JUSTICE: Beyoncé Gets Major Bad News After Sick Anti-Cop Super Bowl Performance
Beyoncé NEVER saw this coming... but she should have.

Ok ok ok ok.  I promise you I’m done talking about Beyonce after this last one, but it’s all just so entertaining to me!

“major bad news…never saw this coming…”

They acting like she out here being diagnosed with a terminal illness or something because she sang half of her new single at halftime!

The pushback from Beyoncé’s epically inappropriate Super Bowl performance — where the “Single Ladies” singer decided to dress her dancers up as Black Panthers and sing an anti-cop song after getting a police escort to the stadium — has already begun to snowball. Now, protesters are planning to gather at NFL headquarters on the morning that Beyoncé begins her latest world tour.

According to the New York Daily News, the rally against Beyoncé’s “racism” and “hate speech” will take place outside the NFL’s headquarters on Park Avenue in Manhattan.

“Are you offended as an American that Beyoncé pulled her race-baiting stunt at the Superbowl?” the event’s description said on an EventBrite page set up for the protest. “Do you agree that it was a slap in the face to law enforcement?”


I am dead, deceased, and passed away.  They said “epically inappropriate Suber Bowl performance.”  Y’all know I have watched that Super Bowl performance dozens of times and I’m still missing the part where she said anything even remotely in relation to police officers.  If we finna pretend the Black Panthers are out here killing cops the way the cops are out here killing Black folks, then just go ahead and give me my ticket off of this planet because that shoulder-dislocating reach is out of this world.


I know exactly where that protest is.  AND.  I ain’t got shit to do on Tuesday.  SO.  Who wants to put on some booty shorts and go do the “Formation” choreography with me in the middle of Park Avenue? 

External image

I mean short booty shorts too.  So short my dick falls out.  The best revenge is your paper….and waving your big Black dick around in front of sad white men afraid of their country being taken away from them.  Let’s go.


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“What do you mean, he’s escaped?”

“I left him there and when I returned he wasn’t there.”


“Look Blondie, I told you I wasn’t cut for this work, but you didn’t listened…”

“So it’s my fault now? I can’t believe you, Roy Harper. Wait till I tell Thea about this.”

“You can’t do that. She will kill me or worse, she will hold on sex and I love having sex with her.”


“Is that…?”

“Yeah, maybe I should have told you that you were on speaker. Sorry.”


“Find your child before your wife come home. I’ll keep him busy.”

*moans and muttering*

“What? Blondie are you still there? What are you doing? Oh my God, next time just close the call!”


“Ollie! How did you get on the cupboard?!”




Melon: Amber, I have loved every minute of being your boyfriend and I love the child we have together more than the world itself. I think he deserves to have parents who are promised to one another. So Amber, would you marry me? 

Amber: Melon… I uh… I don’t know.

Melon: Sweetie?

Amber: Well… uh… you know how my last marriage went. I’m just not sure I want to do that again. 

Melon: We both know I am way better than Cider. It will be better this time. 

Amber: I’m not sure I’m ready-

Melon: Think about Pumpkin. Don’t we want to be a good example for him? 

Amber: My moms never married. 

Melon: And you haven’t had the best experience yourself….

Amber: What?

Melon: Please Amber, I love you. I want to show the world. 

What will Felicity do about William?

She will be angry, hell she will be. We all saw this, we saw how she was devastated and sad. But not about William. About Oliver.

Because she feels that he doesn’t trust her.

But Felicity is the person who will understand William the best.

Because she was the same kid. Without father. She knows how he must feel.

And I think this episode, this scene from 4x13 is the clue how Felicity will deal with this. I think William will be the one who make them back together. She just need to hear Oliver, and he need to understand her. He had promised

And now he kind of break this promise. But I’m sure the last thing Felicity want to is William loose his father again.

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Besides they are stronger than that. 

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They just have to rebuild the trust and they will be stronger than ever.

Happy Skin Deep Day!

It’s FLUFFAPALOOZA!  I can’t believe this beautiful story has been around for 4 years already! Not that I know about it until the following year, really. I started watching the show on Netflix in January 2013 not having ANY idea what I was getting myself into. I loved Rumple from the start and then they threw in this lovely BatB romance and I was totally hooked. I am a SUCKER for (a) evil sorcerers with tragic pasts and (b) BatB stories. Combine them and I’m pretty much screwed…in the best possible way of course!

I haven’t been writing as much lately and so I have no new fic to offer for Fluffapalooza. But like last year…I am taking prompts! But again…specific prompts!

Send me a one sentence fluffy fic starter and I will write a short fic using it. It must be fluffy (or able to be fluffified). And it must be one complete sentence only. I can’t promise to get to everything if I get inundated but I will try to write as much as I can!

Also, they may not get posted until this evening since I can only access Tumblr on my phone at work these days. So have at it! Send me an ask with a prompt!

Feb 11 2016 || last exam
I haven’t been on much this week just because how busy school was. I had two assignments due and four midterms within my three days of classes. Thankfully I only have one exam left at noon & I’m currently on the train attempting to force my (very exhausted) brain to remember everything there is to know about clinical psychology.
I promise as soon as my exam is done today I will respond to all the asks that I’ve been putting off this week! xoxo

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Seeing that the Mass Effect trailer teased us the protagonist's last name, Ryder (maybe, who knows), do you have any ideas for names? Flowers or virtues?

I have been pondering this since that trailer! So far I haven’t got anything firmly set in mind. (Though I happened to be reading the Torin Kerr books at the time, and there’s a major character in there whose last name is Ryder, so… I had a bit of disconnect for a while.)

…the first name that popped into my head then was Quinn. Not because of Ellie Quinn, or even because I have a character hiding in one of my books named Quinn. I just… like it. And it means “Wise” or “Counsel” which I also like. *shrug*

I can pretty much promise it won’t be Rose? If I were to go with virtues it’d probably be either Hope or Faith, and both of those just… sound a little too pat, if this is, y’know, humanity’s last hope go forth and find a new place to live or whatever. (Or it could be something like, I dunno, Chastity–which any character of mine would probably despise and would insist on going by something else.)

If the backstory (whatever it is) lines up, I might port in one of my original fic characters. Kit, maybe, or Madeleine or Eden (ha)? I almost always steal names from my own characters, come to think of it–even if their personalities end up being nothing alike, in the end.

Promises From the Ash Filled Night

Read it on fanfiction.net http://ift.tt/1NjaIeE Author: FuryOfTheBlackbird
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
English, Rated: T
Characters: [Adrien/ Chat Noir, Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug] Alya
Chapters: 2, Words: 1,561, Reviews: 3, Rated: T, Complete

“We’ll meet again, I promise…” One-shot, featuring the headcanon that Marinette and Adrien are the most recent reincarnations of Ladybug and Chat Noir.

from FanFiction.Net: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Last Updated
Read it on fanfiction.net http://ift.tt/1NjaIeE

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i just had the awkwardest phone conversation with my crush i want 2 die and never be seen again

this is 100% going to sound like the kind of thing i would roll my eyes at but ! I know we’re so, so prone to overthink and replay things that we find like crushingly embarrassing or awkward until we just want to combust but they’re very often things that other people don’t think twice about! I once fell right on my ass in front of this boy i was friends with who honestly straight up laughed in my face and I was mortified for the longest time. I was so embarrassed every time I saw him I had flashbacks and it made me so awkward around him until one day about a year later I mentioned it to him and he had no idea what I was talking about. I’d spent so much time thinking that was my Lasting Memory for him and he didn’t even remember it. You see what I’m saying? It’s normal for us to feel embarrassed and overthink but I promise it’ll pass much quicker than you think :-)

lordofspoons asked:

Hi Asynca! Long time lurker and big fan of your fiction! So I don't know how I missed this, but I just found out the canon Tomb Raider comics are continuing soon. Have you heard about this/how likely do you think they'll be to go back to helping Sam? An article I read about the new writer seems promising :D

I’m hesitant to get too excited because I was really excited about the last ones, too, and I was mostly disappointed (although I will acknowledge I enjoyed some parts of them a lot!). 

We’ve been speculating a lot about whether or not same will return. Nothing is known yet :|

anonymous asked:

Same person. Any tcest fics? Mainly Leo/Mikey or OT4.

i went through my bookmarks on AO3 and rounded up a few

In the Moments Between by Honu (Leo/Mike, oneshot)

Bondage by Skandron (Leo/Mike, eventual Don/Raph, OT4 leanings)

Claiming Him by Hummerhouse (OT3, eventual Leo/Mike & Don/Raph)

Twist by thetreesgrowodd (Leo/Mike, oneshot)

Justice Force Series by Hummerhouse (OT4, all the turtle pairings happen at least once, minor characters/turtles, 100 chapters of you-don’t-need-sleep-anyway-just-keep-reading-it’s-fine, I love this fic a lot ok)

Spool by Hummerhouse (Leo/Mike, OT4)

Talk To Me by Hummerhouse (Leo/Mike) (last rec by them I promise)

and literally everything by Kay the Cricketed is stunning and eloquent and makes me cry 

also, profmeteor is amazing and wrote a Leo/Mike short here and one here (it’s the 3rd one down)