I Must Go, Talos Needs Me

Once I was on my way to Windhelm. I got to the stables and dismounted from my horse. Barely as soon as my feet hit the ground she slingshotted through the air and flew off across the horizon.
She was my first horse, the black mare from the Whiterun stables; she had followed me everywhere in-game for more than 100 days, no death and reloads. I fucking loved that horse. So naturally, when she flew off into the air as if grabbed bodily by Meridia herself I was pissed. I saw the direction she flew and I damn well ran after her.
Now, this is where it gets fun. I lost sight of her but, figuring that because she didn’t fly up straight into the sky but flew sideways instead she might land somewhere, I didn’t give up. On a hunch I went to the place that seemed most in line to her trajectory.
Sure enough, A few clicks from the Windhelm Stables, I reached the Talos statue on that cliff - finding her not only alive and well - but walking back towards Windhelm as if nothing had fucking happened.

Oh my god i am laughing so fucking hard!! I love your determination hahaha


I was sitting by the window this evening, reading a book when I looked up and saw the unique sky outside. I grabbed my camera, ran down to the water, as I told my family over my shoulder, be right right, I’m going for a sunset kayak.

And boy, am I pleased I did! I was the only person out there, as the sun worked its magic and the loons called to each other across the lake. The water was like glass, and a single stroke pushed me a few meters as I sat there and admired this gorgeous country.

I smiled the entire time, so blessed. 🙏💛

I was just doing my thing and then when I glanced outside, I saw a pinkish sky, I ran upstairs, got my camera and got on the roof to take pics of the sunset. the picture doesn’t do any justice to what it looked like in real life tho

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I'll be the Light in your Eyes
Hey, Lovlies! Here’s Chapter 4! Hope you enjoy! P.S, Got any ideas/feedback, please message me (: I’d want to hear your thoughts. <3 Love you <3 Chapter 4: ~Your Pov~ I heard my name being called over and over. I looked up at the baby blue sky. All I knew I wasn’t in earth. I was somewhere else. But where? I felt calm. I didn’t feel sad, nor happy, nor angry. Nothing was running through my bloodstream. “Y/N!!!!!” I heard, and it echoed through my ears, leaving me speechless. Were they losing me? Was I losing myself? ~Johnson POV~ I broke. I broke down when I saw her body fly over the hood of the car. Cam and I ran to her, shouting her name with tears forming in our eyes. I wish I didn’t witness this. The girl I’ve grown attached to, getting hit. I rushed over to her and I fell to my knees. Cam dialed 911, with tears in his eyes. Soon enough, Nash, Gilinsky, Y/F/N, Matthew, Aaron, Carter, and even Sam was there. I held her almost lifeless body in my arms as I cried and kissed the top of her head.  “Don’t leave me now, please.” I cried. The paramedics came and they did their thing. I turned around and saw Sam with tears in his eyes. I walked up to and placed my hand on his shoulder. He was frozen solid. Y/F/N went into the ambulance with her. “It’s mt fault…” Sam said, quietly, looking down at his feet. “It was you!” Luke came up and punched Sam in the face. “Yo, Bro, Chill!” Gilinsky ran to Luke, grabbing him off of Sam. Sam didn’t fight back. He must’ve felt like he deserved it. “Stop being fools, we’re suppose to go see Y/N! Not fight!” Cameron shouted. He was irritated.  We all got to the hospital and demanded to see Y/N. They didn’t let us in. Y/F/N was sitting in the waiting room, with her head against Matthew’s chest.  Sam had his face in his hands. I knew he felt as if this was his fault. I didn’t know what to do. Cameron was falling asleep on Nash, and so was Nash. Luke was sitting next to me, glaring at Sam even though he wasn’t looking. The doctor finally came out. “Y/N Y/L/N family?” The doctor asked. “My parents will be here soon. Im her brother.” Luke said standing up. Sam and I stood up as well. “She’s going to be fine. She has a broken arm and that’s it. The rest is just bruising. But we’ll release her tomorrow morning.” The doctor explained. “Thank you so much.” Sam said, with joy. “No problem.” He smiled and walked away. I smiled to myself knowing Y/N was going to be fine. ~Your POV~ I woke up in an unfamiliar room. I quickly got up only to find Luke, my mother and Y/F/N. I also found a broken arm. “Happy birthday.” My mother said as I looked around. “Oh….” I smiled weakly. I forgot it was my birthday.  I was released shortly after. My mother, Luke and Y/F/N took me out to eat. It was 7:45pm. I was getting tired. We finally got home. I opened the door and flipped on the light. “SURPRISE!” And to my surprise, I saw all the guys there, including Sam, and all the friends we’ve made at school. Johnson, and Cam took my bags upstairs to my room for me. I smiled. Everyone hugged me, saying Happy birthday. As I was talking to Johnson, Sam approached me.  “Hey, Y/N. Can I speak with you please?” He asked. “Sure.” I said, standing there. “Privately…” Sam added shortly after. I smiled and followed him outside. “Y/N… I’m sorry.” Sam began. “Sam. I don’t want to hear it.” I said, looking away. “You have to. Please. Give me another chance. I was an asshole, and I am extremely sorry, I caused all of this.” Sam began. “We can’t go back to how we were but we can be friends.” I sighed. “We gotta start somewhere right?” Sam chuckled. “Do you still like me?” Sam asked. “Yes. My feelings for you are still there.” I blushed. “Great.” He smiled. “SAM!” His friends shouted. “I’ll be back, birthday girl.” Sam kissed my forehead and left. Cameron came down shortly after. “Hey. How are you feeling?” Cameron asked, looking down at my arm. “Great.” I smiled. I giggled and looked away.  Cameron stared at me, then placed his finger under my chin. He slowly lifted it up and pressed his nice warm lips against mine. I was shocked. I didn’t pull away. It soon became a small make out, his arms wrapped tightly around my waist.  “Y/N?” Sam asked, with a angry, yet sad expression. “Sam!” I said, surprisingly.  He ignored me and shot a nasty glare at Cameron. “Really Cam? I thought we were cool.” He said, stepping closer, clenching his fist. “We were, then you made Y/N get hit by a car!” Cam said, nearly shouting, clenching his fist. “Guys stop!” I was so afraid they were gonna fight. Then just as I thought they were gonna stop, Cameron punched Sammy in the face. It gets more intense (-: Hope you guys enjoyed! Be waiting for Chap 5 ;) <3  Chapter 1: http://sincerelyyoursss7xoxo.tumblr.com/post/96769223914/ill-be-the-light-in-your-eyes Chapter 2: http://sincerelyyoursss7xoxo.tumblr.com/post/96793204889/ill-be-the-light-in-your-eyes Chapter 3: http://sincerelyyoursss7xoxo.tumblr.com/post/96812497224/ill-be-the-light-in-your-eyes

Just a point about this moment.  When Jack uses the skyward reference here, he is referring to her having sex with Compton-flat on your back looking at the sky (although, poor Jack, I suspect Phryne does things a little more passionately than the missionary but I’ll let you have this one). 

Its a huge moment for Jack because he rarely calls her up on her faults and he does it here.  It brings her back down from her act of rebellion.  She ran off with the ex, had some whisky and what she saw, up until Jack says this, as a bit of naughty fun.  Jack makes it sounds stupid and immature, like something a teenage girl would do. 

It also makes her realise that what she has done with Compton and what she has done in the past is meaningless and Jack will never see sex that way.  If she wants him, she’s going to have to compromise in that area.


On Day 5, I spawned near a gate. After going through it, I ran into a head on the wall. It stretched towards me, maw gaping open, the kanji for “mouth” inbetween its lips, and then faded away. I touched the wall and warped to the desert mesa area. By chance, I saw a translucent flower bloom. When I ran into it, I arrived into a bizarrely coloured area with a grinning moon hanging in a daytime sky.

I’ve seen many strange things recently.

i ran to store to go quickly grab a bottle of energy drink before stores close, and when i was walking back to home, i realized that i can see stars. i finally have my eyeglasses and the sky was completely clear. i used to be able to see only the couple brightest stars and now i was able to see so many starts, like i had no idea that there were so fucking many visible for naked eye., i also saw a shooting star for first time in my life and all this just got me so verwhelmed that i just fucking started to cry, im still crying.m i would have tsayed a lot longer but some dude walked past and i didnt want him to see that im crying and staring the sky

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Camping photoset #3: Thursday’s sunset.

When we finished up our dinner, I saw the fading golden light through the trees opposite our campsite. Saving the the dishes for the light of my headlamp later in the evening, I grabbed my camera and ran down the mountain to the outlook by the Cheaha Mountain restaurant. 

I managed not to fall, and arrived breathless only to have my breath stolen once more. I’ve never seen a mountain sunset, even one from the southernmost portion of the Appalachian foothills. All the other times I’m been in the mountains, there’s always been too many trees to have a good view.