Hey, Internet: Stop Trying To Inspire Me
I think when people are ultra-positive and have this incomparably sunny disposition toward the world, I get turned off. …
By Jamie Varon

I am so glad for this article. I’m so tired of OMG YOU ARE JUST NOT MAKING ENOUGH EFFORT TO BE AWESOME! think pieces and shit.

Life sometimes sucks, it’s rough and no amount of insipid, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and grin your way to a perfect life articles will change that.

So I am not really new here, we all know that right so I will skip the introduction, but for you who don´t know me i´m Paul, there enough. I am going to tell you a story instead. I did talk about this in comic con , but since it is hilarious.. whatever what am I doing. Anyway, when me and Candice were shooting a nude scene for the show she decided to make these little pasties, you know when you cover your sexual parts with during nude scenes and on this pasties she put Ian´s face on it, when we did the scene I was being nice and not look , but then I noticed Ian´s face and I was just really confused.. it was really hilarious when I realized that it was Ian. She put a lot of effort into creeping me out. Yeah, there was my lame story and I apologize for being lamer than ever. You just have to deal with it. 

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In your art, your lines look blurry/glow-y, how do you do that effect?

when i do post-processing, i use blend layers on top of a gaussian blurred version of my final image, like so

i do this w all effort-art, and it often helps make the image look more put together! i also play around a lot with blend modes, amount of blend layers, etc. sometimes i use the “paint daubs” filter too! its all about experimenting! 

note: this works best if your final drawing has been flatted into a single layer, i do this by putting everything into a folder, duplicating the folder, and merging one of them. i always keep my lineart, flatting, shading, etc. collected in a hidden folder, so i can fix it later if i have to. its saved my ass multiple times!

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I'm sure you do put a lot of effort into your original content but you can have 10 000 followers on tumblr and still get little views on a review because the follower numbers don't mean anything. With blogger and wordpress you have mailing lists and bloglovin that makes sure that if you have 100 followers those 100 people will see that you made a post and whether they click on it or not that's up to them.

I’m aware of that. I don’t care if they read my reviews or not. Once I’ve posted it, my job is done. It’s up to them if they wanna read that shit or no. It’s up to them if they wanna go on my blog and check if I posted a new review. It’s the same thing with blogspot and wordpress. It’s totally up to the follower if they decide to open that email from bloglovin or not. The only difference here is that with wordpress/blogspot, your followers are updated. But then again, it’s still up to them wether they want to open that email/update or not. With Tumblr, even if you’re not notified through email or whatever, if a follower really likes the content of your blog, they’ll visit your page to check if you have new posts, or they can see it through their dashboard. So no, my followers DO mean a lot. 

And I don’t just post reviews, it’s not the only thing that matters to me as a book blogger. So if they’re not into my reviews, they can be into my edits or book photography, which I’m sure gets tons of notes. So again, my followers don’t “don’t mean anything”. They mean more than a lot. 

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I hope you're feeling less like shit after this morning... you're not a fuck-up or anything of the sort. You put an insane amount of research and effort into everything Tolkien wrote about dwarves, which is clearly something you love, so it's not useless or pointless, it's actually kind of amazing. Real life sucks, sure, but your blog, at the very least, provides a fun, exciting escape for a lot of people.

*tears up*

MY BLOG? My screaming maelstrom of tags and reblogged art and SALT? An escape? I always thought of it like a blackhole that you eventually just give up leaving but your description makes me feel a lot less evil.

Real life doesn’t suck, I truly believe that. At least for me. It’s more like…I’m a sourpuss sometimes that makes it suck for myself. Or I just tend to see the really bad shit before I see the nice stuff? #pessimist4life

Tbh that dwarf comment made me smile like mad but half the stuff I write about I totally made up! *awkward laugh* I do love the little glorified well diggers though, I really do. And amazing? *clutches soul* Damn non damn you know just what to say to make tha girls go loco.

*hugs hugs hugs* *hugs hugs hugs* I am feeling better. Well, better is a relative term. I still feel ick but more a back-of-my-mind ick. But it cheers me up to see stuff like this more than I can say, non. Thank you.

Sorry I ramble. I ramble when I’m upset or nervous or angry or anything. I just tend to ramble. Be glad you don’t talk to me in real life. It’s 10x worse. Besides an embarrassing snort laugh I also say ‘like’ about every other word. I also have a habit of talking real fast and real loud because it never seems like people are listening. Oh and it’s HIGH PITCHED TOO. Think a wailing baby right next to your head, except that baby is 5′3″ and will talk about anything she can think of.

Wanna know what I started talking to the dude I liked in highschool about when he sat next to me on the bus? The number four…You might think I’m kidding but I’m not. 30 minutes of why sitting in row #4 was some kind of supernatural sign because there are four kids in my family and it was 4:44pm (or just about).

And LOOK now this got way out of hand, too. Shrug. Thanks for listening, anon.

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imagine enjolras and feuilly traveling a lot together and feuilly doodles and they recommend each other books and music and talk about politics and take pictures and make dorky jokes and kiss and aaaaaaaaaaaaa sorry I just want road trip aus with these two so badly

yesss okay imagine them travelling by train and they start drawing each other to pass the time, because they’ve been talking a lot and now Feuilly needs the quiet and Enjolras needs to put some music to drown out the rest. The only rule is they have to be done by the next stop. And Feuilly draws this super lovely portrait of Enjolras, complete with his reflexion in the window and the cup of cheap coffee on the table and every little curl in his hair and the sunset reflected on it.

and Enjolras’ not bad, he really put a lot of effort in his drawing, but 90% of it went into Feuilly’s eyes and nose and the freckles on it and the rest is kind of smudgy but Feuilly can’t stop blushing when Enjolras shows him.

and oh my gosh the kissing. Platonic but really affectionate Enjolras/Feuilly is my favourite thank you so much this is such a sweet image ahhh. <3

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Any advice for someone going into high school? please.

it’s not as scary as you think!! I found that it was lots easier than elementary school :-) your grades are actually based on the effort you put in, rather than your teachers opinion. and you have lots more freedom to do whatever the heck you want ☕️ don’t be afraid to experiment with stuff, go through the emo phase, date all the people, try out weird classes, join clubs!! take this time to get out of your comfort zone and figure out who you are, but don’t feel rushed!!! you can always change your mind about it later OH AND DONT BE AFRAID TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS I KNOW NOW YOURE PROBABLY THINKING YOU HAVE THE MOST AMAZING FRIENDS RN AND YOU DONT NEED NEW ONES BUT YOURE GOING TO MEET PEOPLE MORE LIKE YOU AND DONT FEEL BAD FOR DRIFTING AWAY FROM OLD FRIENDS
-cassidy aka artible

learn your shit- when to vote

Alright people. Tumblr’s (and I think the internet’s) fan favorite for next president is Bernie Sanders. With so much talk about him in our inner circles, he has to stand some sort of chance, right? However/unfortunately, we are a large group of (mainly) younger voters, people that no popular candidate would dare attempt to rake in, because our numbers at the polls are so low. We don’t effect jack shit when it comes to elections. This bares the question:

When the fuck am I supposed to vote?

Everyone knows election day falls in early November. in 2016, it will be November 8th. That is not the only day you can vote! In order for Sanders (or your chosen candidate) to even make it that far, you need to vote in the primary elections. This is sort of a “what’s up in the polls” survey that tells the government who’s voting, and for whom. It narrows down the playing field. This bares the question:

When the fuck am I supposed to vote in the primaries?

Go to mytimetovote.com and check that shit out. Search by state. Get some sort of “facts” about what’s up. It’s not a government affiliated website, so it’s not completely accurate about stuff I’m sure, but there are DATES you need to GET ALL UP ON in order to VOTE in both the PRIMARIES and the GENERAL ELECTION

Thanks, good luck, be prepared, have a nice week, love, Jake.

p.s. Also please check out wikipedia to learn more– figure out if your state holds open/closed primary elections. Depending on state, you may not be able to vote in the primaries as a registered independent. 

Your World Part 2 : Chapter 40 (Insert)

Karmela’s POV:

Harry and I went back home after a long day of adventures together. He really did put a lot of effort to make today a very special one, and it was. I was so happy that I was feeling a lot better today but that scared me too because I remembered one of the doctors telling me that when I get a jolt of energy one day, that will be the day I knew would be my last. I didn’t share that information with Harry because I didn’t want to ruin our day together. I just wanted to live the now with him.

I can’t believe I’m laying here beside the love of my life. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. I push a stray hair from his face and I smile. I can’t believe I’m this lucky.

I pulled back from everyone for a time when I found out about my condition. I felt so lost, angry, and dead. I was stuck between wanting to spend every moment that I could with the people that I loved and just wanting to be alone so that it wouldn’t hurt as much when I finally left.

I was rude to my friends because I wanted them to hate me, and I broke up with Harry because I didn’t want him to know what was happening to me and he deserved to be with someone who wasn’t sick, who wouldn’t leave him one day, someone he can make a family with and grow old with.

The only people who knew about my case were my family, Chloe, Louis and Zayn. Louis found out when I visited Harry one time and he saw me fainted in the bathroom. Zayn knew because I couldn’t bare to not tell anyone anymore and I broke down and told him.

I was really angry before when I found out I only had a couple of months to live. I felt so much hate in my heart, a kind of hate I’ve never felt before. It wasn’t fair. I thought I lived my life in a good way. A way God would be proud of me for but then why is he punishing me like this? I finally had the life I dreamed of, I had a good job that I was good at, my relationship with my family was doing really great, I have real friends, and I have this wonderful man in front of me who wanted to marry me. This wonderful man who wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

Then I realized God loved me that much that he allowed me to experience all of this before I joined him. So I let go of the hate and was filled with gratitude. God loved me enough to make my short time here on earth filled with adventure and love.

I remembered the day Harry accompanied me to church. I asked God to protect and guide the people I love and I thanked him for the life he has given me and most of all I thanked him for blessing me with Harry. I even started crying a little but not because of sadness or anger, I was crying then because I was really happy and thankful. God has blessed me so much more than I deserved.

It was morning and I could feel the warmth of the sunlight from the window hitting my back and it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. The light hits Harry’s face and I just stare at him taking in every inch of his face until I felt really sleepy. Before I drifted off to sleep, I put my hand on his face and tell him

“One day we will see each other again and you will tell me all of the wonderful adventures you had and until that day I will ask God to guide you. This is not the end of our story, baby.”

And I drift into sleep with a heart filled with love.


For those who will hate me for ending the story like how I ended it 😢 I will leave you with this thought:

When we enter a relationship with someone, we learn from them, we pick up on some of their habits and mannerisms and vice versa. When we fall in love with someone we leave a piece of us with them and they do the same to us. It’s like we implant a part of ourselves with them so that even if it doesn’t work out, there’s always that small part that lives with us forever.

When we leave this world we are left with only the memories that we experienced. The only way to live in this lifetime is by feeling every emotion that we can, experience every moment that we can and keep those in our hearts forever.

Love like it’s the only love you will get. Laugh as if it’s the last laughter you will ever do. Cry as if that’s the only way you can set yourself free. Then after remember that it’s not. You will find more love, more reasons to laugh and even more reasons to cry but the important thing here is that you give it your all.

All the love



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Okay, um. The dirt pillow is weirdly cute and honestly I just like hearing/reading people talking about their OCs and I also like vampires so just... tell me the tale of caleb

Oh my gosh oh my gosh I will absolutely tell you the tale of Caleb and I love talking about my OCs and I am tired of vampire characters having a bad rap because I also like vampires. Caleb’s tricky because he originated as sort of a joke Twilight OC but I’ve been putting a lot of mental effort into making him his own SO HERE WE GO

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Screenshots from Life Is Strange: Episode 4 Part 2! :)

So if anyone doesn’t know. When I screenshot a Life Is Strange video it takes me a long time to do because I literally watch an over two hour long video twice. I always watch Jack’s videos twice because I want to enjoy the video once without having to worry about getting screenshots for it and I want to enjoy the videos on their own. Then after I’m done watching the video once I watch it again to take my screenshots for it. So when Jack posts a Life Is Strange episode not only do I re-watch the whole video but it takes me 4 hours to make a screenshot post for it. So that either means I’m extremely dedicated or I have to much time on my hands! Probably both in all honesty. xD I hope people like these screenshots though I put a lot of my time and effort into them. :)

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People can talk about how "talented" 5sos are all they want, but the truth is, they probably never would become famous without 1D. Their covers were ok, but I mean go in YouTube and look up Amasic or Patty Walters (lead singer of as it is). They're actually covering punk rock material, are super talented, put A LOT more effort in their videos than 5sos ever did, have been on YouTube for years and are STILL struggling to make a name for themselves. 5sos would be in the same boat right now

They are talented but let’s not act like One Direction didn’t bring hem into the spotlight. One Direction still make money off of 5sos.


The records very paranormal themed, and we wanted to tie into that somehow, so we were throwing names around and then our manager one day was like “What if you just name it “White Noise?” and we were all just kind like “Shit it makes sense!” cause like when I think of white noise I think of ghosts and paranormal stuff, and I also think of electronics and electricity and futuristic shit. The record itself has that vibe to it, and obviously a lot more electronics, and a whole different atmosphere to it. So it’s like the two of those things combined kinda just make the name suiting for it. It ended up working out really well.

Maybe a Bernie Sanders Administration Would Give Us Our First Female Vice President

Some might say a Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren presidential bid is too liberal to make it in the United States. There is definitely something to be said for putting the two most liberal senators on the same ballot, but if a vote was going to be cast for Bernie Sanders in the first place I highly doubt Elizabeth Warren as Vice President would change that.

Although there is basically no reason to think she would be the VP other than hopeful optimism, it would make a lot of sense given their records. They have both continually fought Wall Street interests. They have both consistently supported efforts making college more affordable. Ideologically they are incredibly similar and have very similar voting records on key issues. Although she decided not to run for president herself, being Vice President is a lot different than running for president yourself. Only time will tell, but it seems like a smart political move and we’ll remain hopeful. Either way her endorsement is huge. Bernie Sanders 2016!

Story time.

Today I went to my Art lesson (which is kind of a ‘workshop’) we are a group of people of all ages starting from 16 years old upwards. And there is this two sisters that are about 13-14 years old that stayed a bit longer after their group finished. And their two parents come in to see their finished paintings. And they were kind of ashamed of their daughters work, pointing out all the errors and stating how much better it could be. And my teacher is all like “it’s not meant to be like a photograph, they are just kids and did it very well”. But the parents are all like “my cousin is an artist and he makes reference grids so much smaller to make all the details”. Like what the hell, yeah he IS an artist an not a kid! After they leave we are all really surprised and outraged because they put a lot of effort. But that isn’t the worst of all. Apparently both girls actually want to do crafts and stuff but THEIR PARENTS WON’T LEND THEM. So basically, I want to give a shout out to all artists that have somewhat 'assholes’ for parents that don’t appreciate art and that make you feel like crap instead of encouraging you in a positive way. Don’t you dare let them (or anyone else) crash your dreams nor make you feel guilty for doing what you like and enjoy.

So long, Tumblr

I started Stormtrooper Fashion in 2013 while I was living in Germany.  It was a difficult time in my life, and one where I felt a bit lonely.  STF was like therapy to me: a way to connect to people while I felt isolated, and give me something to focus on that wasn’t my doctoral dissertation.  It grew into something I never could have imagined.

Three years later, STF has over 67,000+ posts and 310,000+ followers - some of which were genuine friends.  It ended up on the Tumblr Spotlight for fashion, alongside some huge names like Vogue and Oscar PR Girl.  Major photographers sent their pictures to me directly, and even a few companies wanted me to review their products.  It became something I put my heart into on a daily basis, and teaching me a lot about fashion.  Not bad for a blog run in the spare time of a girl who lives in Converse and thinks make-up is far too much effort (don’t even get me started on dresses!).

But, all good things must come to end - and now is STF’s time to end.  I’m in a very different place in my life: living in the US near family, working full time for a nonprofit, and no longer feeling isolated from the world around me.  Since returning to the US last fall, I kept up STF primarily out of a feeling of obligation; how could I abandon something that was once so important to me?  But, STF shouldn’t be an obligation, and I simply no longer have the time to continue it.

This is my goodbye to Tumblr and STF.  Thank you to everyone who made Tumblr awesome, and everyone who followed STF - especially those who followed from the start, and stuck with me for three years.  You all have no idea how important you are to me, and how much of an impact you had on me.  Maybe someday I’ll be back…

So long Tumblr, its been real!


PS: I don’t have the heart to delete STF outright.  So, STF will remain up with access to the massive archive of editorials.  I will, however, no longer be checking messages; apologies to anyone who I fail to respond to.

Leave The 23 Be!

So over the past week the USWNT have gained a lot of new fans, for obvious reasons. Lots of people have developed interest in the team and its members, putting them upfront in the eyes of the public and the media. That’s why it’s somewhat up to us (the fans) to do our best to keep their personal affairs personal. Even though their fame has gone from zero to eleven over night it doesn’t give people the right to start making speculations. I personally have recieved what I think to be way too many questions about player’s sexualities and dating histories. It’s natural to have these curiousities but let’s be respectful. Perhaps the most alarming thing I have seen is an article written about two players on a news/gossip source. There’s plenty happening currently in that department of WoSo to focus on. So let’s make an effort together to remember that these are people with lives outside of soccer who most likely wanna keep it that way. Thanks guys!

I truly think niggas are perpetually attracted to women outside of their league and then begrudge having to spend money and put in large amounts of effort because they’re trying to secure the love/attention/sex of a woman that can replace them more easily than they can replace her. We’re all sick suffering from the same disease. Women are groomed from birth to see their looks as social currency so as a result there are a lot of conventionally attractive women who are playing by those rules set by society. Beauty privilege is real but the flip side of that is men who view these very women as status symbols and their masculinity or verification of masculinity is dependent upon the caliber of women they can “pull” they find themselves perpetually in situations where they feel taken advantage of and THAT is why you hear shit like “women are an investment”. And honestly it makes me angry!! I feel like so many men are coming into the situation observing women as objects (assets) and how the claiming of her can add to his profile of masculinity (including sexual prowess), and then getting really mad when they find themselves into women who expect financial return for the fact that they’re beautiful. And I don’t blame the girls because don’t let Instagram fool you, being beautiful takes time and money and effort but the reality is that so many of us are grading our value to society by how attractive we are which we learned but still. Anyway long story short reevaluate why you chase after the women you do if you find yourself perpetually being used or not feeling like you’re getting a “return on your investment”.

Look what arrived !! It’s the beautiful, stunning paper cutting that iqrachi sent me! It looks even more awesome in real life and I am so delighted it’s so beautiful thank you so so so much I love it!

I will be moving into my new apartment this week and then I will put it on the wall and I will probably giggle like a stupid goose every time I look at it because I am so happy.

Also the card is so cute (the little dove 💕) thank you, you’re the best !!