i really care about the major comics project ive been working on…. the content is really important to me and i realise when i listen to other ppl talk about comics and media that the things im writing about are actually potentially interesting to somebody who isnt me, like other ppl value them too…. but i am just also so self conscious about my terrible drawings lol? and writing about relationships openly, in a way that might expose my autism and undo all the effort i have put into trying to beat myself into behaving properly and not showing that i dont understand things and am weird and off putting ?

like writing fiction cant be self deprecating in the same way so much. writing about what u value and think about in terms of relationships thru the guise of characters is really exposing. also theres the fact that i used the cast of the sonic games as the characters lol which seemed logical to me for a lot of reasons. but now im like. thats definitely a very autistic thing to do and people are laughing and feeling embarrassed for me as i’m sure they are whenever they see my art….