Silent Night;;

A kiss from a pretty lady.
It was free, and it was sweet; a fluke even, if he had left even a few minutes earlier it probably wouldnt have happened. It was the only thing he expects to get on this day.
And even that he doesn’t feel he is deserving.

He lights a candle and puts it in the window, a family tradition symbolizing welcome to Mary and Joseph as they traveled for shelter. Normally the youngest brother would light it, and the youngest sister would extinguish it. Tonight he’d let it burn through the night til nothing was left.
It felt wrong to put it out himself.

He gave one gift on this day of happiness.
And it was one of death and destruction. A gun; To his younger brother. A fitting gift between the two he thinks.
He’s unsure what to get anyone else, he’s a man of iron, steel, smoke and death. None of which he wants to spread to the warmer lights in his life; he doesn’t want those lights to dim.

Demetri has no one to blame but himself for spending such a day alone; one normally filled with laughs, good food, and good company. He sits in the flickering candle light, fiddling with the rosary around his neck engrossed in his own thoughts.
His omni-tool sounds with a message.
He ignores it.

[Auto Message]; You’ve reached the inbox of Demetrius Byrne. He is currently unavailable. Your message has been logged and you will be contacted ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience and Happy Holidays.

Headcanons || Selflessness

Demetri has always been fairly selfless, to a point. He still has his selfish vices of booze and cigarettes but that’s about it. He took care of his younger siblings alot growing up and family has always taken priority over whatever he needed or wanted. If he cares about you, you are first, before himself in his book.