She (Hyejung) always comforted me. Only once did she scold me. I had a sullen face and it didn’t create a good atmosphere at the dinner table. She slammed down her spoon, and ordered me to cry. She told me to cry as much as I wanted to. But at these words, I really did cry. ‘Cry it all out right now. You’re not a person who’s unable to win this’. So, I did. I cried like a kid
—  Tablo (Healing Camp - Episode 69)
the signs as “cry baby” songs

aries | “dollhouse”
places, places, get in your places
throw on your dress and put on your doll faces
everyone thinks that we’re perfect
please don’t let them look through the curtains

taurus | “teddy bear”
teddy bear, you are my teddy bear
you were comforting and quiet
how did love become so violent?
oh, teddy bear, you were my teddy bear
everything was so sweet until you tried to kill me

gemini | “alphabet boy”
i know my abc’s, yet you keep teaching me
i say, fuck your degree, alphabet boy
you think you’re smarter than me with all your bad poetry
fuck all your abc’s, alphabet boy

cancer | “pity party”
i’m laughing, i’m crying
it feels like i’m dying
i’m dying, i’m dying
it’s my party and i’ll cry if i want to
it’s my party and i’ll cry if i want to

leo | “mrs. potato head”
kids forever, kids forever
baby soft skin turns into leather
don’t be dramatic, it’s only some plastic
no one will love you if you’re unattractive
oh mrs. potato head tell me, is it true that pain is beauty?
does a new face come with a warranty?
will a pretty face make it better?

virgo | “soap”
i’m tired of being careful, tiptoe, trying to keep the water warm
let me under your skin
uh-oh, there it goes, i said too much, it overflowed
why do i always spill?

libra | “pacify her”
someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours
but was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?
pacify her
she’s getting on my nerves
you don’t love her
stop lying with those words

scorpio | “tag, you’re it”
can anybody hear me? i’m hidden under ground
can anybody hear me? am i talking to myself?
saying, “tag, you’re it, tag, tag, you’re it”
he’s saying, “tag, you’re it, tag, tag, you’re it”

sagittarius | “mad hatter”
you like me best when i’m off my rocker
tell you a secret, i’m not alarmed
so what if i’m crazy? the best people are
all the best people are crazy, all the best people are

capricorn | “sippy cup”
blood still stains when the sheets are washed
sex don’t sleep when the lights are off
kids are still depressed when you dress them up
and syrup is still syrup in a sippy cup

aquarius | “play date”
we’re just playing hide and seek
it’s getting hard to breathe under the sheets with you
i don’t want to play no games
i’m tired of always chasing, chasing after you

pisces | “cry baby”
your heart’s too big for your body
it’s where your feelings hide
they’re pouring out
where everyone can see


I am QUOTING MYSELF because I am pretty sure I still can’t say much of anything about September Girls other than what I tweeted about it.

Still, I tried, for work, and this is what the WORD newsletter said I thought about it: “Nothing about Bennett Madison’s sun-soaked story it as it seems – not the small town where its narrator, Sam, spends his summer; not the Girls, mysterious and blonde, who are all drawn to Sam; not the things that are strange about the Girls, like why they name themselves things like Nalgene and watch game shows whenever they aren’t working. Sleekly subversive and quietly brilliant, September Girls does entirely new things with an old myth, transforming a story you might think you know into a beautiful YA novel that slips effortlessly between genres.”

But there’s more, see, and part of that more is this: I read a LOT of YA. Once upon a time, it was my job to read the slush pile. Before and after that, I just read it because I loved it, even when I didn’t really even know it was a thing (my obsession in college was all about story and identity and boy howdy does YA have a lot to say about that).

I don’t read YA to be surprised. (I don’t really do anything to be surprised, honestly. It’s nice and all but not my main narrative need, not by a long shot). This book surprised me, and not in the BANG POW kind of way, but in the way where it sneaks in, something you soak in while you’re reading, and then you look up at the end and it’s not just something that you can can get up and walk away from, because it’s left a mark, wrinkled fingers and tan lines and a thin line of blood where something sharp got at you while you were walking through what you thought was easy territory.

It’s not easy. It can be, but it isn’t. There’s magic in that illusion, making it seem like this easy summer read and then slipping - not pulling - the rug out from under you so very, very gracefully.

at prom after it was technically over and people were getting their stuff to leave the dj started playing anything goes and all of the dancers/tappers from that song went up and did the whole dance for the rest of the people there and we all remembered every step and it was beautiful and i cried

Goodbye Michael Scott

was absolutely perfect.

it was one of their best episodes yet. it had everything from humor to twists to heart wrenching scenes. i don’t think i have ever cried so much and so hard from a television show. what most people don’t realize is that, michael scott isn’t just another boss, he’s a friend. his priority is being a friend. and not to mention a mum to erin. he wanted to be liked. he wanted to be loved. and he wanted people to be scared that they love him so. and let’s just say he did way more than that.

this episode was so gut wrenching that i cried in the first 15 minutes of it. when he was telling himself, ‘how could i do this? i can’t do this. i have to call her and tell her i can’t go.’ because he saw jim, pam, creed, and kevin talking about a shredder during lunch break. when i saw him tearing up and trying to hold back waterfalls, i started to bawl like a child.

there were so many parts when i just started to cry uncontrollably because of how exquisite steve carell’s acting was. and i realized how much i’m going to miss him in the office. but, there were other genuine, traditional 'michael scott’ scenes. like when he was bothering the warehouse and trying to make the basketball in the hoop while facing the other way. he did it until he made it. classic michael scott material.

that’s what i’m going to miss. his quirkiness. his ability to improvise most of the material on the show. he is one of the best actors of all time.

during the last ten minutes of the show, i started to cry uncontrollably. when dwight read the letter of recommendation from michael. when he called for the last conference room meeting. when jim knew what was up with him. when they both teared up. when michael took off his mic. when pam ran to him at the airport. when she watched him go.

i swear to you i was crying so so much. it was such a good episode. i’m going to miss him so much. it’s funny how a television character can somehow have a really big impact on you.

michael scott has always left us smiling and satisfied.

that’s what she said.

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Hey admin, how are you? I love your writing and your blog so much and saw that message about your ask being open for chats and venting and I don't really know what to do. My relationship is falling apart and my s/o blames me for all our problems and expects me to do all the work to fix them but he's fights me every step of the way and it just hurts so much. I'm so anxious and depressed about it, but I love rereading your scenarios they make me feel so much better, thank you for everything

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