engraved - pt. iii // m.c.

A/N: By request, a third part to my SingleFather!Michael x TattooArtist!Reader. Expect lots of angst. This will probably only make sense if you read Parts One / and Two first. Credit to Caity (@lukeyboy) for tons and tons of help with plotting this story! xs

Warnings: Language, death mention

Word Count: 3k


Part One // Part Two


“I’m sorry,” he muttered quickly. His eyes darted to the living room behind me, where a show was still on in the background. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other and finally looked back at me. “I didn’t want to intrude, I just–”

“Why are you here, Michael?” I interrupted his nerve-wracked speech. “And… how?”

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Man, I really like het ships where it starts out with the girl totally hating the guy’s guts. I think that’s really relatable. But whenever I read fic of them and get to the part where she finds out she actually likes him, I stop reading, and I feel kind of weird and gross… I guess for some reason I don’t find the love plot interesting anymore at that point? Yeah, probably because it’s gotten predictable. That’s totally it. I’ll just keep reading the first half of these fics where she still hates him, I like that better for some reason. I mean, I totally still ship them, I just… like them better when they’re not together.

Pranksters - Floating Goggles

Peter Maximoff x Reader

Plot: Do you want to read some Peter drabbles?
A/N: (It doesn’t have to be some Peter drabbles…wait, it dooeeees). A few cheeky drabbles I’ve come up with while brainstorming our favourite silver-haired hero. The theme: pranks. Flirty, adorable pranks. I’ll be releasing them in a series so you can enjoy them one by one. If you love it as much as I love writing it; suuubssccrribeeee.

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“I don’t think even you could eat that much ice cream, Peter” Kurt added as Peter and Kurt made their way up the steps towards the mansion. The sun was hot in the sky, and Peter was just keen to get inside and hide away from the world with his Walkman.
Adjusting his goggles on his head, Peter scoffed. 
“Dude, you are making a grave mistake; underestimating this speedster is an insane move” Peter jested, striding up the steps.
As they both reached the door, a crowd of people bustled out; he made out Scott’s glasses somewhere in the crowd, and then he grinned.
(y/n) was making her way out of the door, and she met his eyes with a playful grin. He stuck his tongue out at her while Kurt chuckled beside him.
As she disappeared behind him, Peter felt his hair rustle.
Reaching up; he noticed his goggles were gone.
He flipped around; just as he did, he saw (y/n) holding them in her palm, a cheeky smile plastered on her face.
“How far do you reckon she’ll get before I have those back?” Peter asked, a smile growing on his face as he folded his arms.
(y/n) took a step away from Peter.
“NOW, KURT!” she yelled, and in a split second Kurt was at her side, ready to teleport away.
Peter lunged forward, laughing hard, but the two of them were over on the other side of the lake before Peter could reach them.
“Looks like payback can be a bit of a bitch, Maximoff!” (y/n) yelled, as she and Kurt sprinted off away from him.
He had to admit; she was good.

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Hi Pauline! I've been wanting to read the secret history, which I know your'e an incredibly huge fan of, but I'm afraid of not being able to appreciate the writing, characters and craft of it as much as other people have because I'm not very profound at analyzing books just yet. Any tips on this? And I think you've done a post on book awareness(MORE PEOPLE NEED TO DO THIS) but I can't find it, could you link it here please? This would help me so much, thank you!! x

Hey there! 

Don’t worry, The Secret History is not a difficult book to read. The writing is beautiful and sleek, yet approachable; the plot is a typical one (whydunnit?), on par with an Agatha Christie gone a little bacchic. It has appealed to a very wide audience since its year of publishing (1992), whether young, old, classicist or not.

I’m not going to lie though, I think reading The Secret History is even more enjoyable (and hints and subtexts detectable) with a general knowledge of the classics (Homer, some myths, some tropes, the rules of Tragedy). But either with or without that knowledge, the pleasure of the book is as great in confronting it naively (and fall into the traps!) as it is in analysing it and detecting the clues.

I wish I could read it again like I did the first time, off-handedly at first, without much expectations.

If you think you still have some things to reflect on when you’re finished, definitely roam Tumblr. There is some incredible meta on the book, by students and bookblr and classicists. Mine is here if you need it.

For the posts about book awareness, you can find one HERE, HERE, and HERE. And basically my advice about books and reading is in this tag.

The Perils of Prehistoric Marriage

Part 1, ao3
Part 2, ao3

I really thought I could do this in two parts but it’s going to be three parts. But it will be done by next week! Enjoy part two! It’s got Bellamy being a gossip, Clarke getting mushy, and an entire amnesia plot!  

Clarke finally got to see a patient. All her own. She read over the chart, she knew it was just a routine pediatric visit, but she was prepared and excited. She decided to have patients call her Dr. G and the nine year old seemed relieved when she introduced herself.

“Mom, you said the appointment was with Dr. Griffin.” The kid had no grasp of an inside voice. “She’s mean.”

“Dorothy!” her mom quietly scolded, her cheeks blushing.

“What? I’m just telling the truth,” Dorothy said, crossing her arms while Clarke tried to keep a straight face.

“Dr. Griffin is my mom.” Clarke lowered her voice to a stage whisper and Dorothy’s eyes got wide. “But don’t worry, I’m not a huge fan of her’s either.”

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D&D would have to be idiots to give any of the cast (read: Sophie) plot developments before SDCC, where media is rampant and every word/move scrutinized. I know there’s a Fuck Plot Conspiracy floating around where Kit was given separate instructions to play up their scenes, but KIT’S NOT AT SDCC THIS YEAR IS HE? (ಠ‿ಠ)

Another point in the Fuck Plot Conspiracy.

I’ll always love you. No matter what

This is part four in the Steve, marry her series. Part one, part two, and part three

Pairing: Pre-serum!Steve x Reader

Word Count: 2869

Category: Fluff, Angst

Warnings: Guys, not gonna lie, this gets kind of intense. There is non-con in this (not between Steve and reader or Buck and reader).  I do not describe the actual act, just the before and aftermath. IF THAT IS A TRIGGER, PLEASE DO NOT READ. YOU CAN SKIP THIS PART WITHOUT MISSING LARGE CHUNKS OF THE PLOT FOR LATER PARTS. There is also; internalized victim blaming, fluff, art show, probably unrealistic representation of art dealers buying art, 

Summary: When Steve’s art is chosen for a exhibit, you accompany him to it. When you leave early, you run into trouble. After you get home, Steve and Buck are there to pick up the pieces.

Your name: submit What is this?

You were already in Steve and Buck’s apartment. Since the other night, you had just been staying with them. It was easier for you, because you didn’t have to back and forth and also because it was easier to look out for your boys when you were there all day. You were standing at the stove, cooking chicken when you heard the door open behind you.

“How was your day Stevie?”

“I have amazing news,” he spun you around, “some of my art has been chosen to be in an exhibit at the school.”

“Oh Stevie that’s amazing!” You wrap your arms around him, “which ones were picked?”

“I’m not telling, you’ll have to come and see for yourself. Because I get to bring a guest, and I’m bringing you. It’s tomorrow night from seven to ten at the school,” he kissed the end of your nose.

“Oh, I’m so excited. You’re art in an exhibit.”

“And a beautiful girl on my arm.”

“Oh Stevie hush.”


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Pranksters - The Twinkie Thief

Peter Maximoff x Reader

Plot: Do you want to read some Peter drabbles?
A/N: (It doesn’t have to be some Peter drabbles…wait, it dooeeees). A few cheeky drabbles I’ve come up with while brainstorming our favourite silver-haired hero. The theme: pranks. Flirty, adorable pranks. I’ll be releasing them in a series so you can enjoy them one by one. If you love it as much as I love writing it; suuubssccrribeeee.

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Jubilee shuffled her papers in her lap, lounging across the couch in the rec room. Beside her, (y/n) was watching the television, eyes intent on the terrible commercials on the screen.

“I swear this is the fourth time I’ve seen this ad” (y/n) yawned, reaching out to the box of Twinkies beside her.
“I’ve literally got three more of these to sign, and then we can go and do something more fun. Oh! We could go to the mall. Again.”
(y/n) rolled her eyes, a smile playing at her lips “You’re just thinking about shoes. Again”.
Unwrapping the sugared snack, (y/n) reached to take a gentle bite.
Out of nowhere, a flash of silver sent Jubilee’s papers spinning through the air, the leaves of a nearby potted plant thrashing in the sudden breeze. When (y/n) looked down, her Twinkie was gone.
She stood up immediately, almost losing her balance as a loud, boyish laugh echoed from the hallway.
“Maximoff!” she yelled, rushing through the doorway as Peter loudly and jokingly screamed, pretending to run in slow motion as he reached the double doors of the mansion.
Jubilee shook her head, bending down to pick up her scattered papers.
Those two.

The Beauty of This Mess

Summary: Road trip AU.

Notes: I’m completely winging this, to be honest. I have a general plot idea but nothing else is planned. It was meant to be an angsty fic but the characters are being uncooperative and fluffy.

tagging @aliceofalonso because she encouraged me to write it so she has to put up with me and read it.

Title: Sleep Baby Sleep - Broods

Part: 2/? (1)

Sansa awoke with a start when she heard a knock on the door. For a moment she thought that she was back home in her bedroom and Robb was pounding on her door. Then she heard soft snores from the other bed and felt the scratchy comforter on top of her and remembered everything. Sitting up, she eyed the door warily.

“Jon,” she said, drawing the covers up to cover her.

He didn’t even shift and she realized that he must have been a heavy sleeper. Arya was the same and Sansa knew just how to wake her up.

“Jon!” she said louder, banging her hand on the wall.

He jerked awake, sitting up quickly and looking at her with wide eyes before hearing the knocking as well. Sansa nodded at the door and he took a deep breath, rubbing at his eyes as he slipped out of bed.

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Feeling Faint

(A/N) At first I wasn’t sure what exactly I was going to do as far as a plot goes- I didn’t want to do something that I had already read- but I’ve never read this story line so I hope it’s good? I don’t know if it’s all that fluffy but I hope you enjoy! Once again, send in reviews, advice, or requests!

John Laurens x Reader

Prompt: Could you do a really fluffy one with John Laurens where the reader is chubby and John loves to cuddle them because of how soft and warm they are?

It was another day, and you would be going with your parents to another ball. Your father was invited to these for business reasons, and no matter what you said, he would insist that he bring along his wife and only child. He thought it created a good family image. You hated it. 

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Can you do a Jensen x reader Drabble for "when was the last time you slept ?"

@torn-and-frayed is doing these but since I’m sitting here getting my hair done….I’ll do this one and that’s it!!! Lol and because I thought of a cool plot after reading it

You’ve been going and going for almost two weeks straight. Barely getting maybe four hours of sleep each night. It was wearing down on your body and it was starting to show in the way you acted and your appearance. You were falling asleep at any chance you could, even sometimes while you were standing listening to Jensen or Jared say their lines to you. Bags were starting to form under your eyes and you hardly ever had time to do your hair or makeup in the mornings.

Right now, it seems like your body had given up and had enough. Your eyes started to close while Jensen was saying his lines to Jared and you could feel yourself starting to fall forward but you had no energy to stop before you hit the floor.

What felt like seconds to you was actually three hours later when you woke up. Jensen was sitting in the chair across from you. Looking around you noticed you were in his trailor.


Looking up he rushed to your side, “Hey hey, how’re you feeling Y/N?”

“Okay I guess….what happened?” you asked sitting up, hoping your eyes didn’t show how wide they got at feeling Jensen’s hand take yours.

“You…you passed out on us in the middle of filming. Y/N, when was the last time you slept? Like….really had a good deep sleep?”

You looked up towards the ceiling and thought about it, “I can’t remember to be honest.”

Hearing Jensen sigh made your heart almost break. You didn’t want to disappoint him in anyway, you didn’t want him thinking any less of you.

“Are you okay? Do you need….help? Or is it just hard to go to sleep? What’s wrong?” His thumb started to rub on your palm subconsciously.

“I-I don’t know. I just, I can’t stop going. These late nights filming and going out with you guys is leaving me with little sleep but I can’t show that. I’ve got to keep going.”

“No you don’t. You need to take time for you sometimes. Sleep is important Y/N. I can’t have that happen to you again. You don’t….you don’t understand how much you scared me today.”

“I scared you Jensen?” You looked him in the eyes and swore you saw this certain sparkle you’ve been dying to see.

“Y-yeah….don’t…don’t do that again okay? How about this? Tonight you come home with me and we can chill out by the couch and watch movies till you fall asleep. Tonight, you’re gonna get a good night’s sleep.”

You nodded and hugged him. Knowing that with him by your side tonight, there was no denying the fact that you’d be getting the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had in your life.

Can we just sit down and talk about this for a second.
I loved the reaction when Phil got the lighting up fedora from Dan, then when Dan insisted that he wore it off camera his face is just like.
“Suuuurrreee.” *nods head with worried look*
Dan is like all excited and shit, which not going to lie reminded me sort of a puppy. Not like on a Sam Winchester level, but close to it plus Dan’s happy and smiley…and shit.

Also my favorite author Chloe K. ( @chloe-k101 ) has a fan fiction on wattpad that’s a Dan x reader though the plot goes extremely fast at first because she thought it’d only be 14 chapter, which it’s now on its 59th I think…I don’t know anyway it’s a great read and it’s called paused.
She is Chloe_k101 on wattpad please follow her she follows back!! (Btw I wasn’t asked to this but hopefully she notices me ;) )

[ @danisnotonfire @amazingphil ]

I Wanna Do It Again

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a4bJtl

by orphan_account

“Daddy…” Alec whimpers.

“What do you want, darling?”

Words: 393, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a4bJtl
Positivity: one AU I love.

“Pleading to the Stars” by charizona is such a good story. It’s a police station AU, Root is an IT specialist and Shaw is a scary ME.

I love when I have gone a little while without reading it and then I forget the plot details a smidge and go back and re-read it all fresh and new again.

It makes me laugh and it’s hot and Shaw and Root are in character but also somehow super adorable.

10/10 for mentions of donuts and baked goods as well.

This quote does not fill me with joy

In a new article about another TV show there is a quote from George Adams I have never read before.  Emphasis mine.

The show’s co-creator, George Adams, purposefully introduced Mei Lin to thwart the marriage and keep the romantic tension simmering.

“Killing people is really easy but kissing them is hard,” Adams says. “Could we and should we sustain Blake and Jean is always the big question for us.”

How we go about (plotting) the murders is usually pretty straightforward compared to that.”

I have concerns.

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Can there be a part two to Meeting? It's so good~

Thank you so much I’m so glad you enjoyed the story!! When I first published this piece I did consider a part two, but I just feel like there wasn’t enough to write another full story on and I worried about plot holes which no one likes. But, I can give you a sort of informal headcanon about how I think the reader and Peter’s relationship would of progressed in this story, I hope that’s okay. (If you haven’t read Meeting, you can find it here (X) ) 

Meeting-Peter Maximoff x Reader (part 2ish) Headcanon

  • Peter would of continued to sneak in your room, despite Charles telling him he had to stay away from you after the ankle incident. 
  • He would offer to help you learn to control of your power, despite the fact it sometimes resulted in him getting pushed back against the wall, or falling off the bed.
  •  He would also lay on your mattress, hands tucked behind head, eyes closed, and listen to you sing while you cleaned or did stuff around your room. At first you were embarrassed, but after hearing you sing the first time you met, it was all he wanted to hear. 
  • Sometimes he would use his mutation, super speed, to run you through the mansion, sneaking you into rooms you’d never been to, without getting caught. 
  • Basically, he would spend all of his free time with you, because although he’d never said it he was so worried you’d be lonely.
  • He would also bring you stolen goods, which he never told you he stole, like Twinkies because he was constantly saying “you haven’t lived until you’ve had a Twinkie”
  • After a while, when you felt more comfortable about your mutation, he would sneak you out of the mansion. Sometimes just to an empty park or area, because you were still nervous about hurting people, but never the less, it felt good to leave, to have some freedom for a while, and of course to be with Peter
When Magnus Saw Him

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a69HM0

by cade

Magnus has feelings about Alec, he’s enamoured with the boy and he still doesn’t entirely know why.

Words: 692, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a69HM0