I hate how people sayin that Sirius would be the one to scream his love at Sirius like really? Ok wrong,Remus would be the one screamin like a 6-year-old like




and when Sirius returns the feelings like he’s been waiting for this

“fuck you,black”

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what are you most proud of yourself for? what is your favorite book? what food do you absolutely hate?

I don’t really know if I am proud of myself? I used to take a lot of pride in my work but that is over. Sometimes I feel proud when I go outside.

My favorite book used to be the Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian which I still like but I don’t know if I would call it that. I don’t think I like having a favorite book. I am reading The Price of Salt which I love and the last novel I read was Alas, Babylon which I liked. I am realizing that I just like fifties novels. Traditionally I like seventies novels. My favorite book is probably Learning From Las Vegas.

I don’t believe in hating food. It is unethical and unsophisticated, which are two things I refuse to be!!! but I will not fuck with a fake hot dog

Hoshidan Festival: Oboro and Kana (F) Parent-Child Convo

CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! No, seriously, this is a really cute conversation. Kana proves herself to be a great daughter in this conversation, and it’s heavily implied that Corrin is a great husband, too. What a sweet, close-knit family~!

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i've done something really bad that i could get in serious trouble for i feel so terrible i feel so terrified i regret everything i don't want people to find out i'm panicking in so sorry for sending this i just need to get it out im so terrified i shouldn't have done it i hate myself i'm so scared and i regret it i'm terrified someone will find out i hate this i'm so scared i can't do this i'm sorry you don't need to post this i just need to get it out im so scared

hi i am thinking of you and praying for you and hoping everything gets sorted and that you find a sense of peace soon. you deserve that. do what you can to fix it. to do better next time. please be safe. please be safe. stay alive. today’s not forever.

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(Cont.) If she touched me (sexually) again all I'm gonna think about is the guy's dick in her.. And I know that's not fair but idk what to do she keeps telling me to take care of myself but I don't want to n she says she really misses me but I can't get that nasty imagine out of my head ... Is there something wrong with me? Like I'm sorry but I just hate dick and the fact that she was willing to touch one makes me gag.. I'm probably a bad person 😕

I don’t answer messages that are longer than 1 ask but I have to answer this: that’s very biphobic of you. She is not less because she’s been with a man. If you don’t want to be with her again because of the fact that she’s been touched by a man, you’re biphobic. It’s okay to be mad because she left you for someone else. But the gender of that person has nothing to do with that.

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Okay so i have this thing at school... When somebody bad mouths Jared or his Joker and they think i cannot hear them, for some reason i just say: 'go burn in hell you fucker' i hate that so fucking much.... What do you think of this? 😂

Mhmm I don’t really know XD I mean I think this depends on how bad they bad mouthed him, if they did it really bad I can understand your anger and the need to scream it out. But I’m not really a person who would do this, I would think this by myself, first because I’m way too shy for that kind of reaction and second I don’t like to start fights. :’) 

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Should we really hate So based on his words when his actions speak so differently? He is only using his best skills to navigate through this newfound situation. Like how can he be judged so harshly for something everyone in this time period is doing? Because don't tell me everyone in the palace is made of sugar and spice.

i think the issue people are having with So (myself included during the beach scene esp) is the fact that Hae Soo has been so clear with him about her feelings, like no beating around the bush or anything, like she straight up said she has feelings for someone else … but he just overlooked that and focused only on his own feelings

but at the same time, i’m finding it really hard to let go of him, for basically the same reason as you’ve pointed out - he is 100% new to all of this. he has no idea how to express these emotions, because he’s never been given a chance to. and so he’s trying, he gives her space (tells her to take a day off which she rejects) and begins to hold back and pay more attention to her feelings (told her he wont kiss her again without her permission)

like yes he’s problematic and messy, but he’s trying to change that and its for that i wanna just cut him some slack. 

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hi, i love your blog. it's helped me a lot. i feel stupid even sending this but i'm having problems with not feeling liked by anyone. i just want people to like me. so badly. and i feel like i'm more than willing to change for people and be what they want and it sucks... i want to be liked for who i am right now but that's not possible. so i'm stuck pretending to be what other people want and i hate myself for it and idk what to do. idk if there's anything you can even say lmao im just stuck :(

I’m sorry. i deal with this too and i don’t really know of any advice to give you, but if anyone else wants to try to help, please do

Its starting to bother me again, I don’t like this kind of feeling and I hate it..
I hate it cause I don’t want to feel this kind of pain, it’s too much to bare I am in the verge of crying at the moment cause i’m beginning to hate myself..
Why do i always feel that i fucked up peoples life?!! I’m such a mess!! A big mistake i guess?!! This pain is just so fucking real!! Struggling to find a way to survive cause I really don’t wanna go back to the way I was before..
—  introverts8722thoughts
Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul → Tokyo Ghoul √A
1) You won’t be in love with the boy who takes your first kiss.
That’s okay.
2) Your mom might not approve of the boy you want to be with.
Listen to her. She’s probably right.
3) Your stomach will flip and your heart will skip when his tongue traces your lips.
Nothing will ever replicate that.
4) Don’t cry after kissing your first girl.
She was probably scared too.
5) Your first time probably won’t be your wedding night.
You’re still a good person.
6) Being single is okay, really.
Your partner should enhance your personality, not define your character.
7) At times, more often than not, you will feel unloved and unwanted.
Remember that you’re important. No one determines your worth but you.
8) Learn to sleep on both sides of the bed.
The first night without them by your side will be 1% easier.
9) If he hits you, leave him.
Even if you love him. Especially if you love him.
10) Women abuse men, too.
Hitting him is not okay.
11) A lot of your friends are probably in the closet right now.
When they tell you they’re gay, be surprised and be supportive.
12) No one ‘stole’ your partner.
They wouldn’t have left if they didn’t want to.
13) Friends usually won’t last forever.
14) If your friends don’t approve of him, it’s okay.
They’ll still love you anyway.
15) People in high school don’t seem to understand value.
You’re worth it, whether they see it or not.
16) Not everyone deserves a second chance.
Don’t give it to them.
17) Liquor won’t help.
It will only make the absence burn more.
18) She will tell her friends the details of big and little things.
The story of your first kiss together will not be private.
19) Always assume her girlfriends know everything, and expect them to share their opinions.
Don’t get angry at her.
20) Contrary to popular belief, he probably won’t tell his friends everything.
Expect it anyway.
21) Never let a crush ruin a fantastic friendship.
The relationship probably won’t end well and you will lose your best friend.
22) Have separate interests to escape into but always have something in common.
Things get boring otherwise.
23) If he loves you, he has to love your friends too.
They’re a part of you.
24) Trust each other around your preferred gender.
They probably aren’t cheating.
25) Sex is not shameful.
It’s not something everyone should hear about, either.
26) Know the difference between flirting and blatantly provoking.
Stay classy.
27) He won’t answer every 2am phone call.
Forgive him. He still loves you.
28) When he says he loves you,
believe him.
29) Don’t come to school in sweats the day after he leaves you.
Show him you’re better off without him.
30) It won’t always hurt.
Life DOES go on.

30 Things My Mother Should Have Taught Me Before High School ((10.19.14 - 9:35pm))

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exactly six years later, and they still only have eyes for each other. 

Please help my mom

Hey guys, I’ve given this a lot of thought, but I don’t know what else to do. So, I’m here to ask for some help.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Heather, and I have a pretty great mom who taught me how to love the world and give great hugs and always tell the ones you care about you love them because you never know what may happen the next day.

That mom is in serious and dire trouble right now. My mom is a great 51 year old women, who has gone through so many jobs over the years. A few she had to walk away from to make sure me and my sister had the care and love we needed through each storm of bad luck that came our way. From my depression and being sick in bed for almost an entire year, to my sister being diagnosed with diabetes and ending up in the hospital a few times, to my sister having a baby and my mom helping raise the kid. Not all big things, but things, at the time, we were scared and uninformed about. And she’d research and care for us. Even as she came down with depression, dealing with my dad’s suicide attempts and break downs, to her own thoughts and feelings of suicide, she’s stuck it out.

She’s struggled so hard to swim up river, and has applied for thousands of jobs. She’s gone to so many job fairs and interviews I can’t even count them all. She has so much experience from being a waitress(on roller skates at a time) to working on computers(she can type faster than anyone I’ve ever seen and takes the most diligent notes and is always organized), and is the biggest people person. But she can never land a job, for whatever reason. (I personally suspect age, because lets face it, who easier to pay tiny wages to than young people.)

Even when she gets a job, everything comes crashing down, and she has no money left to her name. Now she’s at a point where she can’t afford their rent anymore, nor gas, or food, or bills. She was just laid off(her job claimed being overstaffed) my sister is leaving to move in with her new boyfriend, and my grandparents refuse to help her or let her move in with them.

I lived in my car, on friends couches, and jumped hotels for a little over 2 months, so I can imagine what it’s like to have no where to go. But to have no one who wants you on top of that, while still having to care for pets no less, is something I never wanted my mom to be in. I’ve tried so hard to keep her afloat, but now I’m in a position where I can’t help her on my own. I can’t pay her rent and bills, no matter how much I want to.

I’d like to earn enough money for her to afford someplace to stay until she can find a job again. I think if she can have a good starting amount of money to keep her going, she won’t have to be forced to do anything drastic.

This is my mom, guys. A mom who has been trying to damn hard to do everything she can but the world keeps pushing her down and holding her underwater, wanting her to drown. It’s not fair, and the fact her family won’t help her because she can’t get out of the situation by herself is even worse. She’s TRIED. She doesn’t want this, she LOVES working, she loves being able to take care of people, I just can’t understand how someone who tries harder than anyone has to be forced into being homeless and alone.

I’m really, really, REALLY hoping to raise anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, if at all possible. I know it’s a lot, and probably impossible, but sadly it’s not a lot or enough for someone to live on for long. But it should be enough to help my mom at least pay another few month’s rent and bills and buy her more time to hear back from another job. But honestly, anything helps at this point.

If you guys can help my mom out, I’d be indebted to you forever. If you want a drawing, or a day to hang out at Disneyland, or a cookie I can bake and send to you, or something, you got it. Just please, please help me keep my mom off the streets. She’s almost been there before, and now that she’s alone it’s even more likely. And she loves our pets to death and they’re the only real comfort she has, I don’t want anything to happen to her and all of them.

If you can’t donate, please spread this around for me. I’m really hoping to save up any money for her before the month is up.

Thank you for your time and kindness.
Here’s a more direct link to where you can send donations if you choose: paypal.me/sonichearts