucking hate that I can lash out like this and I wish my self control was better…

Please, please don’t lead me further into the darkness… I hate it here… I know myself in that dirty toilet seats & too much energy, whether it affects me positively or negatively really overwhelms me… But I do not know which way to go… I just know that the darkness really scares me… You know?
When I was younger, mother’s horror story was that I am a child of the underground… When I throw temper tantrums the surface will split open & I will be sucked into the great big nothing somehow…
I’ve tried to be good since then… It feels like the darkness wanted to be my friend but I’ve never been to any of her birthday parties so she hates me now… & I’m just trying to win her over again…
But please, whoever you are…
Would you hold me when I stand for an hour, ankles-crossed in the shower, or I cower, because I have no power over light that bends?
Have you ever been so afraid that any sliver of light looks like a ghost, or worse, the end?
& I wanna go in the right direction,
But I do not, I just do not know which way to go…
How does a soul know its cardinal North? You know…
—  Who sits under the Aspen tree?

When you said, “I hate when my mother’s voice comes out of my mouth.”
I wanted to scream: baby you’re proof your momma did something right

I’m so glad you’re alive.

How could anybody want any less of you? Earthquake hips and fault line thighs demanding to take up space; threatening to shake your home’s foundation. I need more.

Nothing feels like home since we split the silverware.

I really thought I meant it.
“It” meaning “always”
“It” meaning “I’ll never stop feeling whole when I’m with you”

I don’t know what to say about chemistry except I wanted to tear off your clothes when you ran your fingertips down my forearm.

—  The love letters I should have received but I assume got lost in the post. a.b.

Like this may be a dumb thought and y’all can feel free to write me off but I had this idea this afternoon like—Garnet hates not being fused. She can’t stand it. Ruby is extremely distressed whenever she’s apart from Sapphire and even though Sapphire is a lot more level-headed about it, her first priority is getting back with Ruby when they’re split apart.

So my thought is… Like, obviously fusion is this really important intimate thing to Garnet. It’s who she is and obviously Pearl crossed a line—at the same time though, think about how psyched Amethyst and Pearl get about fusing with Garnet, and how both of them got carried away, albeit in different ways, in fusing with Garnet. So my thought is this: What if Garnet doesn’t know what it’s like to not love who you are and not know you are loved 100% of the time because she’s a fusion? Garnet is obviously the most stable of the group, who needs the least amount of reassurance from the others because she’s a source of her own balance and she loves herself so much.

And like, what’s more is that it’s obvious that fusion with Garnet doesn’t happen that often. Sugilite said she “Forgot how great it feels to be me” and Sardonyx was saying stuff like, “Was I worth the wait? Oh who am I kidding of course I was!” Like, it’s a big deal when Garnet chooses to fuse with another Crystal Gem.

 Amethyst phrased it as wanting to be stronger, and Pearl phrased it as “having so much fun,” but I think the deeper thing at root is that when you’re fused with Garnet, you’re fused with this intensely loving and stable relationship. You’re sure of yourself 100% of the time. You love who you are. You love the people who comprise you. You’re not a “puny overcooked runt” or “some lost defective Pearl” anymore. And it’s an experience and you’re able to love yourself like you haven’t been able to in years. 

4 easy miles- almost negative splits! This run got hard towards the end. I’m struggling with liking running. I just don’t want to run. I have no desire. I am not enjoying it. This sucks, being so close to the marathon. I know I need to push through because once I run consistently for a couple weeks I’ll start liking it again. I just hate getting to that point. Sigh.

On a good note, Taylor and I saw a house yesterday that I really like. I’m hoping the buyers disclosure comes back positive!

I Really (Dis)like you 

Deer in Head Lights - Owl City ¦ Your Biggest Fan - Never Shout Never ¦ Anybody There - The Script ¦ Here We Go Again - Paramore ¦ Life of the Party - A Rocket To The Moon ¦ Do I Wanna Know (Split) - Arctic Monkeys ¦ Hate ( I Really Don’t Like You ) - Plain White T’s ¦ Lego House - Ed Sheeran ¦ Into Your Arms - The Maine ¦ Miss Me - Andy Grammer

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Thanks for the post about income splitting. I didn't have hard charts to back it up like you do but I knew it was a wealth beneficial program which is why that one ad the cons keep running with the concerned looking blonde woman saying trudeau will take away her family's money by removing IS makes me rage, for how often it is played and how misleading it is, and laugh a bit because the woman and the house backdrop look exactly like the kind of ceo hubby/stayathome mom setup that benefits from it

Yeah, income splitting is a hugely unfair scheme. One conservative was so mad about it that he called it socialism for the rich; and conservatives hate socialism.

If it was actually about helping families and parents out I would support it, but it really benefits the richest 15% of the population and gives nothing or almost nothing to those that need it the most. Single parents don’t even qualify.

All the while conservatives advertise it as if its going to benefit every Canadian family. Its not remotely close to the truth. That’s why both the Liberals and the NDP plan to scrap it if elected. Its bad policy.

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Caskett for the ship thing

send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

Who asks the other on dates: both, but Castle does it more often

Who is the bigger cuddler: Kate, not that Castle’s complaining

Who initiates holding hands more often: both, about 50/50 split

Who remembers anniversaries: again, both, though Castle remembers anniversaries of little things more often

Who is more possessive: ha. hahaha. both

Who gets more jealous: Kate, but Castle has his moments too

Who is more protective: Castle, and he’s honestly got good reason

Who is more likely to cheat: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Who initiates sexy times the most: lol, do I even need to answer

Who dislikes PDA the most: Kate, but really only when they’re at work

Who kills the spider: Kate. Castle really really hates spiders

Who asks the the other to marry them: Castle

Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Castle. Kate pretends to be annoyed when he spoils her, but he knows she secretly loves it

Who would bring up possibly having kids: both

Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Castle. Jim was bad enough, but could you imagine if Johanna were still alive? omg

Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Castle, though Kate usually ends up joining him in the middle of the night anyway

Who tries to make up first after arguments: Kate. Castle generally tries to give her space until she’s ready to talk

Who tells the other they love them more often: both. they’ve been through so much together, there’s no way they’re ever leaving it unsaid

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Can you do a Kuroo, Tsukki and Haiba? Where the s/o is really short, like 5'0. And they think it's cute she's so short but she hates it and tries so be taller by maybe wearing heels or act taller or something! :)

I feel like Yaku when it comes Lev still iffy with him (I tried moving pass it but ugh idk how).

How do you act taller? Im gonna go with mature or head held high…So this was not my best work sorry but I was kinda lost by act taller.



Kuroo couldn’t help the grin from stretching across his face, making you think it’ll split if his grin kept getting wider, as he watched you walk in your tall 5" black heels that matched your nice outfit and caused your petite stature of 5’ to 5'5".

You tilted your chin up in a silent way of challenging your boyfriend-all for the sake of trying to get a book from the bookshelf that he was blocking- he returned your gaze with his grin infuriating your nerves. “Testuro move out of the way.” You ordered as you narrowed your eyes and squared your shoulders in order to seem taller.

Kuroo’s smug grin turned into a shit eating grin as you tried to increase your height-it was utterly adorable. “Maa ____ I think you trying to be taller is cute and all but your regular height is even better because then you’d ask me to help you get stuff for you.” Kuroo teased with sincerity in his tone as he handed the book you were gonna reach for.

You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend’s trying to be cute behavior and walked passed him to go sit on the couch. You took off your heels as you huffed at the sight of blisters. “See ___ you don’t need heels to be taller, your height was cute enough.” Kuroo cooed as he sat next to you for you to sit in his lap. You hated how right he was and how your feet hurt-being taller wasn’t worth it. You just hated being short and having Kuroo get them for you.

“Kuroo you’re an idiot.”

Tetsuro just grinned at how cute you were. You laid your head against his chest as you read your book-this tall cat won this time.


Kei saw from his peripheral vision that you were trying to ignore him by doing some college homework. He waited for you to crack, I mean he didn’t think his crack at your height would offend you this much.

“Tch you’re ignoring me for such a small comment baka.” Tsuki stated rather than questioned as you continued to do your college work and ignore him. You went going to agree it disagree with him.

You felt Kei’s stare digging into your back was kinda distracting you. “Well I’m trying to do my work because one of us have have to be an adult and be responsible.” You shot back at Kei in a biting time that was edged with growing annoyance.

Tsuki grew tired of your attitude so he went over to where you were, wrapping am arm around you to force you into his lap. He tucked your head under his chin, “Your height doesn’t make you who you are only you can do that and I don’t know how you thought you can be taller by being more mature from whatever thought process you had idiot. ” You hated how right he was and you just mumbled and leaned back into him.


His green cats eyes watched as you held your head high and squared your shoulders as you walked passed him. Your cute petite height of 5 feet made you all adorable anything you did was just utterly adorable to him but to you it just made you seethe in anger from him accidentally mocking you.

Holding your nose high in the air as you tried walk passed him and ignore in favor of of walking through the park with Lev following you. He didn’t know exactly what he did wrong or how to fix it so he just grabbed your hand and slowed down to match your pace.

Pouting, you looked the other way trying to ignore his existence until he pressed a chaste kiss to your forehead and happily said “I think your cute no matter what ____ and you shouldn’t let your height bother you.” With a cute cat like smile on his face.

And suddenly your height didn’t seem like such a problem anymore, “Thanks Lev, I needed that.”


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really random question: but what are your feelings about gat out of hell?

eeehhhh not overwhelmingly positive like the gameplay is super fun and the story has its really funny moments but mostly i think its disappointing and opens up too many unanswered questions and brushes over a lot of characterisation. like i dont think it was in any way intended to be read into whatsoever but unfortunately over-analysing Saints Row characters is what i do in order to give myself the energy to thrive in this economy and spending more than .5 phemtoseconds thinking about anything in GooH leaves me feeling kind of bitter

it was just shallow silliness which i guess is all it wanted to be but it wasnt enough for me. like the story just massively skimped on shit like the ending cutscene where “oh and the villains from all these games tried to fight back but we beat em yay!” really annoyed me bcs it was something that was really built up to a lot in-game and then just over and done with in a split second and i really hate rushing shit like that

also there was no interaction with Gat and Boss which just…. bothers me….. im very obvious

so yyeaaahhhh im not that fond of it because it didnt really do enough with the story and thats… pretty much all im in video games for, story and characters. ill always forgive bad gameplay if im into the story but it doesnt work the other way round for me. 

this is all very much about my personal taste 

although it did give us cop Johnny and without that i wouldnt have started Best Laid Plans or Anamnesis so we can all be thankful for that gift to the universe 

OH MY GOD so I just saw a photo of Billie Piper on my dash and the blogger had hashtagged it with #dw #billie piper

but on first glance, I read this as #tw: billie piper

and I was SO CONFUSED as to why anyone would need to warn for Billie Piper


is there someone out there who just gets really REALLY angry because they hated the whole Rose-keeps-coming-back-in-series-4 thing?  Does she remind them of that one out of the Banana Splits, of which they have a phobia?  I JUST DON’T KNOW BUT BILLIE IS A GENTLE NICE PRETTY LADY AND I WAS VERY VERY CONFUSED FOR A MOMENT

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opinion on all BVB eras so far?


STWOF: Honestly tied with favorite look with wstw and STWOF is tied with W&D as my favorite album. I loved how ‘dirty rock n’ roll’ it was and this is when the band really took off and omg the hair and war paint gave me life. If I could live in this era for ever I 100% would

: I liked the album a lot actually it’s tied for first with stwof as far as music goes. I liked the look for the movie but as this era ended it entered my least favorite ‘look’. I know this album almost caused the band to split in half but I liked the concept behind this album and the ‘glam’ look.

Warped ‘13: Least favorite era I hated their look especially Andy’s short blond hair and I was really worried about all the inner band fighting and honestly thought there wouldn’t be a BVB in 2014 tbh I’m glad I just got through this era.

: I feel like this era is a throw back to wstw a bit and I really, really like it. While BVB4 is probably my least favorite album I really like that they’re kind of going back to the war paint (wearing more and more occasionally) and Andy’s growing his hair back out (longest its been since stwof) and I hope they keep up the look but musically I felt this was the weakest era and I hope their next album is better. BVB4 just felt so ‘fake’ and ‘forced’ I didn’t really connect to any of the songs.

blightsnail replied to your post:You know what I hate most about the split…

lmao im so scared to reblog things about the problems with split attraction model bc i dont feel like dealing with the bad politics from friends i dont really care about anymore

i feel that lol. ive had some v traumatic expriences with confronting bad politics (when i was 16 i was chased out of gsa by straight kids it was awful) so like????? im just like ok. what could be worse than that 

shuucci said: SAME

Exactly like, I don’t have anything against Shuuneki! But I don’t ship it, and I hate looking for a Tsukikana fic and finding a potentially really good one, but there is Shuuneki in it. And not only that, but it seems as if it’s labeled “Tsukikana” only to get it more popularity. Because most Shuuneki/Tsukikana stories treat Kanae so terrible. Either like he’s some terrible person trying to split Ken and Shuu a part, or they make it so that his love is unrequited and he has to practically watch and suffer as Tsukiyama falls in love with Kaneki! I love Tsukikana for Tsukikana…not, for Shuuneki! Tsukikana is such a wonderful ship, and I just want to read and see Tsukinana without anything interfering between their love.

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why do u hate ryan? or rather dislike him

He’s just an emotionally abusive and manipulative person. I’m not saying it’s his fault that he’s like that, cuz he had a truly horrible father and that will fuck you up for life, but he was really shitty to Brendon over the years they were in Panic! together and I’m just so so so glad that the split happened and Brendon got away from that.

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  • Why I like them
    • she’s made of love!
  • Why I don’t
    • it’s impossible to hate square mama
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)
    • jailbreak
  • Favorite season/movie
    • season 2
  • Favorite line
    • “no, forever and even after that”
  • Favorite outfit
    • at first i didn’t like the design she has now but now it’s my favorite. also her bathing suit from beach party
  • OTP
    • pearlnet, and also herself (ruby/sapphire)
  • Brotp
    • steven!
  • Head Canon
    • she’s a really good kisser
  • Unpopular opinion
    • ?? uh idk
  • A wish
    • for her to sing more
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
    • being split apart permanently 
  • 5 words to best describe them
    • strong, amazing, wise, confident, inspirational
  • My nickname for them
    • square mom