The Signs as Opinions on Astrology

Aries: Writes eerily accurate horoscopes

Taurus: Knows the order of the signs from some weird anime characters or something

Gemini: Only cares about The Signs As memes

Cancer: Gives unprompted rants about how it’s all complete bullshit

Leo: Cares mostly about the aspects related to romance, keeps track of planetary movements with a chart

Virgo: Thinks horoscopes are way too vague to mean anything of importance, wishes their friends wouldn’t believe in it

Libra: Wishes their sign was something cool like a dragon

Scorpio: Brags about how their sign is the best at every chance they get

Sagittarius: Thinks centaurs are pretty rad

Capricorn: Thinks it’s pretty miraculous how the stars fell into these trippy shapes and dead people thought it was a crab or something

Aquarius: Used to believe in it but now says its stupid, still wears jewelry with their sign on it

Pisces: Checks their horoscope every so often but only believes it if it’s something positive

  • Ralph: There's something I need to get off my chest.
  • Jack: Is it your--
  • Ralph: And it's not my shirt.
  • Jack: A-Are you sure?
  • Ralph: Yes.
  • Jack: Because you know I could help you take it off.
  • Ralph: I'm positive it's not my shirt.
  • Jack: ...
  • Ralph: ...
  • Jack: Did you want me to take mine off?
  • Ralph: Why are we even having this conversation??

Dear Jennifer Morrison,

I remember watching the first four episodes of OUAT and becoming completely enthralled to discover the idea of hope in a TV show at a time when I really needed it, but to also come across a woman who was unafraid of being able to stand up for herself. I was sixteen then.

Today, as a I write this, I am now twenty-two. I have gone through so many life changes- graduating high school, three gruelling years of University, new jobs, new workmates, family drama, unstable mental illness bouts. The constant of it all was that as I grew, so did Emma Swan. 

The times I felt recluse, lost, annoyed or simply unsettled, the one constant in my life was tuning into Once Upon A Time and being reminded that while I can choose to feel that, I could also choose to have hope. To be reminded that like just like Emma Swan, I can make my own fate. 

When I read your post this morning, my first instinct was to be angry. But then I realised that while that would’ve been a great way to let my feelings out, I read your post again. Then the interviews you did. And I read them again and again. The one thing that stood out was that as Emma Swan grew, you, as Jennifer Morrison did as well, but doing so in a manner that sacrificed your time with your family, friends and being home. 

So whilst I can choose to be angry, I choose acceptance and be understanding of your decision instead. Because how can we let you continue on as Emma Swan, who has actually gotten her happy beginning, when you, as Jennifer Morrison, continue to be deprived of it?  

As your journey as Emma Swan has come to an end (or maybe for one more episode), and your swan song for OUAT draws near, all I can say is that is that from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much. I have tremendously enjoyed being able to relate and find a kindred spirit with Emma Swan. I am so appreciative of all the hard work, long nights, extensive research and the millions of flights you’ve had to endure to ensure that Emma Swan was delivered in such a real and true way.

Thank you for all that you’ve done for Emma Swan. Thank you for your dedication. 

To the woman who’s elegance and intelligence I can only wish to to fractionally obtain, thank you. A million thank you’s is not enough to say how thankful I am to have found a role model within Emma Swan, but also with you. 

I look forward to seeing and continuously supporting you in any and all of your new projects and adventures. 

All my love, from one of your many fans. 

Don’t Hide Your Laughter

Prinxiety - [Prince (Fanciful Side) x Anxiety]

Summary: Anxiety has a habit of covering his mouth whenever he laughs. [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! OKAY I KNOOOOW I SAID A TS FIC WITHOUT PRINXIETY WAS COMING NEXT BUT C’MON THIS IDEA IS KINDA ADORABLE. HOPE Y’ALL ENJOY! And I’m sorry if it doesn’t compare to the other one… I feel like I now have standards I’m being held to… KEEP LOW EXPECTATIONS OF ME PLEASE!

THANK YOU BUDDY FOR HELPING EDIT THIS!!! GO THANK @stargazingbear​ for this too because it probs woulda sucked without her help. Also she helped me edit this at like 11 at night cause she’s awesome. 

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