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See you again//Jughead Jones

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“Do you have to go? You can just stay with me! We can sleep in my treehouse so you can stay.” 8 year old Jughead said to me.

“I have to Jug, my daddy’s going away for work and I have to go with him. I promise I’ll come back someday.” 8 year old you stuck their pinky out. Jughead wrapped his pinky around yours, making both of you tear up. Hugging him one last time, you left.

(Y/N)’s P.O.V.

“I’m back Jug.” You whispered after seeing the Riverdale sign. It had been 8 years since you’ve seen him. After 8 years of being away from this town, your parents decided to come back. You would be living in the same house, going to the same high school as everyone else. 

“What do you want for lunch, hun?” Your mom asked looking back at you.

“Burger, fries and a milkshake.” You replied getting out of the car. “I’m gonna go get a booth.”

“Get the one in the corner!” Your dad said.

“The one we always used to get?” You questioned.

“You know it.” 

Sitting down in the booth you failed to notice the 4 teens sitting near you. 

Jughead’s P.O.V.

“Is that (Y/N)?” Betty whispered.

“I think so, she looks so different.” Archie replied. 

“Who is she?” Veronica asked.

“A long lost friend. She had to move away because of her parents. We were 8 when she left.” I smiled sadly.

“You guys were close?” Veronica asked.

“The closest. We were engaged to be married. We got each other rings, I still have mine. I had a wild fantasy that if I kept it she would come back.” I said.

“Well your fantasy came true, but it took 8 years.” Veronica smiled.

(Y/N)’s P.O.V.

Deep in thought, you failed to notice a black figure slide into your booth. 

“Hi.” Someone said. Looking up you saw a girl with black hair and a big red smile. 

“Um, hi?” You were unsure who she was. 

“I’m Veronica Lodge, I’m friends with Betty, Archie and Jughead. I wanted to say hi.” She explained. 

“Are they here? At Pop’s? Right now?” You asked. 

“Yeah, they pointed you out as soon as you walked in.” Her eyes flickered towards your left hand. 

“Does Jughead still have his?” You asked.

“Yep, he kept it, thinking it would bring you back. He keeps it on a chain around his neck.” 

Lifting your eyes you saw your parents talking to Archie. Just seconds later you saw Jughead stand up and wave to your parents before walking towards you. Grinning you stood up and ran towards him. Meeting you half way, he picked you up in a fierce hug. 

“I missed you so much.” You whispered. 

“So did I.” He looked into your (E/C) eyes. 

“I heard Jason was murdered.” You said.

“Yep, also on heartbreaking news. Twilight is being teared down.” He replied.

“Okay lovebirds, we’re going to hang at Archie’s. See you there.” Veronica winked.

“Don’t take too long.” Betty said.

“It’s not like we’re going to do anything.” You said rolling your eyes. 

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whosoever finds this letter, i beg you to forward this to my kingdom of mewni, and to my first born and only daughter wilhelmina moon butterfly. the dead pleads for your kindness, dear sender. please have mercy.

to my darling child, i fear that general philipp and i will not make the journey back home and i ask that you send message of his passing to our friends in the forest. tell the monsters of how brave their leader fought for their cause until his last breath, and tell them that the king asks for their forgiveness for not being able to protect his friend.

as for my promise to you, i am sorry my child. i can only hope that the rose you asked for has made it safely to you and if it hasn’t, perhaps one day you will be able to the travel to the meadows of seraphim and see its beauty for yourself. i know that things will become much more difficult without my guidance. your mother is greatly ill with delusions of grandeur, and i ask you take care of her and keep her grounded. and i know i ask for too much. i am sorry for the burden that i leave on your shoulders my darling moon, but have courage and kindness. there is far too much evil in the world. please forgive me.

your father,
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Okay, I’ve been holding back on posting this until I had the last ‘batch’ as promised but I’m feeling kinda meh and I’m not sure when I’ll get to them if I do. So at least have this one.

This is pretty close to canon actually! These two have one of the strongest relationships among the firefighting gang, albeit is a platonic one (Bready is married and Smudgy doesn’t care much for romance).

The last conversation I had with someone I’m falling in love with.

We had talked on the phone about where we were, and I didn’t want to cry so I shut myself up and sounded really mean. I immediately regretted my tone, so I messaged him back and this is what we said.

We’ve been seeing each other for 4 months, but because of his last relationship (which lasted 3 years) that he was dumped from, he’s too terrified to commit fully again. He’s told me time and time again how much he likes me, but he can’t give me a relationship.

He’s going away to Europe for two months, promising to catch up with me when he gets back. He’s got to be one of the most wonderful guys I’ve ever met; kind, caring, extremely intelligent, passionate and stupidly attractive. 4 months seems like such a small amount of time, but I’m confident when I say I’ve never felt this strongly for anyone before.

We’re giving each other a break until he gets back, but I’m scared I may have pushed him too much and that he won’t be interested once he’s back in the country. Now I’m just here, waiting and hoping that he’ll feel even an atom of what I feel when we see each other again …

"Beautiful You" (Katlaska) Chapter 5 - Marble

A/N:  Sorry this took so long.  This is the last romance you will be getting for a while, so enjoy it while it lasts.  

The ‘tour’ is just a random, made up tour where they go to England for a bit, so use your imagination :).   

I will post Chapter 6 tomorrow which will be a lot more exciting and angsty than this, promise.   

ALSO, I have a sideblog.  It is https://marbleaq.tumblr.com/   . please please feel free to talk to me about anything in this fic.  


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‘i couldn’t lose you and yet’ (kai parker drabble)

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“You promised me heaven then put me through hell” ft Kai Parker

It was Valentine’s Day of last year when you walked into the apartment you shared with your then-boyfriend. It was beautiful: rose petals everywhere, candles burning, glasses of wine set out on the table, the water running for a bath. You were overcome with bliss and practically skipped over to your bedroom to see your boyfriend Kai Parker.

Your friends all had their doubts about him, ,but had gone to every length to keep you happy, and this little spectacle was just the icing. You smile to yourself as you see Kai’s boxers a few feet away from your bedroom. Looks like he couldn’t wait. You shrug, thinking nothing of it as you stop outside the bedroom door. You reach for the door and hear Kai’s voice… with another woman’s. It couldn’t be You know you should’ve just turned away, but you couldn’t. You had to make sure. So you opened the door. You opened the door and you caught a glimpse of Kai with another woman. That was all you could take.

Needless to say, you left him. You were now living on your own in a beautiful apartment in the breathtaking city of Chicago, far away from the evil that turned your life around. You were far away from any reminder. You were standing by the window in a silk robe, glass of red wine in hand as you took in the city lights. Nothing could ruin this perfect moment for you, nothing.

Three sharp knocks on your door seem to prove you wrong, though. You let out a light groan and set your wine on the countertop. It was past 10 in the evening, who could it? You tighten your robe around  you as you hear another set of knocks.

“I’m coming!” You walk to the door, grumbling as you open it. “How can I–?”

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It takes one word for your breath to get caught in your throat, one word to make you feel the same way you did when you walked in on them. It takes one word for all those feelings to rush back in. You look up at him, your tired brown eyes meeting his empty grey ones. It’s the first time you’ve seen him since the incident, and you hate how incredibly attractive he looks despite the obvious fatigue. Before he can pull you back into his trap, you move to close the door.

“Y/N, please,” he begs, bracing himself in the door frame.

“No,” you grit your teeth, begging yourself not to cry.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispers and you lose your resolve, the emotions become overwhelming and you cover your mouth with your hand as you sob.

“HOW COULD YOU?” You yelled as he stood there, unable to look at you. “I loved you! I pushed everyone in my life back so that I could be with you. Was I not good enough? Is that it? Was she taller? Skinnier? Prettier? More well-rounded? Did you love her? Or did you stop loving me, Kai? Did you stop–?”

“No!” His eyes finally move up to look at yours once again. “It is not at all your fault. I never stopped loving you. It’s still eating at me. I can barely look at myself in the mirror I fucking hate myself!”

His hands are trembling as he tries to contain his magic. He takes a breath and runs his hands over his face.

“Don’t ever blame yourself. Ever. Don’t think for a second that you weren’t, that you aren’t good enough. You’re better than I ever deserved, know that. You’re better than anyone deserves,” he whispers and you can hear the sincerity dripping in his voice. “I just came here to apologize. That’s all, I swear. I didn’t mean to upset you as much as I did. I-I’ll be leaving now.”

He looks at you one last time, taking in every detail on your face before turning to leave.

“W-wait. M-Mal wait,” you whisper, taking a second to control your breath before continuing. “Why did you do it? Why did you have sex with her?”

You bite your bottom lip and wipe the tears that wouldn’t stop running down your face as you look at him and remember every good moment you two shared.

“I don’t have a good reason,” he clenches his jaw and once again turns around to leave. You grab his arm and turn him around, pulling him fully inside. You shut the door and he gives you a pained look.

“There is no good reason for cheating. I just want a reason. Please. I deserve that,” you stand between him and the door and he looks away.

“I can’t give you a reason. I don’t have–”

“You’re lying. You could never look at me when you lied, Malachi. Tell me why.”

“No, I can’t. Please–”

You cup his face and hungrily press your lips against his, desperate to feel him against you one last time, to feel something. You pull away seconds later, Kai still reeling from the kiss.

“Tell me you felt nothing. Tell me you didn’t feel my desperation, my pain, my anger, my self-hatred. Tell me that I mean nothing to you, Mal. Tell me you hate me!” You yell at him and he closes his eyes, clenching his jaw as he shakes his head. “You promised me heaven then put me through hell, Malachi Parker. I’ve been in hell for the past year. Tell me something! Please, just–”

“My father would have killed you!” He swings his arm and punches the wall repeatedly, stopping only after his knuckles bled enough to stain the wall. He then turns to look up at you. “My father would have killed you, Y/N. He didn’t want to see me happy, I’m an abomination.”

He pauses, sniffling as everything finally catches up to him. He falls back against the wall, chest heaving as he lets out silent sobs.

“He would’ve killed you. The only reason I had sex with her was so she’d tell my father that I was single, that I had no attachments. He’s killed every person that ever came close to making me happy. After I found you, I couldn’t risk him finding out. That’s why I wouldn’t let you meet my family. That’s why I was so paranoid every time we went out. I couldn’t risk him finding out about you. I couldn’t lose you.” He lets out a bitter chuckle, tears staining his face as he looks up at you, heartbroken as ever. “I couldn’t lose you and yet here we are.”

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