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Could I request kiawe headcanons with a crush or S/O that's a really gifted pokémon performer and coordinator that loves to incorporate fire with her performances? What would it be like for them? And would they ever perform together?


  • He is mesmerized the first time he has ever seen them perform. Let’s just say the first time he saw them perform he fell. HARD.
  • At the same time he has gained a crush as well as a rival. This really excites him because now he’s even more motivated than before to perfect his own performances. His crush has really inspired him and he couldn’t have been more grateful.
  • Without making himself known, he comes and watches them when they has a performance every single time. Too bad he doesn’t realize he’s slowly falling deeper in love with them. Eventually he does find the courage to wait until everyone else has left to praise their skills and pokemon. It’s obvious they put in a lot of time and effort in what they do and it shouldn’t go unnoticed.
  • On the other hand Kiawe’s crush is fangirling hard because for one, he’s a captain and second they’re highly aware of just how talented he is as well. And he thinks THEY’RE the one who is talented.
  • I think that Kiawe would be willing to do a performance with them, but they would have to be the one offering. He’d also only agree if they were rather close and he knew them well enough. He’s already seen how their body moves enough that he has a pretty good idea on how to work with them.
  • Having long practices together eventually led to the two of them dating. Dancing together can be very intimate, and it wasn’t like he hadn’t had feelings for them already.
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Keii, you've inspired me to work more on my ocs and I wanted to thank you for that 😊💖

Oh??? Yay!!! This makes me happy!!! I think it’s super cute when people make ocs and put a lot of effort into their stories eeee

It’s really weird to play an active role in my friendships because I’m still getting used to doing that? As a young kid I was annoying as hell, which means I faced a lot of rejection, and turned into a socially anxious older kid. So I got in the habit of waiting for someone to come along and friend me. Growing up, a lot of my friends were outgoing and had strong personalities, and I knew they liked me because they were always the ones to initiate. So now when I’m making a conscious effort to reach out to people, it feels really weird when I text first or suggest we get dinner or something. And I start thinking, “They’re obviously just putting up with me, because if they really wanted to be friends then they would initiate.” What I don’t realize is that they might be thinking the exact same thing!!

I have to keep telling myself: There’s a small chance that your friends all hate you, and a large chance that they’re just as shy and awkward as you are.


From the makers of the no-effort character checklist, I bring to you… The no-effort complete character sheet for lazy writers like you and me™! 

Because the extra effort I put in staying up until 3 am to do put this together can save us all a lot of effort filling out longer character sheets ^^

You’re supposed to print it out and fold it in half to make a little booklet but you can save ink and do it on your computer :P

Link to PDF on google drive (fixed typo)

Can we PLEASE take a moment to appreciate the goddamn AMAZING amount of craftsmanship that goes into making pro ballet costumes?







Costume designers are some of the most awesomely skilled people on the planet and I feel like they very rarely get as much admiration as they deserve. Especially in ballet, because a lot of the time at least half the audience doesn’t get the chance to see how intricate and beautiful these pieces truly are. I want to thank the artists who put so much effort into making characters look amazing.


And here are my pieces for The Enchanted World of Miyazaki: Tribute Show!!

It was such a wild weekend with such an incredible turnout of people and I got to meet so many of them (although I’m sorry if I missed you; I was only there for certain times). I’m extremely honored that I was able to be a part of such an experience as my first time as a part of a gallery! There was a lot of love and effort put into it and I can’t thank everyone who put it together and made it possible enough. And thank you so much if you were able to make it and I’m sorry to those who couldn’t. 

Prints are available on my Storenvy

i’d like to explain a few things about why people reblog their own posts

  • making gifs and edits is hard, okay. it might seem easy to you, but try doing it yourself and you’ll have much more respect for people making stuff on tumblr
  • when you put a lot of effort in creating something, it’s only natural that you want it to be acknowledged by people
  • t i m e z o n e s. we’re all from different timezones and when you post something, it might not get any notes because most people were asleep at the moment
Important things no one remembers about Kim Seokjin.

0. ^

1. Jin came into Big Hit with absolutely zero singing or dancing experience, (unlike all the other members minus V) and had to put in an incredible amount of effort and hard work to meet their level of talent, proving that hard work does pay off and can be just as good as talent.

2. Jin spends the allowance he gets from his parents on ingredients. Not just on himself, he selflessly uses his own money to make meals for all the members to enjoy with him.

3. Jin’s the one that mediates the group and stops jokes before they go too far. I guarantee you, if Seokjin wasn’t in the group, there would be probably be a lot more group fighting.

4. Jin literally drives Jungkook to school, without him Jungkook would probably be a high school dropout tbh.

5. Pretty much everyone in Bangtan has hinted at some point that he’s the strongest member in the group. If you thought Jimin or Jungkook was ripped well I got news for you.

6. Oh, and if you like how Jungkook has muscles, just remember he only started working out because he started going with Jin to the gym.

7. That one time they asked him his ideal type and he started talking about how much he likes dogs.

8. Jin literally carries around a spoon and special chopsticks. If that’s not the most adorable fucking thing to you, then you need to think about life for a moment.

9. People always talk about how relatable he is because of his love for food and his handsomeness, but more important than that is that he’s willing to show himself eating to people - as an idol. He’s one of the few idols that projects a healthy image to everyone, by letting them know it’s okay to eat.

10. Jin also shows that you are allow to be confident in your looks. How many times do we hear idols say “Oh no.. I don’t think I’m handsome.” or only say they’re handsome as a joke? Jin isn’t afraid to be self-confident and show he has high self-esteem and it’s so important for young people to see and hear and know it’s okay to feel like this.

11. He’s probably wrecking your bias list right now. Literally.


Underfell headcanons dump (click pictures for captions!)

my comments on each piece are under the cut!╰(✧ᴗ✧╰)

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more reasons to love amber liu:
  • “I actually am scared to act because I can maybe do those facial expressions and whatever but then when I open my mouth, it’s just, everything’s dead. I sound really dumb. Just picture… I’m being really cool and the dramatic music comes on. Then right when I open my mouth, I’m like, “Cheeseburger.“”
  • loves to indulge in science videos on youtube… science channels… history channels…
  • wants to study environmental science - “Gotta take care of the earth. Save the penguins.”
  • “You got to look at hardships as your trainer. Whatever hardship you’re given it’s only going to make you stronger. You just have to find the will to get over it and find a solution.”
  • “Whoever’s going through depression right now, who’s having those types of thoughts, just know that I thought I was alone at that time. But now that I kinda shared what I was going through and have this tremendous response, I just want those people to know too that I thought I was alone but I’m actually not. So you’re not alone either.”
  • “I learned the word ‘arvo’ a couple days ago. One of my mentors texted me “Yo i’ll meet you in the arvo.” I’m like, WHAT IS AN ARVO. I went on urbandictionary and I was like, “Oh… It means afternoon. I thought it meant armadillo." 
  • advice for people who feel like they don’t fit in with the societal gender norms: “Whatever I like to do it’s not because it’s based on my gender, but because it’s based on my taste. And if someone wants to hate on that or whatever, if all that hate just starts coming in, just be like, "Dude, chill. Just chill. I just like it.” That’s the only reason why you should be doing what you want to do.”
  • “I like wearing pants because it’s comfortable. The reason why I don’t wear skirts is because it’s uncomfortable. I look sexy in one but you know, I have to save my sexiness… ‘cause it’s gonna be too sexy for people. So.. you know…. *awkward silence* Riiiiiight… Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger. Double that cheeseburger!”



❝I just didn’t think of myself in that way. That idea conjured that image of the singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitar or something… and I didn’t ever see myself like that. Eventually I came to accept it though and I decided that, if I’m going to keep doing this then I also want to be good at it, you know? As much as there is this element of magic involved, songwriting is also a skill that can be practiced and improved.❞

for writers

i see a lot of posts aimed at artists, and i don’t have pretty pictures to make it stand out, but words for writers is pretty apt, i think.

this is a post for writers, from a writer.

it doesn’t have to be perfect. it doesn’t have to be long. it doesn’t have to be fast. you are not a machine, capable of putting out product without effort. your worth is not measured by your ability to create, or your ability to create fast.

if you haven’t written in months, it’s okay. if it’s been years, it’s okay. if you struggle, that’s okay. if you write in your second language, that’s okay. you can still call yourselves writers, don’t let anyone take that from you.

your writing, or lack of it, does not change your worth as a person.

just take a moment. breathe. you’ll be okay.

I need someone who needs me. I need someone who is positive and will put effort into everything. I need a girl who will let me be the one to explore her mind. I need a girl who will know my thoughts and know me better than myself. Who will spoil me sometimes and show me her passion. I need a girl who is strong but is brave enough to be honest and vulnerable. I need a girl with lots of energy and patience because I am everywhere. I need a girl who will go places with me but always knows at the end of the day I am home. I need structure and someone to keep me in line. I need a girl who is a hopeless romantic, someone who will sweep me off my feet. But I just want a girl who is going to prove to me that there is such thing as love
—  I need

COLLEGE / D&D GROUP AUCharles and his friends often meet afterclass in the college dorm to play D&D. Erik Lehnsherr is a very introvert and grumpy older student, and Charles has been keeping an eye on him for sometime. One day, eventually, he asks him if he wants to join them, but Erik is not entirely sure which kind of roleplay he’s being invited to play. In fact, he never would have guessed that Charles could be such a charming nerd…

“I’m not. You don’t scare me, Xavier. Not in the least.”

“We’ll see. You know where to find us. See you there.”

“No you won’t. Like, never. Ever.”