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Jacinta was not the type of person to leave any place unexplored, especially a place as curious as the little door she’d found behind her corner of the art room. She knew that hadn’t been there before, she knew. And yet she wasn’t cautious enough to stop herself. She’d been there before, only a couple of times, very briefly. She’d insisted on returning, for the sake of Nearea, Karp, Chachi, Aidan, the Beldams, everyone who made her who she was, not to mention her family back home, but after the day she’d had?

Well, she didn’t know if she wanted to come back.

As always, she’d take an art piece to show, happy to actually have someone listen to her for once and not make fun of the glitter on her face and her bouncy mannerisms. She had no mother, so her ‘other mother’ wasn’t really her ‘other mother’ at all, but her only mother, and that was what made her all the more special.

Opening the door at the other end of the passageway, she called out, “Other motheeeeer! Are you here?”

the reason why I wasn’t online that much up until now was cos I promised myself 2 only use my mobile data while im playing mysmes rip. the Devotion

Long Overdue Travel Update

Hey everyone!

This is IGGY here. It has been a real long time since I wrote a live post. I have to be honest and say that once I got back to Canada I have been super busy with hikes, camping, hanging with friends and enjoying my work. As some of you know my husband is Spanish and recieved his Canadian Permanent Residence so we had to move back to Canada so I am currently back in my favourite Canadian location, Whistler! But this of course does not mean that we won’t be moving around anymore, this just means we need to spend some time here so he can bank days towards his Canadian citizenship:)

I promised myself that once coming back I would spend less time on my computer and more time with friends I have not seen in years since it literally has been years since living back in Canada. I know I have been posting photos but I need to get back into keeping you guys informed. 

I hope everyone is enjoying Fall:)

Peace & Love,


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Sometimes I feel less of a lesbian because I'm trans and asexual. In addition, I never dated anyone or even kissed anyone. It is during those times, I feel like I'm lying to myself.

I promise you that you are a real lesbian! None of those things makes you any less of a lesbian! Ace lesbians are real lesbians, trans lesbians are real lesbians, and lesbians without any sort of experience at all are real lesbians, and none of those things means you are lying or not a real lesbian! Sometimes it might seem like all lesbians are cis, white, tall, thin, beautiful girls who have been with other women (or given men a chance or whatever else the “gay narrative” is), but that’s not the case at all! You are a real lesbian, you aren’t lying to yourself, and I’m proud of you anon :)


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Happy birthday to our dearest maknae prince, Oh Sehun! Looking back at your pre-debut photos, it doesn’t look like you’ve changed much at all- you are still the same, handsome boy. During the past 2 years, we have seen you grow not only height wise but talent wise as well. However, you still remain as the same boy who laughs at immature things,tortures his hyungs every day and yet prays for them every night. Your eyes still crease upwards when you’re happy, you clap like a seal when excited, you frown out of habit and you manage to bring a smile to so many people’s faces every single day.

On this day, i would like to thank your parents for raising such an angelic boy. May you continue to work harder to make them, as well as everyone else around you proud. Please stay happy and healthy and may all wonderful things come your way (after all, great things happen to great people, right?)I love you!