modern! alarkling headanons:

- there are two windows on each side of the bed and his blinds are always down
- alina: ‘um why don’t you let some light in it’s a nice sunny day ou-’
aleksander: [laughs in that pretentious way of his like he’s been carrying the weight of the world for centuries] oh, alina, my dear alina, alina, alina… i’m ancient, alina……….. also, (alina,) it’s very aesthetically pleasing
- Old Married CoupleTM
- speaking of, they never actually marry but he tells her she has his heart and alina rolls her eyes in quiet acceptance and that’s kind of the same thing
- black sheets, dark gray curtains, glow in the dark stars on the ceiling
- he makes alina roll her eyes so much she actually develops a rare muscle tick no doctor can explain
- alina: i have this headache-
aleksander: *walks in*
alina: there it is
- they really want a pet but ofc they have to fight on this too so they end up with two: a white cat that’s the same colour as alina’s hair and a black pomeranian that literally looks like a ball of fluffy shadows
- nutella pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
- alina has a perpetual frown and aleksander has a resting bitch face so you can bet there’s always a free seat for them on the train/subway
- he has nightmares too and they’re actually very violent and draining so alina just wraps her arms around him and presses her nose against his shoulder until he stops shaking and then she starts drawing lazy circles of light (warm and soothing by definition) over his naked skin to calm him down
- he’s the tall and brooding one but she’s the one people should look out for
- valentino dresses and armani suits
- aleksander praises himself on his newfound self-control and composure
- that is, until he sees alina with nothing but his shirt on and deadass forgets how to function
- sometimes he literally has to hook a finger into alina’s collar to hold her back bc yes she’s usually very quiet and patient and kind but the moment someone drives her over the edge she’s throwing hands and flip-flops (if necessary)
- everyone treats them like a married couple too?? even tho they’re not??
- shadow play!!!!!!
- snow angels
- he freckles in the sun and alina always makes fun of him
- + moles!! he’ll get like five new moles everytime he goes out so he has to walk with those giant ass rich widow hats (not all year round tho, july-august are probably the worst bc it’s just unbearably hot and sunny)
- he’s still very closed off and distant (especially in public) in front of other people but the minute he’s alone with his sunshine? he melts like an ice-cream cone on a hot summer day
- they never really say “i love you” but they just. know.
- she knows in the way he brushes her messy pixie haircut behind her ear and his hand lingers a moment too long, almost like he’s awestruck and he knows in the way she smiles at the shadows sometimes, like they remind her of him /they do/ and the extra spoon of sugar she puts in his coffee bc she knows him so well
- sometimes if alina is too tired from work she’ll make him read her fairytales bc he has a very soothing voice, simultaneously lulling her to sleep and making her acutely aware of his presence
- lush who?? they can make their own bathbombs using their grisha powers - he can make cool swirling shadows and alina can make the water look like liquid starlight
- and then they take a nice relaxing bath. together.
- he makes her shadow puppets when she’s sick (or upset/grumpy) and tells her stories his mom used to tell him when he was a kid
- alina: “*yanks curtains open* rise and shine you lazy ass it’s a beautiful day!!
aleksander: it’s literally -15 degrees and the sun’s nowhere to be seen
alina: ?? i’m here??
- (both) probably very into lana del rey

Upper skull blank for sale!

Hey guys!

So I have never really done this via Tumblr before, but recently my funds have been quite low and I need to pay some personal things, as well for college and I need to build up some sort of small saving pot! Its not urgent, but since it has grown to a small issue, I figured to give this a shot!

So, I sell one of my last upper skull blanks! This blank is made by myself and fits to pretty much any size! I could measure all if you’d like.

The price for this upper blank is 60 euros + shipping to your destination (Which is to america 25 euros. Please keep this in mind. In the europe area it should be a little lower but I cant promise!) I live in the Netherlands.

Here are some examples of the ENTIRE skull, for now I only sell the UPPER PART! The upper picture is ONLY the upper skull! I myself used this as a mask with some steampunk era but you can do everything with it!

This is one of your last chances. Most blanks I own are sold out already! As I havent planned on buying more resin in the future at this point! Grab your chance to own an Emmacreatures skull now!

Please just send me a message if interested or email me at Emmacreatures@gmail.com .

Have a great day!

So my tablet is down, so instead have some megarod schmoop based on the last post I had there with the comic

Megatron was far from the only one to seek solace on the world. There was a lot of blue. Too much. Each flower reminded Megatron of a life that had been taken by his hand, be it by sword or orders.

He stood among a sea of blue, silent, and part of him could almost feel the accusations, the anger, everything weighing on his very spark.

He made his peace, his promises, and he returned to the others. Even as everyone discussed among themselves, he glanced around. Rodimus was nowhere to be seen. Curiosity bit at him, and it took little investigation to find his location.

It had never occurred to Megatron that he, too, would have a statue.

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pitterpotter  asked:

oKAY LAST ONE I PROMISE: thoughts on feminism? (i like hearing people's point of views)

SO IMPORTANT. I am one hundred % with feminism. It makes my heart hurt to hear people, especially young women, rant against it, thinking that it’s synonymous with misandry. Or like, I recently had to unenroll in this program because everybody in it was just like, the utmost white feminist bullshit. Just patting themselves on the back for saying something decent but then refusing to look at the interlocking system of oppression and how feminism should be intersectional and AHHHHHHHHHHH yes feminism is good. 

Parent Fic: When pirate captain Rumpelstiltskin Gold is thrown into the watery depths by his mutinous crew, he comes face to face with every sailor’s worst nightmare: a mer-creature. Only, this one is no fish-maid…she has no tail, but bears a striking resemblance to an octopus…or a kraken.

This Prompt Fill: It couldn’t last forever.

Prompt: @Anonymous Belle finally finds a vessel that is safe for Gold to travel on. But they are both having a really hard time saying goodbye.

Author’s Note: Thank you everyone for your amazing comments, reblogs, and likes on my last few Monster Month updates! You guys are awesome! (And I promise I will soon respond to each person who commented. Sorry it’s taken so long!)

“Is that it? Is it safe?” Belle’s voice next to Rum’s ear was close enough to ruffle his hair but he barely noticed. There was warm sand between his toes, a whisper of breeze brushing his cheeks, and bright stars twinkling overhead - the tiny island Belle had brought him to in order to show him what she’d found. Even the breath of freedom was not enough to capture his attention.

Instead, his eyes were fixed on the familiar vessel on the horizon which was riding low in the water - a small two-decked cutter with a grinning rabbit figurehead. He knew from experience that it was a nominally a merchant and only carried a handful of crew, all of whom were quite happy to look the other way when their captain traded with pirates as easily as other merchants.

Jefferson Hatter had been an ally for years, even before sailing entered either of their lives; they’d met long before Rumple married Milah and Jefferson had never really approved of her. The Marching Hare was as safe as vessel as any that would ever pass this way.

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