mchanzo is a great ship bc it’s both hanzo and jesse understanding each other’s past trauma (both were groomed from a young age to commit atrocities by a crime organisation) and being able to relate to each other on that level, both of them having their unhealthy vices and help each other on the road of recovery without judgement because they both just get each other, but it’s also hanzo tweeting a pic of him in a neck brace holding jesse with the caption “he sat on my face and broke my neck” and looking smug as hell and i think that’s beautiful 

Aftermath of the water balloon fight

[all my sisters cleaning up + me standing in the corner]
Sister: what are you doing? Why aren’t you helping us
Me: I’m supervising
Sister: But-
Me: *throws up my hands and practically yells* well sOmeone has to be the responsible adult

Internal monologue while attempting to do fan art: dishonored addition

“Delilah’s cheekbones are as sharp as glass, god dammit woman what is with that?”

“Wtf is Corvo’s face.”

“Daud kinda has a baby face and now I’m angry.”

“Billie’s cheekbones confuse me.”

“Seriously what is Corvo’s face it shouldn’t be this hard to draw wtfff.”

“Jessamine is to be drawn as a black hole with a person surrounding it. Always draw the mole. Always. Never forget.”

“Delilah what is your outfit even?? How??”

“What colour are Daud’s eyes?? Green? Blue? Hazel?? The fuck??”

“Emily is the only reasonable character to draw I s2g.”

“What are Hights even??”

“Seriously though what is Corvo’s face? It’s like a brick. He is nothing but a god carved out of marble and stone.”

“Outsider: sharp cheeks, black eyes and big ears. Nothing else matters…i love his ears.”

“I give up.”


“Good enough.”

“Copy and paste whalers.”

“WAIT is daud’s shirt dark grey??? I’ve been drawing it as a dirty white the entire time kill me.”

“What are colours in this game???”

“I’m so done. Goodbye, this is it I am never drawing this again. Goodbye idea… Ok, maybe one more try.”

anonymous asked:

Hi, I know you typically draw fanart, and i don’t wanna tell you what to do, but I’d also love to see more of your original stuff. Feel free to say no,

Aw geez thank you Anon! And I do draw my own stuff, I do, and I promise to do more in the future. And while I love sharing it, I just.. I guess I’m just sad that my original art isn’t as beloved as my fanart.

But yes, I will be posting more original art in the future! I do love to share my art! I’ve just hit a deadzone as of late, and also gotten so hooked with Camp Camp that it’s kinda consumed me. But I have original art lying around (especially sketched), and whenever I draw something more, I’ll be sure to post it! It’s too late to begin drawing as of right now, but I promise I’ll post more original art soon! At least some sketches!

This isn’t meant to be a complaining post, though! I’ve just been busy for a long time, and I’ll get to posting a lot more of original stuff the moment I have more time on my hands. And this ask was really sweet, so thank you Anon! And I will get back in the swing of art soon, don’t you worry!

In case you missed all my writing drama from the past week, I was stuck and then I got unstuck and not to get anyone hyped prematurely but…


so basically the story had two major locations, and I was happy with the first few chapters but didn’t have a good direction for the middle. Then I thought “what if I just smush the two cities into one big city?” and immediately all the little story bits started connecting together and the middle of my story appeared (or at least way more than there was before).

So yeah! woo

I also wanted to mention that I recently discovered that the nickname Protea (the nickname I chose at random based on a picture of a flower that happened to be on my desktop at the time) has almost…eerie parallels to my story. I had no idea Proteus was a sea god!

“Proteus is the god of “elusive sea change”, which suggests the constantly changing nature of the sea or the liquid quality of water in general.”

I’ve gotten kinda used to calling my story Protea, so I’m thinking of figuring out a way to integrate it into the final comic title. hmmm

Ok, I promise I’ll post more art soon


Well I guess our poll is done.

Thanks so much for helping us vote for February’s shirt! It’s on hiatus right now due to some technical issues on the production side of things, but we’ll get it done soon!

Also, I promise to finish scanning and posting art soon. It’s all sitting in a giant pile on my desk right now.