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For Your Convenience (Part 9)

Story Summary: To help you finally make a move on your long-time crush, you get assistance from your newly hired co-worker. (Retail/Department Store AU)

Word Count: 1,215

‘For Your Convenience’ Masterlist

A/N: Oh hey, another unusually long chapter for a drabble series!!!

Originally posted by james-barnes

“I’m going to turn in the money bags and the master till. You got the put-backs, right?” Bucky winked as you nodded your head, letting out a long sigh. “Just remember what I taught you and you’ll be fine,” he promised, grinning at you.

“I know. I just have to be confident,” you reminded yourself, plastering up a smile of your own.

“You can do it, Confident Turtle. I’m rooting for you.” Giving you one last smile of reassurance, Bucky carried the master till along with the moneybags to the cash room, leaving you alone at the registers. You watched him leave as the words he told you moments ago repeated in your mind. Heat rose to your face just thinking about it.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! In the last arc, all the characters seem to be just there, always running or involved in endless fights. It's just proof that for the last 200 chapters, K. really didn't care. What's bugging me the most, is that he purposely left Rukia out of all the important things. For three years, I was waiting for the usual Ichigo and Ru reunion, but Renji was the only one to interact with him even if she was there. It's like we put Ren in place of Ru in all the previous Ichiruki interactions. So weird!

Actually is the last two years where things started to get weird and unbearable for the manga, the last arc started really well imho and the first part set up many things that promised a good story for later, it just all went nowhere in the end.

The problems started in late 2014 after Ichigo came back from the Royal Realm and everything started to not make sense anymore, I mean Ichigo was missing from the manga for such a loooong time, he came finally back and it turns out he doesn’t fight but what’s more he had to turn back to the Royal Realm, that was the first of the many things that started to not make sense, later we have the Soul King being retconned because when he was first shown he had legs and all but then he didn’t have them anymore, then started the all ass long fights with Mayuri and the zombie with 100things that didn’t make sense and do I need to mention Giselle? I mean we had to endure so many weird shit with that fight, Ichigo running around everywhere and never doing shit, people joining everywhere Ganju, Sado, Nel, Grimmjow, Ginjou, Giriko, Hanataro just to name a few that didn’t do much or nothing at all???? Why were some of them even brought back??? Then we got another Mayuri long af fight against a hand ugh, Kenpachi of course never missing, Yoruichi ass in our face because fanservice I guess, I would have liked more to see her bankai maybe??? But her neko form for the neko day in japan I guess was more important for Kubo, oh now I am just ranting I am sorry but there were so many stupid, weird, useless and forgotten things in the last 2 years that ugh what the hell happened to Kubo, how could he write shit like this? Is this the same man that wrote the first two arcs? I guess not, he admitted he wanted to quit and I guess that’s what we get when a mangaka forces himself to do something he doesn’t enjoy anymore, a shitty manga.

Like you said the characters were just there, what really  missed from the story were actual interactions between the characters, there was so little of it, there were always long fights with random attacks, always having the same scheme making them boring and with little emotional involvment from the characters, thats’s why the only thing that was good (for me) in the last couple of years was the Hashwalth vs Bazz B flashback and fight, I mean at least I could feel something there and their story was explored and wrapped up can’t say the same for the other 150 chapters.

Now onto Ichiruki/Rukia complete avoidance from Kubo. At the time I never thought anything much of it, Rukia getting a short fight for herself, Renji being the one talking to Ichigo and Rukia appearing just after he is gone, I thought it was just Kubo saving Rukia for later, I mean Kubo is the one that always used Rukia and Ichiruki moments, meetings and reunion at crucial times, so i thought he was waiting for the right moment, I was chill about it because I can assure you that many Ichiruki shippers just really wanted Ichigo and Rukia to have a moment to shine and have their fights first, after all we just had the everything but the rain flashback with Isshin and Masaki meeting and rescue scene copy pasted from the Ichiruki story and honestly I was pretty confident. Later there was also the interview in which Kubo said Rukia was the shinigami side protagonist and he was glad that people got that (lol how it makes me gag now this), there was Urahara’s page with his last words leaving everything to Ichigo and Rukia, so really I had so much trust in Kubo I believed him, how could I imagine that the shinigami protagonist would do nothing? How could I imagine he would completely avoid having Ichigo and Rukia to even talk to each other? That was my only and biggest mistake, trusting Kubo. Thinking about it now when all it’s said and done, yeah I can see where Kubo used others to replace Rukia’s role, well that’s why the manga was shit in the end, Kubo forced others in a role where only Rukia would have shined and Ichigo’s reactions would have been completely different I mean just think of his reaction to Tsukishima helping him…..yeah awkaward and forced, no trust, no happiness, nothing. The strory  and Ichigo suffered from this, taking away Rukia and her bond with Ichigo from the story took away the heart of Bleach.

The epilogue is coming soon.

No pun intended. Well, maybe a little.

Anyway, I promised there would be a (completely unnecessary, self-indulgent, M-rated) epilogue to my last (coworker/almost one-night-stand with a dash of musician Killian AU) story Cute Little Heartbreaker, and it’s almost done and will be posted in a few days.

So for those who are interested and maybe want to catch up or refresh the previous parts (three), here are the links, and stay tuned.

Cute Little Heartbreaker 1

Cute Little Heartbreaker 2

Cute Little Heartbreaker 3

I have a little announcement to make (Fic related)

I’m almost positive that tomorrow I’ll be able to post the first of 3 one-shots I wrote in the last few days. The second will be up on Saturday afternoon, probably, and the last, on Monday 😊

The first is hardcore angstfest (with smut), which it isn’t the ideal for posting right now, given the mood in the fandom after the mid-season finale, but the fic is an overdue promise. So you have to endure it.

Buuuuuuuuuuut the other 2 are rotting tooth fluff. So fluff that they should erase all the pain from the first fic.

Soooooo… Who’s ready for some reading?

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okay so here's the plan

starting next monday, i will be re-posting If I Didn’t Know Better (iidkb) with one chapter a day (times unscheduled) and then on Friday, i will be posting the first chapter to my new 6 part novella, No Promises!

No Promises will be posting new on a once weekly basis on friday’s. on those days, a re-post of iidkb will NOT be posted.

so far aline (my beta) is in love with it and literally begged me to read chapter 3 even tho i’m not done editing it yet lmao. i still have the very last chapter to write, but it should be done soon :)

anyway, that’s the sitch. also go rb my lil niall blurb bc he posted that pic and it matched it so well and now i’m officially dead 🙂🙂🙂🙂


((So I’ve just had an ask about RPing non- consent (non con) and I know exactly where this has come from because although I have been no part of the drama that has been going on, I am aware of it. I haven’t posted the ask because frankly I didn’t like it’s accusatory tone and would have preferred the poster to contact me via chat or not on anon…never be scared to express your views to me, I may not agree with them but I will always be polite during the debate of them.

So here we go folks, I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, I knew I would only inflate this issue which has already grown out of all proportion but hey, so….

I RP a villian and I RP a lot of dark shit on this blog…sex, murder, necrophellia (the last one admittedly hinted at but not RPed) and while I am well aware ER has made non-con threats towards other Ricks this was only actually RPed with consent from the other mun in Feral Youth an AU of my current ship and it is something I believe is also about to be explored in another thread with someone else that is due to be continued…well perhaps not, we’ll see how they feel about it after all this.

Yes it is an ugly, awful thing, but life is ugly and this exists in our world and it is one teeny tiny aspect of this blog, in fact non con rarely features at all. But that is not to say it is out of bounds for my muse…that is what it is important for me to let you know, I may choose to RP it at some point.

I tag my stuff when this rarely happens usually with #noncon I am happy to tag what people ask me to.

Most significantly I feel that mun and muse are separate…my muse’s perspective and views do not necessarily represent my own. In fact some of the best character writers are those that can express something that sits entirely at odds with their own perspective. There is an important differentiation here and it should not be overlooked. Which I think is a large part of the debate that has been going on between some factions of this community tonight.

If you want to unfollow me because of my views / the fact I may RP non con at some point you are quite welcome to. That is your choice just like it is my choice to unfollow or block C-137 cest blogs.

I know there is a lot of talk about triggers going on but I think if you are going to have a discussion about that there needs to be an equally important discussion about censorship. By publically vilifying a mun whose muse says something or does something you find morally repulsive/ triggering you are censoring them and accusing them of holding beliefs which may not be their own. There needs to be careful discussion about this kind of thing not flared outbursts and accusations.

These are my views, as always I make no apology for them.))

anonymous asked:

The desktop option doesn't work for app users.

((You’ll just have to not use the app, then. I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to get some kind of browser onto your phone. EDIT: More info on how to use a browser and the advantages of it and whatnot here!

That said, please use a name if you want to talk about this stuff - you can’t use the app without an account, so I know you have one. I won’t get mad or answer it publicly or tell anyone who you are, I promise, I just don’t want to clog anyone’s dash or the blog with this kind of stuff. So this is the last time I’ll answer any anon questions about this.))


This is the last one I promise (for now) grunkle St. Maxinstein

Max: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVV34E061A4


Last night, I had a plan. Go home, walk the dog over to my parents’ house because it’s ridiculous that they live three blocks away and I haven’t seen them in two weeks, go to the gym for solid 45-60 minutes, make dinner, watch movie, go to bed. A friend who just finished her most recent college quarter and apparently has a tradition of drinking afterwards derailed that. She promised me it’d be one drink and then I could go to the gym. Six gin and tonics later (hers, I was drinking water), it was nearly midnight and we were finally almost home. I went to the gym anyway, but the movie will have to wait.

December miles: 1 (unless skiing counts? too bad I didn’t track my ski miles…)

100% true facts about the signs
  • Aries: has way too many cups/water bottles in their room
  • Taurus: is always a slut for Doritos
  • Gemini: sucks at math
  • Cancer: daydreams about living with their crush every night
  • Leo: spends all their money on food
  • Virgo: is quiet but secretly a kinky freak
  • Libra: has an amazing ass
  • Scorpio: really wants to adopt 5 dogs
  • Sagittarius: is stressed 24/7 but pretends to be chill to maintain their aesthetic
  • Capricorn: has the worst memory ever
  • Aquarius: believes in aliens
  • Pisces: likes to preform dramatic music videos to songs whilst alone or drunk